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Avnery – My Glorious Brothers

Jim W. Dean..."Amazingly, in this piece Uri seems to be advocating a celebration of terrorists -- the-end-justifies-the-means people who will do anything for their cause du jour."

Uri Avnery – Splendid Isolation

- Jim W. Dean..."The EU Jewish lobbies just suffered a tremendous political defeat with the recent landslide EU vote for Palestine statehood."

Uri Avnery – The UnHoly City

- "This manufactured violence is Bibi's & the hardliners’ collective punishment response to the Palestine recognition votes that are going on now in Europe"

Uri Avnery — Wine, blood and gasoline

- "But we salute Uri today for his excellent insider’s presentation of the twisted dynamics of Israel’s new Intifada roll of the dice."

Uri Avnery – Muhammad, Where Are You?

- "So while Israel does the nasties to the local folks that it does, it is supported tooth and nail by the West, including Germany"

Uri Avnery – Decent Respect

- "Uri confirms what we all know, the worm is beginning to turn on the free pass the Zionists have had in the treatment of their Palestinian hostages."

Uri Avnery – Crusaders and Zionists

- "Uri, the Zionist cruelty that you apologize for occasionally would make any modern Crusaders feel validated. They at least believed in their religion in their own murderous way."

Avnery – Scotland on the Euphrates River

- "That is one aspect of the New World Order that does not get the attention that it should...its basically being a criminal endeavor."

Avnery – The War for Nothing

- The Zionists' usual PR defense tactic of "one dead Jew is a larger crime than 1000 Palestinians" did not get swallowed like in the past.

Uri Avnery – Deif- Son of Death

- Uri Avnery - "For security agencies around the world, including the US and Russia, assassination is a sport and an art. Israel claims to hold the gold medal."

Eyeless in Gaza

- Uri Avnery - There must be Palestinian elections, with a new government accepted by all Palestinian factions and recognized by the world community.

Uri Avnery – Meeting in a Tunnel

- "the US is married to this concept of "anyone who can defend themselves is a security threat and we reserve the right to attack them when we choose"...

Uri Avnery – God Forbid Israel Talk to Gaza

- Uri..."Neither the Israelis nor the Palestiaians have a strategy other than terrorizing the civilian population of the other side."

Uri Avnery – The Watch on the Jordan

- "Bibi is now pitching his “ISIS barbarians at the gate” scam, spinning it as reason to maintain military control over the West bank."

Uri Avnery – Sisyphus Redeemed – Peres says goodbye

- Uri Avnery - At 90, Peres has become ... one of the Wise Elders, ... the symbol of all that is fine and good in Israel. His successor has already been elected.

Uri Avnery – A Coup? Nonsense!

- Once again we have Uri treading on a topic never discussed much in the US. American media virtually self censors itself on all things Israel.

Uri Avnery – My Dear Salman

- A Palestinian and Israeli talk across the great divide of a Jewish State built upon the ruins of a conquered people who have never surrendered.

Would Settlement Removal Bring Civil War to Israel?

- "Expect ruthless people to deal with you ruthlessly, and you will never be disappointed."

Military Internet Mutiny in Israel – Uri Avnery

- Avnery..."The video clip that turned David Adamov from an anonymous soldier into an Israeli national figure was taken with a Palestinian camera in Hebron."

A Shameful Chapter

- Uri Avnery - One makes peace with a whole nation, not with half of it. A peace with the PLO, but without Hamas, would be ineffective from the beginning. However, the United States has fully accepted the Israeli line and threatened the PA with what amounts to a declaration of war if they reconcile with Hamas.

An Oslo Criminal

- Would the Likuds orchestrate a huge terrorist attack on their own people to kill the growing boycott movement? You bet they would.

Nothing New Under the Sun – Uri Avnery

- As for those they holocausted along the way we do not hear a peep of sympathy. So maybe they should hear none from us.

Ariel Sharon – the spin begins to cover his crimes

- When bashing Sharon's criminal legacy, please do not make the mistake of giving a free pass to all those who supported him here

Uri Avnery: Lifetime Achievement Prize

- November 11, 2013 - Laureate’s speech...Without Fear, Without Favor.

The Judaization of Israel – Uri Avnery

- Uri- "Jews are basically an ethnic-religious world-wide community which has existed for 2500 years without the need for a homeland."

Uri Avnery – Taking Apartheid Apart

- Uri - "The Zionist ideology of Israel is not racist, but based on a mixture of nationalism and religion, though the early Zionists were mostly atheists."

Uri Avnery – Will Putin Catch Obama

- Uri Avnery, "According to a secret 1982 CIA report, Israel was producing chemical and biological weapons itself."

Obama – Throwing it all away on Syria, Uri Avnery

- Uri Avnery - "On the Iraq attack which Obama, to his great credit, objected to right from the beginning...Now he is on the other side."

Uri Avnery – Cry my Beloved Egypt

- Uri Avnery, "How did this come about...a glorious revolution turn into this disgusting spectacle?"

The Turkey Under the Table – Uri Avnery

- Let us hope that real negotiations lead towards peace. The alternative is too dismal to contemplate.

Uri Avnery Attends the New Knesset

- Uri Avnery - “Compared to the Knesset it could have been, this is a very good Knesset!”

Election Time in Israel – Boring says Uri Avnery

- Boring Elections Only Empower Those Already in Charge...by Design

Bibi Bombs with Romney – Uri Avnery

- Are the Israelis Ready to Put the Romney Kabosh on Netanyahu?

Revisiting Yom Kippur – The Grand Default with Uri Avnery

- Uri Avnery - In those days I called our government the ship of fools. Our current government is worse, much worse.

Uri Avnery on Romnyahu

- Uri Avnery - I would hate for an ignoramus to be given the opportunity to learn world affairs on our backs

What Jews Don’t Like about Zionists

- Uri Avnery - Some would say that Zionism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Uri Avnery on Shamir’s Death – What Every Jew Must Know

- Former Israeli Prime Ministers who had been Zionist Terrorist org members should have been hanged after Nuremberg type trials for crimes against humanity.

Why Arafat Was Poisoned – Uri Avnery Knows

- Arafat was the man who was able to make peace with Israel,..and to get his people, including the Islamists, to accept it.

Out of Israel – into Africa…on the ZioExpress

- We shall not be a normal people, until we have Jewish whores and Jewish thieves in the Land of Israel...Israeli poet, Haim Nahman Bialik,

Leadership – Keeping Hope Alive When Others Despair

- Uri Avnery...I am an Optimist. Period. No ifs...No buts...No perhapses

Uri Avnery – Israel Defeats Flytilla Invasion but Loses PR War

- Uri Avnery,...brutality is the only one of the three traits that is prominent in our life today, especially in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Uri Avnery – On Israeli National Suicide

- "since the Orthodox do not work and cannot pay municipal taxes, they cannot sustain a town of their own. They need the secular to work and pay".