US Has Always Been a Bully


by Paul Balles


America has always been a bully. Americans are convinced that they have a God-given right, or destiny, to expand the country’s borders from “sea to shining sea”.

“The land of the free and the home of the brave” was conquered with complete disregard for the rights of America’s original inhabitants.

Full of expansionist tendencies, Americans engaged in wars throughout the entire world and became involved in foreign affairs where their participation was unwelcome.

Native American Indians welcomed the Pilgrims with open arms, unaware that increasing numbers of settlers would cost the natives their land and lives.

With all that stolen land, white American bullies needed slaves that ships brought from Africa to work the land.

In a war with Mexico, the western settlers stole Texas. Eventually, large northern portions of Mexico, including California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah were occupied and ruled by Americans.

By the middle of the 19th century, America decided to force Japan to trade with the U.S. Japan had to accept the U.S.A.’s terms or face naval bombardment.

Due to strong U.S. expansionist sentiment at the end of the 19th century, another conflict broke out between Spain and America. This time the U.S. wanted Spain’s territories of Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Philippines, Guam and the Caroline Islands.

A large part of the 20th century saw widespread hatred and persecution of communists and foreigners with the U.S. engaged in military conflicts in Vietnam in the 1960’s and 70’s.

America’s history of conquests is beginning to resonate with another, more recent, history: that of Israel.

When Israel has thoroughly isolated the remaining Palestinians on small reservations by American bullying tactics, where will they expand next?

Is there any reason to believe that the Israelis won’t continue to use the American model of occupation and rule? What will Israel use as a continuation of “The War on Terrorism”? Israel’s hawks and the Zionists in America want Iran decimated.

What do Israel and America need to consider before further bloodthirsty expansion?

First, they rely on proficiency in weapons manufacture and military tactics. In the past, they have always been one step ahead of the nations and people they were trying to conquer.

Next, their conquests have never been based on victory alone, but on total and complete subjugation. Herein have been the difficulties with leaving Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Third, control over their own internal affairs has never been enough. They need to interfere with internal affairs of other countries and exploit potential crises for their own personal gain.

America and Israel have involved themselves in an ever-growing military escapade in the Middle East, spreading it with the help of scare tactics and lies.

With America, it has been the threat of terrorism. With Israel, the bogus need for greater self-defence.

Deciding to take military action by disregarding U.N. disapproval and on ridiculous and unproven grounds, America and Israel qualify as the bullies of our time.

It’s time for America to grow up and let Israel deservedly take the condemnation as the world’s chief bully. What should America do?

  • Stop invading, bombing and “regime changing” countries that haven’t attacked us or invaded their neighbours.
  • Quit supporting Israel’s bullying of Palestinians, Lebanon, Gaza and other neighbouring countries.
  • Cease interference in other countries’ domestic elections.
  • Stop assassinating foreign leaders.
  • Dismantle our global military empire, withdrawing our troops from other countries and giving up the notion that we should exert military control over the entire world.
  • Join the international community as one member of the family of nations, rather than as the biggest bully.


  1. Ms. Menon,
    I believe it was Studs Terkel who coined the term “National Amnesia”, and diagnosed America as suffering from a severe case of it.
    I believe that this National Amnesia is cultivated and groomed by the ruling class. This condition allows the perversion and blatant destruction of true history, which paves the way for the “official doctrine” to be force fed to the unknowing.
    The unlearning process is slow and painful, so unattractive that few will opt for it. Thus the official lie-supported by every major institution, becomes the default path.
    It really is inaccurate to claim that Americans don’t read their history. It is accurate to claim that Americans have their true history withheld from them.

  2. If the Americans only read their classics!

    If they were taught their history as the rest of us in this world!

    Ironically, when Kipling wrote “Take up the White Man’s Burden” it was the USA he was addressing – something to do with the Philippines I recall…'s_Burden

    He may have written it for the Queen’s Jubilee, as suggested by Wikipedia but, I can imagine the horror with which some of her counselors may have viewed such a criticism of Victorian Imperialism being presented at her Jubilee, which would have ensured that it would not be presented. Although, Recessional says much the same thing, tolling the bells of the cost and death of Empire.

