Weekly Intel Dump, March 1, 2012


More Than Ever, the Good, the Bad, the Really Ugly


  …  by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


This is one of the first times in a bit where I have to cut back what can be said.  I hate secrecy. 

I am going to let this go free flow, as usual, eventually touching on some medium to high value material.

My first note is on the death of former Monkee, Davey Jones.  For those who looked on the group and their 60’s television show as light entertainment, Jones was a big talent and very much “a nice little person.” 

We had him here in 2005 and, coming from my generation, is a reminder of mortality or, moreover, how we, the generation of Vietnam, are “disappearing into the night,” as it were.

The last pages haven’t been written and I only hope we have a positive role to play.  Thus far, need I say more. Missed by all of us.

[youtube -8urgvC0TR8]

Missing today also is Andrew Breitbart, dead at 43.  Ostensibly a “conservative journalist, Breitbart shilled for the most negative forces on earth, generously rewarded for his moral flexibility, personal reprehensibility and may well have been murdered.

Will He Rest in Peace?

Oddly, it is my hope he was killed because he had decided to stop being a useless slave of Israeli interests, Wall Street and the hate mongers that made up his fans.

If someone can make a case for this, I will support planting him in Arlington.

Were he more effective, I would exist every day to “not be him.”

Rick Santorum calls Breitbart’s death a “huge loss.”  The “huge loss” part is that Breitbart didn’t jump off a tall building and land on Santorum.  That compounds the loss for all of us.

I have had 19 year old heroes die in my arms and somehow this walking pile of excrement lasted 43 years.

Dead, 43 years too late, Andrew Breitbart: (“You wait long enough on the bank of the stream and the bodies of your enemies will float by”…a Japanese proverb)

[youtube R4od4QQVK1o]

As most of you know, I have been writing about gasoline prices and intelligence leaks from the former Soviet Union that indicate that Iran and Israel have both profited and cooperated in maintaining the current tiresome phony war footing we are supposed to be on.

The Brothers Koch

Now I learn more.  The Koch Brothers are the third partner, more so than Saudi Arabia or any of the Gulf Nations.

It is their purpose to extrapolate the artificially swollen oil prices that are threatening currencies, enriching Iran and punishing the American people.

The Koch boys are trying to crash the US economy using gas prices and their positions in the natural gas markets.

You can add in their hundreds of millions spent on influencing the press and control of the Republican candidates, a motley crew of sociopaths and underachievers, that are the embarrassment of over 200 years of political life in America.

The goal is starvation, joblessness and hopelessness for as many Americans as possible, paid for by Koch and company, written by the Heritage Foundation and peddled through Fox News, the New York Times, CNN and gang.

Gingrich has turned to Vegas “boss” Adelson for help.  Why?  Oddly, as much as I find him distasteful, a war monger, Israeli “hasbara” and blowhard, on occasion, Gingrich has shown a streak of “populism.”

Despite his personal failings, his ugly divorces, his financial nightmares and his idiotic pronouncements, Gingrich is the best of the lot, of course, excluding Ron Paul.

Paul has clear vision but his failures are a pure demonstration of the failure of our two party system.  Were he to have a party behind him, as in a parliamentary “unicameral” system of government, his pronouncements wouldn’t be as empty as they have seemed.  Thus, Paul has been continually “unsaying” things or has been systematically misquoted.

Who has to go is Romney.  This is one evil SOB.

Without a slate of candidates behind Paul, his presidency would fail, which is too bad.  I will still advocate readers finance his campaign, support his rallies and candidacy.

Congressman Alan Greyson

Now for our real “stealth guy.”  The man most qualified for the presidency is probably Democrat Alan Grayson of Florida.

Though a Jew and Israel supporter, as required, Grayson is probably closer to Ron Paul and mainstream America and is likely to have the support needed in congress.

He isn’t running.

Another Florida congressman, Ron Klein, whose seat was taken by Alan West isn’t the same but demonstrates something odd.

Jews are being run out of politics by what I call “neocon/bolsheviks,” fanatics whose beliefs are totalitarian, communists “in drag” and psychologically unfit.

Alan West is dangerous to himself and others.  Go on Youtube and listen to him talk.  He is living proof that when black people go nuts, they can even be crazier than white people, and, as with West, he makes Bush and Cheney look sane.

Learn about Alan Grayson but also take note of how our controlled press, our “rigged history” and the mythology of the phony war on terror have pushed everyone into rhetoric that requires Zionist blither, Islamophobia and tons of outright lying.

No, there were no hijackers on 9/11, bin Laden died in 2001 and the war on terror is a total con.  This is the kind of stuff I am talking about, ideas that are now quite mainstream thanks to the work of loyal and decent Americans.

A note about President Obama.

