Mother Energy and Hemp: Part One


Mother Energy and Hemp: Part One


by Rand Clifford


An all-pervasive energy is fundamental to the Cosmos. Not “empty”, vacuum space itself is an ocean of energy, the essence of nature.
Tesla called this universal force, “Free energy”. Inventors who have also found the key have added the names: “Zero-point energy”; “Energy from the vacuum”; “Background energy”; “Radiant energy”; “Cosmic energy”; “Aether”…many others.

Tesla predicted that if we are ever allowed to use free energy…someday mankind will hook their machinery up to “the very wheelworks of nature”.

Here the terms “Mother Energy” and “Free energy” are interchangeable.

Born of Mother Energy, hemp elegantly transforms sunlight and water into essentials of life on Earth—a regal powerhouse of the plant kingdom. Beyond that, certain relationships might not seem obvious, such as Mother Energy and hemp being artificially linked in ways that hinder humanity.

Mother Energy and hemp offer extreme public benefits spanning the biosphere, potentially brightening the future of humanity. Alas, in regressive ways practiced and preached in the US above all, Mother Energy access and hemp farming are both suppressed for precisely the same reason: Protection of entrenched corporate profits.

When corporate profit became the touchstone of civilization, the future could only be sold out; first come, first served.
Imagine looking into a child’s eyes and believing that their future is not being consumed.                                         Suppression of Mother Energy
“No free-energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market.”                                                                                                  – Nikola Tesla

Citing reasons of “National Security”, the US Patent Office has locked down an estimated 4,000 patents for “energy devices”, many of them inventions that tap Mother Energy. National security is a vulgar euphemism for protection of the profit and control infrastructure concocted by fossil fuel corporations, and to a lesser degree, nuclear fission corporations; destructively, top players in civilization’s energy status quo (ESQ).

Three of the world’s top four corporations are oil and gas companies, eight of the top twelve. Their de facto enemy is competition beyond their control. Mother Energy is their mortal enemy, a natural stake through the heart of what pollutes the life from Earth’s biosphere for “profit”, even extending biocidal tentacles to condemn the unborn ever more distant to every conceivable form of debt.

Interference, harassment, sabotage, buying inventions and burying them, arson…everything up to and including assassination—the ESQ does whatever it takes to dominate while keeping the public torpid via an array of intelligence suppressors. A primary tool of dumbing down the masses is mainstream corporate media (CorpoMedia), owned primarily by the ESQ elite…and they own most everything else, including government.

Tesla’s access to Mother Energy guaranteed his denigration by corporate forces, all the way to virtually lifting Tesla out of history. Thomas Edison got the big historical presence, but the difference between Edison and Tesla mirrors the difference between dead-end direct current (DC) and polyphase alternating current (AC). Edison could only sprint. Tesla could fly.

George Orwell said in his novel, 1984, “He who controls the present controls the past, he who controls the past controls the future.”

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”                                                         — Napoleon Bonaparte

CorpoMedia is primarily an infomercial for managing public perceptions. Despite frequent affirmation of this situation, including “we been caught” admissions of rampant bullshitting, a majority of people still turn to CorpoMedia to “find out what’s going on.”

Perhaps this quote from almost eighty years ago is even more apropos now than when W.C. Fields said it—especially regarding the majority of Americans’ relationship with CorpoMedia: “There comes a time in the affairs of man, when we must take the bull by the tail, and face the situation.”

Deluded by “agreed-upon” history, and the stultifying diet of perception management—all the standard disinformation, misinformation and misdirection in a hearty stock of lies, most people know very little about Tesla’s perfections, or about Nikola Tesla the man. Tesla’s imperfections, that is where the public mind has been aimed.

Most common among what “history” sticks to the ribs of Americans: “Tesla was sort of a crackpot”; “Tesla had an obsessive-compulsive disorder”; “Tesla was spooky”; “Tesla did not understand American business”; “Tesla died in poverty”; “Tesla really had a thing about pigeons”….Whatever was most important about Tesla, his inventions…even virtue and style displayed by his, “Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity”…move along, nothing to see here.

A close friend of Tesla’s, Mark Twain, said, “I never let schooling get in the way of my education.”

For me, Tesla was absent from public schooling; only in college did I even hear his name, and learn that Tesla and Edison were involved in the War of the Currents. Edison championed direct current (DC). Tesla’s polyphase alternating current systems (AC) power civilization.

Approaching death, Edison even lamented that his biggest mistake had been attempting to develop direct current, rather than the superior alternating current system that Tesla had put within his grasp.

Tesla’s contributions to science and technology earned him over 700 patents. Other treasures from Tesla’s mind transcend patents because they transcend “accepted”, institutionalized, politicized, “science”. His foremost, apparently fatal mistake: Tesla profoundly menaced entrenched corporate profits.

He said with classic Tesla dignity and with absolute backup of reality, regarding JP Morgan and similar financial creatures: “I am unwilling to accord to some small-minded and jealous individuals the satisfaction of having thwarted my efforts. These men are to me nothing more than microbes of a nasty disease. My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time, but the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.”

He was referring specifically to “Wardenclyffe”, and wireless transmission of energy to any place on Earth.

“Success”, as indicated by Tesla, is success for humanity, for people. Corporations are not people.

Suppression of Hemp

A masterpiece of nature, hemp is a plant most revered for thousands of years. But in a perversion where public health and welfare, the biosphere and future of humanity mean nothing compared to immediate corporate profits…right here in the world’s “Superpower”, hemp is a crop banned for 75 years and counting—something as lurid as the “reefer madness” that heralded hemp prohibition.

Food, fuel, fiber, paper, clothing, plastics, medicines, building materials…the sheer scope, thousands of superior natural products are hemp’s effective flaw, so much value that to the masses unweaned from CorpoMedia, hemp can sound too good to be true.

“Of the two things that appear to be infinite, space, and American ignorance, only the infinity of space remains debatable.” —anonymous

The ossified mind-set nurtured by CorpoMedia is another link between Mother Energy and hemp. In terms of Mother Energy, the crux seems focused on the general idea: “If we have this clean, inexhaustible energy supply, why are we polluting the world with fossil fuels and nuclear energy?” Essentially the same thinking keeps hemp farming distanced from public benefit, as in: “If hemp is so great, why aren’t we growing it?”

Canada is growing hemp, as are other nations free enough of US influence. The US market for hemp products reaches annual sales of $500,000,000—on imported raw materials. Several years ago hemp was the most profitable crop for Canadian farmers, not to mention the biosphere, the land, the public. Since then, hemp has fallen to number three or four regarding short-term profits.

The reason could not be more insidious, the culprit more obvious: Monsanto, Incorporated.

In Part Two: Nature is us. Can we work with us instead of against us? Also, sweet talk, Public Enemy Number One, and American workers sharing the wealth….

Rand Clifford’s latest novel, Priest Lake Cathedral has been released by StarChief Press



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