Tim Tebow, Bible Study, and Easter = Surprise Consequences


by Tom Valentine


There is one thing for sure; anyone seriously aspiring to be a Christian studies to “show himself approved.” A Christian does not take lightly the role of a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. It is a serious calling that presupposes great benefits for all of mankind.

Historically, it is the institutionalization of Christianity that has thwarted the benevolence of Christ’s example and words—turning the visions of peace and reasonable freedom into exactly the opposite—violent warfare with irrational behaviors and repression.

While potent underground Talmudists, for whom the very thought of Jesus is disgusting anathema, have carefully steered the American culture away from the sacred meaning of Easter—the vestiges of deep religious convictions remain with millions each spring.

Thus it was counter-intuitive last week when Neocon Web central, the Drudge Report blasted headlines two days running that media football hero Tim Tebow, a Christian example extraordinaire, was giving an Easter sermon at one of those huge congregations in Texas. Much struck me as odd about the entire thing.

Massive congregations in Texas are not known as genuine bastions of Christianity, but instead they are known as bastions of Oxymorons for Israel. Therefore the sudden extraordinary Media coverage made me think that the puppet masters who pull the media strings were caught off guard off guard. Tebow is big celebrity news; Christ is not.

While many Christians find fault with public prayer. Believing that one should pray alone (in a closet) to God through Christ, others insist we are to witness openly for our faith. It’s not mine to judge.

Hence Christian Football players who do not preach bombing for Israel and end times bunk, but instead demonstrate sincere devotion to the Prince of peace, while kneeling in thankful prayer on television are sending the wrong message. Neocon Drudge should have known, but the opportunity for such an attention-grabbing headline was irresistible.

Often when writing the many columns for VT exposing the Luciferian control of Christian messages broadcast ad nauseum in this “Christian Nation” I have thought to point out the truly Christian messages emanating from so many popular athletes, and while I am a former sports writer and a big fan of the games, not once have I observed any “Israel First”oxymoronic pap coming from the prayerful player’s words.

The power brokers of the Protocols may have made the same mistake the chutzpah leaders at the time of Christ made—trying to outfox God. Did they really think they could wipe away the Divine message by crucifying and denigrating the messenger in a most humiliating earthly manner?

Today these same power brokers, who provide the ‘games,’ (as distractions) that provide the people with demigods, who in turn use the spotlight to glorify Christ, but not the new religion of death, destruction, end times lies and love for a hate-filled little apartheid nation seems appropriate.

And, a second irony lies in the fact that most of the praying, thankful athletes are black gladiators in the white world arenas who bend a knee to the hated Christ for public consumption. Readers of the vicious, racist Talmudic tracts know exactly how much the learned rabbis despise black skinned goy.

So why do so many otherwise intelligent, productive, good people abandon reason? The so-called Christian right is the single most powerful voting block in America, and they represent the opposite of everything Jesus stood for and gave his life for.

Modern skeptics and cynics gleefully point out that crass commercialism demolished the essence of the Christian roots for both Easter and Christmas long ago giving the culture instead Bacchanalian celebrations of excess, which are hardly representative of the study and thought that Christians traditionally reserved for their faith.

Nevertheless, despite all the twisting and rending of Holy Writ that has flowed down the big pipe ever since Internet savvy people learned that the chutzpah of Talmudists long ago tinkered with the word of God—so badly it served as the prime reason for the advent of Jesus Christ—consideration for what is said in the New Testament has been viewed with a jaundiced eye.

Just who the hell do we think we are? Pharisees?

Recently, I found myself doubting whether Jesus Christ was “real” and actually walked around Galilee, Samaria and Judea pointing an accusing finger at the sons of the devil and their established order, but I suddenly snapped out of it by returning to study.

It is so easy to doubt—as easy as blindly following some charismatic speaker.

To hell with that! A reconnection with an author whose studious work helped me shape my views years ago. Caused me to take a breath and to ponder what it means to “study the word.”

It really does not matter what others claim has been done to torture the scriptures and juggle history and archeology because enough has been done by legitimate scholars to clarify what the inspired scripture writers said. The only purpose in such debate is to forward doubt and propaganda.

Many have family debates over what the good book really says about Israel today and all the “end times” gobbledygook. For serious students there is much support to counter the establishment backed televangelists of the world.

The “old testament” contains enough of the revealed truth from God that the obvious racist chutzpah of Talmudism may be culled and discarded. The parts of the old T. that are clearly referring to the advent of Jesus may be considered Gospel.

If you don’t buy that, ask yourself why not, and challenge your beliefs, then do more study.

Socrates, wisely told his students to challenge every one of their beliefs, especially beliefs they treasured, and to discard beliefs they could not prove to be true. Even more, he challenged them to discover where the false belief came from, and never play the card again.

For Christians who wish to return to study, I suggest reading the newsletter published by Ovid Need, author of “Death of the Church Victorious:”

Scofield bible followers will get eye-opening details about the scriptural meaning of “Israel”from reading The Biblical Examiner for April at biblicalexaminer.org. April, 2012.


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Tom Valentine (born August 20, 1935, same day as Ron Paul) is a businessman, writer, commentator and radio host with an anti-establishment perspective. He worked with Radio Free America from 1988 to 2004. He tends to align with issues from left and right ends of the political spectrum, as well as libertarianism. His main journalistic interests have been unorthodox health care methods and conspiracy theories. He is a believer in many alternatives as cancer cures, and believes that soy products are unhealthy for human consumption. All of his views are at odds with the mainstream medical community.