Is a WMD free Mid East a Cruel Charade?

In the Begining - Dimona Nuclear Facility

The U.S. helping Israel Hide its WMD Programs has been a Foreign Policy Disaster and Must be Reversed


 “The use of recriminations about the past is to enforce effective action at the present.”                        …Winston Churchill (1936)


              … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor                                … and  Press TV


In the Begining – Dimona Nuclear Facility

The December conference on making the Mideast a WMD-free zone has been postponed, to no one’s surprise. I fear this negotiation will become a competitor to the two-state solution.

By that I mean it would go on and on for decades until there is no more room to build settlements and all the Arabs have been run out of Jerusalem (al-Quds)?

Initial reports of an expected delay appeared November 13th on Global Security Newswire, but insiders all knew that nothing was going to happen with Syria still in play, Israeli elections looming, and the Gaza flare-up just around the corner.

Of course Israel, the WMD threat to everyone, has not even committed to attend. I suspect there will be lots of roadblock pre-condition demands, like no discussion of Israel’s weapons of mass destruction programs, and who has assisted them, officially and unofficially.

Declassified American intelligence revealed the pre-1948 War Israelis were hunting chemical weapons in war torn Europe to use on the Arabs. France teamed up to work with them on their early nuclear program.

Later the British, Germans and Americans would come in, allowing nuclear material and technology to be stolen and smuggled to Israel in a variety of ways.

Things really picked up speed with Lyndon Johnson, who turned the spigot on, trading nuclear technology and material for solid Jewish support come election time.

Little did we know back then that this would become a national support, betraying weapons technology not only for getting re-elected, but advancing one’s political career in Congress toward getting the most powerful committee chairmanships.

Victoria Nuland – U.S. State Department

The language used in the conference delay press reports was almost comical, to a degree. Victoria Nuland of the US State Department said, “We would not support a conference in which any regional state would be subject to pressure or isolation.”

Oh really, Victoria?…do you mean to tell me that Iran would not be subject to ‘pressure and isolation’, really? Or is this the usual double standard on this subject, meaning that only Israel is not to be targeted or isolated?

And if Iran was being targeted as a threat with no proven nukes, and Israel was not with all that they have, just who were you expecting to sit through a conference like this?

All the military aid we have given Israel would be illegal due to its WMD programs. The world is tiring of the word game playing and no longer wants to pretend that Israeli nuke denial will ever lead to a solution.

Western media self-censor. Platforms like Brietbart and The Jerusalem Post use the more limited term of nuclear free Mideast, while the Arab/Muslim media use the more accurate WMD term, because Israel has it all.

There can be no chance of progress in non-proliferation talks without dealing with who has had what, and even how they got it, meaning the parties who helped them. Those who have been the most deceitful and the biggest threat have no right to impose preconditions on the others. On the contrary, it exposes them as wanting to make fools of those attending.

The US has a double exposure here. The Neocon coup which began when Clinton was in office enshrined the new doctrine of pre-emptive strikes on a country that could be a threat at some point in the future.

This was nothing more that rubber stamping wanton aggression in advance. The core of the group pushing the change were Israeli Lobby people and their 5th column friends.

Israeli Chemical Weapons – Used in the last Lebanon War

Once the US formally adopted pre-emptive strikes as the new defense doctrine, Israel was quick to jump on board.

Because successive American administrations have routinely pledged a blank check to protect Israel, that put American lives at risk defending it from retaliation for a first strike.

The regional bully Israel was now even more of a threat, which seemed to have been the whole purpose of the preemptive strike subversion. Many loyal American intelligence people now look back on this as an Israeli espionage operation.

Iran became the target after the Iraq war was stabilizing. Israel beat the war drums via its hugely exaggerated Iranian nuclear program threat, since this played right into the new pre-emptive strike defense doctrine.

