Daily Archives: April 15, 2012

Does Israel Interfere in US Elections?

Facts on the ground are always easier to establish as permanent realities while the media and its constituents are looking the other way.

Duff on Press TV – ‘Entire Iran nuclear issue, theatrical’

- Our VT nuclear reprocessing and weapons expert, Clinton Bastin, former 40+ year DOE engineer...Iran ever enriching uranium to weapons grade is a fantasy

The Oklahoma City bombing: A step toward 9/11?

Would the American people buy the notion that a fertilizer bomb in a truck parked outside a building could blow up the whole building from the inside?

UFO Forensic Analysis, Photos, Korea 2012 (UPDATED)

Please enjoy these. They will not be available often. These are certified, classified and as submitted. For those familiar, this is incontrovertible.

American Slaves, Our Real Destiny

- Nothing Biblical About It, It is Forced Breeding of Slaves

The Nobelist, the Zionists and Where it Hurts Most

The new poem by German Nobelist Gunter Grass warning the world of a dangerous nuclear Israel left the Israelis with a bitter feeling of rage and revenge in their encounter with truth and the Germans with angst over ties now teetering on the brink of rupture.

What If Somebody Gave A War And Nobody Came?

Achtung! Under no circumstances is a German legally permitted to criticize Israel!