Uri Avnery on Shamir’s Death – What Every Jew Must Know


Uri Takes Us into the Belly of the Beast – Fifty Years of Real Israeli History

“Yitzhak Shamir is gone. Another Zionist terrorist is dead.”


…by  Jim W Dean, VT Editor             …. featuring  Uri Avnery


[ Editor’s note:  The direction here has more balance than one might suspect, more respect for a fanatic, Shamir was that, and words from one who knew him best, someone who shared the title of “Zionist-Terrorist” long before Israel was more than a dream.  Intro by Jim Dean, article by Uri Avnery, who spins the truth well and this comment by Senior Editor Gordon Duff ]

While corruption in leadership is systemic the world over, and certainly not a modern invention, the Israeli Zionist hard core elite took corruption to a new level.. They fully supported terrorism.

They were actually the victimizers from day one, while wearing the victims’ sheep clothing, and huge numbers of Israelis were just fine with that.

But our contempt in no way should be reserved for them. Our own various political structures and media, most reprehensibly those in the supposedly free Western countries has hidden this well known truth from their citizens for many decades.

Not only do they censor the truth, but they promote the continued lying to the public down to the grammar school level.

They are beneath contempt, except for the public’s cooperation for being a bit too easy to lie to.

Uri Avnery is our VT expert on all things regarding Zionist history be it ideological, political, military or morals. He has provided us in his article below a unique retrospection on the death of former Israeli prime minister and terrorist leader Yitzhak Shamir.  For desert he includes another deeply flawed Israeli leader, Ehud Olmert, as a foil of sorts.

Being a famous former terrorist has always been a huge political resume polisher in Israel. Hard line Zionists, and even the medium variety feel more secure have experienced murderers at the helm.

But what of the bad public relations consequences you ask? There are not any.

You see, those sworn to protect the United States ‘from all enemies, foreign and domestic,‘ …well…they don’t really like that domestic part, because it would include a good batch of them, you know…treason!!

Why? Because our Founding Fathers always warned that the preservation of the American Republic, sometimes referred to as ‘the experiment’, would live or die based on ‘an informed public’.

The Wise Men Knew Where the Attacks Would Come From – And The Have

Intelligence agencies have huge divisions solely tasked to creating disinformation and confusion in targeted countries as part of their offensive operations.

But here in the land of the free, while we have foreign Intel operations being run on us all the time, especially by the Israelis, we also have taxpayer funded government employees who are just as dangerous, making sure that ‘we don’t see it coming’ when they want to steal a little democracy from us. It’s the ole ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ schtick.

You can add to the list both political parties, our media, most educational institutions and even some religious ones. Why? Because they know this is going on and they lie…if even by omission.

What varies among them are the methods used. the degree to which they participate, and what outside motivation and encouragement is required to keep them serving in what I call their ‘adulterated oaths’.

The worst of these work for Israeli Intelligence on the side, and have for a long time. The list goes way up to the top where they are even given a special name, ‘protected entities’.

If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. All the law enforcement and counter intelligence people do. It’s an open scandal and a big morale problem in counter intelligence.

Uri – the Irgun teen at 14 – 1940

The details are below so I will not leak the gems that Uri has for us here, some from his personal experience.

In closing I will share with you what I can only call an attitude of contempt from these people and entities toward their respective peoples.

They think you are too stupid and naive to deal with realpolitik. They we would just go into a cave and cry all day if we really knew…so we don’t deserve to know.

Yet they fully understand the attraction that most have to the delusion that we have a government ‘of the people’.  They are happy to indulge us and supply free straws to snort that up.

But the crooks on the inside, they can think of nothing more stupid than to put people that naive in charge. They consider us a national security threat. That is the mind game they play on themselves to not feel so bad in deceiving us all.

There are risks in standing up to power – They tried to kill Uri several times.

If you want some respect from these people you have to earn it. How? By busting them and putting their lying, thieving butts in prisons to rot, that’s how.

But what do we actually do instead? We elect them to office. We let them run rigged party conventions, rigged 911 investigations, and refuse to investigate themselves. Imagine that?

We even put them in the Justice Department were then can obstruct justice and block all possible ways of getting to them.

And they are not too worried about us coming up with any new ways to get them…not worried at all. Uri will show us below the Israeli version of the scam, a la Shamir or Olmert.

Those of you that are real angry with me right now for this very straight forward chat, I will close with a very old one liner.

Know thyne enemy.


