America – The Cannibal Culture


Economy, Society, Religion and Culture, Our Sub-Reptilian Trends


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


It isn’t just veterans or the military that are reeling from the craziness, the injustice and utter absurdity we are told to accept as “the world around us.”  Nobody here or anywhere is pleased.  A single outrage, the shooting of a Marine in San Clemente, California last week, perhaps the “wrong man at the wrong time” to be murdered by police, might move things forward.

[youtube LQDtebbr9Tk]

There is only one reason for human society to exist, to have an economy, a government, and everything that goes with it.  This was the attraction of the “isms,” communism, facisism, that government was meant to serve people, that organized society was a framework to provide structure to deliver needed services to a population that worked and thrived.

Communism and fascism represented hope that failed.  Capitalism was a dream that never existed, a cheap repackaging of feudalism where class lines exist as nowhere else.  What is class in capitalistic society?

Nobody knows, perhaps those who can steal the most and remain out of prison, I think this will do until something better comes along.

Our government is seen as under the control of predators, a criminal underworld that manages news, feeds off our young with an exploitative and closed economy and eternal wars.  We have failed as a mamalian species, we no longer care for our young,  they exist to serve, to give their lives in chains, minimum wage jobs, greasing the wheels of a society where children are bred to be soldiers or workers but only the very few will be allowed “in.”

To “enter,” all you need to do is leave your heart and your brain at the door.  “No Mammals Allowed.”

To move from mamalian to arachnid society, where cannibal culture is more the norm, we have built a mythology of fear and hate, always an imaginary enemy put in front of us like a cardboard cutout, always the same story, those that are “different,” waiting to cut out heads off, make us east strange foods and live in slavery.

Listing our imaginary enemies is why we have history.

I learned only recently that Judge Andrew Napolitano of Freedom Watch was being taken off the air.  I seldom watched, knowing that Napolitano and I shared almost all views and that he would say what he could, a man of honor and intellect, not too much truth, mind you, but enough to be allowed on mainstream controlled media.

He wasn’t careful enough.

[youtube fOaCemmsnNk]

A year ago, he opened the door to 9/11.  Then, while I wasn’t paying attention, his show made this point, and as I have been told by so many, this is what killed his career.  He made it clear that Israel is an enemy of the United States.

[youtube OW6mwMYhSPs]

These two segments, these and more:

[youtube pFPobKeSzKQ]

There are those who go further, using the Iranian press, the only avenue available for American military and intelligence sources to stand up for their country.  Here is Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Marine Vietnam Veteran and former Director of Studies at the Army War College talking about Israel and 9/11:

[youtube SdCd2Q4JNBw]

[youtube WJ-dWLKohrQ]

These are a few moments of fact, some with much held back, some more open, moments that will be lost forever.  Much is quickly disappearing from the internet, scoured at the behest of forces we can never be sure of but certainly suspect.

These few videos should be downloaded into your computer, placed on a flash drive and saved for your children and grandchildren.

You may some day have to take them out in order to remind them that once upon a time, men stood on their feet and told the truth.

Veterans Today archives 20,000 articles in protected servers, out of a very real fear that among our veterans health tips and wine appreciation articles, our analysis of history, of intelligence and current events, may well be targeted.  Certainly, we have received more cyber attacks than the US government who spends 10’s of billions to keep secrets only from the American people, to others, the door has always been open, information you may only be able to access on Veterans Today once scouring is done.

Why America?

The citizens of America alone are the most powerful armed force in the world.  We own more weapons, more ammunition and have more military trained fighters than the rest of the world combined, that without any consideration of our vast military resources.

What we lack is leadership and vision that reflect our nation as a people and not a corporate entity, a nation of virtual slaves to a 1% formed over the last 2 decades, a vast reversal of history wherein the masses who work and build are impoverished, exploited, misled and, eventually,  considered redundant by a ruling class we can’t name or identify.

Were that ruling class to disappear overnight, suddenly move to a public landfill, what would happen?  Would we kill ourselves in dismay or feel a great weight taken from us?

We spend billions on infrastructure.  Yes, the trucks carry our food, the roads our cars but how about our universities?  Business schools teach little but theft, our children are brainwashed into a mythology of fear and servitude.

Napolitano explains the process well, many of us do, millions of Americans know every aspect of it but, with the exception of a lonely congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, live in a society where political expression of the will of the people is suppressed.

Almost 40 million homes in America have been taken by banks.  The circumstances are clear, the mortgages were manipulated to express a value that would no longer be payable nor reflect the worth of the property.

In a purposeful and systematic way, not only were mortgage prices pushed upward but millions of jobs eliminated, savings depleted, retirement funds stolen and property values slashed to nothing.