    The poem is ambiguous enough that it, in itself, has become the crux of a great body of literary criticism and interpretation.

    Much of the American criticism has been interpreted as a warning to America about the burdens and failures implicit in harboring Imperial designs. But, America and Americans have learned little from their own mistakes, let alone from Britain and their mistakes.

    The poem was written at a time when America was beginning to emerge on the Imperial scene which had been dominated by Great Britain for so long, and which Kipling, who lived and worked at the height and in the midst of the Empire’s greatest Imperial success story, India, could see in its future the rot and corruption of Blake’s Sick Rose which would ultimately destroy it. Blake was also an anti-Imperialist, and saw nothing but doom for the Nation in its quest for Empire.

    Kipling, in his tolling of the bells for Danny Deaver, his tragic tale of the Man Who would Be King, and his lament on the lot of Tommy, the one-time hero of the Empire, foresaw and forecasted the end of Empire long before the historians ever suspected, and while the pealing of Tennysonian bells were still resounding in celebration of the grandeur of Empire as he… “(strove), to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

  3. True.

    Sometimes scumbags just need to be told what they are, even if it doesn’t affect them and they don’t care….

    It is always a good thing when a government and people show their true character to the world, Israel’s numerous massacres in the past and the most recent assault on Gaza has certainly done that. AIPAC and company notwithstanding, I was absolutely confident that at some point even the American public will realize what has been done in their name by their so-called friend and ally in the US, and what Israel is at its core. And at that point, Israel and its Diaspora will enter the graveyard of history — and good riddance. But it is such a pity.

  4. You forgot the “stolen land” bullshit. There is strong evidence that Europeans inhabited the Americas before the Amerinds came from Asia. From skeletal remains to dwellings to mining, evidence points to others being here before those from whom the land was “stolen”. I have every reason to believe that the pre-Amerinds didn’t die of natural causes to make themselves extinct.

  5. Well Paul, We only need to look at our roots, America, Australia and all of the other European colonies are the product of bullies. The European Monarchy’s were all bullies in their own right. They were the ones who planted us here to further their quests for more wealth and the power they assumed came with wealth. You can see that in our political system we have today, a system that started out appearing as if was for the regular people but was controlled and manipulated by and for those with money and assumed power that they think goes with their wealth. It seems that we never really revolted against the King. It was just an illusion to get us to pay for their conquests here. Even after the revolt we still sent the wealth of the land back to the kings and queens of Europe. We couldn’t live without their money, and no money can change hands without them profiting each time. We have become their proxy conquistadors. And the world is not enough for them. The modern monarchs are the bankers including all of the bankers of the federal reserve system. And the globalist corporations are their foot soldiers sent out to gather the wealth. As I see it, they have made greed a sin for the common person, and a practice for themselves. They are the ones who invented religions to control the masses, they don’t have to follow any religion, just appear as if they do. These bankers are of all religions but follow a “zionistic” pattern. If the dollar isn’t on the “gold standard” any more, why is gold still worth so much? All of this division and fighting is what they promote to keep us busy, not looking at what they are doing to us. It is just another way for them to get more bucks for the bang. Every time something goes bang anywhere in the world they raise the prices. They don’t really want a one world government, it would cost them too much to maintain it, it’s more profitable for them the way it is. Thus controlled chaos for the masses. To see through all the smoke and mirrors isn’t as difficult as one might think. To get beyond the blinding light of religion is the most difficult. I fear not. Not a damn thing!

  6. Absolutely right, the left and the right have been hijacked by the same liars, thieves and murderers.. Vote GOP you get more wars for the Chosen Ones. Vote Democrat, you get more “power to the people” (i.e. Jews) big government police-state, screw-the-working-man reward-the-bankers Jewish fascism, also (falsely) labelled communism or socialism.

    They won. We lost.

