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Da Wurld Is Full of Dummies an We Lern Dumbness from Thim


   … by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Well…Goolllie!! Maybe there is a bit too much Gomer Pyle going around.

What is a book?  It is a snapshot of what you didn’t know the day you submitted it. Stick to fiction. 

The worst thing is “history” and “current events” or analysis of either, written in a book. If something were actually important, nobody would tell anyone who would write about it.  History books are published with one purpose, to certify convenient lies.

This means a book is either labeled “conspiracy theory” and has to oversell or is useless trash.

Certifying accepted conspiracy theory, which is equally outlandish, as 9/11 and the bin Laden story have taught those who already know or will teach those who are living a decade and 50 IQ points in the past.

Isn’t all real information “classified” anyway?  If you are writing about history and you don’t have access to all classified information and a way of proving which of it is total lies and which isn’t, don’t waste your time.

If someone tells you, they are lying.  If you read it, they lied. The truth is classified, from Bush transcripts and drug test, military records, every Bush from Prescott to the Georges to the entire history of the McCain family.

Americans aren’t allowed to know the truth, that heroes are traitors and that accidents or “lone gunman assassinations” are universally NWO ordered hits.  Want to die?  Get into the Senate, begin an investigation into campaign finance then fly in a small plane. EMP will have you accidented in no time.

If you guess, and that is all you will ever be able to do, you are the biggest liar of all.  What you will be fed is misdirected conspiracy, “gatekeeper” speculation and outright fabrication.

One intelligence officer was telling me today, “Gordon, I need a new line of work, it is impossible to raise kids and live a normal life and know the that almost every world leader is a stooge and that what we are told every day is a hollow fiction, primarily so people won’t all kill themselves.”

Forget this after reading it.  You aren’t raising kids, you are “husbanding” them.  As people on planet number three, the vast majority of us, whatever color, ethnicity or religion, we are steak of the hoof and little more.  I didn’t say it, it isn’t true, forget it now and move on.

What is a leader?  A leader is someone who thinks he is going to sit buy and watch you be eaten, sit by in a “skybox” with others of his ilk.  We wish them good luck with that.



Here is a classic.  I was watching the History Channel yesterday, the “Last days of World War II.”

They spent an hour carefully describing the millions of rapes and murders committed by Soviet troops against German civilians at the end of the war.

We have some documentation on this and can either believe the show or not.  During the show, on several occasions, an individual is brought out who says “But remember, the Germans murdered 20 million Russian civilians during the war.”

Three times they said the same thing.

Why do I bring it up?  Well, I live in a country at war.  We murder civilians whose surviving family members and friends fight us.  We then call them “Al Qaeda” and use this as an excuse to kill more.

I know stupid when I see it, this is the kind of intellect required to get in and out of a military academy.  You need to be gullible and a bit of a delusional sociopath.

Back to World War II.  Did the Germans kill 20 million Russians?  There isn’t a single shred of evidence of anything that vicious but, by Stalin’s standards, minor killings of partisan groups, hostages and very few others.

All other evidence comes from Stalin who claimed, for years, that the Katyn massacre in Poland, the only proven mass killing of its size in World War 2 was done by Germans. 

We now know it was Stalin who had already, prior to 1939, killed 20 million Russians or more and decided to blame it on Germany “after the fact.”

Did Stalin put all of his murders on the German’s tall sheet.

Why were you taught otherwise?  This is a question we need to keep asking.  We knew the German army was welcomed as conquering heroes by the Russian people.

What we weren’t told was that when the Germans retreated, the people Stalin said the Germans killed were actually hunted down by Russians and slaughtered by the millions.

The Russian army left a trail of dead civilians in its wake along with dead Germans, military, civilian settlers, it didn’t matter.

Throughout Eastern Europe, Russians killed millions of civilians.  Did they kill 6 million Jews?  Who knows, nobody could find out, could they?

With everything a lie, the lie most repeated, the lie most false is the lie most true.  Was this a second holocaust, a secret one that Putin and Netanyahu snicker together about?  Perhaps.

Any Russian that lived under German occupation was sentenced to death by Stalin.   The History Channel fairy tales you see every day, the ones you were taught in school, were nothing but Stalinist propaganda, the greatest liar and mass murderer in world history.

A generation of American scholars, all communists during the Depression, spent their lives, through 1960s, leaving behind a false history. How much of it is false.  The truth is “all of it.”  World War II would have ended in 1940.

