Mr. President, We Have Had Enough


Time For You To Finally Listen


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Mr. President, here is my  statement of purpose. 

I am just a writer, not even by decent standards an “activist.”  We supported you four years ago, my estimate producing about 50,000 votes.  We are much more than ten times that now.  Please ask someone, we, even I, control more votes than you can imagine, more than any newspaper in the United States. 

As for some kind of report, please get yourself properly informed as to who your base is and what we expect.  We are not the idiots we were, not so many of us.  Treating us as such is an epic error.

This week, we watched the NDAA “Soviet America” bill overturned by a court, a bill you signed but said you did so only reluctantly.  It was illegal when you signed it and continuing to do things like this, you and congress, is wearing thin.  We are losing patience.  We don’t even hate you. You made sure of that by cleverly manipulating the GOP into nominating the most hateful, criminal and abysmal candidate in its history.

A Mormon bishop whose religious beliefs are totally inconsistent with freedom, equality, peace and honesty, as president?  What could any of them have been thinking?

Romney could actually be a member of the Bush family.  Perhaps we should check on that.  Running against a crook doesn’t make up for years of smooth talk, of phony “populism” and bowing to special interest.  We are totally sick of it and now it is you and the incompetence of those around you that is destroying America and killing us.

Compared to our last president, you are almost, I say “almost” a joy to listen to.  We certainly, as you are taking advantage of, and you should recognize that we are well aware of this, know you are a step above Mitt Romney who is one step out of prison and mad as a hatter.  This is only more proof of how corrupt America has become and how useless and debased our political system is.

We all know it, the secret is out.

Don’t you know we are sick of your continual lying?  I know you try, sometimes, to do the right thing but inaction, utter gutlessness, pandering to special interest has to come to an end.  We are sick of hearing it from Bush and the gang of knuckle dragging right wing maniacs special interest has bought for us.

We are sick of seeing them walk free and expect arrests.  Sign the order and open them for prosecution, stop the International Criminal Court from being the pack of biased thugs and liars they have become, racists and hacks.  Show some backbone, try leadership, you have certainly tried everything else.

First thing is the war.  You promised to get us out.  This is four years and, ask around, I know very well what you face.  Google popularity, Ron Paul would have been a tougher opponent than any of the Republicans.  In fact, he may be the only person you can trust.

His ideas are sound, they are American, most anyway, and are the will of the people, were the people ever allowed to speak.

They are not, we are silenced, crushed, jailed, murdered, “pepper sprayed” and spied on.  I am ashamed of living here and America cannot be replaced, certainly not by the phony socialism of Canada, our “joke” to the north.  They are a caricature of everything we have become.

I clearly recognize the financial disaster the world is facing and the unwillingness of business in the US to stop stealing. Matt Taibbi wrote a very good piece on financial crime, too bad he gets so little else because he is a smart guy.

Let’s finish up with foreign policy.  End Afghanistan, walk away.  Show leadership, put a strong focus on bringing Egypt into line, ending the occupation and apartheid in Palestine, I ain’t gonna call it Israel anymore, it is far closer too close to hell for that.

Start recognizing you are surrounded by half baked advisors who are tied to special interest.  Your set of morons aren’t much better than the last group.

Back to economics.  You are going to end up giving Geithner a pardon, he will need it and he isn’t a stupid guy.  He does get it but his methods are “band aid” only.  We need a real attorney general and we need to clean out the banks entirely, jail thousands and live with the fallout.  I don’t want to tax the rich, hell, technically I am one.  I  want to jail about 25% of them simply because they are thieves.

We need to jail a lot of people.

We have state governors who are crooks, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin minimally.  They can and should be arrested, tried and convicted.  If you don’t recognize the crimes, the public corruption, then hire an attorney general who does.

You have a CIA director, DOD Secretary and Chairman JCOS that are top rate.  Congrats.  Now listen to them.

Recognize Europe is coming apart and that you are being played by Russia, Germany, Israel, China to some extent and need to watch other phony allies much better.

Please, don’t fall for this “AIPAC and the ADL represents the Jews thing.”  You have the vote, the support, always progressive and you would have much more of it if you simply did your job better.

You are not doing your job as expected, as well as you could, frankly, you dare doing things that are dishonorable, illegal and stupid and you know it.  You think you have to, I hope you don’t want to, I want to believe you aren’t a total “(even I am censored)” but you have to talk.

You have to go on TV and tell the truth, trust the American people, even those you consider “aligned with others” and tell the truth.  It is all we have and the truth can be a powerful thing.

You took over a government that was run by gangsters and for 4 years have been, to a large extent, just hoping they would stop doing what they do.  You were wrong.

Please arrest at least two Supreme Court justices.  Put in Jews, I don’t care, just get us Americans, not slaves to a pack of European banks, petty thieves and perverts.  The Roberts court is a disaster, not as bad as the Veterans Appeals Court, the most corrupt in history, but a court that has become activist, that now thinks it can rule, a court that bullies, one that appoints presidents, makes laws, intimidates, and is oblivious to the constitution and the rights of Americans.

We are tired of it, more than tired.  “Occupy” is an honest voice of your backers, the ones you have, to some extent betrayed, and you are allowing a police state and the insane “terror” rhetoric of the Bush regime to still control the country.

Want to know about terrorism?  I brief the intelligence chiefs of some of our key allies, you have at  your disposal a thousand hours of phone conversations that you might as well, since they are illegal wiretaps anyway, have made into a class.  Get yourself trained in counter-terrorism, learn how the world works, or at least talk about it if you do know, we all aren’t oblivious to the con.

We no longer trust the news, won’t accept it, not from the new “gatekeeper” Huffington Post, the Washington Post and New York Times are dead.  The internet is so infiltrated, OK, I will stop.