  7. Mr. Balles,
    With all due respect, sir, I beg to differ. America never was, never has been the bully. However, a small cadre of evil sophisticated profiteers, and soul killers who jerk America’s chain over and over again are the bullies.
    Going back to the beginning, colonies were settled as assets to the crown’s corporation. Colonists were not left alone to begin a new life-a nice story we were all spoonfed. Colonists were expected to produce for the crown-timber, food, tobacco, fur, the list goes on.
    Our very founding myth is laced with bullshit. Most of the early colonists were slaves. They weren’t escaping religious persecution, they were chattel to enrich the royal coffers.
    Why was there a frontier?
    Many reasons, but by far the largest was the core of hardy individuals who preferred to live without the “protection” of the crown, and continued to move west to get the hell away from it.
    No, the Indians did not welcome the newcomers with open arms. Yes, exceptions exist, but the Indians fought themselves with bloody glee, and when the colonists arrived, they too were added to the list. Entire colonies were exterminated. However, this did not dissuade the cadre of bullies-they just ramped up the propaganda and found more innocent souls to kill on their way to wealth and power.
    Britain was, for a very long time the privileged class, those who truly enjoyed the fruits of empire, and everybody else. The success of their propaganda was to convince the have nots that they too somehow shared in the benefits, thus it was their duty to die, and worse-to return maimed for the empire.
    Sound a little like today?

  8. There are some parallels between Israel’s “creation” and the origins of the USA, but some HUGE differences, too. For starters, the USA wasn’t expressly created by a third “party” using force, for a Chosen Race of “people” that are SO special they deserve their own “country”, free of all those pesky Lower Races.

    I doubt there was any force on Earth that could have stopped migration of European whites to North America, with all its (relatively open) land, once sea travel became technologically possible. Palestine, on the other hand, has always been one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, long before the Jews stole and ethnically cleansed it.

    America has one set of laws for all people, not so Israel. As far as the law is concerned, Native Americans have MORE privileges, not fewer, unlike Palestinians who have virtually no rights whatsoever under Israeli “law.”

    I admit, some really bad things happened in North America to the Native Americans, but any other country I can think of has had its share of wars and violence, with different people competing for the same piece of ground.

    It’s more the IDEA of Israel that is vulgar and vile. That is, that an old book of fairy tales and a violent, racist “G_d” gives a “chosen” people power, land and privilege over others. Worse yet, that a bunch of IDIOTS (zionist Christians) are so morally-challenged that they ENCOURAGE such brazen injustice and refuse to stand for the teachings of the man they claim to follow…….

  9. America has always been a colony of the British Empire. You can find the same types of abuses towards the indigenous populations in Canada and Australia. We never really got away.

  10. Nice comments all around. About the dollar’s reserve currency status, we need to look back to ’68 when LBJ eliminated gold backing for the dollar and ’71 when Nixon ended convertibility. At least VT has made it clear enough who was behind JFKs assassination, but unless I’m mistaken, this crucial strategy of getting rid of JFK to install LBJ for the purpose of usurping the US gov through credit expansion and currency counterfeiting has been overlooked.

    Explosive credit availability post ’71 combined with ever-lowering liquidity reserves for banks and the rise of no-reserve shadow banking meant money could be created almost at will to promote an alien agenda we now refer to as Neoconservatism, which also included the economic rape of America’s middle class to enrich the Neocons and pay the gov’s bills without the American people having a clue what was being done to them.

    Up until about ’07 or ’08, I believe, nearly the entire debt of the US gov was funded for 20 or 30 years indirectly by Americans without their knowing it through the clever ruse of opening up trade with China. There have been many ramifications, such as capping Americans’ wages at ’71 levels forever, forcing women into the workplace, etc., but the basics are that over the past 30 years Americans bought plastic and electronic junk from China on newly available credit, but essentially in exchange for dollars. The Chinese PBOC, or central bank, simply printed about $5 trillion worth of fiat yuan over these years to buy up the dollars earned by their manufacturing plants, which were ever-so-conveniently set up in the first place by Wall St and crony capitalists. The only possible investment the PBOC has had for nearly all those dollars which would prevent currency wars with trading partners was in US Treasury and GSE debt, but at least the Chinese could rely on the interest payments. The long and short of it is that the American people unwittingly bought junk from China in exchange for about $5 trillion of their money that flowed back from China into the hands of the “Neocon” cabal that used that money to usurp the government, enrich themselves through Wall St, buy votes, and fight these interminable wars of Neocon hegemony over the Middle East and Central Asia. Since both Greenspan and Bernanke, Wall St/Neocon lackeys that they are, lied about this circuitous flow of dollars by falsely attributing it to a “savings glut” overseas, it should at least be obvious the plot to enslave and then destroy the US goes back to the monetary policies of 40 years ago when the Neocons realized they could jump from “tricking a profit” off the honest labor of working Americans and con them into enslaving themselves to debt owed to the Neocons and turning over the government itself. In any case, it also meant the loss of something like fifty thousand manufacturing plants and 8 million manufacturing jobs here in America.