When you learn how true that is and look at a generation of Americans under those white crosses, all chosen to die by politicians over issues involving interest payments, currency manipulation and international banking, then you will understand why two time Medal of Honor winner, Marine General Smedley Butler opposed all war.

Marine General Smedley Butler

Here is the cover story we are taught.  Germany invaded Russia, Operation Barbarossa, June 21, 1941.

They were welcomed as conquering heroes, saving Russians from years of slaughter by Stalin who had, not long before, killed up to 20 million Ukrainians.  Number sound familiar?

Then we are told the Germans made the Russians, some Jews, dig ditches and killed all of them.  We have one or two films showing what seems to be this but lacking context.

From what I hear, some of the footage comes from the Russian war against Finland.  Well, anything that fits, especially when you control the voice over and edit.

Then we are told the Germans brought in “killing vans” by the thousands and loaded them with Russians who were gassed with carbon monoxide.

Where were the 20 million bodies?  They disappeared. Where did the pink little bodies go?  Oh,  you will love this.

They shipped them all to Auschwitz, a thousand miles away, on non-existent railroads, so they could be burned properly at a camp where not one gram of human ash has been found. If only I were making this up.

The thousands Russia killed 70 years ago at Katyn could all be dug up, their clothing and possessions identified, their DNA checked, their bodies identified but 20 million Russians killed by Hitler disappeared.

Where?  Look in the woods outside labor camps in Siberia if you are looking for the millions Hitler murdered.

Nobody ever saw one of these vans although Stalin had models built after the war.  Stalin also had reconstructed “death camps” built across Poland, with new Russian built crematoriums, gas chambers, “changing rooms” and chimneys, some connected to nothing at all. 

He did this to “honor the Jews” much the way he honored the Poles by telling them Germany had murdered their soldiers in 1940.

Here is a classic;  We have all heard, virtually hundreds if not thousands of times that American soldiers liberated death camps and that local citizens were made to dig mass graves.

Then history changed.  Now we are told there were no death camps in Germany but  that all of them were only in Poland.  This is the most comprehensive map of “death camps” as currently used by the Simon Wiesenthal Center:

What does this document show us:

  1. No American soldier got within 400 miles of a “death camp” during World War II despite claims by two presidents to have relatives who freed them, Obama and Reagan himself.
  2. No German civilian was ever ordered to visit a “death camp” by Americans.
  3. No American ever saw a death camp.
  4. Of the “death camps” shown, almost nothing remained, however, Russia constructed ovens, gas chambers and such after the war in order to support a Jewish state in Judea
  5. Earlier maps, used by the same organizations, show Dachau, Buchenwald and the other “concentration camps” to have been “death camps.  They were forced change it.

What does this tell us? 

  1. All “facts” being taught Americans are false.
  2. All earlier films and photographs of German extermination camps were staged.  My own visits showed actual facilities to, in no way, resemble “some” of the facilities shown on holocaust  websites.  These are clearly movie sets.  My own visits were as a Jewish parent taking his children, not as a “historical revisionist.”
  3. Remember those stores about Germans not noticing the smell of the smokestacks?  The current Wiesenthal Center map shows that smell would have had to have gone hundreds and hundreds of miles,  perhaps some are owed apologies? 
  4. No German citizen could possibly have ever seen or heard of a “death camp” under any circumstances.  Every mention of this since has been a systematic and purposeful lie in order to exploit Germany into supplying Israel with illegal WMD’s.  As for holocaust survivor payments, it is illegal for most to discuss this subject. 

Like most Americans, Europe is filled with my ancestors.  I have Scots afraid I will ask for one of the family castles being used for wedding receptions and tea rooms.  I have Germans, from Posen, every single one of them, a thousand years in residence, dead.

There are Jews, some survived the war, returned to Austria and we are most happy at their survival.

I find myself at time in the middle.  No slaughter can be forgiven, not American in Iraq, British in Belfast and there are no clean hands in Europe during World War II, least of all Stalin and his American allies.

We and they have chosen to hide behind lies, the minor one I exposed above can, if you wish, be accepted as one of a thousand such or more with the perpetrators of a dozen nationalities.

The truth, as we are slowly coming to realize, is that this war, our wars, all before, all in between were financial scams and nothing more, with a few medals thrown in and a parade.  Screw the medals and parades.


Here, the phony Auschwitz gas chamber is nothing more than the former morgue for the SS hospital behind it and was later converted into a bomb shelter. The smokestack, not even connected to the building, was added after the war as a prop for photos taken from the other side.

