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The Curious Case of David Irving (Part I)

Arguably the most notorious and controversial historian of our time is David Irving, who has been called “anti-Semite,” a “neo-Nazi,” a “racist,” and a “Holocaust denier.” Former news anchor and political commentator Keith Olberman nominated Irving as one of the “world’s worst” people in 2010.

The Holocaust Witch Hunt (Part I)

“The Holocaust has become a secular religion, with state support in the form of a national museum.”

Another Holocaust Lie and fabrication

“At the end of the twentieth century, the ‘Holocaust’ is being bought and sold…In short, ‘Shoah [Hebrew word for Holocaust] business’ is big business.” Jewish historian Tim Cole

Sexual and Predatory Magnitude of the Allied Forces After WWII (Part...

“A Russian lieutenant walked into a barber’s shop and proceeded to rape the [German] cashier in front of the customers.”

Raping German Women and Children as a Form of Revenge After...

Giles MacDonogh: The Red Army “raped wherever they went…The worst and most aggravated rapes were perpetrated against the women of the enemy—first the Hungarians, then the Germans.”

Challenging the “Holocaust Uniqueness” Doctrine (Part V)

Christopher Hitchens: “The Holocaust has become a secular religion, with state support in the form of a national museum.”

Final Solution? Or Inner-Historian incest? (Part IV)

Lucy Dawidowicz: "Our sense of being Jews and therefore being different from non-Jews were nurtured in me and my sister from infancy. We were raised to know that the world was divided into two irreconcilable groups: We and They."

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers (Part I)

Jewish historian Brian Mark Rigg: “Numerous areas relating to the Holocaust and the Nazi era in general remain largely unexplained or poorly understood

US Shutdown Closes Iconic D-Day Cemeteries in France

The US government shutdown on Tuesday affected military cemeteries worldwide. In France, the famous Omaha Beach cemetery, where thousands of US troops who died in key battles during the First and Second World Wars are buried, was temporarily shut.

Requiem For Children of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan

It was a strange summer day, that humid 6th day of August in 1945, while I was sitting by myself just across the street from my home in Nahant, Massachusetts.

The Battle of Britain Anniversary

But the RAF Spitfire, powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin II inline piston engine of 1175 horsepower, enjoyed a faster rate-of-climb and more agility over its adversary of that time - the Messerschmitt Bf 109E

Veterans gather on French shore to mark D-day anniversary

Veterans of the 1944 Normandy landings gathered Thursday at the site of history's largest amphibious invasion for ceremonies marking D-day's 69th anniversary.

The Rise and Fall of the Holocaust Industry

When Norman Finkelstein wrote The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering in 2000, he argues that Holocaust “hoaxers” and “hucksters”—namely Jewish organizations—have exploited what happened in Nazi Germany in order to get millions of dollars from Swiss banks.

War Criminals From WW II Probably Living in Israel

A recent Associated Press article reveals that about 500,000 Jews were part of the Communist Soviet Union's Red Army and that about 7,000 of them are now living in Israel.

UFOs and Antarctic Bases – A Realistic Appraisal

This article was written more than ten years ago – before Ernst Zundel’s political kidnapping

The Greatest Battle of All Time – Stalingrad

Saturday, Feb. 2 marked a very obscure date for Americans, but one that saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of young American boys in World War II ~ it is the 70th anniversary of the final surrender of German forces at Stalingrad ~ The decisive battle of World War II

Returning Veterans to Functionality

A close up of a person with a prosthetic leg walking down a wooden staircaseThe U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides Kinesiotherapy services to Veterans and Servicemembers by using scientifically based exercises that are modified to enhance the strength, endurance, and mobility of individuals with physical limitations or those requiring extended physical conditioning.

Press TV: US Veterans Treated Like Garbage (video)

The video below is less than three minutes. It was a short interview on a news program from Press TV, the Iranian network that I have found to be the best overall news available.

Remembering America’s Lost Conscience – Howard Zinn 1922 – 2010

America's conscience died long before Howard Zinn passed away in 2010 ~ but his words and thoughts gnaw away at our collective soul and remind us that no Empire can long withstand the loss of its moral bearings.