The 1% simply “decapitalized” America’s middle class as though they were mugging a drunk outside a bar on a Saturday night.

Two things made this possible, deregulation by the Bush regime and failure by the Obama administration, the Department of Justice and SEC to enforce laws that remained, enough to have jailed tens of thousands.

It has been as though Attorney General Eric Holder has been frozen in a block of ice for 3 years now.  The failure to arrest the killers of Sergeant Loggins in San Clemente, that and so many unpunished crimes are testimony to his inaction.

It isn’t that millions of Americans aren’t in prison already.  Most are there for using drugs, after all, heroin has gone down 90% in price and up 75% in quality since America went into Afghanistan.  Any child can afford an addiction out of his or her lunch money and they do.

Two odd facts cause me concern:

  1. Tons of drugs move into each major nation each day, all produced in nations under direct occupation by NATO, all requiring full supervision of all planting, irrigation, fertilization, harvesting, processing and transport and yet, though this represents a larger threat than a thousand terror organiations, no effort is made to even discuss this much less control it.
  2. With public debt in the US and EU at over $32 trillion and private debt now estimated at $2.7 qua-trillion, a total amount beyond the value of every cataloged resource on the surface of the planet, is it not time to simply hit the “reset” button on an economic system that is obviously delusional?


I watch the videos above.  Alan Sabrosky, an academic used to lecturing our military leaders under a veil of secrecy, simply tells the truth as he knows it using access to facts.  Nobody pays Sabrosky, he seeks no attemtion, no following and only comes forward when strongly urged.

I cringe when I watch Ron Paul forget his earler statements about 9/11, his calls for an investigation, beleiving somehow he can joing the queue as it were, of Republican Candidates selected by Boss Adelman, the Vegas crimelord, now managing the GOP for Israel.

Can the man who promised to remove America from the foreign controlled Federal Reserve System follow up on what he has promised for years or will be become anther “Obama,” unwilling to break the eggs to deliver the “omlet?”

Napolitano, more charismatic than Paul, an employee of an Israeli owned company, said too much.  He will be paid, I suspect for his continued silence, perhaps with an implied threat against family members as part of the deal, we have seen this before, not rumor, but with proof.

When Napolitano looked into 9/11, he looked at America withholding evidence of terrorism.  The real evidence he had available, that Israel was the “prime mover” was available to him but “untouchable.”  What if he used this:

[youtube cNGPFVOYmhg]

Who would he interview?  The suspects were flown to Tel Aviv hours after their arrest.  They were surrendered to the FBI, agents who were really Mossad with FBI credentials.  This is now so common today that 1 in 5 FBI agents are foreign spies.

The FBI is powerless to punish them and enforce the law.  There are many incidents of this being found but not a single arrest or trial.

Where are the police who made the arrest?  Where is the forensic evidence, the video of the arrests or the statements of the 188 witnesses that no longer exist.

When Geraldo Rivera discovered “Building 7” was destroyed by explosives on 9/11, why did things end there?

Here we see the official media, the real “stars” being silenced by whatever means available.

We also can’t help but note that eyewitnesses disappear also though I get the occasional phone call from a police officer, sometimes retired, telling me of arrests made on 9/11, terrorists who disappeared never to be seen again.

Some aren’t that afraid it is just that they are sick of being told they are crazy.

After all, even when we give you hear the arrests being made, the process that goes with it, lawyers, booking, finger prints, photographs, masses of physical evidence, a crime scene as crowded as a football stadium, who could make it all disappear but this is what it did, it disappeared, this one, the one Susan Lindauer reported, the arrests of terrorist bombers at the Lincoln Tunnel (yes, some police talk) and, of course, the famous “dancing Israeli’s” who were sent to America from Tel Aviv weeks in advance to set up cameras and “document the event,” this is what they told Israeli TV.

They admitted knowing the attacks were coming.  Why?  They were one of the teams carrying out the attacks.


A few weeks ago, a famous civil rights activist told the world that 100,000 Marines had landed in Libya.   We checked and there were 4 Americans there.

This same person and others told us, over and over, reported on hundreds of “activist” websites that Al Qaeda terrorists were all over Libya and were running the Arab Spring uprising.

Afterwards, none were discovered, no one came forward, not one name given, not one photograph, all fantasy like the 100,000 Marines.

Every day we were told of secret invasions by non-existent armies, all reported through “activist” or “anti-zionist” groups that a real investigation found to be either directly paid or in service to Israeli intelligence services.

This includes almost every activist site on the internet.

Can they all be liars or is it simply that they are only liars when Israel needs to “spend their hard earned credibility.”

Most of these sites declare their daily support of Palestine and mirror the more innocent and harmless criticism of the very few legitimate and totally unfinanced “truth tellers.”

