Obama’s Gold – 94.6% Pure, Bomb Grade Plutonium


21,000 Lbs of Plutonium Was Sent to Japan. Where is it?


By Bob Nichols


(San Francisco)  President Obama asked Duke Power Corporation in the States to test run some plutonium fuel rods (MOX) in three of their reactors. The physicists said No; but, the head boss of Duke Power said “Yes.” Obama’s test run failed miserably.

See this clip from the American TV Series “Newsroom” from Gordon Duff’s YouTube site.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

As a result, the country very nearly lost the state of South Carolina. Those deadly  Plutonium cores were jerked out of those three big Duke Power reactors so fast it would make your head spin.

Undaunted, unbowed and too ignorant to be afraid, the President of the United  States asked the President of a Japanese utility, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO,) to run the “test” of the Plutonium fuel.

Now, what are you going to do when the President of the US asks you for a favor?

The test was slated immediately for the MOX fuel rods, of course. That is 21,000 lbs of 94.6% pure bomb grade Plutonium 239 (Pu 239) down blended and mixed with Uranium to form MOX 6% Pu 239 nuclear fuel rods.

Here’s what happened, perhaps as a result of President Obama’s political dabbling  in real life-or-death physics. This stuff gets real serious real fast.

These “brave” characters inhabiting an imaginary newsroom on the set of “THE NEWSROOM,” an American TV series are closer to the reality of Japan’s sabotaged reactors than their real life news reader counterparts will ever be.  Five hundred eighteen days into the continuous reactor meltdowns and global dispersion of reactor cores; it’s a direct choice for “Gruesome Death” made by the pro-nukers. The deed is done and cannot be reversed.

MOX stands for Mixed Oxide Fuel. The very poisonous bomb grade Pu 239 is taken from Hydrogen Bombs and mixed with Uranium to form pellets for fuel rods for nuclear  reactors. The fuel rods are about five (5) meters or 16 ft long and as big around as a person’s thumb.

Pu 239 is very hard for bomb makers to work with and tends to go off by itself, which makes for a really bad day. The manufacturing of Hydrogen Bombs is a very nasty business in any country. Putting extra Pu 239 in nuclear reactors to boil water for steam is insane.


How many Lethal Doses of radiation from radioactive particles are in our air just from Fukushima Daiichi’s trashed reactors? As of Jun 29, 2012 Dr. Paolo Scampa, a noted physicist stated:

“… [about Fukushima reactors exploding]  … occasioning a prodigious explosion of radioactivity and radiotoxicity which over time, is several times the amount needed to kill by internal contamination the whole human race.” – Dr Paolo Scampa, PhD., Nuclear Physicist.

What hath Obama wrought?


Sources and Notes.
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Calculate duration between two dates

From and including: Friday, March 11, 2011
To and including: Wednesday, August 9, 2012
It is 518 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 1 year, 4 months, 30 days including the end date

October 28th, 2011 (Fri)
Kenichi Ohmae (BBT University President)

Lessons Learned From Fukushima Dai-ichi – Report & Movie

PDF Report

PDF Report (Appendix)

Youtube Movie (English Subtitles)

Press Release  ⇒  (about 30min.)

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Detailed Description  ⇒  (about 120min.)

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Final Report ⇒  (about 75min.)

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Summary ⇒  (about 15min.)

YouTube - Veterans Today -


  1. You mention that “Very nearly lost the state of South Carolina” but is never explained fully.
    Furthermore you mention that Plutonium 239 “tends to go off by itself”. This is completely and utterly incorrect. For a nuclear material to go critical/supercritical, or “go off” as you put it, the average rate of neutron production must be greater than or equal to the rate neutrons that are absorbed and cause another fission event. This does not sponatenously happen and is easy to avoid. The accidents you mention I can only imagine are in reference to the “demon core” which occured due to accidents when performing criticality experiments.
    Also a hydrogen bomb cannot be completely made with plutonium! I’ll let you guess what else is required… hydrogen, well an isotope of it.
    Yes the amount of material could kill the whole human race but the key words that were used was “by internal contamination”. The most dangerous type of radiation released would of been alpha radiation which essentially a helium nucleus which means an inch or two of air is enough to stop it.
    Go scare monger somewhere else.

  2. Hi Cojones Grandes [Big Balls in Spanish]

    What is so brave and “Big Balls” in using a fake name and posting Jim’s stuff?

    If you are trying to weasel around and get TEPCO off the hook for liability in this event, you are barking up the wrong tree. TEPCO is Responsible – no two ways about it.

