Declassified US Intel – Israel Always an Enemy



US-Israel relations have been an ongoing tragedy despite our Intel archives being open since 1982

( Originally published on Press TV … on December 17th, 2012 )


              … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor                            … and  Press TV


Ethnic cleansing was the Zionist plan from day one.

The history of America’s involvement with Israel has been an ongoing tragedy.

The Palestinians have of course suffered the most, having been invaded by legions of atheist and communist Jews, primarily from Eastern Europe.

And yes, they claim ‘God gave us the land’.

They teamed up with the 5th column Zionists already there who had been carefully and methodically laying plans for taking over the land.

This include doing to the Palestinians what they claimed the Nazis had done to them…killing and kicking the Pals out to make more lebensraum (growing space) for more Jews.

Generations of Israeli Lobby fellow travelers have worn the sordid mantle of ‘Palestinian holocaust Deniers’, to coin a phrase, with no shame whatsoever. Golda Meir was their Hebrew Klan Grand Dragon.

She produce a low cost and instant holocaust hat trick…” There are no Palestinian people,” she said.

One of the main tasks of Israeli espionage has always been to protect Israel from judgement day for their crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people. To them this is a war, and they take no prisoners. When are we going to figure this out when it comes to dealing with them?

Today I begin a series of articles to pin the holocaust tail on their correct donkey. I am going to use sources with which the general public is unfamiliar, the declassified American Intel files on Israel. And yes, these have been open since the early 1980’s but might as well have been in a library on the moon.

Israeli penetration into not only our media and publishing, but also our political arena has virtually banished these documents from the historical narrative. The fear is that they could be used to deprogram pro-Israeli zombies and expose all the treasonous Americans who have aided and abetted the Israelis in hiding their crimes.

Let us start at the beginning. A crime against an entire people, to holocaust them from their own land, has to have a plan. Here it is.

In March, 1948, a Joints Chiefs of Staff paper on Force Requirements for Palestine,

anticipating the termination of the British Mandate, predicted that the Zionist strategy will seek

to involve [the United States] in continuously widening and deepening series of operations

intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives…

Ze’ev Jabotinsky – the Founder of  Militant Zionism

a)   initial sovereignty over a portion of Palestine,

b)  acceptance by the great powers of the right to unlimited immigration,

c)  the extension of Jewish sovereignty over all of Palestine,

d)  the expansion of Eretz Israel into Transjordan and into portions of Lebanon and Syria, and

e)  the establishment of Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Mid East…

The JCS paper added ominously: All stages of this program are equally sacred to the fanatical

concepts of Jewish leaders. The program is opening admitted by same leaders, and has been

privately admitted to United States officials by responsible leaders of the presently dominant

Jewish group…the Jewish Agency….(Taking Sides, 1983…Stephen Green)


This Intel report is the Rosetta Stone for everything that Israel has done since before it’s so called birth, but which was more like letting a Frankenstein monster loose on the land. We had loyal Americans who saw the trap back then, yet we walked right into it. Why have we done it, and for whom?

In ten years of sharing this declassified Intel with Americans, including active duty officers and veterans, I have never met a one who was aware of it. Welcome to the free country of the United States, where people are not very free to know a lot of things the Israeli Lobby people don’t want them to know.

We also have early reports of the Zionist pre 1948 war 5th columns in Europe shopping all over the continent for chemical and poison gas munitions they could use for their Neo-Exodus. This was the one to drive out the Palestinians, and not the Hollywood Soviet style propaganda film version where 5000 Zionists held off the Arab hoards.

These American Intel declassified files are filled with report after report of Zionist treachery on a scale that gives truth to a long list of negative stereotypes. Hence, corporate media will not touch this material with a ten foot pole. Now you know why. Much of that has been to steer attention away from their own record of horrors so they could continue to play the perrenial victim.

In late 1949, when I was born, U.S. Army Attache in Tel Aviv Colonel Andrus filed a report citing ‘wanton killing of Arabs….denying access to their own land’. The same thing continues today through American support of our almost blank check support of arms and ammo to the IDF.

This makes both the Palestinians and American children and grandchildren co-victims of Israeli aggression, at the hands of our own government. The last Gaza attack was a perfect example, with the Pentagon now pushing through an almost $700 million restocking of munitions for the next Palestinian November turkey shoot.

