Intel, Disclosures and Gossip Such as Not to Spoil Your Tea


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Few understand the American election, even those who live here. I am forced to write for an international audience, which may actually make more sense to Americans. President Obama inherited two wars, a collapsed stock market and massive debt.

We look at the market today at 13,000 plus and still wonder why our pension funds are down and our homes are impossible to sell.

We also note that rents are up, food is up, gasoline is way way up yet that 13,000 market isn’t the same one it was in 2007.

It is a different group of companies, what we call a “fix.” The old “blue chip” companies went broke, or so we are told, and we picked new ones and are pretending things are better.

We make up for it by, not only printing massive amounts of counterfeit currency for ourselves but for Europe as well.

The Funny Money Game

More honestly, it wasn’t just the currency but the ambiguity of the banking business that let trade and investment build jobs.

Money was lent that never existed, collateralized by imagination, derivatives, overvalued real estate but real jobs were the result, jobs that came with home purchases, paid taxes, people buying things, when the “phony dollar, euro and pound” died, so did our ability to supply jobs.

We are now dependent, partially at least, on a couple of ways to continue that we see and some that are highly secret. What we see are these:

Every financial prediction is that the end came years ago but we are still moving on as though things were OK. This is a magic balancing act run by Timothy Geithner and President Obama who are trying to stop the massive thievery, overtly at least, and restore revenue through taxes on the rich, something that Reagan onward ended.

We are basing our economy on wartime spending, which is financed by borrowing. The wars, the Bush “terror wars” are the most insane and dishonorable in American history.

I even have Army Intel telling me the World Trade Center towers were brought down by sophisticated miniature hydrogen bombs. Photo analysis exists of all the attacks, millions of dollars of it, like that we released of the UFO in Korea last week. We are told it can never be released and it hasn’t ten years later, not to anyone.

Continuing on this is purposeless.The Republican Party, working with Israel and the Koch brothers, using manipulated polls, gas and oil speculation and rigging food prices is trying to crash the American economy before the election.

They are afraid of President Obama and rightly so. The GOP is primarily tied to narcotics, organized crime and has its only backing from Americans that no longer are willing to believe the outlandish lies they have been told as news for a decade.

The problem, a worse one, is that, since at least 1947, our history has been rigged as well. That story is not just strange but bizarre, frightening, and “topsy-turvy.”

We will get to some of it later. Now we move into the darker aspects of our economy, if such a thing were possible.

Federales Reservistos !!

Over the past few months, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a rogue operation even by Federal Reserve Standards, without any authorization, created $31 trillion and simply “gave it away,” pumping it into European banks, we have records as there was a partial audit done at the request of congress.

Congress, however, went silent. The reason, overtly at least, is that the foreign owned banks that represent the Federal Reserve System, really an ancient expression of 18th century “moneylenders”, had “gone under.” Their massive private debt, amounting to “qau-trillions,” imaginary though it is, has made continuation of our monetary system impossible.

Only America can illegally counterfeit the massive imaginary currency needed to float these banks while about two thirds is eventually bled off, 1/3 to organized crime and another third we can’t find at all and nobody is asking.


"They're Heeeere!!!"

For nearly 60 years, movies and TV have slowly focused on a plotline involving secret Nazi flying saucers, alien landings, inter-dimensional travel and a future that never came.

We were supposed to be living in “Star Trek” already, having settled the moon in “1999” as the old TV show, not even available on Netflix, told some of us.

Our “conspiracy television” tells us of flying saucer crashes,  and astronauts who saw “alien spacecraft” speak up now and again.

And finally, we have recognized what has been minimally “inter-planetary” aircraft built by our own governments using technology that we have had for decades, technology that represents unlimited “free energy,” perhaps uncontrollable planetary development but worse, disclosure of some “dark secret.”

Word goes two ways:  you tell folks that everything is free, free water, free electricity, and “free lunch” and we go into a population hell of “not so white” folks who worship what many Americans think might be the wrong gods. 

With Romney, our Mormon candidate, his religion is based on secret inter-galactic travel, transmigration of men only into gods and the use of women as sex tools after the “brain sucking machine” finishes them off.

This really is the religion of Mormonism, this and much more.  It makes Scientology look better and better.

Mormons are all Republicans.  Who else would think that exploiting brain dead slaves would make you  ‘godlike?”


Senior reliable sources, by that I mean mainstream “Big Army” flag officers, have been consulted about the use of cold fusion, hydrogen/boron fusion and other “non-lethal” or “aneutronic” devices that can provide all power needed on earth at extremely low cost.

