Ventura’s “Brain Invaders”

Jesse Ventura "Outs" US Government Mind Control Attacks on America
Jesse Ventura “Outs” US Government Mind Control Attacks on America

Jesse Ventura Takes on Government Mind Control


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Ventura takes on what we have all suspected for so many years, the government’s use of advanced technologies, very real mind control.

The terms:

Psychotronic Weapons and Bio-Communications Technologies

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Ventura is hitting closer and closer to what we can either call “the danger zone” or “the third rail.”  In this episode, Ventura is dealing with technologies that we have seen, technologies that we have discovered in the course of surveillance operations using advanced hyperspectral ultra-broadband receivers, visual spectrum, combined with signals intelligence monitors that scan for frequency skipping “burst” related transmitters.

What we found is confirmed in Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory episode.

Where he has gone where we have not is in dealing with the concept of who is a “targeted individual” and why.

Thousands of Americans believe they are targeted by mind control technologies.  At one time, we thought of all of them as “tin foil hat” conspiracy theorists.  This was until we were able to break through the encoding within some mobile communications devices, signals we will refer to as “sub-carriers” for lack of a better term.

Years ago, the idea of subliminal messaging, advertising hidden within magazine photos, flashed on TV screens imperceptibly or audio messages that were designed to “reinforce” product choice decision, was banned.

The book, Subliminal Seduction, a product of research by Wilson Brian Key, back in the 1960s, was the breakthrough.

The book and all concepts tied to it were squashed, systematically “debunked” while the US government went full speed ahead in research to, not only gain control of individuals and groups but to implant feelings as well.

Current technology can actually implant false memory, memories of crimes, acts of terror, treason, can be done with total reliability and is and has been done and discovered being done.

Ventura doesn’t always hit a home run every time.  He got the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon “dead on” back in 2009 and has broken more than a few stories that have put him next to the biggest secrets of our age.

Here, Ventura finds Harlan Gerard, a “Bush family enemy” who we have every reason to believe has been targeted.  From an article on Gerard and “targeted individuals” printed in the Washington Post:

The members of this confessional “club” are not your usual victims. This isn’t a group for alcoholics, drug addicts or survivors of childhood abuse; the people connecting on the call are self-described victims of mind control — people who believe they have been targeted by a secret government program that tracks them around the clock, using technology to probe and control their minds.

The callers frequently refer to themselves as TIs, which is short for Targeted Individuals, and talk about V2K — the official military abbreviation stands for “voice to skull” and denotes weapons that beam voices or sounds into the head. In their esoteric lexicon, “gang stalking” refers to the belief that they are being followed and harassed: by neighbors, strangers or colleagues who are agents for the government.

Until recently, people who believe the government is beaming voices into their heads would have added social isolation to their catalogue of woes. But now, many have discovered hundreds, possibly thousands, of others just like them all over the world. Web sites dedicated to electronic harassment and gang stalking have popped up in India, China, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Russia and elsewhere. Victims have begun to host support meetings in major cities, including Washington. Favorite topics at the meetings include lessons on how to build shields (the proverbial tinfoil hats), media and PR training, and possible legal strategies for outlawing mind control.

The biggest hurdle for TIs is getting people to take their concerns seriously. A proposal made in 2001 by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) to ban “psychotronic weapons” (another common term for mind-control technology) was hailed by TIs as a great step forward. But the bill was widely derided by bloggers and columnists and quickly dropped.

Doug Gordon, Kucinich’s spokesman, would not discuss mind control other than to say the proposal was part of broader legislation outlawing weapons in space. The bill was later reintroduced, minus the mind control. “It was not the concentration of the legislation, which is why it was tightened up and redrafted,” was all Gordon would say.

Moreover, I can name several individuals within the diplomatic and intelligence community who have tried to prevent illegal black operations or to interfere with false flag terror attacks and have become victims of efforts to discredit them.

Some of those efforts have involved electronic attacks.

Some have involved poisoning or “drugging.”

More serious is what we have also recognized.  Technology is being used to program terrorists and assassins, in fact most of those we are reading about.

There are two groups that are programmed, the killers and the patsies.

The MK Ultra “mind control program that the Church Committee had brought an end “officially,” decades ago, is now going full speed ahead.

Though assassins are targets, the most common targeted individuals are those who speak up about government corruption, who write letters to officials, to newspapers or even bloggers.

Another area involves implants.

All the things we saw for so many years, the implants we saw so many years on X Files, are not just real but are not a bit uncommon.

The concerns go well past simply a few thousand targeted “trouble makers” that the government wants to destroy.

It goes much further.

Over the past two decades, while under “mind control,” the average IQ of an American citizen has gone down 17%, equally for every race, sex and ethnicity.

The victims?

Tens of millions have been turned into some of those who will watch the video, read these words and feel and think nothing.