Now, you have to stop.

Please stop using our own money to, in a very unconstitutional way, use our military and police agencies, spending endless millions, to spy on us, infiltrate our political movements, to pollute every organization from “9/`11 Truth” to “Occupy.”

We are sick of police informants, agent provocateurs, of spies, of hidden microphones, of UAV observation while our borders are totally porous, our cities flooded with drugs.  Did I say cities?  No, drugs infect every single county, wealthy, poor, urban and rural in America.

We are ready.

We are ready to talk with each other, Christians, Jews, Muslims and that not so secret majority of the “rational” that thinks religion has betrayed us.  We remember.  We remember turning our children over to the Church to be raped.  We remember the thousands of preachers who pushed us into a police state and the criminal wars.

We know the real threats, drugs, poverty, hopelessness and, most of all, a corrupt government.

Our biggest problem now is you and we hired you to fix things.

You are failing and I for one expect you to be reelected and want a different person in office.  We can’t survive Romney, we know Bush murdered America and you lack the resources to fix.  We also know other things, how we are being bred into “moronity,” a nation uneducated, lied to, played for “chumps” and bled to death by the bloodsuckers you won’t deal with.

If we try it we become “domestic terrorists.”

There is a reason for you to listen.  I suspect, if you are well informed, something I am not that sure of, that you get some of what I get.  More likely, I think you are lied to continually and know it very well.

Some bad things are going to happen.  Some are financial, the things warned about already happened and we are waiting for the “ship of state,” not just one but dozens, to run aground like Greece.

Americans aren’t going to accept 30 more years of lowered standard of living, of dependence on oil, of poor medical care or none at all, of fighting wars and we are very likely to do more than talk.

Worst of it, we might embrace the police state you have not prevented.  We are now the feared by many, 25% of the people of the world think the US may some day kill them and their children.

Check the BBC poll.

You don’t think we know, the majority of us, that the war on terror was created by governments to justify economic pillage, quashing civil rights and to enrich a ruling elite made up of people who are now just not that elite.

The elite, some call them the secret societies, the powerful, those above government are now, not only lacking vision, they are delusional.  Few know, as you do, how little power you really have.

Read Machiavelli.

We want action, we want the borders closed, we want all money out of politics, we want our country back, our troops home, Washington taken apart stone by stone, rat by rat, Wall Street, London, and the other financial centers shut down.

We want an end to the Federal Reserve.

We will need a period of instability, of mass arrests of political figures, we want the war mongers removed from the military, a job we know that has begun already.

We want the press back, we want all foreign ownership, all corporate control ended.  We want infiltration of public thought ended, including the things the public has yet to learn about.  I will be telling them if you don’t.

I want Americans marching in the streets demanding justice, demanding peace, demanding jobs, being Americans, this is what defines us.  Your attempts to treat us as terrorists for being the people we must be is shameful.

We are doing what we do because you lacked courage.  You listened to liars and were inexperienced.

You either “step up” or “step down,” no two ways about it.

We don’t want things that aren’t made here sold here.  We aren’t going to sacrifice another generation to unemployment because of slavery and sweat shops in the Asian hell holes.

We, better than any nation of earth, can live together, support each other, but we are not going to be the policemen of the world, seen by a few, bullies, as most see us.  We have invested endless billions in security technologies that have no other purpose than to violate American law and enslave our own people.

Stop now.

We are also aware, the numbers are few, that for twenty years we have had technologies that could have eliminated all foreign oil, all nuclear power, all coal, all natural gas.  We understand the disruption but trust that the massive economic realignment by use of suppressed technologies would, within 18 months, make us the world center for technical development, for engineering and manufacturing, would more than make up for the jobs lost destroying the earth for no reason other than the enrichment of the few.

There is a dark side here.  The corporate press has lied about global warming, a massive threat, lied about Fukajima, a massive disaster, lied about two upcoming events tied to asteroids that aren’t “flying past,” lied about what we are facing and who we need to be, what America must become in order to insure the survival of our way of life, our people, the lives of our children.

We are “beyond unprepared” for the very real challenges of a future that only a few know is inexorable.

There is more even I won’t discuss, not here anyway, not without mixing it with jokes and conspiracy theory.

Congress, as they are now, no longer is American.

We want all issues regarding Israel and Palestinians settled in 18 months.

We want a multinational approach to reincluding Iran in the world market, using their science and oil, selling them American cars, and normalizing relations.  We expect all of us to change, even Iran.  As their defacto spokesman here, do note this, I am very blunt with them also.

Nations cannot act as children.

The great social programs of the past failed, not because decent educations, safe and clean cities and hard work are bad but because we can’t afford 99% of our welfare dollars to go to the wealthy, the rigged gas and oil market, the rigged food and “pharma” rackets and to pay for foreign wars.

We can fix America out of our pocket change.

We aren’t Europe, we are America, a people of independent spirit, a people who want to work, who demand hope for our children and who are at an end with controlled news, wars of aggression, wars where America, were we in a movie, would be the “bad guy.”

Once we were the light of the world to all, now only to a few.

The issue, were we to name it, is “internationalism.”  Look at where Mitt Romney hides his money, his and those of clients we believe are selling blood diamonds, narcotics and arms.  It isn’t just him and it has to end.

You live in a nation where thousands of American veterans rot in prison for using or selling heroin that, only a few months or years before, they guarded, made from opium they protected, heroin they helped the CIA ship and we now imprison them, thousands of them, some for decades, simply because we caught them in that net of our own making.

You don’t see the irony of this?

Money, debt, endless financial crime, hucksterism, delusional news, distorted history, peddling hate and fear has to come to an end.

You wanted the job, start doing it.


Matt Taibbi: ‘Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?’ (Complete Interview)


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