Of course Jews and Arabs were also killed in King David Hotel attack but the Irgun did not care. Sociopaths never do.

Earlier in 1948 the Zios began making their mark on terrorism history by blowing up the Semiramis Hotel on January 5th. A bomb, 175 pounds of dynamite, caused it to disappear with 23 civilians killed including the Spanish consul. This act is still celebrated in Israel. Later they did the King David Hotel. Can you feel the love?

U.S. consul General Robert Macatee sent a delegation to the Jewish Agency official Golda Meir, asking her to take special care to protect our own consular people.

He did not know then that the Haganah terrorist group had blown up the hotel, and that Golda was a member. Israel has a long history of elevating their terrorists to top political positions.

Digging out the dead from the Semiramis Hotel

Later, the new American consul Thomas Wasson began reporting things like the Zionists using Red Cross convoys as screens for moving weapons and ammunition around…and that Israeli soldiers were firing on Arab positions from the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem. Nasty, nasty.

American media like the New York Times censored out the weapons and ammunition part of the story, spinning it like a wanton murder of doctors and nurses.

This particular attack had actually been in retribution for the Irgun’s Deir Yassin massacre in which 20 of Golda Meir’s Haganah people participated.

The Jewish Agency had refused the pleas of the Red Cross to remove their troops from the Hadassah Hospital, despite the Arab League’s agreeing to allow unarmed soldiers to remain.

The unfortunate Consul Wasson was assassinated by a sniper soon after, the first of many Israeli killings of American personnel while enjoying American aide.


Any Jewish Agency friendship toward America at the time was just a pretext to get desperately needed financial, and military aid if they could.

The Zios played the Americans off against the Soviets, a game they became even more adept at as the decades went by with the Jonathan Pollard spy case being their peak until they had our Congress performing like trained seals.

The American public never knew that the Zionist main military logistics bases for training and resupply for the 1948 war were in Czechoslovakia with the Soviets supporting them. This included weapons and motor pool maintenance, medical staff, and refurbishing their fast growing air force with all foreign pilots.

At one point American pilots and mechanics were flying all the Czech made arms shipments down to Lebanon for the Israelis. Many of these were personally observed by our Military Attache there.

Besides paying in gold and hard currencies which the post WWII Czechs needed, the Zios also traded espionage goods through them back to the Soviets. Their biggest coup at the time against America was delivering a new U.S Army jeep mounted radar system which the Soviets were just thrilled to get. Disloyal American Jews handled the stateside theft.

As for violations of illegal arms imports, these were huge and all tracked by American intelligence. In June of 1948, the U.S. Military Attache reported a Begian firm’s preparing to export 10 tanks, 26 U.S. armored cars, and 64 halftracks.

The FBI has never busted a single Israeli spy ‘network’. Political obstruction of justice prevents them from doing so as a lot of high political figures would be convicted of treason.

The FBI collected tens of thousands of pages of field reports on these shipments. Some of them were organized by American state governors aiding the Zios for their own personal financial and political benefit, despite their being in violation of American law.

This corruption continues on today with our own Congress effectively being an occupied territorial cow for the Israeli Lobby to milk at will, and they do, they do.

As the Cold War was heating up, the Zionists got very good political advice on how they could scare the Americans into thinking the Soviets might take over Palestine using the Zios if the U.S. did not get their own aid program in action.

We have seen the same treachery play out over and over, in Iraq with the bogus WMD tales, an invention of Israeli Intel and their NeoCon partners. We now have the bogus threat of Iranian nuclear weapons programs, which has kept oil prices way above recession level rates, making us all

‘Petro-Palestinians’. Think about that for a moment. Who would do such a horrible thing?

All this continues on with Israel sitting smugly back enjoying U.S. military funding of nuclear bomb proof facilities for their nukes and air force command staff. You can add to that our Patriot missile batteries, each shot costing the Amerian taxpayers $3 million while their kids are on food stamps.

This is a national disgrace, with treason being committed against the country right out in the open, behind the scenes in the halls of Congress and sometimes even in the White House.

Veterans Today has verified through mutliple sources that Israel had at least one top spy on the Bush National Security Council. That particular investigation was stopped, which would indicate that Bush had approved the Israelis being given top secret information, but why?

More to come on all this.