What we did find in Libya exists and is reflected in hours of filmed interview, cell phone footage and impromptu interviews.

Israel mercenaries working for Gaddafi were captured by the thousands.  There is enough film from enough sources on this to overwhelm anyone.

Then a strange thing happened.  Gaddafi intelligence headquarters in Tripoli was captured and proof of his alliance with Israel was brought forward.  But it felt so good believing that Gaddafi was good, NATO was bad and that what had seemed so obvious was now a total lie.

Not only that, so many that seemed to be the voice of freedom and dissent were proven to be paid stooges and agent provocateurs.  First the video:

[youtube b7IfcxSGJgU]

and then the documents:

Good Morning Gentlemen. This is the Congressman you both spoke with. He is going to fight for us but he has asked us for evidence. I can bring need whatever we can gather. If it is sensitive I will carry it, otherwise we can email it. House to vote next week on ending US involvement in Libyal.

Any corrupt (verifiable) acts by the Opposition leaders. Include any personal motives for instance to make money or gain certain types of power.

2.Any known Al-Qaeda operating in the Opposition.

3 .Any evidence ofatrocities committed by the Rebel soldiers.

4-.Any evidence ofCivilian deaths by NATO.

5 .Any evidence of arms sales to the Opposition in Benghazi or Misrata, including dates, who sold the weapons, what type and the cost ofthe deals.

6.Any evidence of weapons being smuggled on boats to Misrata, with dates. and type of weapons.

7.Any evidence that the uprising was a planned event prior to February 1′/th. lnclude intercepted communications, names, dates.

S.Evidence supporting that the Regime has a regular practice of hiring African military in its Pan- African units and this was not a new (mercenaries) thingjust for the uprising.

9.Communications with the UK and USA prior to the UN bombings to show Regime was trying to negotiate peacefully.

0.Evidence of cease fires by the Regime or withdrawals of troops. Dates, location, description (including why cease fire broke down).

l.Evidence that before the uprising started, there were democratic projects under way, for instance a plan for elections and so forth. This shows that they were already going this way and aren’t just saying that now.

l2.Evidence that The Leader had already planned to step down before the uprisings. This shows there was already a transition going on. It also helps him save face for when he does step down because it will look like that was the plan all along.

l3.A list of tribes and location known to be loyal to Regime, those pledging loyalty to Opposition, and the remaining ones that have not pledged either way. The population of each group as well, This shows that the Rebels don’t have the full support of the country.

l4.A list and description (including date and location) of humanitarian efforts by Regime since this started, or their attempts to aid the civilian population, and any efforts blocked by NATO or the Rebels.

It will be used for: A) A lawsuit against B) Defending Saif in the ICC C) Publicity to reform the image of Regime. D) To help negotiation positions

These were from Bush envoy David Welch, known fanatic Zionist.  The infromation being “requested” was then fabricated in Washington and fed to “alternative press” outlets and handed out in press releases by Gaddafi.

Then two months later, after Gaddafi’s death, two biological warfare plants were discovered in Southern Libya.  They were recently completed, violated every international convention and every sign and document in them was in Hebrew.

Three other plants were known of, allowed by the Bush/Blair group through private negotiations with Gaddafi back in 2002 over oil rights and weapons purchases.

What is important about these last two is that they are the world’s most modern germ warfare facilities and that news of them has blacked out entirely.  They no longer exist.  They were reported on the international news one day only then only silence, like so many of the fact that prove 9/11 to be something other than simple terrorism.

News one day, gone the next.


What is very suspect about Syria is that there is vast evidence that the army there is shelling civilians and has killed thousands.  What is more suspect is that many of the same voices, discredited fully by their debacle defending Gaddafi, the Israeli stooge, same as Mubarak, are now defending Assad of Syria.

Then we hear something stranger.  Israel is planning to move planes to Cyprus.  For those who don’t know, the Southern half of the Island, once Greek, has been largely ruled by Russian mobsters for the last 7 or 8 years.

Greek influence in the South is non-existent, a government I have worked with extensively for 30 years.

Turkey controls the north after an invastion in 1974 but, over recent years, the borders have opened and there has been significant normalization except that gas and oil have been discovered in the region.

This is key.

The gas and oil are in and around Cyprus, Gaza, Lebanon and in Syria.  Almost NONE of it is in areas under Israeli control.

It is as though the hand of g-d reached down to rob the Jewish people of needed resources.

Thus, Israel claims all of it.  More than that, Syria is beset but by who?  There is real evidence that Syria had always been a vicious police state, allied with Russia, a horrific place to live, and that rebellion was to be expected.