    Bob Nichols

  3. Hi Risodang,

    I appreciate your comment. I have been pondering your touching naivete and boundless faith in our government and that of Japan. I do not share your faith and belief, touching though it may be.

    That is all I have to say.

    Have a good day,

    Bob Nichols

  4. Exactly. This is so poor written that I had to go elsewhere to know that the accusation is that the MOX somehow helped cause the Fukushima catastrophe. You don’t have to go to Journalism school to remember to tell people “Who, What, When, Where and Why.”

  5. Not to discount Jim Stone’s work he did debunk everything with great detail. He did have sources, (which is a red flag with every Editor, that is short for saying that what they want us to hear this time GD) but he did interview a lot of regular people who are experienced with earthquakes. His “sources” also gave him pictures of the blown up reactors, they were classified. I know they could fabricate these pics but I tend to believe his version more. The fact that Tepco and TPTB let the cover up occur, well, lets start with them. That is how every investigation starts and let the pressure turn up the real criminals. Sadly, the real criminals are always the same people. And sadly their tactics are so evil that they are never outed. I believe there is a nuke in every major city in the World, used as blackmail. I would not be surprised if every Lubavich building houses one. Samson option times 257.

  6. I am also familiar with Jim Stone’s theory on this. He debunked the official story’s version of the magnitude of the earthquakes with actual readings and personal interviews with the earthquake savvy Japanese. You have got a lot of disinfo out there. This effort is only done when covering up for the Elite Criminals whose evil thumbs are in all that is bad. This Duke power plant story is a vague disinfo attempt to explain why P=239 was detected.

  7. Bob Nichols,
    If this was the truth, both Japan and the USA would have taken those people into custody by now. People would have raced to share this news. We are 500+ days into this thing and stuff is washing up on the Pacific shores…
    Please do not BS all of us readers that truly want to know what’s going on. If this is true,,, then shed more light on it and I am sure more and more people will want to act on this stuff. Too many people in the loop to keep it a secret if truth be real, in my humble opinion.

  8. It looks like I won’t be able to watch those long videos, and I hope I’m not talking about what’s been covered in them, but what is your take, Bob, on that report on jimstonefreelance about a year ago claiming Israel, with the assistance of rogue elements in the US gov, was behind it? The evidence in that article by Jim Stone, if he even exists, about the half-ton cameras being nukes (evidenced by disintegrated concrete that could not have been caused by hydrogen explosions), Stuxnet overriding the safety control valves as the only plausible explanation for three different kinds of safety systems with at least triple redundancy not responding to sensors or commands, the team from Magna GSB leaving town a week before the event, etc., seems like strong evidence of sabotage if you ask me, but I haven’t been following it, sorry to say.

  9. Which is the greater threat to “national security”: public exposure of negligence & criminality of those in positions of authority or cover up to protect the reputation of individuals and the US? I assume the answer to that depends on whether you work for the US corporation or not. Clearly the “government” priority is to protect itself before it protects the citizens. We should’ve fired them years ago.

    Question: is there any possibility that some advanced ‘black ops’ type secret technology (rumored up to 1000 yrs ahead) was used to reduce the damage from 3/11? I know, I know, this is “wishful thinking” on my part, and no one can really answer this.

    The thing I found alarming was the response – rather the lack of response – by the US on the 3/11 incident. The primary PR response seemed to be direct attention away/minimize importance…this by the same groups who drilled the image of planes hitting towers into our memories at every opportunity. Odd indeed.

  10. Depressing and at the same time fascinating: this wrecklessness, incompetence and pure hubris of it all. We had a roughly similar situation during the era of atmosphereic testing of nuclear weapons. As I recall, they only stopped because the radioactive contamination of the nation’s food and water supply was reaching a tipping point. How many cancers were by-product of the thoughtlessness of our bomb-testers?

  11. When did the rods get sent to Japan and when did the test begin?
    And please just say what you want to say. Why try to be so indirect with everything? If this is something that is meant to kill all surface life, why not be a little more clear about what you’re trying to say? You don’t explain what you mean by almost losing south carolina. You don’t explain what you mean by “Obama’s” relationship with the pres of TEPCO. Was “Obama” trying to kill all life on the planet?


    Lexington, ky

  12. tepco means g and e, zio vile that are helping plan our demise in every possible way. Why are these people walking around free.

  13. They need to get rid of the 239 before it all oxidizes and turns into something only God knows what. That’s what happens when you mess with Mother Nature and create Frankensteins!

  14. Wish i knew.

    Seems like to me that if a court of competent jurisdiction went through the suspects they would end up with the perps.

    I sure would like to see that happen.


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