    Limbaugh, Hannirty, O’Reilly, Levin, ad nauseam, and our wonderful Congress were touting this as an economic miracle, which, for psychopathic narcissists and traitors like them, it surely was.

  11. The bulk of Americans are not likely to wake up until they are faced with the 750 million hollow point bullets that the US Government has purchased. The US dollars reign is coming to an end which is going to bring about high interest rates and high inflation. The wars are destroying America but America has never been good at exit strategies.

    I rarely read US produced media unless I need some light entertainment.

  12. Debbie, you and Lob are both quite correct, but the MSM is simply controlling the arguement, or rather making sure that the real arguement never takes place! At least not among enough people. For every person reading VT or Mondoweiss or what have you, there are 500 who get their opinions through FOX or MSNBC. And most of us are here not because we started learning here, but because we realized we were being completely lied to everywhere else- where nothing made any sense.

    Americans just love the flavor of that familiar old leash, I guess. They don’t want to admit they are being lied to, or else they are too apathetic to look elsewhere and take the responsibilty for thinking on their own. It’s difficult to have to say this about the people of one’s own nation. But the truth is complex and hard to digest. This isn’t popular here, but pat answers are and so is working like a slave because everyone else does it and is supposed to. Then it’s a little mind-numbing entertainment before bed, and up to face the same madness again first thing in the morning. Things will have to get a whole lot worse before they ever start getting better.

  13. Paul Balles a thinking writer, who has studied and knows his history… and applies it effectively to describe the problem of the world today. America has already gone far past the point of no return. American “culture,” has rotted and self-destructed from within, long ago.

    Today, the men behind the guns are lackeys. The Nation behind the men behind the guns are lackeys. Call them what you may, jack-boot lickers, kosher ass-kissin’ cowards, and traitors to humanity and humane causes, whatever the case may be, a Nation of fools and liars, who have gotten themselves, or been manipulated, into a situation without options, but war, war and more war.

    Hercules, probably a Greek, discovered that it is futile to fight the Hydra one head at a time… cutting off heads which can be replaced faster than you can cut them off simply does not work!!

    The solution? Go to the heart of the matter! Find the singular and central cause and source behind the dread and the terror in the world, and root it out! Dig it up! Root it out! Kill it! Drive an oaken stake through its heart! Shoot it with the silver bullet. Toss a pork chop into its Matzos. Whatever it takes, do it!

    You cannot kill the Hydra by chopping off her heads. You cannot kill the Beast by cutting off his fingers.

    Go to the Heart of the Matter.

    Marlowe did it, and he conquered himself, and the Darkness.

    Get the sights focused on the real target.

    Treat the disease, not the symptoms.

    Who was it who said recently, “We had no enemies in the Middle East until Israel became our ‘friend’ in the Middle East?”

  14. Yes Paul America has always been a bully and it has forgotten the old saying “be careful who you trample on on your way up because they are bound to bite you on your way down.”

    Britain’s pound was the world’s reserve currency until after WW2. The British got themselves involved in expensive wars and it ended their empire. The Americans have not learned from history.

    The US has not used its reserve currency status wisely. Nothing stays the same forever. Without the US dollar as the worlds reserve currency the US economy would look like Greece.

    The World is trading using the Yuan and Euro. The Euro will survive because the Europeans are long term thinkers, the damage caused the the GFC, which was all America’s fault, will be overcome.

    America’s deficit is now larger than its GDP but you no longer see it spoken about in the US media because the Israeli backed media does not want it to become an issue during the November 2012 US elections.

    America is good at talking about ‘green shoots’ and it is good at ‘smokes and mirrors’ but the US is currently running a huge ponzi scheme and everyone knows it. Ponzi scheme always ending up collapsing.

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