While American forces still heavily deployed in the Mideast, the Israelis wanted our boys, bullets and bullion to ‘do Iran’. A false flag attack was prevented in Bahrain by Gwenth Todd which could have begun another disastrous war.

But fast forward to the new Obama administration and then winning a second term and we find the game has changed a bit, which I covered in my last Viewpoint:

“While Obama tours the Far East, the naval component of the real Iron Dome, three AEGIS class destroyers, the real eyes, the real firepower behind the Iron Dome, are missing, elsewhere.

Remember the “joint exercises,” the American AEGIS destroyers that sat offshore? This was 50% of the Iron Dome but nobody is talking about it. Is this a punishment?”

Original Vanunu photo of Israel Nuclear Weapon Development.

The current Gaza fighting resolution was a wild card. One always expects the worst when the Likuds dial up a war just before an election to squash the Israeli peace movement.

Morsi and Erdogan were given the key roles in the ceasefire, as they should have as major regional players. A much more bloody and destructive ground invasion was avoided, for now anyway.

But the cancellation of the Mideast WDM conference was in the cards before Gaza. My guess is that there was a problem with Zio-Nuke denial, the one where all US aid to Israel would be illegal if it were determined that a large Israeli WMD program had existed…hypocrisy on steroids.

That is the huge Pandora’s Box. Where did all the money to build it come from, and the expertise? Was it given or stolen, or both. Were treaties violated?

Nixon and Kissinger first made the ‘arrangement’ with Israel on its nuclear program. The Senate never voted on it. No treaty exists. Why should Americans be bled dry over a secret agreement that actually endangers our national security?

The famous Britihs MP pacifist Francis Neilson showed us in one of his books, The Makers of War, that one reason Britain got trapped into WWI was the secret agreements to intervene on the continent were never voted on by the full cabinet, but kept secret from most all of them.

When crunch time came the Foreign Office had them all trapped as they could not publicly admit not knowing without sending confidence in government down the drain at the beginning of a major war.

Francis Nielsen – The great, but now unknown, pacifist and prolific author

The world is tired of the American-Israeli duplicity on WMD. Like the South African Commission after Apartheid required full confessions from all before amnesty was given, I suspect we might see similar calls on the Mideast issue.

Who really was a WMD threat to whom? Were the Nuremberg precedents violated? Should appropriate punishments be involved if so? And can perpetrators give themselves amnesty while condemning others?

Israel is a friend to no country, least of all to America. If our classified intelligence files were opened up it would be Israel that would be under sanctions, and the Diaspora paying reparations for ‘aiding and abetting’ in aggression.

A different group of people would be inhabiting an open air prison to learn what that is like…and for 60 years. And after that time has passed, then we would begin negotiations with them, Israeli style…nice and slow.

There will be no peace until the Israeli Lobby fingers are pried from the throats of the countries where they live and betray their fellow citizens. Israel will not make peace because it does not have to. The pitiful Western countries that could not stop illegal settlements, which they could have done with the proper sanctions, are ill-equipped to stop Israelis WMD programs. They don’t have the political will or courage.

Germany has built Israel’s nuclear submarines at a subsidized cost. India is helping with ICBM’s. Where will those be aimed and why? The huge funding needed for all this has had Israel heavily involved in the big international crime networks, blood diamonds, arms trafficking, and money laundering.

Some is earned by looting American technology and jobs through espionage, and then selling it to Russia and China and several others. And as Gordon Duff stated in his Saturday Viewpoints, there are no espionage prosecutions of Israelis. The fix is in.

What we really all need to be free of is being exploited by these gangsters and their international mob of swindlers and traitors. We need a Militant Zionist-free Mideast…and world for that matter. The Jews we can live with as the Gush Shalom people and Neturie Karta have proven that.

Besides giving up their nukes, chemical and bio weapons, they can also give up the legacy of the communist, atheist Jews who came to Palestine with the convenient fairy tale about God having given them the land. This story itself was a weapon of mass destruction, and should be treated as such.



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