When visiting the Polish extermination camps, the Russian “rebuilding” was careless.  In no case was anything built by Russia ever based on forensic evidence, official plans, which Germans have tons of or physical evidence.

Stalin ordered the “death camps” built much as he ordered the murder of 60 million people.  Maybe the Nazis really had built such camps but people forgot where they were.  I am sticking with this one.

One famous gas chamber has a wooden door, glass windows and shows signs of clear post war construction, walls knocked out, phony signs painted.

I think it had a sign on it, “Don’t break the glass or door though any child could do it because the poison gas will get out.”

What do we really know?  We know that millions of Russians joined the German forces and weren’t killed at all.  Some kept fighting until 1947 because they didn’t want to go back to Russia and be murdered.


[youtube BAqP35A9Oi8]

Stalin made that all up and we are teaching lies, repeating lies, making up even more of our own.  Some of these lies come from dozens of books.  Who wrote the books?  Communists.

So, who killed the Russians?  Stalin did, of course, in huge purges that murdered tens of millions, as many as 60 million, many before the war, many during the war and all who joined the Germans to fight against his butchery on behalf of freedom, which they saw at the hands of Hitler.


The Germans never killed 20 million Germans. But Russians killed, we are guessing, based on sources that are less “bull” than Stalin’s, about 8.5 million German civilians, all unarmed.  I have interviewed some who were there and they speak of mass killings, many were filmed and after the war millions of Germans were shipped to Siberia.

These were civilians.  Few German prisoners of war survived Russians but many Russian prisoners of war joined the SS.  Nobody know the number but it may have been 2 million.

In fact, nobody will ever  tell how many Europeans, even Middle Easterners served in the Waffen SS. It was millions, this is how Germany stood so long against nations with many times their population.

Our next question, now we have debunked the killing of Russians would be the killing of Jews.

Patton all decked out

General Patton, military governor of Germany after the war reported that millions of Jews followed the Russian Army into Germany, demanding to occupy German cities and be given the homes of German citizens.

The real story of General Patton can never be told, though movies depict his assassination as admitted to in 1979, a man named George Barza, that, as in a recent book and the TV movie.

Patton was killed when a truck hit him purposefully, Patton was then shot with a low velocity projectile then executed with cyanicde by his doctors.

Paying for this was a Wall Street lawyer named Bill Donovan or as he called himself, Wild Bill Donovan, head of the OSS.  Allen Dulles was in the OSS also.

Neither were heroic or brave, in fact, both could and should have been executed as traitors.  Donovan killed Patton for some of the reasons indicated, that “allies didn’t like what he did.”

By “allies,” Donovan meant his bosses, as he was a Wall Street lawyer who worked for a powerful European banking family, originating in Frankfurt, once named Bauer.

Donovan was working for the consortium behind Stalin.  Dulles was working for Hitler and later became head of the CIA, was fired by Kennedy for incompetence but later ran the Warren Commission.

Jack Kennedy and Allen Dulles – In happy times
Patton was killed in a Cadillac. It is supposed to be on display, it is not.

The Patton story, our greatest general, murdered by our own government on behalf of Russians because he challenged the stories about the holocaust and concentration camps is not taught at West Point.

They keep his papers, purged of truth, require cadets to read a heavily edited version of his letters and diaries. It was why he was killed and would be, were he to travel to Europe or Canada, jailed.

Patton thought the war on Germany was wrong, that allowing the Russians to kill millions of Germans after the war was wrong, that the Americans murdering over one million Germany POWs was wrong so he was killed.

Did the US murder over one million POWs.  Yes.  Did Russia kill 8.5 million Germans after the war.  Yes?  Did millions of Jews return to Europe that were supposed to have died in the holocaust? Patton’s says so in his diaries. 

As for me, I don’t know.  Did our greatest General lie?  Maybe.  All is public, all is there to be read, the unexpurgated version of his writings, not the edited version told to our young fools.  So, technically, Patton, American governor of Germany after the war said the holocaust didn’t occur, he was a “holocaust denier.”

Many years ago, I took my kids to visit Dachau.  I saw the photos of the gas chambers, rows of them, the huge crematorium, the signs, all of it.  When I got there I found the things I saw in books were photographs from a movie set.

Maybe I was in the wrong place.  The roads north of Munich are confusing.  Anyway, back to Patton.