The GOP flooded the internet yesterday with statements indicating that Obama had spoken of Israel in front of top advisors:  “If they aren’t going to listen, then they can go ‘F” themselves.”

The reason this was “sent out” was to try to shut down Jewish money heading for the Obama campaign. However, we have confirmed that Obama really said it and the use of “Israel” had nothing to do with being “Jewish.”

Nothing Subtle About the Radical Zios

For those who do not know, listen carefully. I will limit hyperbole here.

Officially, the government of the United States including the CIA, State Department and Department of Defense, in addition to Treasury and the White House see our current relationship with Israel as “unsustainable” and “unhealthy.”

They go further.  Israel, under it’s current government and its attempts to interfere in American politics through AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC and other groups, is a liability to world peace and the welfare of the United States.

The actions of the Koch Brothers has enraged the Department of Defense. They see manipulation of gasoline prices through Koch speculation as a “clear and present danger” to the welfare of the United States, not just through threats against our currency but the creation of a cascading system of “vulnerabilities” unforeseen because of “political extremism.”

Were the terminology to be stronger, events would begin correcting the problems.  I will not define “events.”


Recently, Israel’s Netanyahu, having sided against France and the US in Libya, earned a “smackdown” by Sarkozy of France and Obama.

Both made it clear that they are opposed to continued Likudist rule in Israel, a rule that has been a both a security and economic nightmare for the people of Israel, death for Palestinians by the thousand and unemployment and homelessness for Jews.

Netanyahu is an even worse leader than Bush.

Over a year ago, an Israeli force illegally intercepted a Turkish peace convoy to Gaza, executing 9 unarmed civilians.  Israel produced poorly doctored videos, whitewashed an investigation and offended the government of Turkey.

Turkey controls the Bosphorus and all entry into the Black Sea, a key area to US Security.

Turkey has an 8% growth rate and is one of the world’s strongest economies.

Turkey is a charter member of NATO with a significant Army.

Turkey is purchasing the world’s most advanced air defense system, well beyond Israel’s, will fly the new F 35 JSF and is a vital friend of the United States.

Netanyahu told the US and France that they had to choose between Turkey or Israel. 


Turkey, very secretly, informed the US that they could deliver Iran as a “passive and nonthreatening” partner in trade for the US and exert regional influence to stabilize Afghanistan with the help of what is hoped to be a new Pakistani government under Imran Khan.


This is a news blackout, pure and simple.  Supposedly, North Korea was an American enemy with nuclear weapons and long range missiles.

It was the only theoretical danger to the people of the United States outside the outlandish threat of Osama bin Laden and his imaginary lairs under Afghanistan, the criminal delusions of some of Breitbarts friends:


[youtube COaZG8-rzO8]

Now Korea has abandoned its missile and nuclear programs, the “big win” of the Obama administration with almost no coverage at all.  Why?

It is an election year and another big win, adding the imaginary death of bin Laden to North Korea giving up its imaginary nuclear program will make what seems to be manifesting itself as a landslide against the petty criminals of the GOP into something far greater.

This proves three things:

  1. American news is controlled, no secret there to most
  2. The controlled news has been ordered to suppress any positive coverage of President Obama
  3. Israel controls America’s news.  Documentation on that would drown a whale.  However, discussing this or asking questions will automatically spark accusations of “Jew hating,” or “holocaust denial” at the hands of, frankly, groups that every decent American of any and every religion, race or belief should see as a threat to American freedom.  In fact, it seems we are there now.  Game over.

“….but he was born in Kenya, I read it on the internet…”

That’s their other one, paid for by Koch brothers cash and money skimmed off casino profits in Las Vegas.  If your husband or wife repeats any of this, send them to the dog house.  If both of you do, go together.  Remember to wear a flea collar.

But then, this is the same Obama that got caught on open mike insulting Netanyahu, one of the most “chosen” of the chosen, if only by himself and perhaps a few organized crime figures.

[youtube erNjt6WNocA]

From here, Obama seems to have raised the bar continually, then came the visit a short time ago from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey.


Dempsey thanked Israel for its hospitality, pointing out that after a 28 year career in the military, this was his first visit.  Dempsey told Israel to “stand down” or risk loss of the “special relationship” with the US.  Israel responded by rebuffing Dempsey.  The two military organizations, the Pentagon and Israel’s flagging force of reluctant draftees (with two top combat units), had always gotten along.

Netanyahu has personally taken upon himself to destroy that one as seen here on Israeli television:

[youtube ENbxgQYUf9U]

General Dempsey

Many generals had visited Israel dozens of times.

Even I have been invited for a “paid vacation” to learn the charms of Israel.

Netanyahu thinking he kicked Dempsey in the pants, considering, based on who and what reality is, that Dempsey has about 3000 times the firing power of the state of Israel is a poor choice.