  1. Interestingly, Napoleon (and most of his marshals) were freemasons. And did you ever wonder why most portraits of Bonaparte show him with his right hand concealed in his waistcoat? Homage to the ‘Hidden Hand’ that controls just about everything…through the pyramidal control system of freemasonry.

  2. From Xenophon’s Anabisisa: When the leading Generals of the 10,000 member Greek army were assassinated after being tricked into attending a peace conference unarmed, the Persians were certain that the army would disintegrate into chaos and confusion.

    Instead of chaos, it was decided that the army of 10,000 soldiers would be transformed into an army of 10,000 Generals, each man using his own intelligence, working in concert with a common shared goal. Faced with a 2000 mile journey home in strange territory with no guide and no maps, the Greeks demonstrated their greatest ability in warfare, which was to complete a successful and near-impossible mission without a leader.

  3. From the Jewish Encyclopedia, it is clear how well aquainted Napoleon was with the thievery of the Jews: “But Napoleon’s indirect influence on the fate of the Jews was even more powerful than any of the decrees recorded in his name. By breaking up the feudal trammels of mid-Europe and introducing the equality of the French Revolution he effected more for Jewish emancipation than had been accomplished during the three preceding centuries. The consistory of Westphalia became a model for other German provinces until after the fall of Napoleon, and the condition of the Jews in the Rhine provinces was permanently improved as a consequence of their subjection to Napoleon or his representatives.”

    Right, their condition was permanently improved because they were given the lands and territories of the guillotined and exiled Christians. He was also given a list of Muslim leaders to assassinate while he was in Egypt, and he did behead everyone on the list. The Jewish Encyclopedia also goes on to say that “German Jews in particular have always regarded Napoleon as one of the chief forerunners of emancipation in Germany. When Jews were selecting surnames, some of them are said to have expressed their gratitude by taking the name of “Schöntheil,” a translation of “Bonaparte,” and legends grew up about Napoleon’s activity in the Jewish ghetto (see “Sippurim,” ii. 193-196).”

    The Rotshild genealogies which are actually Levy, etc. has ‘Napoloen’ as the given name of several offspring. The Louisiana Purchase was nothing more than a ‘thank you’ gift from Napoleon to the Rothshild gangsters who funded his rise to power. Of course, that would not stop them from getting rid of him when they were done with him. The city of New Orleans, which has a broad avenue named for Napoleon, has undoubtedly been cursed ever since the Christian founders of that city had to depart after 1803, when the Jewish Americans (Claiborne) had some prominent French Christians hung in the public sqaure and their property confiscated.

  4. @ Jim & LC,
    One of the main reason why the Zion Talmudic Mafia invented the scheme of the “Infinite War on Terror”, targeting the Muslim countries, is because the Islamic Usury Free Banking has been a thorn in the eyes of the Zio Banksters.

    The Zion Talmudic Banksters can see that in the Muslim countries, specially those with oil-gas income, there is $ trillion for grab… if only they could introduce the Rothschild-Fed Reserve-BoE-BIS banking system in those countries.

    That’s why the Zios (PNAC GANG & Co.) conned the USA-GB into waging war against the Muslims, falsely accusing them for the 9/11, which all we know was a Hideous Criminal Inside Job, a prelude-requisite to the Invasion of Afghanistan-Iraq, to the sole benefit of IsraHell.

    What the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons want, by the ongoing decapitating of existing regimes, is creating the necessary chaos, which will make it possible for them to take over the BANKING SYSTEM of the destroyed countries, funneling to their coffers all what they can steal and grab.

    Fact is that America has been milked dry by those greedy vampires. Like a swarm of locusts, after laying the land bare, they started looking for new pasture and, true to their ages old modus operandi, they want the petrodollars all for themselves and the land-real estate too, projecting to use in the Muslim countries the same scam-methodology as they did in Europe, in Canada, USA, Australia: i.e. control of the Media, Circus and Bread to the populace (Hollywood Style), and of course total control of the Money.

    A similar and more dangerous move is targeting the Scandinavian countries, undermining their political system, through infiltration, dumbing their youths through shallow and superficial zio controlled banter about sex-drugs-cars-electronic games, soccer and celebrities, hiding and/or eliminating the real issues and the real news about what’s going on outside Scandinavia and presenting an image of Talmudlandia, as the victim, entitled to defend itself, totally hiding or altering the real facts. All the debates involving the Middle East are moderated in a way to cut short any critique of Talmudlandia or the Banksters. Any reference to outside independent sources is ignored or bluntly rebuffed as foreign topic or conspiracy theory.