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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Funny thing happened after i watched the episode. I turned on the idiot box and there was a commercial for a toothbrush for kids that will play a song in your head while you brush. It sends the song through the teeth and into the brain. My buddy served in the former Yugoslavia and told me about a similar setup used for communicating silently. Minus the toothbrush of coarse.

  2. Good. I just tried to post a link to that site, and the post went pooft! as they are sometimes wont to do.

    God has not permitted any disease without providing a remedy. Only ignoramuses allege that nature has not provided a remedy against every disease.
    – Paracelsus

  3. Why it this web site finally telling everyone the complete real truth?


    God has not permitted any disease without providing a remedy. Only ignoramuses allege that nature has not provided a remedy against every disease.
    – Paracelsus

  4. They “CAN” “BEAM” thoughts into another’s mind there is a patent on it and should you want to listen to the man that invented it I will include a link.

    What’s alarming to me are folks that have just a snippet of knowledge but are compelled in offering opinions and assessments based in complete ignorance related to these fields of research they have never had remotely understood. Yet you folks are relentless in your assertions refuting this oblique knowledge.
    Many Think they are capable after receiving degrees in our illustrious education system that explicitly says these types of technology are impossible. The education system that delivers antiquated narrow banded baloney and calls it cutting edge nonsense then when all you have been made to memorize their drivel they award you a Bs. how appropriate (little joke on the masses there) and PHds.

    So here’s is part one with the inventor of the Neurophone Dr. Patrick Flanagan.

    Open your horizons to the fact that what you know and have learned is never the picture it’s simply a few pixels of the picture you happen to be familiar with. No one has all the answers to any of this we simply have our thread to a rather large mosaic that we bring to this world in offering a better view in understanding we are all here together.

    Just a thought…

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Gordon,

    In case you did not see this. Seems to tie in with “Wanta” and other actions:

    UILO Doc. UCC No.’s

    Caleb Paul Skinner
    Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
    Hollis Randall Hillner

    Guarding, preserving, protecting and implementing
    the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within

    WITH DUE STANDING, AUTHORITY, and AUTHORIZATION, without prejudice, public policy, UCC 1-308, The Public Trust, through its duly bonded Trustees of record, UCC 1- 201(31) and (33), knowingly, willingly, and intentionally duly issues this OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of DISCLOSURE regarding “POINT ZERO” pursuant to mandate, this December 25th, in the year of our creator, Two Thousand and Twelve as the creator lives, the following is true and correct and we are competent to say so:

    Yes. The Commercial Registry. The Uniform Commercial Code. Commerce. Whether
    “Domestic” and “International”…matters not. Over many moments of present, it was quietly and covertly made the supreme law of all lands on earth, the secretly prized pinnacle of human capital and natural wealth registration and management of what have been formerly referred to as the “powers that be.” With feverish focus and commitment, it has been made uniform right before your very eyes…albeit, “eyes wide shut” for the most part. What is not widely known, is that this “supreme law” has been duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE and duly gifted to the people equally and jointly as their full indefeasible title, ownership, and rights as SECURED PARTY, a matter of record, unrebuttable and unrebutted.

    In line with the most skilled magicians known and unknown, the existence of another sort of “magician” began to emerge. A sort with the unrivaled charisma, acting skills, and “backing” of the most decorated talent. A sort with a fanatically deep-rooted and cultured focus and commitment that was perceived by them as “un-rootable”, “undiscoverable.” This sort, deceptively tantalized the people with the distraction of CONSTITUTION and DEMOCRACY created by the slight of knowingly arrogant hand on one side, while the other hand covertly REGISTERED the Truth in COMMERCE by the “slight of the pen” with the other.

    Swearing absolute solidarity amongst their own kind, this sort agreed to secrecy…never to reveal the Truth, for fear and absolute knowing that this sort’s world, nay their very existence, would end if the Truth were ever known to “their audience”, “their capital”, the people. At the very best, if the Truth be known, the people would no longer believe and pay tribute again, leaving this sort of magician to disintegrate in the sole vampiric company of their own kind. At the very worst….well, this sort never got this far. Their ego was so great they could not fathom someone outside of their inducted kind competent enough to discover the Truth, let alone someone being of capacity, willing and intent to effectively use and enforce it…

    In order to insure this sort’s Agenda, they routinely and tirelessly trained their apprentices to practice this sort’s “magic”. At any and all costs, the Agenda was deviously preserved, protected, and, for the most part, quietly and covertly implemented by REGISTRATION in COMMERCE. When doubt crept in amongst their own kind, this sort would resort to the darkest methods imaginable and unimaginable to keep their kind “in line”, focused and “committed”. This sort did arm their unwitting and witting apprentices alike with the motto that “intelligence rules the world, and Ignorance bears the burden!”, and they reinforced the allusion of guaranty of the “truth” of this motto by using the same tricks of shock and awe, deception, fear, coercion and force that they used to keep the people “on the edge of their seats”, nevertheless, “in their seats”…like good “capital” should be. However, ego was to be this sort’s fatal flaw…resulting in their lack of contingency plan for the scenario of their failure to succeed by REGISTRATION of Agenda.