Wind and solar are considered “dead duck” technologies as fusion is both very simple physics, containable, produced not only unimaginable power but expels usable electric current without any traditional conversion required by nuclear technology.

The questions are only design and construction with working models out there already.

This technology is decades old, as is similar technology that nullifies gravity. This means that conventional rocket travel, our guided missiles, our airplanes, even our most advanced secret projects have been entirely “cover and deception.”


It is no secret to most of you that “bad space guys” have been visiting earth.  In fact, the only crazy part is the number of films that try to depict off world or interdimensional civilizations as having any human characteristics at all.

Any “advanced civilization” could be millions of years beyond us, questions continually brought up for fans of “Dr. Who,” the British science fiction series that runs decade after decade as a demented “Scooby Doo” type show with cardboard scenery.

The “dark side” is that all this exists.  The dark side is that America, seen as the representative world power, primarily at least, has decades of interaction with alien species, multiple alien species, and has “bought time” as it were through denial and through agreements that allow the seizure of humans for something far worse than the “anal probe.”


Lying about this while basing much of our entertainment industry on what borders on fairly full disclosure, of the threat at least, is almost a joke. Our denial comes in the cost.  There is little or no sign that much in advanced technology has been passed on.

Documents outlining the relationship indicate the existence of a highly secretive and advanced committee that oversees our response which is, primarily, the divestment of technologies and resources, trillions of dollars, into programs that are meant, and this is a guess only, to allow us to defend ourselves.

The point of conjecture, based on easy to “figure out” disinformation campaigns and our decades of frozen technology, all new mobile phones and little else, is that basic concepts in physics involving both field and energy systems has created capabilities that are incompatible with a planet where stone age to iron age civilizations coexist.

We are a planet where animals are bred for food under brutal conditions and where continual warfare, too often near “UFO” level technologies used against virtually unarmed civilians are seen as acceptable by most people.

Moral and ethical concerns seem to have been systematically bred out of the most advanced societies through continual exposure to highly propagandized public education and history that barely passes for mythology.

You can add in absurdly childish economic and political systems that pontificate while, in reality, reproducing pre-feudal values, theft of resources, enslavement of the mass of population, and the defilement of the “middle” or “professional classes” within bureaucracies that foster apolitical lives or attempt to replace philosophy with dogmatic religions.

This only leaves the need to discredit or contain real creativity or advancement through a system of “branding” those who disclose truths as “whistleblower,” the genuinely talented as “elitist kooks” and the rest as “radicals” or “conspiracy theorists.”

Anyone else can be and is murdered.

When need to “manage” comes to play, appetites for perversion, buggery, abuse of power, murder and torture, satiate those who wish to prove to themselves their power is real.

Toward that end, we have seen the torture, so much of it over the past dozen years that thousands have died in secret prisons, many filmed and the most obscene acts shown to the most powerful, some members of the Supreme Court, congress and the White House.


DC Boy Toy - James Guckert/Gannon

Years ago, there were accusations made against a president by a “pimp” who organized the kidnapping and murder of children who were sold for sexual favors to leaders of our government and key industries.

The tradition, for decades, had been to supply politicians with “road secretaries, women who would provide sexual favors in lieu of normal family lives, keeping errant politicians in line and retiring with senior executive (GS 15) positions.

Some of these women held America’s greatest secrets and these relationships have glued America together, or at least did, until the middle of the Reagan administration when pedophiles, mostly homosexual, had infiltrated the government as they had the Catholic Church.

A search, Google, yahoo, of words like Bush, Farmer and DeCamp will barely touch on it.

The basic accusations, kidnapping of children off the streets of America, chosen for “type” based on “requests” by the supposedly powerful and influential were quieted by groups within the FBI and intelligence agencies with dozens being murdered.

“Politics as usual,” the murder of several senators, key government scientists, FBI agents, the discrediting of dozens, imaginary street crimes, Chandra Levy, Dr. David Kelly, John Wheeler II, Vince Foster, Steve Kanga and hundreds of others, were only “safety valves.”

The only one spoken of anymore is Senator Paul Wellstone who was assassinated with his family for political reasons.

The release of the recent photograph showing Lee Harvey Oswald standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository at the exact second he was supposed to be shooting President Kennedy is now accepted, part of the public record, and, not only denied but defiles us in ways we are now too stupid to begin to understand as does 9/11 and the 20 square miles torture prisons in Poland and a dozen other countries, or are they prisons?