We Don’t No Nuttin’

Da Wurld Is Full of Dummies an We Lern Dumbness from Thim

The Wannsee Conference- Truth and Myth

Once again we learn that some Israelis are far ahead of the Western press and academia in their criticism of Jewish ideology in general and the Zionist Holocaust narrative in particular.

Is The US The Only Answer to The “Global Cop” Issue?

Debt and financial crisis. Who will finance global peace?

America: The Government That Fears Its Own Must Fall

The FBI was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. Why? They had been turned into radical extremists. A real potential for changing America's poltical system A real potential for being exploited by what we call the globalist banking conspiracy

Japan in WWII: A Casualty of Usury?

Thanks to best-selling author, David Irving, the establishment view that the United States of America became embroiled in World War II as a result of a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941 is no longer accepted by major historians.

Nuremberg: The Crime That Will Not Die – Part II

The Allies could choose to release, hide, or destroy any documents which did not fit their post-war strategy or plans at Nuremberg.

Recognize 67th Anniversary of World War II Operation Overlord, D-Day

In the pre-dawn darkness of June 6th, 1944, over 12,000 aircraft and 6,900 ships, ferrying over 13,000 vehicles and 150,000 men converged on the Normandy coastline in northwest France

The Forgotten WWII Battle of Halbe 1945

In the early 1980s, I was working in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., doing research for my trilogy called "Lebensraum", narrating my family's flight from the Ukraine in 1943 under the protection of the retreating German forces

Dennis McCarthy: Sepulveda VA loses its heart and soul (One of...

HE FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT Remember all those columns I wrote back in the early 2000s when our local veterans were fighting to...

Blind Obedience

“Blind Obedience” to orders is an often-heard left-wing liberal rant in reference to those of us who have made a career in the military. Left-wing types demean and insult too - men and women who complete a tour in the military and decide to move into civilian life following honorable and proud service. Leftist views include military folks blindly obeying orders. Very different from the real world of military life. Consider:


'Band of Brothers' inspiration dies at age 92 (AP) – 3 hours ago PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Richard "Dick" Winters, the Easy Company commander whose World...

Rosie the Riveter, Face of World War II Poster, Dies in...

A MICHIGAN factory worker used as the unwitting model for the wartime Rosie the Riveter poster, whose inspirational "We Can Do It!" message became an icon of the feminist movement, has died...


Arthur "Rex" Crane, 84, posed as a World War II veteran for 22 years and achieved a national profile as Australian president of the...


American Military Cemeteries Abroad are Places of Peace and Great Beauty.


By Daniel Tencer (source: The Raw Story ) Washington Post political correspondent David Broder has kind words for President Barack Obama in in his opinion...

WWII Nurse in Victory Japan Day Kiss Photo Dies

Edith Shain in April displays a photo of her famous V-J Day kiss with a sailor at the end of World War II in Tiems Square, New York. Shain, who claimed to be the nurse photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt, died Sunday in Los Angeles.

Honoring World War II and Korean War Veterans As They Die

It is estimated that there are 2 million World War II veterans left alive.  Many that served in World War II also served in...

Shinseki and VA Need to Move on VA Benefits, It’s Hamsters...

Veterans fighting to gain the benefits and care earned, deserved, and decades long over due!

Veterans-For-Change Weekly Report

Senators Propose TRICARE Dependent Coverage Extension Act A bill introduced to the U.S. Senate April 14 would, if passed into law, enable the dependent children...

Pam Murphy, Widow of Decorated U.S. Veteran and Actor Audie Murphy,...

Pam Murphy, the widow of Audie Murphy, was involved in the Sepulveda VA hospital and care center over the course of 35 years, treating every veteran who visited the facility as if they were a VIP. Pam Murphy died last week at the age of 90

Israel Marks Holocaust Day with Iran Warning

Netanyahu compares Iran to Nazi Germany. Israel used the solemn occasion of Monday's annual Holocaust memorial day to call on the world to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and to draw new attention to the plight of the dwindling number of survivors.

The Small City of Canal Fulton, Ohio

The small city of Canal Fulton, Ohio, rolled out the “red carpet” and flag waving crowds swelled along the streets in anticipation.  May 17,...

Veterans-For-Change Report

Nearly 3,000 Individuals Have Responded to the CalVet Survey To Help Prioritize Services to California’s Veterans Sacramento – Nearly 3,000 individuals have responded to the...