    Not only did those with a fierce competency emerge throughout the many, many, many moments of present, but they knowingly, willingly, and intentionally did and do use and enforce it without conflict and without prejudice in a ever quiet manner, with a superior focus and commitment to Truth, and the highest good of all people, that baffles and disorients this sort of “magician.” Every action made is duly bonded and REGISTRED in COMMERCE and NOTICED. This sort of “magician” desperately tried to adapt at each of these moments of present, ever fearful, causing this sort to make fatal mistakes of transparency, albeit not known by the people in full context…yet. In the end, this sort’s overwhelming complacency, lack of competency, and lack of capacity by their own choice of action rendered this sort’s unfathomable end duly REGISTERED as absolute unrebuttable and unrebutted Truth in COMMERCE.

    Those of competency regarding this sort’s existence and “magic” knew that the most effective way to guard, preserve, and protect the people, all the people equally, was to ever quietly implement the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within by action of REGISTRATION of “Zero Point” or “Prime” in COMMERCE, unrebuttable and unrebutted…knowing that the affects of the action taken to lawfully, legally and duly secure the people and their wealth domicil therein under perpetuity, the Truth, could be subsequently known in context from within the people. This Truth that this sort of “magician” knowingly, willingly, and intentionally attempted to “hide” from the people, “their audience”, “their capital”, by extreme deceptive acts, practices, systems and other heinous actions to keep the people “on the edge of their seats”, nevertheless, “in their seats”, like good “capital” should be. However, this sort’s actions and systems, a matter of record, have become their shackles that no amount of “magic” will free them from.

    This sort’s actions and systems, whether under the deceptive guise of “government”, “office”, “treaty”, “act”, “constitution”, or “entity”, inclusive of the private systems formerly known as, “NATION”, “UNITED NATIONS”, and its special agencies of “IMF”, “THE HAGUE”, “WORLD BANK”, and “BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS”….from each family of this sort of “magician”, from land to land, sea to sea to “The Holy Sea”, all have been lawfully, legally and duly verified as REGISTERED in COMMERCE as duly FORECLOSED…duly verified DEBTORS to the people, all the people equally on earth, on October 24, 2012, as a matter of law, matter of fact, and as a matter of public policy…unrebuttable and unrebutted. Over many moments of present, the lawful and legal standing, authority, value, rights, and principle of law aligned with common law of the people, all the people equally, have been lawfully, legally and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as it was created by Prime, by Zero Point, by creation, as a matter of record, unrebuttable and unrebutted.

    This sort, DEBTORS, are duly verified and REGISTERED as bankrupt. The states of body of the people, all the people equally, and the wealth domicil therein, have been duly “unhidden” from where it has always resided…where this sort of magician has always focused and committed its attention…on management of the people.

    The people, all people equally on earth, have an individual duly verified sum certain of FIVE BILLION (5,000,000,000.00) in lawful money of the united states of America, GOLD and SILVER… over THREE QUINTILLION, FIVE HUNDRED QUADRILLION (3,500,000,000,000,000,000.00) just in duly verified EQUITY DEBT against the DEBTORS. There is an additional duly verified sum certain of FIVE BILLION (5,000,000,000.00) in lawful money of the united states of America, GOLD and SILVER, for each of those people damaged by the actions and systems of the DEBTORS…over THREE QUINTILLION, FIVE HUNDRED QUADRILLION (3,500,000,000,000,000,000.00) lawful money of the united states of America, GOLD and SILVER, in duly verified DEBT OF DAMAGES against the DEBTORS. This DEBT does not include the repossession of tangibles unlawfully and illegally obtained by the DEBTORS over the many, many, many moments of present…those, too, shall be duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as the lawful and legal full title, ownership, and rights of the people, equally, and placed in a digital exchange, that shall also be owned by the people equally, for lawful, legal and transparent commerce …..(continues)

  6. I am in a position to explain to you what I wrote since I am the one who wrote it. I am not full of myself Jackson what I am is tired. I have problems with humanity and said this. You mistook my video post for something other than what was intended, just a recognition of a small spark between people breaking their zombie inner circle selfish programming of not connecting with strangers, to open up. Maybe two or twenty people may be more open to a conversation with a stranger about some important issue after that. Maybe, maybe not. Despite my frustration with humanity or rather because of it, I appreciated it for the small but important things I saw in it, separate from religion. I am clear that you saw nothing at all good about it. So be it.