No one has ever spoken to anyone who has ever been in one, either stationed as a guard, janitor, guard, nothing.  America now has more secret prisons than Nazi Germany was said to have “concentration camps, far larger, far more expensive and, unless we can prove otherwise, capable of certainly more deaths.

How strange is that?  In a nation of “human rights activists, no one asks, not a word from Ron Paul or the ACLU, not the SPLC, in fact no one has ever said a word other than mild complaints but never a law or request for an investigation or any curiosity at all.

What isn’t mentioned is that these facilities are huge, entirely secretive and show no signs of funding, no one has ever met a prisoner who has been in one, no accusations or trials are arranged, no named suspects are brought up, no crimes mentioned, no plots, no imaginary terrorist acts, in fact there is no proof that these are prisons at all.

Some of these are larger than our biggest military bases.  What are they?  We can’t prove they are prisons, no photos emerge, no witnesses come forward, no survivors have ever made it out, the Red Cross has never inspected them yet the Red Cross visited Auschwitz hundreds of times.

The best we could hope for is that they are CIA heroin and cocaine distribution hubs but they are too big and there are too many plus, we already know that Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo is where we run our drugs and where we manage our partnership with the Albanian Mafia.

U.S. Camp Bondsteel - Kosovo

Ever wonder why we have one of our largest military bases in the world in “Kosovo,” but nobody remembers every being stationed there or why it exists?

We had touched on stories of one or more presidential pedophile.  I have talked with officials during the Bush administrations that were invited to “diplomatic functions” that ended with “private parties” upstairs.  They said they thought it was just cocaine, this was the cover story.

I have since learned it was not cocaine.  What was done with the kids when they had been “used up?”  Does anyone believe the man in prison for killing Chandra Levy really did it?


Organized Crime's Best Friend

There are two areas of economic secrets we will mention today, at the request of others.  We have available incontrovertible proof that over half the diamonds that come into the United States are tied to terrorism and organized crime.

We also know that documents proving this, scientific papers, testimony, were turned over to both the FBI and State Department by credible sources in the international law enforcement community.

Published studies show that equipment used by American customs officials have been sabotaged to allow illegal diamonds, most manufactured using a sophisticated process more difficult to detect than simple “cloning” or simply smuggling conflict diamonds.

Fifty percent of diamonds brought into the US from Tel Aviv are illegal. Both customs and the organizations involved in overseeing diamond quality for the jewelry industry are financially involved. Quantities of proof are vast, authoritative and have caused several major firms such as DeBeers to restructure and divest.

Diamonds are the primary source of both money laundering and terrorist/weapons financing in the world and the US is quite purposefully avoiding demands they quit taking part in these activities.

America does the same thing with drugs.


China is telling the world it can use “gold tailings” to remove 40 times more gold from ore than possible before.  This is untrue.

Years ago, the South Koreans developed a methodology, though expensive, to actually manufacture gold.  China has very small gold reserve for a nation as wealthy as they claim.  In fact, their currency is one of the worst in the world and their banking system is inherently incompetent and corrupt.

It was also rumored, several years ago, that China, upon examining gold reserves it held in Hong Kong, found nearly 1/3rd to be counterfeit.

The issues have been, of late, seeking a currency for world trade and to secure and underwrite industrial growth while the “fiat” currencies of the west, all of them, have proven to be worthless.

Down the Black Hole

The $31 trillion dollars in unauthorized Federal Reserve currency exports is proof that, in actuality, there is no world currency exchange and it is now and has been for years, nothing but an act.

China has sought more, and to advance the process of creating a parallel currency as a hedge against political instability, to continue hiding from the public their recent political collapse and economic downturn, China has licensed South Korea’s technology for producing gold.

As cover for this, China has sent groups around the world buying non-producing mines, producing offers for worthless “gold tailings” and has been loading the internet and technical publications with pseudo-science, utter fiction and deception.

What we don’t know is how much it actually costs to manufacture gold.  Is it $100 per ounce or $2000 per ounce?

Where we picked up the South Korean ploy is when they let market prices fluctuate up to $150 per oz. below accepted value.