    Even the state owned media like National Radio and TV, subtly partake in molding the public opinion against the welfare state and the Scandinavian model of progressive taxation, creating social unrest-insecurity through manipulation of the news, followed by false flag attacks, like the mayhem conducted by MORE than ONE man (Breivik) in Norway and, through hyping local anti-Muslim politicians, giving them a lot of attention and free space-covering by corrupt journalists, working for the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons, willfully or being blackmailed to silence or collaboration, the way the Zios want them to.

  5. Debt = RFID and implanted long long ago also according to this amazing book
    Satanic Voices by David Musa Pidcock, now available free @


    Book documents that both Napoleon & Abe Lincoln had set out to adopt Islamic financial system of charging no interest for legitimate loans & for that Rothschilds knocked them out!!!

  6. Churchill was a Babylonian Talmudist, simply a Jew (not to talk about Roosevelt and Eisenhower). They bombed hundreds of thousands unprotected civilians in Dresden. His acts were not normal. Germans got really hard time with all that scum. They hate Germans, as they hate Americans, Russians and all real Hebrews (other Jewish myth, that the Indo Europeans would be Aryan. It´s not true. We descend from ancient Israelis, that´s what that Idumean crap do not want you to know).

    There were tens of millions Russian Orthodoxs tortured murdered cold blood by Jewish Tseka
    (Tseka has similarities to Homeland Security and Fema, all the (leading) stuff Jewish there, be aware) just after the Jewish Bolsheviks revolutions and during the Stalin era.

    Talking about the WWII, General Patton was ordered to remove Germans from their homes and replace Jewish displaced persons instead. He was against it, but went on. He described Jewish as “sub humans”, “lower than animals” who even did not have an idea of using toilet. Jews relieved themselves on to the floor etc. They smelled so much, that he had to vomit in the restaurant hours after meeting them. Finally he refused to remove Germans, and- Jews murdered him. No investigation, no post mortem, nothing. He managed to call to his wife from the hospital saying “They are going to kill me here, come to pick me up”. For example here:

    When Patton linked Communists with Jews, his fate was sealed. The Jewish-owned press in America began a smear campaign describing Patton as “soft on Nazis.”
    General Patton had always carried with him a special notebook. It disappeared from his pocket upon his arrival at the hospital after the collisions.

    Maybe the most disgusting thing Jews made, was a devastating torture and murder of thousands of German girls in working camps and millions of rapes in occupied areas, lead by Ilja Ehrenburg, Stalin´s propaganda Chief.

  7. Jim,
    The USSR was a Rothschild planned creation, knowingly assisted by degenerates in NY, DC and elsewhere who knew very well ahead of time that the Romanovs and all Russian royals, officials, and administrators would be murdered, leaving the Russian people open to vicious attacks from the savage Bolsheviks, themselves funded by by our hard earned tax money funneled into WWH#1 via the Federal Parasite Reserve. To this day most banks are ultimately controlled by central banks ( read Rothschild) although Iran is not, and I think the Icelanders and Putin kicked them out.

    Then the incalculably rich Russian Empire was looted. Train after train of gold, silver, gems, minerals, timber, art, all kinds of stolen property, you name it, left Russia forever. The Russians had more physical gold than anyone else and the war planners knew it. Where do you think it all went? Have you ever wondered why Ft. Knox was really built? Did you really think our leaders had our best interests in mind? Since when did they give a damn about us?

    The day the Federal Parasite Reserve was hatched and nurtured by aliens on our land and assisted by traitors we have become a war base for attacks on other nations. Our population is now nothing but a stockyard of fighters. We cannot even grow and prosper, for the aliens flourish when we quarrel and bicker among ourselves, so the aliens further divide us alongs false lines which they fund under the guise of inaptly named education, itself a shadow of what it was. They have us chasing our tails.

    But back to the money. They control it all, which is what they set out to do when they murdered King Charles1 because he would not hand over the English treasury to their control. So they found a psychopathic malcontent by the name of Cromwell, and promised him that they would fund an army and a revolution, and if he would participate in setting up the King in a ruse leading to his execution, they would let him rule England if only he would let them control the treasury. Of course the moron Cromwell agreed to this, and we are paying for it to this day. Oh, yes we are. You are thinking what has this to do with me and the answer is–everything.

