Pakistani intelligence official says that Israel is bent on destroying the US


by Zaki Khalid

A senior Pakistani intelligence official has claimed that Israel is using the United States of America as a proxy to provoke retaliatory attacks from Muslim countries, especially Pakistan.

While answering this scribe’s question on what the military has to say about the presence of USS Enterprise in Pakistani waters, the official confirmed that the news is true but not something to be astonished about. “These are merely pressure tactics, “pokes”. The US military establishment does not have the audacity to wage overt war. There is something I would like to say here, through your behalf for those who know what I am saying: The US is akin to a dead body which has been penetrated by a virus; in this case, Israel. Have you seen those vivid Hollywood flicks which have zombies roaming around? Exactly the same. You shoot them, hit them, they are not affected at all. This is, hence, not a normal situation. That virus (Israel) can even use the US to carry out a nuclear attack therby triggering a global inferno where millions will be massacred. It does not care that Pakistan will give a proper full-fledged response. Pakistan on the other hand, does not want to engage with a zombie”.

While continuing with the conversation, the official recounted how Israel attacked the USS Liberty to teach their American proxies a lesson who were eavesdropping through telecommunication networks into Israel’s systems. He said that the US is being subjected to mass friction by NATO also, which has caused much human and financial loss to the US armed forces.

“You cannot estimate the damage which the US is bearing because of NATO”, added the official, “During the last diplomatic meetings between American, Pakistani and Afghan Taliban representatives, the Taliban reiterated that they can burn alive each and every American soldier in Afghanistan but the Pakistani military does not want to put Israel’s plans into implementation by directly engaging with the US. In case of a Pak-US war, the only benefactor will be Israel.

On a related note, this scribe was told that for the first time ever, the Pakistani military establishment’s elite leadership is in a ‘head-on collision’ with its American counterparts. And leading this brigade is General Kayani.

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Zaki is a geopolitics and security analyst based in Lahore, Pakistan who has a keen interest in the study of Open-Source Intelligence and Psychological Warfare. He covers the global scenario with a special emphasis on the MENA and Asia regions at large. He has a Bachelors degree with majors in French, Journalism and Education from the University of Punjab.His brief independent profile can be viewed here: contributing to VT as a columnist, he is the Director General at Terminal X (, Pakistan's most authoritative portal on defence, intelligence and geopolitics. TX is considered an authority on references from the Pakistani military and intelligence developments, having been taken on air by TVN Chile, Iran's Press TV and Radio Channel Islam International (South Africa), to name a few.Personal blog:


  1. Mr.Khalid,

    You answered it. I thought he was in the military or govt intel. I watched a youtube of one of his talks about the grand chessboard. Impressive man.

  2. We estimate that this article bears 100 % Red Pill content.

    The Red Pill, or search for Truth, is the medicine for this virus, quite simply: an ancient meddlesome interlocutor. There are no new tricks in this playbook., and it is beatable.

  3. We have known of this subversion and corruption for some time, but it is good to see that Israel’s treachery is now almost universally acknowledged.

  4. Mr.Khalid,

    What is the position of Brigadier General (R) Rashid Ali Malik in Pakistan intelligence, if any?

  5. “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. NOTHING that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” (Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles” p.155)

    The Jew, like every other creature, does what is in its nature to do…which in this case is to destroy. Jews simply can’t help themselves; they can never be satisfied, ever.

    (BTW they’ve actually already destroyed the U.S., i.e., morally, politically and economically. And before it’s over, complete physical destruction will likely be visited upon the U.S. as well).

    The Jew-controlled “U.S. government” is a demonic evil of biblical proportion, and presents a monstrous threat to the whole world. The Jews seek either complete world domination and control (i.e., to enslave us) or they seek to trash the whole world. This is the situation we’re in.

  6. Obama IS moving us towards war with Iran..He’s just trying like hell to time it to help him electorally…The same clique own both parties…own MSNBC and Fox….own the Fed…own all the media..own the voting machines…own our politicians…Our “democracy” is anything but..

  7. Almost anything is better than to continue to serve the Synagogue of Satan….Radical Sunnis are helping the Americans and Israelis destroy Syria before Iran ( the only real check on Talmudia’s power in the region ) is attacked…Yeah, I know Gordon…Yet another arab country MUST be destroyed bc it’s a secret ally of Talmudia…Even if true ( in the case of Ghadafi ) it’s still being destroyed! And Putin has GOT TO BE better than Bush/Blair/Obama/Romney…These people may as well have sacks with thirty pieces of silver hanging around their necks…Given the actual perps of 9-11 our generals CAN’T allow another war for Talmudia!

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