Two Faces      …by Uri Avnery    July 14, 2012


Yitzhak Shamir – The Proud and Unrepentant Terrorist
TWO FORMER Prime Ministers of Israel are in the news these days. They represent two of the many faces of Israel. They also raise a universal question: which is preferable – an honest fanatic or a corrupt pragmatist?

Yitzhak Shamir died two weeks ago and was buried in the cemetery of the “Great of the Nation” in Jerusalem.

He was 97 years old and had been vegetating for years in a state of dementia. Most Israelis did not know that he was still alive.

When I described him on TV as “the most successful terrorist of the 20th century”, the interviewer raised his eyebrows. But it was an accurate description.

Shamir was not a great thinker. In his teens he joined the right-wing Zionist youth organization of Vladimir Jabotinsky in Poland, and since then he did not change his world-view one iota.

In this respect he was absolutely immovable. He wanted a Jewish state in all of the historical country. Period. No nonsense about Arabs and such.

We both joined the Irgun underground at the same time. I was too young to take part in actual terrorist actions, he, eight years my senior, carried them out.

At the time, the Irgun killed scores of Arab men, women and children in attacks on Arab markets, in retaliation for Arab attacks on Jewish civilians. We defied the policy of “self-restraint” ordered by the Zionist leadership.

Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, circled – Shamir is Second From the Left on the Bottom Row. They Escaped Crimes Against Humanity Trials.

In the summer of 1940 the Irgun split. One of the commanders, Avraham Stern, founded the organization known to the British as the “Stern Gang”. Eventually it was called LEHI, acronym for Fighters for the Freedom of Israel.

Avraham Stern – Zionist Terrorist who is Honored to This Day
Stern was a logical person. The aim was to set up a Jewish state in all of Palestine. The enemy was the British Empire. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Therefore we must cooperate with the Nazis. He sent several emissaries to contact the Germans. Some were intercepted by the British, the others were ignored by the Nazis.

I could not accept this atrocious logic and did not join, though the temptation was there. Shamir did.

He was caught and imprisoned (unlike Stern himself, who was caught and shot on the spot). Within a short time, virtually all the members of the organization were killed or arrested.

The group ceased to exist – until Shamir and a colleague, Eliahu Giladi, broke out. The two acted together and brought LEHI to life again. One day Shamir had Giladi tried and shot.

Giladi was not accused of treason, but, on the contrary – of excessive zeal. He made plans for revolutionary actions, such as killing David Ben-Gurion and the entire Zionist leadership.

Shamir decided that his adventurous nature endangered the organization and that he must be removed. Afterwards Shamir named his daughter Gilada.

[Editors Note: “I was afraid that he had gone completely crazy,” wrote Mr. Shamir, who is 77 years old and was swept from office when his Likud Party lost the 1992 national election. “I knew that I had to take a fateful decision, and I didn’t evade it.”…Shamir, memoirs, 1994]

Many years later I asked him which historical personality he admired most. He answered without hesitation: Lenin. I understood that he admired him because Lenin ruthlessly followed the maxim “the end justifies the means”.

Shamir was one of LEHI’s three leaders. He was responsible for operations and organization, meticulously building a deliberately small group of selected individuals, executing incredibly daring actions.

Lord Moyne – British minister murdered by Shamir’s Irgun

He himself planned every single operation in the greatest detail. The most famous was the assassination of Lord Moyne, the senior British functionary in the Middle East, in Cairo.

He was arrested again when the British shut down Tel Aviv and conducted a house-to-house search.

Shamir was well disguised but could not hide his most obvious characteristic: he was very small, almost a dwarf, with a big, strong head. The soldiers were instructed to arrest every man below a certain height.

This time he was sent to a detention camp in Africa, from which he duly escaped. He reached French Djibouti, was brought by a French warship to Paris where he stayed until Israel came into being.

LEHI never amounted to more than a few hundred members. But it played a major role in driving the British out of this country.

IN ISRAEL, Shamir disappeared from view. For years he worked for the Mossad. It was rumored that his specialty was sending letter bombs. When he resurfaced, he joined the party of his erstwhile competitor, Menachem Begin. He was appointed Knesset chairman.

Once I decided to stage a small demonstration in the Knesset. I wore under my jacket a t-shirt saying “Peace is better than a Greater Israel”. During the plenary session I took the jacket off. After some minutes of shock, an usher asked me politely to see the chairman in his office.