    You see, the English Revolution was the prototype for all others that followed. They were tailored and fitted for each country, but they all had certain commonalities. They had debt-free treasuries, so the Monarchies were prosperous but the subjects could also prosper and gradually improve their lives. The Church was always a major obstruction so slander would have to do there for the time being. Traitors, ego, and money would have to be used against the Monarch. Once in place the chaos was horrific–the population was terrorized, bludgeoned, massacred, the officials were swapped out for traitors, and everyone simply took orders from the new regime not realizing they had been implanted with a virus. Never again could free citizens avoid debt. Never again could free nations avoid crushing national taxes passed on to its people to keep them in permanent bondage. And for the first time nomads would reap the benefits of nations for which they held no loyalty.

    The French were the next on the radar, then the others, until it came our turn, although it was more convenient just to rip us off via the Federal Parasite Reserve and keep the whole country as a stockyard for attacking other countries just in case they don’t want to take orders from central bankers. But now the money is running on empty and we all know something’s going to give.

    What happened to the English then will happen just as surely to us because our slave masters have every intention of keeping control of our country and its resources. How they plan to cow us into the process is the question. Will we respond to the brutalization like all the others or will we lash back at them like the Cristeros?

  8. Beings I live in Montana, I sure liked your “This corruption continues on today with our own Congress effectively being an occupied territorial cow for the Israeli Lobby to milk at will, and they do, they do.”….

    I can clearly see by your article Mr. Dean who’s Teat’s have really been pulled on this one.

  9. Thanks Mr. Dean. & I take that as a YES.

    As for women & children they are always prime victims of any brutalities as the most vulnerable.

  10. That was partially designed to spur Truman to get in there. The Zios played us and the Soviets well. We never gave them direct military aid because they would never tell us what they realy had, but they were getting tons of stuff from all the post WWII depots.

    Where they got all the money from is a weak spot for me, as they needed and got tons of its.

  11. Joe, Having a country with the wonderful perks of diplomatic immunity, courrier pouches, bank vaults in the home team country, retired intel and special ops people to blend into your banking operations for defensive and offensive intel…the list is endless.

    If you know of a country available at a reasonable price, let me know. I want to get one.

  12. You can’t ever reform them when you have internal investigations hiding what they know would make the public nuts and force the Pols into a house cleaning. That is the whole purpose of covering stuff up and nobody in government wants to hear the public asking the one question that scares them all to death, which is…”Hey, I wonder if there is a lot more of this kind of stuff going on in other departments?”

    And there is a slight justification for this attitude. Investigations usually require sacrifical lambs to be produced. In the military this form of terror is hanging over them, the officers in particular. That is why they are so often a ‘see no evil, here no evil, speak no evil’ crew.

    The rape figures were in the news again, and I saw the academies mentioned for the first time. Not only the cadets, by the instructors are banging them…at the academies mind you. All they have to do to catch them is make lie detector testing mandatory, for perps and victims.

    Of course I read this on PressTV. Ain’t that something. Got to go to the foreign news to find out your women are being systematically raped by those in position of authority. In the Army the sargeants are the big problem. Once they get started and get away with it, they become serial rapist. And no company officers want to deal with a rape case on their watch . They will do anything to cover it up if they can.

  13. Thank you Susa.
    Your version of Churchill makes more sense than I had previously read. Although Churchill was an assassination target of Zio-terrorists during WWII according to the end of this article:


  14. Thanks Mr. Dean:

    Q: don’t you think folding all these criminally captivated government agencies would result in better situations???

  15. Even the Jews are no match for their own BAD karma…….. I think 2013 is going to be a great year for the good guys and the bad guys are going to wish they hadn’t been born.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS greenrecovery and all at VT.

  16. Agreed. Our governments have been compromised on every level from every direction. A new branch of government would tip the scales. In Canada our puppet prime minister banned all scientific publications from Iranian scientists.I wonder how a scientific paper on creating free energy could be a threat?

  17. the idea that jewish bankers get behind zionism pretty much debunks the idea that the elites are motivated by money-they are motivated by the talmudic rule all passion that has been forever on the lips of the leaders

  18. “Rothschilds kicked out Churchill from UK government because he opposed Zionists.”.