  7. Jackson 5:18 post, the point is, the controllers have worked for decades to create the many divides between us. Before there can be ‘meaningful’ connection there first has to be connection, at all, rather than self absorbed zombies on tech. However small the connection, it’s a step. More of that, and soon more are connecting, talking about what matter, and that, is what the cabal does not want. I cannot spend more time explaining this to you now.
    Now, what have You done in the last week, in person not online, to connect briefly to others, strangers in real, daily life, and inform them. Or are you one of those who just sits around complaining. Many of us have been informed and frustrated, some far longer than you, we are also tired, but move daily to change what we can. So, what are you doing to connect and change the situation.

  8. Perfectly understand your position Jackson, but think FvH is correct in his analysis that community spirit has been attacked at all levels (for the last 40 or 50 years or more now actually) That is part of the plan and it comes straight out of the Frankfurt School – Excalibur has posted some very good links on that in the past. Maybe if a non-religious Flash Mob clip had been posted it would not have been jumped on so quickly…..( ? )

  9. Yes Duay I agree, people went from looking like zombies in a bubble to looking alive. Suppressed need was so evident, getting to see barriers coming down was/is a good breath of oxygen.

    And thanks Serf, good to see you also.

  10. Jackson, your statement was QUOTE “they are brainwashed zombies”. In the english language that denotes that ALL persons enjoying the moment are “brainwashed zombies” which you then went on to presume ALL “believe in fairly tales” etc. Your infantile rant subsequent to that further assumes that because people stopped for a moment to connect, and enjoy something, that they otherwise do not care about killing and injustice.
    While that is the case with far too many people, throwing a blanket over everyone there, and anyone here who may enjoy the video, shows your own ignorance. For example, see my postings prior to the video post. Clearly, I am greatly concerned about serious issues which threaten to kill not only us, but people worldwide (in addition to all of the phony wars), Yet, I was able to for a moment enjoy the display of people connecting.
    You are in no position to howl at me regarding the ignorance of the many which plague our world, I have been long aware they are as or more dangerous than the evil that is running the show, because the masses are what enables it. I struggle daily with the same vicious disgust that you have for those who choose ignorance, my point was and is, if people can reach past that ignorance to see what is happening, and we have to – it is the only means we will have to stop what is happening. It’s not about religion, but bridging past societal divisions. Why don’t you put your energy into informing people and bridging the gap rather than misreading online comments and getting angry, which serves no purpose.

  11. FactversusHype –

    Great! The people raising their voices together in song, and bringing the listeners together as well.

    I totally agree with what you are saying here.

    I just searched “flashmob” at youtube and was struck with the large number of views those videos get! Suppose there might be an appetite for getting together? …a suppressed need?

  12. Jackson
    I have not been posting much the last few months so perhaps you’re generally unfamiliar with the merit of my typical analysis, or posture, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt whether you’re a troll only this once.
    Had you read my post correctly you would have viewed my notation/exception for the event’s “religious tone” -meaning, regardless of it, the point was/is the event and people enjoying a connection between them.
    What the cabal is most afraid of, beyond all else, is that people will reach past the divisions between us they’ve worked decades to install, from destructing the family unit, to inciting racist, sexist division, to religious division i.e. muslim hate, etc., and connect.
    Your foaming at the mouth hatred for Christianity blinded you to my point. My point is about people connecting and the benefits of it. I am well aware of the pitfalls of overdone ‘worship’ and people who but follow religious leaders/a religion to the point they fail to think or act for themselves, it’s a problem. However that is a subject separate from the point I made, and make.
    The wide variety of the people at the mall obviously constitute a wide variety of backgrounds, therefore for you to state that those who appreciated the connection happening must all support war is a ‘mind numbing’ assertion. Yes evangelical hard cores and their blind patriotism are a problem, right alongside the phony leftists who don’t care about false war killings so long as they get their doles.
    Over worship and ignorance in any form is a problem, neither has anything to do with my post. People need to get past their myriad programming, and connect, in order for us to survive. The video was a good example of that, regardless of, or in your case in spite of, the religious tone.

  13. Again, I posted about this quite some time ago. It will be interesting to see if my post goes up. I have not been checking because I post in several places to make sure that the word gets out.

    Review the Akwei lawsuit against the NSA. Then review Charles Schlund’s lawsuit against the Bush family. There are tons of websites that deal with this phenomenon. The PATENTS RELATING TO THESE TECHNOLOGIES ARE IN THE WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION in Europe ( The one that permits tracking of individuals is called BIOVIBE. When I first began telling people about these things and the PROJECT ZOMBIE equipment that CHENEY bought from Russians when the Soviet block fell, people thought that I was making this stuff up. I wasn’t. Maybe I don’t have the connections of the “military” intell types who frequent this place, but I have done a very good job of digging these things up for almost a decade now.