Netanyaho loves poor choices as long as only other people die, American soldiers and, when America eventually gets a free press, thousands of unarmed civilians.

What we are reading about Assad now is what Netanyahu has been doing for years, kept from us by press censorship. Netanyahu and Assad are blood brothers, same mother, other people’s blood.


Syria, the last Soviet outpost along with Cuba, the last Soviet client state not adjacent to Russia, very much has an Arab spring revolution.  Anyone who questions the insanely repressive government of Syria “over the edge.”  I have friends there.

Life in Syria has been, minimally, a bureaucratic nightmare, no rights for any, but with a population of quite wonderful people, at least those not spying or murdering on behalf of the police state government.

Recent reports supporting Assad and questioning the deaths at the hands of his military are purely the product of the same crew tasked with defending Israel’s other ally, Libya under Qaddafi.


Israel Very Visible Fifth Column

Thus we have a new lineup in the Middle East.  One one side we have Israel, AIPAC and the ADL with the SPLC, Egypt’s repressive military, Syria’s police state regime and what we expect to be a Russia under the rule of Putin, the GOP and the Koch Brothers.

These are America’s enemies. Add Wall Street, the oil companies and the controlled press in the United States, and you get an even better list.

One almost humorous note:  An “antizionist former Israeli,” a week ago, released an article citing a plot between the US, Egypt and Israel in 1973 to destroy Syria, thus resulting in the 1973 conflict.  “Convoluted and delusional” doesn’t even come close.

The other side is the United States, the people of Egypt, Turkey, the people of Syria and the remaining Arab puppet regimes.

In play are Iraq, Iran as a potential US ally, Afghanistan and Pakistan, currently allied with the US, but making “noises.”

The loser is the Likudists in Israel, universally hated.  They see it as their job to spread antisemitism across the world by making Jewish people seem so heartless and hateful that everyone will want them dead. 

Below is a carefully scripted attack on VT columnist Gilad Atzmon by representatives of the Israeli lobby on television.  The older of the two is a lawyer named Alan Dershowitz.  If you are very rich and have a wife you don’t want to divorce but want to see “gone,” make sure to get his contact information.

This is why antisemitism is on the rise in America, an obsession with having unattractive people waste our time with their narcissistic whining: (view only with a settled stomach)


[youtube GdDJvJJsVsU]

DUMB 101

What we have is an Israeli lobby that we discovered in bed with Iran in the oil business, running up prices to record levels when oil should be free, backed by the Koch Brothers, extremists who control most of the repulsive GOP candidates that all but the craziest Americans look on as pariahs.

A good question:  How did $75 billion dollars get from Mexico to accounts in the Cayman Islands held by Mitt Romney?  Taxes?  Money laundering?  Birthday gifts?  Remember, this is the man who laughs at Ron Paul.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, OH) December 15, 2001 | Saladin, Luke E.

Byline: Luke E. Saladin Post staff reporter Crews began drilling a tunnel under the Ohio River near Anderson Ferry early Friday morning that will eventually provide 60,000 people with water services in Boone County.

With a 9-inch tunnel already prepared by an exploratory drill earlier this week, crews sent the drill shaft back through with a 36-inch drill bit traveling 90 feet per hour.

They plan on sending it through once more with a 54-inch bit before sliding the 36-inch pipe through the tunnel. When complete, the tunnel will be the largest interstate transfer of water in the county, eventually pumping 30 million gallons to Boone County each day. cincinnatiwaterworksnow.net cincinnati water works

”We had extra capacity, and by gaining new customers we’re able to keep our rates down,” said Paul Tomes, Cincinnati Water Works chief engineer.

It was talk of a new plant that prompted Boone County to consider Cincinnati’s offer to build the pipeline. The Northern Kentucky Water District, which serves the county now, had planned to build a plant at a cost of between $80 million to $120 million.

Engineers hoped to complete drilling last June, but a problem with the liquid lining on a small portion of the 3,000 feet of pipe that will be placed under the river, coupled with scheduling problems with the directional drill, forced the delay. website cincinnati water works

Crews are now working 24 hours a day and hope to have the pipe in place in a week. Cincinnati is under contract to provide water to Boone County by March 2003, but engineers say they could be ready sooner.

Crews have nearly finished a 2.5-million-gallon reservoir and pump station along Dry Creek Road on the Boone-Kenton county line, where the pipeline will connect on the Kentucky side of the Ohio river.

Text of fax box follows:

Sharing water services The Cincinnati Water Works is paying $26 million toward the project. Boone County’s share is $30 million. Both amounts will be paid through customer fees.

The agreement is expected to save the two communities more than $1 million a year.

Saladin, Luke E.


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