    Curchill was a jew, from his mother´s side. He was also a 32 grades mason. There were whole jewish block there including Hitler and Stalin. Hitler was Rotschild´s illegitimate grandson. Her grandmother served as an aid in Rotschild´s house in Wien, and the rest we already know.. It´s not a coincidence, that he rose to the power “from nothing”, as Stalin. Jewish bankers financed both of them (Prescott Bush, Rotschilds, Rockefeller etc.). Many high rank nazis were in fact crypto jews.

    “71). ….”Judaism was not a religion but a law.” (Moses
    Mendeissohn, The Jewish Plato)”

    Actually judaism is based on the Babylonian tradition and so called oral law, which was banned by original hebreos like Saddukean. Sephardi Jews of today descend of the Edomites, who lived in Judean land some centuries BC until they were kicked off by Romans. They were forced to convert to the Israeli monotheism during the Maccabean government. Still, later on they mixed a lot of Babylonian and Canaan polyteistic rites in the oral tradition. Talmud, which is the most important Jewish literature, is based on the Babylonian tradition. Ashkenazis, so called Eastern Jews, are a mix of Edomite/ Turkish/ Mongol blood.
    They are NOT Hebrews. In fact, today´s “Israel” should be named as “Edom”, as it is called in the Bible (Obadja).

  19. One point of focus is to put the Justice Dept and FBI on the hook for really knowing this and never making a big issue about it.

    For example, after 911 when they were trying to ramp up the needle in the haystack terrorist network hunting they wanted to do, the only place to get personel was to strip the FBI’s white collar crime division. I think that was a 1000 agents. Wall Street partied the whole weekend. And I don’t think they have even been reassigned.

    We need a 1000 investigators just breaking up the Israeli intel networks, and that does not count the court infrastructure and people needed. And because the fix is in politically on prosecuting them we need to get on the table that we need a new branch of government, and invetigative one to protect us from government cooptions, which is where we are now. This would be set up and none of the other branches of government would have authority to put the fix in.

    This would have to be funded by a fixed percentage of the budget as we see the bad guys have easily been able to camer them down. I think the SEC had requested $120 million when Bush came in, and got $30 million. All we really have is token enforcement. The SEC should have a billion a year just for openers and funded through direct fees on their charges.

  20. From a recent article from Dean Henderson on here:
    In the 1920’s Baron Edmund de Rothschild founded the Palestine Economics Commission, while Kuhn Loeb’s Manhattan offices helped Rothschild form a network to smuggle weapons to Zionist death squads bent on seizing Palestinian lands. General Julius Klein oversaw the operation and headed the US Army Counterintelligence Corps, which later produced Henry Kissinger. Klein diverted Marshall Plan aid to Europe to Zionist terror cells in Palestine after WWII, channeling the funds through the Sonneborn Institute, which was controlled by Baltimore chemical magnate Rudolph Sonneborn. His wife Dorothy Schiff is related to the Warburgs.

  21. Yeah the 100 year charter is up next year but one can only speculate at the moment. I asked that question a few months back on here.

  22. Does anyone had an opinion on the 100 Year FED Contract coming up for renewal? Rumor has it the FED was licensed to print the U.S. Federal Reserve Note(s) for 100 years in 1913, and now it’s done.

  23. Good To Know:

    All the various bribes and other payments by the Zionists were/are at the expense of the U.S. Dollar, since they control the FED and the dissemination of money. When they pay their bribes, they pay it with contrived, counterfeited U.S. Dollars. In effect were are paying for our own bribes, since they control the money, and yet the bribe takers feel they’re getting a leg-up-on- the rest of us, which they are but in the long run we all pay for it. The franchise for controlling the U.S. money supply for the last 100 years was worth 100’s of Trillions of U.S. Dollars (passed in the dead of night during Christmas break, illegally),….what did we get, what did they get?????

    Some real conniving treachery, that.

  24. 9/11 was an act of war against the United States. Refresh my memory……. who did it……. ? We should have annihilated Israel on 9/12/2001 but hell, we can’t even mention the obvious. This IS war, but we have yet to formally declare it. Pathetic or stupid or both, you tell me.