    The discovery that people could be controlled via radio signals came out during WWII when men too close too radio towers experienced a variety of strange reactions. Crichton wrote about these topics repeatedly.

    By the way…diet is extremely important to counteract this stuff.


  14. Everyone should have their own personal pulse generator whereupon they may use it for purposes unique to individual or group intent . Get one today ! Plenty of choices for all budgets ! fight fire with fire!

    Who started it?
    Radionics was founded by Dr Albert Abrams (1863-1924), a native of San Francisco, under the original name of ERA – Electronic Reactions of Abrams. This was in the same era as the discovery of radio transmission and many related electric phenomena. Therefore Dr. Albert Abrams naturally assumed that those effects he was observing when dealing with his patients were also electromagnetic in nature, and he therefore named them radionic.

    How does it work?
    Radionics is a method of sending precisely defined healing energy to people, animals or plants, no matter where they are in the world. The name reflects the view of early practitioners that they were ‘broadcasting’ healing. Practitioners use an instrument to both analyse and treat the physical and emotional weaknesses evident in the patient’s subtle energy field. Understanding this field requires extensive study. The instrument serves to focus the thoughts of the practitioner and many types are in use, varying in complexity from computerised machines to quite simple devices. Once the weaknesses in the subtle energy field have been identified specific healing treatments, usually coded in the form of numbers called ‘rates’ which represent the ideal energy states to be induced, are conveyed to the patient with the aid of the instrument.

  15. Good explanation how the media works. I have the strange feeling that there will never be an open house presentation where the media shows how incoming news items are selected for publishing (and where the media presents statistical numbers of what is not published).

  16. Gordon….Thank you for mentioning this on Veterans Today ever since I have been involved in the 911 truth movement I have been constantly harassed I to have herd Voices in my Head since I have been involved as well I have been followed by Government officials from Arizona all the way to Michigan, with a attempt to assasinate me on Highway 80 near Gary India in 2007 December, I have also had numerous feelings of sharp pins and needles feeling in legs and feet since getting involved in 911 truth, Jesse is telling the truth. Navy Vet Gulf War 1 1987-1995

  17. After reading Stephen Lendman’s great (meaning XXL, but great too) MKULTRA-aticle (link below) I always wondered about Robert Monroe, because if governments can use and sell drugs like LSD governments could also sell mini-MKULTRA-devices to Hemisync New Agers messing with your brain frequency. So: Does someone at VT know something about alleged CIA advisor Robert Monroe (whose Wikipedia entry is paper thin) and whose father allegedly worked for the CIA?

    Stephen Lendman’s article:


  18. To me it makes no difference if Mr. Ventura is a liar, a cheater, a hero or a con artist. The reality of mind control is what this is really all about. It is not always as technically complicated as we think. After the 9/11 disasters, the major newspapers and news programs did a heavy mind control on the majority of Americans and some Europeans. It started with bringing on the retired Generals and other high up retired officers as “Independent consultants” in the news media to give “expert advice” on Iraq, terroists, Ben Laden, 9/11 and National Security. In addition to being payed by CNN or Fox or the NY Times or Newsweek or whatever, they were lobbyists for the defense industries, and still getting Mentor fees from the Pentagon. Independent my ass. They would meet with Sec. Rumsfield every week and be given talking points to take to us naive patriotic idiots. And during and after the lead up to the invasion of Iraq the TV news stations would put a picture of Sadam shooting his rifle in the air or branishing his sword, or Ben Laden doing similar aggressive looking actions, and within the same screen in a split picture they would show the twin towers falling down, and all the while talking about terrorism or having terror stuff running on the words on the bottom of the screen. This juctaposition was a subliminal mind screwjob to get more then 75% of the American people and many others into believing that Iraq and Sadam was responsible for 9/11 along with Ben Laden. It worked and 3 years into the Iraq war, over 75% of the American public still bought this bullshit. And this after our disaster in Vietnam based on lies and propaganda. They only have gotten better at mass mind control.This has been obvious to me since Vietnam and it is sad. You have to have mind practices that many ancient and wise cultures use to be able to block this shit. Most folks don’t know about this stuff and dont even know the everyday level of mind manipulation that is happening to them for many reasons. Alot of it is for profit and control of the population out of greed, paranoia, eletism, contempt for the masses and fear of revolution from within.

  19. Excellent comment. Not just the internet. Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV channels, Movies. Marx postulated the economic determination of values. Had he lived through the US labor movement he might well have considered the bankers development of role model values and consumerism in shaping mankind for their own profit. We are now off the farms, in urban and suburban housing, and dependent upon our cars, their oil companies and their war economy. An environmentally and fiscally unsustainable party has ended. Dissent cannot enliven it. Ventura’s show is shattering. Sad that MIT/CIA guy does not give us a little hint of who our unelected and untouchable new guardians happen to be.