The problems are twofold:

  1.  It creates gold as a derivative of subjective value, something Korea would never have done.  Thus, any currency underwritten by gold will not only eventually have no trade value but, when the public learns of the process, gold market will crash.
  2. Diamonds, a vastly larger market, both gem quality and industrial, have been manufactured for decades.  Currently, there is no accepted technology that can detect phony diamonds.  This is the truth and those who say otherwise are unaware of advances in growing diamonds from much smaller “seed crystals” with individual DNA.  This is far different than “cloning” and, as yet, no equipment used by any government, quite purposefully, can detect these phony stones.  Thus, all world diamonds are technically worthless.


This leaves very few ways of expressing value and power. 

Future Tax Collectors?

If all currencies, all debt also, are deniable, if gold can be manufactured, and we can prove this beyond question, if all diamonds are useless and governments are choosing to turn to narcotics, weapons and hydrocarbons to express both political power and value, economic systems will continue until one of the bubbles burst or we have a world war, which is a more likely scenario.

Syria is the likely basis with US expansion of missile bases into Central Europe as the initiator.

Then again, the Serbian elections and a new realignment between Serbia and Moscow would flank US efforts to dominate the Black Sea region.  With Russian power west of NATO, with Turkey and Israel at odds, with India producing ICBMs, aimed at China and Israeli ICBMs from India pointed at Europe and their real enemy, the United States.

Don’t believe this, start reading the Jerusalem Star.

US attempts to control Central Asia are going to fail until and unless we are willing to follow the unwritten Obama doctrine, trading Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India for Israel and Britain.

When the Chinese have settled into Africa, each day planeloads arrive, they will find themselves overextended and dependent on an American military presence that has moved down the west coast of Africa in relative stealth.

The continuing problems will be narco-dependency and our lack of an American currency.

Our most crippling problem is the lack of a government, particularly the ability of the Supreme Court to go  “activist” and usurp states’ rights, interfere in elections, write its own legislation, that and our “money in politics” issue, primarily involving Israeli interference in the House of Representatives is likely to bring about use of emergency presidential powers after the election.

Thus far, one Supreme Court Justice is guilty of tax evasion, another tied to organized crime, both “neocon-activists.”  Both face arrest.

Despite the entertaining flurry of testimony regarding our army and Secret Service and their “whoring,” we have multiple high level confirmations of an Israeli attempt on President Obama’s life, to have been staged during the visit to Colombia.

If anything, problems with Israel are problems with Netanyahu alone.  He hates black people and can’t help but show it.

Despite his lack of intellectual accomplishment, this is not a particularly clever guy, he talks to Obama as though he were talking down to a slave, which is how we are told Netanyahu thinks of anyone of African background.

On the other hand, Obama, Biden and General Dempsey, though all three extremely disappointed in Netanyahu’s lack of ability and manners, he has repeatedly insulted all three, believing his “mob” connections in the US make him “bulletproof,” see the writing on the wall.

Israel has been isolated, not by Arab dictatorships but by democracies.  If Egypt can get rid of its military junta, Israel will be a lost cause, leaving them only their Wahhabist friends in Saudi Arabia.

The Muslim heresy of “Wahhabism,” spreading terrorism and ignorance, is and we aren’t kidding, a deal cut between the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel to open terrorism schools in every poor Muslim area, raising kids to be suicide bombers.

Why, we might ask?  If you aren’t aware that Israel has made billions in profits peddling protection from “suicide bombers” around the world, you need to catch up on the defense industry.

To keep up business, if a real suicide bomber, some poor mentally abused kid preyed on my religious crazies can’t be found, “someone” will build a car bomb anyway.  Look into it, a growth industry, invest, I am considering printing up a list of companies that do it all, disease and cure.

I found a lot of graphic suicide bomber images but just too gross for a Monday morning, so we go with generic...Jim

Without the Saudi’s funding extremist movements across the Middle East in concert with Israel and friends in the US, nations such as Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, whose elections are rated as more democratic than either those held in America or Israel, something unreported in the US press, will, as threatened, let the “sands of time” erase Zionism.

The reality, of course, is that there never was a Zionist cause.  There never was a “Greater Israel” or hope of it.  There is no great nuclear arsenal in Israel as there are no nuclear weapons in North Korea and very few in China.

There is only oil theft, drug running,  money scams, phony terrorism and propaganda.  Israel is like one of those children’s charities, where they show the poor starving child, flies around their eyes, yet your donations do nothing but buy private islands, whoring vacations and private planes.

Being honest, the only reason we mention Israel is not because they are worst, not by far, the Saudi’s leave them in the dust, it is just that their control of the press has brought the backlash they were too stupid to notice.

The Promised Land?  Where is it?  We’re still looking.

 Editing: Jim W. Dean






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