We also know that the Gulf states that would pressure Syria have crushed their own rebellions and have no credibility.

Then, reliable and high ranking intelligence sources tell us that Israel and Syria have maintained a secret cooperation, negotiated by their common friendship with Russia but have kept this secret so as to help Israel aid from increase Washington yearly, defense against enemies that were never real after all, not for many decades anyway.  There are people, I am told, that do worse things for money.  However, with a careful examination of context, I find that almost impossible to comprehend.

One wonders if the added theatricality of the Syrian rebellion, wild claims made by the same idiots who ran errands for that madman Gaddafi, are part of a larger ploy.

In this case, the huge oil finds of the Eastern Mediterranean, made so much more valuable by the orchestration of implied threat to markets by the equally phony Iran crisis are being taken into consideration.  In fact, when one looks at the region as a whole, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Hormuz, all of it seems tied to miffs and misunderstandings and outright fraud to manipulate the oil markets.

Both China and India report oil deliveries from Iran to have become irregular, particularly with China though no reporting reflects this.  I only know what the oil officials in China have passed on, that a combination of banking and currency settlement issues and tensions in the region have caused 6 consecutive deliveries to fail.

Another ignored issue is oil and gas off Gaza, yes, Gaza not Israel.  Israel claims it owns everything in the Mediterranean as far out as Malta or was it Bermuda?  I forget.  With control over Gaza based on international agreements not all agree to, and money involved that wasn’t there before, the dynamic over Gaza and oil will have gotten into Egyptian politics, also something not taken into account and unreported.

This takes me back to Syria.  When Gaddafi got into hot water, he began making claims that the NTC were led by Al Qaeda.

Now we have actual broadcasts by Al Qaeda supporting the fight against Assad in Syria.

Problem is, we also know such broadcasts, as with the years of phony bin Laden tapes, to be counterfeit.

The term “Al Qaeda” usually means “I want American money.”  With no proof such an organization ever existed though some wish it did, its convenient and often debunked misuse, a form of “crying wolf” is losing its credibility.

If one listens to the propaganda, Al Qaeda is on all sides of each issue, a name dropped for convenience, for profit or whenever someone is looking to have a disliked neighbor hit by a Hellfire missile from an American Raptor UAV.


Even I can’t prevent it and it is me at the keyboard.  The world is lies, money, oil, fabricated enemies, a need to keep the ignorant masses amused or at each other’s throats.

They are important.  Someone must buy the gas and oil lest they look elsewhere for free energy and violently displace all governments as many young Arabs are learning now.

Every institution, schools, courts, police, even healthcare and especially government, vampiric in nature.

When did it become dishonorable to work with your hands, to labor, to create?  Is it a crime, somehow, to live in a world free of dividend checks and mysterious foreign bank accounts.  For a while, war, war sold as religious crusade, was honorable until the maimed and the beflagged coffins began returning home.

Then it came down to rebranding, heroes and “crusaders” became “sponges” and “undesirables,” filling our jails, our divorce courts and now shot down like animals at slaughter.

I think we have a basic question to ask ourselves:  “Can we any longer afford our wealthy, our elite, our government, our public bureaucracy?”

What?  Are we talking revolution?  “Class envy” as Newt Gingrich, who lines his pockets every day at our expense, as does Rick Santorum, whose life and beliefs are all publicly financed, as Mitt Romney, where no living person, by law of the Cayman Islands, can know where his resources come from, is that our program?

Well, maybe not envy but perhaps an accelerated natural attrition.  I am not sure we are talking a class as much as a parasitic subspecies.

We have heroes who do not fight, leaders who do not lead, and, in particular, wealthy who have never earned.

I am down to this:  If you can’t show me a check stub proving you worked to own what you have, then you don’t really own it.  A Wall Street bonus check is proof only of one thing, that you believe stealing should be rewarded.

That is wrong thinking and needs to be addressed through treatment as does love of war fought by others.

It seems that so often when I hear of Christian or family values it comes from someone like Gingrich, slave to foreign money, personal live an abomination, substandard intellect, all quite acceptable and certainly legal for someone living in your neighborhood you might want to warn your children of but as a standardbearer for a nation, I can only shake my head.

I have to be careful, I don’t want to sound like my good friend J.B. Campbell but “taking it all back,” and “throwing the scundrels out” seems to have become an imperative.

I don’t think we can abide their smell or survive their evil mechanations much longer.

I also think “they” are afraid as we are no longer divided as we once were, as they had planned for us, as they work for every day, the fools who read their swill and watch their pornography.

Education, money or not, I would rather die at a machine or pulling a plow by manpower alone than live under the rule of vipers.

Now they are defining the choices, prison, death or slavery.

It has to be our turn.









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