  20. A book or scroll WAS the TV of the ancient world. It was considered to be magic by most and at the very least the mark of the privileged class. So the manipulators quickly discovered that “it is written” would soon become “it is believed”…… they could turn the world inside out, as long as they had control of the written word, the books, the scribes, the laws and records, the parchment or tablets themselves.

    Think that may be why they’re trying so hard to control the Internet?

  21. At Leslie Davis:

    I am calling you out at high noon over your attempt to silence and shame Jesse Ventura.Had you the definitive proof that he was lying about his military career and medals you certainly would have reported him as a violator of the Stolen Valor Act as it was in effect in 2002.That would have ended Mr Ventura’s political career and any credibility for his TV show.

    You chose to uitilize the sensational aspects to promote your book.This is a cheap shot and libelous to boot.perhaps you will be called upon to defend your accusations in a court of law.

    Navy career
    From December 1, 1969, to September 10, 1975, during the Vietnam War era, Ventura served in the United States Navy. Ventura graduated with BUD/S class 58 in December 1970[8] and was part of Underwater Demolition Team 12[9][3]
    Ventura has frequently referred to his military career in public statements and debates.[10][11][12] He was criticized by hunters and conservationists for stating in an interview with the Minneapolis StarTribune in April 2001, “Until you have hunted men, you haven’t hunted yet.”[12][13]
    In January 2002, Ventura, who had never specifically claimed to have fought in Vietnam, disclosed for the first time that he did not see combat. However, Ventura, who was stationed at Subic Bay in the Philippines, was awarded the Vietnam Service Medal, which was given to military personnel who took part in the contributions to the war effort in Vietnam.[9]

    Many people never saw combat during the Viet Nam War.I was one of them and stationed in other parts of the world.When I finally got my orders the troops were diverted elsewhere.I think you read too many comic books

  22. Why was global communications and decoder specialist with high security clearance (few perform this job) sent from Army base abroad, to this AFB, then weeks later is half brain dead? I guess the works were started here more then 30 years ago. I also guess the military investigator (detective) discovered the above victim received “poison wine” prior to his trip to AFB. And what of this military detective, he was told, if you continue pursuing such things, you will end up like your brother (1980’s). Later this detective (also high level clearance) would become slowly disoriented and now is missing. Seems wasted time, as there are many stories as above, as are people who know. For many years.

    So GD, if you can’t clean your own backyard, how can you clean others? That’s all Gordon, no more here.

  23. Why was global communications and decoder specialist with high security clearance (few perform this function) sent from Army base abroad, to this AFB, then weeks later is half brain dead? I guess the works started here more then 30 years ago. I also believe the military investigator (detective) discovered the above victim received “poison wine” prior to his trip to this AFB. And what of the military detective, he was told, “If you continue pursuing such things, you will end up like your brother” (1980’s). Later this detective (also with high level clearance) would slowly become disoriented and thereafter missing. Seems wasted time, as there are many stories as above, as are people who know how they operate. For many years.

    So GD, if you can’t cleanup your own backyard, how can you clean others? That’s all Gordon, no more here.

  24. Years ago Vance Packard wrote a book titled, “The Hidden Persuaders”. It was advertising related but carried a broader message. One man’s “persuasion” is another man’s “mind control” and it didn’t begin with television. At a Royal Academy dinner in 1906 Rudyard Kipling prefaced his remarks on literature with the following tale:

    “There is an ancient legend which tells us that when a man first achieved a most notable deed he wished to explain to his Tribe what he had done. As soon as he began to speak, however, he was smitten with dumbness, he lacked words, and sat down. Then there arose—according to the story—a masterless man, one who had taken no part in the action of his fellow, who had no special virtues, but who was afflicted—that is the phrase—with the magic of the necessary word. He saw; he told; he described the merits of the notable deed in such a fashion, we are assured, that the words ‘became alive and walked up and down in the hearts of all his hearers’. Thereupon, the Tribe seeing that the words were certainly alive, and fearing lest the man with the words would hand down untrue tales about them to their children, took and killed him. But, later,
    they saw that the magic was in the words, not in the man.”

    Paul of Tarsus combined myths from pre-history with the ethical teachings of a great Rabbi, knowing that this could sweep through a dying empire and provide stability, albeit rigorously enforced, to formerly barbaric emerging tribal states of today’s Europe. The Holy Roman Empire controlled minds as effectively as any modern black op electromagnetic devices, not to mention our omnipresent idiot boxes. Myth and narrative have always manipulated mankind’s masses, so-called enlightenment and reason ages notwithstanding. The latter have provided illuminating philosophy created by upper class intellectuals who never really comprehended the brains of their servants and their slaves. When they spoke of the dignity of man they were referring to members of their own club. In the Beginning was the Word. Today that is still the greatest tool of those who would be kings.