This was the only reason he was killed, he said the whole thing was a fraud.  Was he right?  Hey, we could have asked him if his doctor hadn’t injected him with cyanide.

I have issues with the fictional version of history taught at the Service Academies and have worked, with Jewish groups, to have their religious practices curtailed.  They teach murder of Muslim civilians to cadets using taxpayer money, many of whom are Muslims and claim “honor” in that.

Getting carried away on the chapel part

They also advocate religious persecution of Jews and Catholics.  At one point we had been contacted by nearly 200 cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs who said they felt they were being held prisoner by ignorant and incompetent religious fanatics.

Our investigations, VT with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation found the claims the cadets had made were substantiated.

Yes, they actually have classes that say all Muslims, even children, should be killed in a religious crusade, to bring about the end times.

There is substantial evidence that graduates of the Air Force Academy had stolen nuclear weapons for use, initially against the city of Chicago and, later, for an attack on Iran.

The response by the Department of Defense to the “Minot/Barksdale” crisis was to remove all nuclear authority from the Air Force, declare them incapable of handling “special weapons” without Army supervision.

And they went further…to privately punish a number of terrorists within the Air Force in a manner that would eliminate risk and not be known to the public.

I can list the names, where the suicides and accidents happened and  also appreciate a government that knows how to restore command authority.


The treaty that killed another generation

In the interim, let’s have an unpleasant talk about World War II and how some involved on “our side” tried to lose the war.

Let’s see, the war began in Europe when? When?

Oh, yes, the Treaty of Versailles, concocted between allied leaders and the Rothschilds, took away much of Germany, set up conditions to bankrupt their currency, leave Germans starving with millions inside Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Poland was ruled by five Colonels, a military dictatorship that advocated wiping out all Germans left on “Polish soil.”  They were the worst government in Europe next to Stalin.

In Czech, Germans demanded to be Germans again, as about a third of the country was actively German, spoke German, Germans lived there, things like that.

[Editors Note: These Colonels were quite brutal. If you were a German family with a nice farm you only got one offer to sell at a fire sale price. Then you got burned out and your family murdered. This encouraged your neighbors to accept the first offer. The terror of this age is a distant memory to folks today.

“Acts of violence and outrages of all kinds against the life and property of German subjects (post WWI shifts) were especially numerous before the plebiscite…murders increased…Germans were tortured, mutilated, put to death and the corpses defiled; villages and chateaux were pillaged, burnt and blown up.”

These same colonels, hugely funded by France, had war plans to take the Ukraine and the Baltic states as part  of building a Greater Polish prosperity sphere…Source: Thunder over Europe, Alexander Powell, 1931, p 86,87…Ukrainians got a similar treatment. Jim W. Dean]

Czech was split between Germany, Russia and then, surprise of all time, Poland invaded from the North.  Find this in a history book.

Versailles -The Signing for WWII to be guaranteed

The first deal was to give part of Czech back to Germany, Hitler was willing to fight.  Germany felt it had been raped at Versailles.

Provisions of the treaty are now purged,  provisions that allowed all German property to be stolen, homes, factories, machinery, works of art, museums, gold, the entire wealth of the richest nation in the world was “disappeared” very quickly, much of it at gun point.

Much of the “wealth” the Nazis were accused of stealing had been removed from Germany without reimbursement based on secret codicils of the Treaty of Versailles.  Hitler talked of this often, points that were never translated in his speeches.  Much was never translated.  Why?

If Americans were living somewhere that had been taken away  by treaty, or we simply wanted a piece of land, we would take it, just look at the Mexican war.  Hitler was far more justified.

The horror of Poland was the destruction of Warsaw.  In 1945, Stalin told the Poles to rise against the Germans in Warsaw.  Then he held back his army until all were killed and the city flattened.

Fighters don’t make good communist bureaucrats.  This was his second genocide of the Poles.


General William Donovan

This could be an encyclopedia.  It  would have a Europe section and one on the Pacific.

We will mention 5% of the irregularities, things that give evidence that allied commanders may have been working for the Axis.

We have solid evidence on the OSS, Allen Dulles, Bill Donovan, a certain “frisky” British Field Marshall and some Americans.

Patton shows up clean as does Bradley. That’s two.

Beyond that, General Stillwell in China, others but many, too many, were of the ruling classes that believed either that Germany should win or that America should be conquered and a Jewish state in Israel ruled by, some favored Hitler, some Stalin, should dictate to the world.

Sound nuts?  If only.


Factoid number 8564:

We hear about Pearl Harbour and how the US fleet was brought there to start the war.  The truth?

