Man’s Ego Equals Man’s Downfall


What’s in a Brain? More to the point what is in a human brain


by E. Paul Newell


Below is a basic understanding of the human brain before we get to the point.

“ The human brain is the center of the human nervous system. It has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals, but is larger than expected on the basis of body size among other primates. Estimates for the number of neurons (nerve cells) in the human brain range from 80 to 120 billion. Most of the expansion comes from the cerebral cortex, especially the frontal lobes, which are associated with executive functions such as self-control, planning, reasoning, and abstract thought. The portion of the cerebral cortex devoted to vision is also greatly enlarged in human beings, and several cortical areas play specific roles in language, a skill that is unique to humans.

Despite being protected by the thick bones of the skull, suspended in cerebrospinal fluid, and isolated from the bloodstream by the blood–brain barrier, the human brain is susceptible to many types of damage and disease. The most common forms of physical damage are closed head injuries such as a blow to the head, a stroke, or poisoning by a variety of chemicals that can act as neurotoxins. Infection of the brain, though serious, is rare due to the biological barriers which protect it. The human brain is also susceptible to degenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. A number of psychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia and depression, are thought to be associated with brain dysfunctions, although the nature of such brain anomalies is not well understood.”

Schizophrenia” and “depression” are thought to be associated with brain dysfunctions, although the nature of such brain anomalies is not well understood.” (taken direct from Wikipedia)

They are most definitely associated with brain dysfunction! They are most definitely “anomalies” that are fully understood by those who use this information and understanding to evoke, aid and abet all kinds of “BAD BEHAVIOUR”.

It is used in a way to advance your /or their agenda. |This anomaly is not unique to race, religion or gender, but comes in direct relation to “intelligence “. Hence the churches and religions wanting to keep their subjects ill-informed and malleable at all costs.

Intelligent = Resistance.

So there are basics and then there are explorations into basics …..the brain is mechanical did you know that? It works like a V8 engine in some ways. In order for things to run smoothly there must be proper assembly of all parts, proper electrical for starting and running ,smooth timing to the spark plugs. Yes the brain fires electrical impulses back and forth inside the head. These electrics are what make the “ego” work. The ‘Ego” is, has been, and will be again the biggest down fall the human has had to endure. All for lack of understanding.

If you have two centers of being. There is the one you come with, which is given by existence itself. That is the self. And the other center, which is created by society, is the ego. It is a false thing – and it is a very great trick. Through the ego the society is controlling you. You have to behave in a certain way, because only then does the society appreciate you. You have to walk in a certain way; you have to laugh in a certain way; you have to follow certain manners, a morality, a code.

Only then will the society appreciate you, and if it doesn’t, you ego will be shaken and when the ego is shaken, you don’t know where you are, who you are. This is where people get angry and vindictive then become head strong on some baked idea just because it was not accepted. The ego is always looking for some trouble. Why? Because if nobody pays attention to you, the ego feels hungry. It lives on attention. Think of a General’s ego, think about a President’s ego, think about all the boards or directors and the leaders of companies and all the stuffiest running around calling the shots and feeling so important. This is all they have “EGOS” So Generals, Presidents alike if you have any,(balls) grab your egos by the balls and correct your course of action.

It is this brain in everyone that is being misrepresented by its host…all because it is susceptible and fragile to outside forces.

As to what to do to correct this …it is all about the education that is NOT being delivered to the youth ….the ones that are supposed to be the future.

Authors Note:
Look into the eyes of the Soldier
I can tell if he has been to battle
I can tell if not
There is no mistaking
E. Paul Newell


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