  25. Also reminds me of old WWII Veteran, who passed away some years ago. He lived in your backyard G; would not talk much about the war, but was in large tank division. However, any mention of the above AFB, well, this was another story. Why someone in Army, so concerned about work at this AFB? You figure this one out GD.

  26. MK-ULTRA with Remote Brain Control:

    This Science-Channel program aired Dec. 19, 2012, demonstrates invention & utilization of Remote mind control technology which invented in late 1940′s!!!

    It is possible that all high level patsy assassins since 1950 (like Sirhan Sirhan) had this technology installed in their brains:
    Save the above videos before they disappears!!!

    Also it would be good if VT save the videos & web-pages that readers link and archive them because many of them have permanently disappeared!!!

  27. I learned about subliminal adverts while at Umass 1960’s. The marketing professor was bragging about it. Along with planned obsolessence. It was a what the heck moment for me. I dropped out.

    Joy to the world,

  28. Searing and humorous, Wolf. Here is something for you and others to see, you can bet this sort of thing makes the cabal and it’s corps livid, because it’s the Last thing they want -people connecting. Getting off their tech for a minute, being in each other’s proximity and connecting to a positive message. This should be or likely is viral, regardless of the religious tone, as the general positive works magic against what the cabal has worked so many decades to destroy in us, connection, people connecting positively. Paste to browser –

  29. It reminds one of a pyramid with eye at the top, or group that oversees all. From a distance the sides of this pyramid seem smooth and height not known. However, the reality is there are stairs on this pyramid leading to the top, and what of the “illusionist?” They create this illusion the stairs do not exist, so the height can not be reached. Good luck Dr. P.

  30. I remember how Ayn Rand’s famous book “Atlas Shrugged” changed my perception of reality. She wrote of two types of people in the world, the wealth creators who want to be left alone and the parasites, those in government jealous of those with talent using the authority of religion and state regulating and taxing those that produce wealth, the parasite class has no intention of leaving anything alone.

    She was adamant that if those that drag us down would get out of the way then we would all enjoy endless prosperity of their genius. Imagine if Tesla’s inventions weren’t sequestered and squashed, free energy for all, drive bigger than HumVee planet wreckers 4×4’s, energy is free, why settle for 500 horsepower and 6,000 pounds of Detroit iron?

    What Ayn Rand didn’t tell us that government wasn’t just interested in being a blood sucking nation wrecking parasite, it was being invaded and infested with supremacist Neanderthals was more interested in getting all this genius technology for itself so as to completely dominate the entire energy spectrum, all communications, all transportation, all of space and air, etc. And it (being run by those psychopathic bankers) wants to put us into a total surveillance state, anyone steps out of line then the matrix of cameras and microphones and flying robotic spy insects could completely monitor and harass and even kill any dissenters.

    Welcome to the nightmare of technology, thanks geniuses! America’s skies soon to be filled with every type of Ai drone looking for any who dares step out of line. Even worse the geniuses in that myriad of defense contractor corporations has been perfecting voice to skull technology, why not play god and talk to your targets, drive them crazy so they jump off a cliff or gun down bus loads of nuns. Here are some links of what happened to actor Randy Quaid:

  31. It occurs to me that he uses a technique to reveal some facts, while at the same time de-legitimizing those facts by using hokey over-dramatization, thus putting negative overtone on his information. Then there’s the bunker show that turned out to be regular storage facilities. Wondering if that was to take the focus off of the CO facilities or what. I believe he’s ‘allowed’ his shows because of these trade offs. Can’t just have the plain truth now can we. As you for you G, good job considering you’ve one hand tied. Appreciate you doing as you can. As I’ve said, and you’ve said, it’s up to us to analyze for ourselves.
    Hello to JD also. Appreciate your recent works as well.

  32. Hey Wolf, they’ve been gathering DNA on everyone for some time, think ‘hippa’. The medical records laws have nothing to do with our health and everything to do with cataloging us for a variety of nefarious purposes. One of Obama’s first acts was to mandate 19 billion for forcing med practitioners to make their records electronic -for download to the govmt. This was missed by many given the other massive financial scams also taking place during that time. As for the towers, tens of thousands now blanket the US, of course they are not cell, they are haarp/elf. Add in neural tech being completed to link you to your computer, morgellons fibers from chemtrails being installed in all of us, and it’s not hard to see how this terror is happening not only to thousands mentioned by G, but is about to be done to all of us. Meanwhile, people stupidly clamor for more ‘tech’, oblivious..
    Grinch like article indeed, but true.