The US fleet was brought to a very undefended Pearl Harbour to be destroyed in order to allow 235,000 American soldiers in the Philippines to be abandoned and the PI to be turned over to Japan.  The Japanese had paid their Wall Street friends for Australia and Pearl Harbour was the first delivery.

Factoid 8568

The Marines raided Makin Atoll in early 1942.  The Marines were given purposefully defective boats, mean to drown all of them, ended up abandoning 9 of their small number who were beheaded by the Japanese.  Makin was a USN betrayal by the Annapolis gang who planned Pearl Harbour.

The strategy given for this raid was to ‘divert Japanese resources and keep them guessing’. This required that the Japanese go along with a small raid at a totally insignificant base as being really a threat. Does that sound plausible, even to an idiot?

Factoid 8577

The morning after – Japanese dead in front of Marine positions on Henderson’s Ridge, the last defense line.

In August 1942, 25,000 Marines were landed on Guadalcanal.  They were landed then the fleet left, leaving them little food, water, ammunition and expecting them to be annihilated.  Instead they  kicked ass.

Then the Navy brought their remaining cruisers off Savo Island, positioned as “sitting ducks” for a huge Japanese fleet that mysteriously knew where each was. Someone informed.

This was the Navy’s second big defeat and should have finished off the Marines again.  Marines don’t “finish off.”

In betwixt, there were several island campaigns that proved totally unneeded, islands that could have been by passed.  Only half the landings needed to be made and we knew it. I could write a book on this alone, starting with Tarawa.

Let’s go to October 1944.  Americans landed on Leyte in the Philippines to retake those islands.  What did the Navy do?  They left, abandoning our troops to the entire Japanese fleet.

A few remaining ships fought off the Japanese Navy in an incredible fight.  Admiral Halsey was hundreds of miles away disobeying orders and, quite possibly, on the wrong side.


A short study of the Anzio landings are unbelievable.  Instead of taking Rome in two days, we sat for two weeks, waiting to be surrounded by the Germans.  General involved?  Mark Clark.

Then we have good old Monty.  Monty had 3 odd problems:

  1. Failure to take D Day objective Caen, weeks and weeks of excuses while Americans took all of theirs.
  2. Failure to close the gap on the German army when Americans wheeled around to take them.  His excuse?  American helmets looked “wrong” to him.
  3. Operation Market Garden, militarily, could only have been a combined attempted coordinated between Montgomery and the German General Staff to give Germany the only usable deep water port, Antwerp and possibly lose the war.
German Photo -American PoWs

Then we have questions about troop alignment prior to the Battle of the Bulge soon afterward.  We left a 100 miles hole in our lines at the specific point we were most vulnerable at the worst time possible.  Without Patton, Germany would have won the war then, even that late in the game.

Monty failed to react again.  We have deep suspicions about him or worse. Then Eisenhower forbid any pincer movement counterattacks to cut off the worn out retreating German troops, ordering a steady advance along their entire line.

The result…50,000 American casualties as our men advanced into abandoned German positions which they had zeroed in those positions with their artillery.


In Korea, we have General MacArthur fired by Truman for wanting to go after the Chinese and use nukes.  History proved Truman an ass.

Two odd coincidences, one in 1964 and one in 1967.

There never was a “Tonkin Gulf Incident” though we try to pretend there was.  It never happened.  We went to war in Vietnam, had our asses kicked, I was there in person for part of it, and a generation of Americans died.

Three years later, the USS Liberty was attacked by what was supposedly Egyptian planes.  Hours later when the ship failed to sink and attempts to board her and execute her crew failed, we learned it was Israel working with Admiral McCain and President Johnson.

We have rooms of proof, witnesses, many American dead and the Israel’s brag about strafing American lifeboats and napalming an unarmed American naval vessel in international waters.

Should we blame Israel or Admiral McCain and President Johnson?

Since then, the new wars, 9/11, all phony, all staged, buildings set with massive explosives, NORAD ordered to “stand down,” phony Intel created, all to bankrupt America, steal oil and run drugs.

We can prove it all.

Then remember, we can go back in time, World War I.  It stunk too.  Spanish American War?  Phony also.

Civil War?

Within 8 years of Cornwallis surrendering at Yorktown, the British had retaken America through banking, and then a few years in 1812 burned down the White House just as a reminder.

The worst part is that these lies are here to cover something far worse.

 Editing: Jim W. Dean


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