    Thanks for the great history, Jim. That’s one of the things that makes this site exceptional, the things we SHOULD have learned instead of the crap we DID learn. Better late than never.

  25. Thanks Jim for another eyeopener from your desk. All through my participations in the ongoing debate in VT, about the HIJACKING of AMERICA by rogue elements belonging to a foreign artificially created nation, whose very same existence depends on the $ billion and weapons, American taxpayers are giving to it each year and free of charge, I have insisted on the fact that said HIJACKING has been and is done by a well organized MAFIA, albeit a ZION TALMUDIC one.

    As a matter of fact, what differs the Zion Talmudic Mafia from “Cosa Nostra” are the sophisticated methodology used to infiltrate, the scoop and extension of the INFILTRATION of all the Institutions of the USA and EU, and its being backed up by a Criminal State that has managed, through its representative associations and think thanks in USA-EU to mascaraed as local-native entities in their own full right, not as FOREIGN AGENTS, at the sole service and to the only benefit of IsraHell, with total disregard to the USA and the respective EU host countries and their people.

    We will advance a lot toward nailing the Zion Talmudic Mafiosi, if we free ourselves from historical-religious considerations and focus mainly on the violations of the laws by said Mafia, and its deliberate-purposeful infiltration of Govt, Academia and Politics committed, together with nearly total ownership of the Media and Financial Institutions, streamlined in order to consolidate the power of the Zion Talmudic Mafia, subjugate the host countries and enslave their people.

    We have within the USA a Mafioso parallel Govt. Its members true enough belong to a an identified ethnic group with recruited helpers and paid soldiers in Congress-Senate-Academia-Courts-Intel-Govt and the Armed Forces. We ought to concentrate on nailing those guys (without any distinction of gender) and make them feel the heat.

    What about a nationwide campaign telling everyone of them that supports IsraHell that he or she is betraying the USA and its Constitution, citing the same reason the Intel Agencies put forward to label IsraHell as the enemy?

  26. ….but why? you asked Mr. Dean?

    My answer is:

    Because America is the captive of the Rothschilds who are in turn Gods to the Zio-Satanists mercenary terrorist force calling itself Israel!!!

    Rothschilds kicked out Churchill from UK government because he opposed Zionists. He was blackmailed & finally let back into UK-Gov. with the condition to reverse his real belief at least to the public!!!

    TREASON has been a tradition in the U.S. White House as you can see below & as Professor Israel Shahak documented President Truman’s American sell out in exchange for a $2,000,000. bribe to recognize a new Zio-terrorist entity in the name of Israel (back in 1948).

    (NOTE:many of my provided links to VT have already disappeared. Please save this before it disappears from source !!!)

    Link to supportive documents:


    these excerpts appear in numbered paragraphs of:
    “436 QUOTES by and about Jews” (compiled by Willie Martin):

    17) ….It is because of this Jewish ancestry, Former Governor Osborn said, that President Roosevelt has the trend of economic safety (?) in his veins.” (Chase S. Osborn, 1934 at St. Petersburg, Florida, The Times Newspaper).

    64) …. “…This weakness of the President [Roosevelt]
    frequently results in failure on the part of the White House to
    report all the facts to the Senate and the Congress;…
    …..Roosevelt remarked: ‘How interesting!
    Sam Roseman, Stephen Wise and Nahum Goldman are sitting there
    discussing what order they should give the President of the
    United States…..Roosevelt dismissed him with the words: ‘This is quite all right, on Monday I shall hear from Sam what I have to do,’and he drove on.” (USA, Europe, Israel, Nahum Goldmann, pp. 53, 6667, 116).

    71). ….”Judaism was not a religion but a law.” (Moses
    Mendeissohn, The Jewish Plato)

    101). “The Jews are the master robbers of the modern age.”
    (Napoleon Bonaparte)

    102). “It being true that the Delanos are wellknown Jews
    from the Netherlands, President Roosevelt is, from the
    standpoint of Jewish Heredity Law, as good a Jew as Bernard M.
    Baruch.” (Letter of May 14, 1939, by Dr. von Leers)

    104). “At once the veil falls,” comments Dr. von Leers.
    “F.D.R’S father married Sarah Delano; and it becomes clear
    Schmalix [genealogist] writes: ‘In the seventh generation we see
    the mother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as being of Jewish
    descent. ……

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