Shamir received me with a big smile and said: “Uri, where would we be if every member did something like that? Now that you have made your point, would you please put your jacket on again?” Which I did, of course.

When Begin made peace with Egypt and even I voted for him, Shamir abstained. After Lebanon War I, when Begin resigned saying “I can’t go on any more”, Shamir took his place.

As prime minister, his most outstanding achievement was to do nothing, except building settlements – quietly and unobtrusively. Under American pressure, he attended the Madrid peace conference, determined not to budge an inch. As he remarked later, he was quite ready to negotiate with the Arabs for any length of time.

Nazi-Zionist Coin of WWII – While British Tommies were dying to reach concentration camps in Germany, Zionist Jews were murdering Tommies in Palestine as a thank you. After the war the Zios claimed, ‘You did not do enough’. In the U.S. the Irgun openly ran fundraising tours which the Roosevelt administration did nothing to stop due to ‘political sensitivities’ of the Jewish community.

He did not dream of making peace, which would have drawn frontiers and barred the way to Greater Israel.

His ideology was summed up by his most famous dictum, alluding to the old adage that the Arabs want to throw the Jews into the sea:

“The Arabs are the same Arabs and the sea is the same sea.”

Another famous statement: “It is permissible to lie for the fatherland.”

Remarkably, this man, who joined the Irgun (like me) in protest against “self-restraint”, exercised self-restraint par excellence when Saddam Hussein rained missiles on Israel during the Gulf War.

Shamir was content to let the Americans do the job.

His other great achievement was preventing Jews from reaching the US. When the Soviet leadership allowed Jews to emigrate, almost all of them proceeded straight to the US. Shamir persuaded the White House to shut the gates, and thus compelled more than a million Russian Jews to come to Israel where they now swell the ranks of the extreme right.

[Editors Note:  Thank God they did not come here. We would have a million more Israeli spies.]

For a short time he was the mentor of the young Binyamin Netanyahu, but then he came to detest him. After Netanyahu made a small tactical concession to the Arabs, he called him “Angel of Destruction”.

One may assume that he was also disgusted by Netanyahu’s penchant for luxury. When not lying for the fatherland, Shamir was straight as a ramrod, living in utmost modesty. There never was – or could be – even the slightest hint of corruption.

Will Olmert beat all of his corruption charges? This past Prime Minister was not a terrorist…just a crook, and proud of it, too.

Which leads us straight to Ehud Olmert.

ONCE upon a time there was a Minister of Education, Zalman Aran, who was known for his dry humor. A party functionary once came up to him and said:

“Ziama, you can congratulate me. I have been acquitted!”

“Strange,” Aran replied, “I have never been acquitted!”

Olmert has been acquitted many times. During his entire career, he has danced from one acquittal to the next.

This week it happened again. After a long trial, in which he was accused on five different counts of corruption, he was acquitted of four.

One concerned his habit of letting himself be invited by several charity organizations to lecture in the US, and letting all of them pay separately for the same first class ticket (using the surplus for his family’s private outings.)

Another count: reporting to the State Comptroller that his collection of expensive pens was worth a tenth of its real value.

The district court decided to acquit him on all counts for lack of proof, except one: that as Minister of Industry he had favored the clients of his close friend, who obliged him by keeping a large amount of cash stashed away in his safe.

Olmert celebrated his partial acquittal as a great victory. The media – the same media which celebrated his indictment when it all started – are taking part in the celebration. He is still awaiting the outcome of an even bigger trial.

The accusation, this time: taking bribes for the building of a huge multi-billion architectural monster in the center of Jerusalem when he was mayor of the city. Everybody expects that he will be acquitted, as usual.

Among the outcries against the Attorney General in the media was the accusation that he, a mere civil servant, had toppled an incumbent Prime Minister on trumped-up charges. Worse, that he had done so just when Olmert was about to make peace with the Palestinians.

Nonsense. In his years in the Prime Minister’s office, during which he initiated two dirty wars (Lebanon War II and Operation “Cast Lead”), he had plenty of time to make peace.

He did Indeed produce a peace plan – but only on the eve of his expected political demise. With peacemakers like this, who needs warmongers?

However, Olmert is already hinting that after his next acquittal he will return to political life.

SHAMIR, THE dead honest fanatic, has many followers. Olmert, the living corrupt pragmatist, has very few.

Netanyahu, their current successor, has the vices of both and the virtues of neither.

Editng: Jim W. Dean


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