  33. Great article. Timely too. This is an important story typically suppressed and pushed to the periphery. As usual, the cloak of secrecy supposedly justified to protect national security has been imposed on this whole subect area. You won’t be learning about this on the evening news but you can learn about it now by waching Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory TV Show on True TV or reading articles like this on Veterans Today. Doubt this is a big deal, then ask yourself this question. Is the Secret Shadow Govt spending hundreds of billions on these systems to just communicate with submarines or provide good cell phone reception? Or is there a long term hidden agenda to stifle dissent and shape human thinking and reformulate society? And why do so many folks claim their ears are ringing so much lately?

  34. What is human, and what is not?

    Insert from past, “They would place an entity within this civilization, a “thing”, one with no emotion.” And such would have extraordinary intelligence, and thus, the peoples of this civilization will determine their destination by influencing such thing, whether good or bad. One can not interfere with this outcome; only intervene in time.

    Much science, technology, and exploration in these waters and such is pointed, yet no one points. Emotion is “distinct” characteristic for what is human, and what is not. And one false sense or perception of the above stated is “fear”, over come your fear.

    Try looking in your backyard, maybe some AFB, not what is seen, what is not. It’s like a message in a bottle, or something.

  35. I know for a fact that most cell towers are rented, not owned by the company who manages the service in the individual localities. I used to align and calibrate cell systems for a major manufacturer / system contractor. We had to constantly be aware of other equipment on the towers, who owned it, what frequencies / bands it operated on, etc.

    Microwaves were used (in the 1980’s and ’90s anyway) to coordinate cells in the overall system….. to “track” a mobile phone as it moved. Many of these towers were littered with microwave transmitters (they have a distinctive “mushroom” shape) that were NOT used for cell phones, that much I do know. Some are used in the broadcast industry, to link production sites with transmission sites, for example, but my experience was that the sheer volume of hardware hanging on these towers was hard to explain.

    My point is that Ventura’s thesis is not far fetched and is even quite practical. It also jives with my experience that there is a awful lot of microwave hardware “hanging around” that even industry insiders can’t identify.

    I watched this video and it’s all quite low-level intelligence, with a lot of Hollywood lighting and sets and sensationalist editing thrown in. However he does manage to present a plausible thesis that seems quite practical.

    And gee, where have we seen other evidence of a sect of ” Chosen People” that have been commanded by Yhwy itself to “take control of all the nations of the world” (Genesis, Deuteronomy) and who just HAPPEN to have more money and power than they know what to do with?

  36. Also, as mentioned above, all the cell towers are linked, and they have WAY TO MUCH POWER going to them than is needed for just cell phone and sundry uses. Why all the power, and how are they integrated into the array that may include GWEN and perhaps other delivery systems. He really stepped into something with this show and it needs to be pursued. Unconstitutional violations of our rights is an understatement.

    I think Jesse is real, he is in a dispute with Time Warner, they have not paid him, and are trying to terminate the series. I wouldn’t say he is in with them by any means. Do a little research on it. Not everyone is bought and paid for and you can’t fight every fight, you must pick and choose your battles, otherwise you burn out and be of no use to anyone.

  37. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Woody Norris and his invention. It’s mind blowing and the video link demo is below:

    His tablet about 1′ x 14″ can direct sound to an individual in a crowd so that the sound is only created inside the persons ear. So you could be in a crowd and this could be aimed at you and only you hear the sound, voices, music, or whatever, clear as day while the person next to you hears nothing.

    I saw this demonstrated a couple years ago and thought immediately about how it could be used for good or mis-used for evil.

    Woody even mentions several of the possibilities in his demo. One was that people might hear voices that sound like God talking to them and telling them to do things, the person next to them hears nothing. This could drive someone nuts. Or lets say they are being told that their life is being threatened by someone nearby and they need to act or die. And the voice is clear as day, and only they can hear it. They ask others around them, “Did you hear that?” and no others have heard a thing.

  38. I found out about gangstalking a couple of years ago. I’d had a few weird occurrences. I came home one day, and things had been moved around. Small things(this was a studio apt, btw, not many places for things to get lost). My computer was on a different website than the one I left it when I’d left the house intially. My TV remote was gone. I just thought I was being another remote from the cable company, and forgot about it. 2 weeks later, I come home..and the original remote(not the replacement) was sitting on my coffee table in plain sight. I’ve had cars keyed, my car’s engine tampered with. I thought I was being followed. this all started when I started speaking out on 9/11 and related topics.

    I don’t think I’ve heard any voices in my head, but I have had the burning sensation that was described, on the leg/thigh area. I do think there is something to this. Now, how to fight it..keep in mind that everything is vibration(research “cymatics” when you can). My feeling is, the higher your personal level of vibration, the less effect these kind of attacks has. there are any number of ways to raise your vibration: yoga, meditation and many others. I suspect that’s more effective than an actual tinfoil hat 🙂

  39. If you want to know the real reason that Cannabis in illegal, Look no further. While it is overwhelming competition to virtually every profitable and environmentally destructive endeavor of the controllers, it also provides protection to the neurons in your brain as well as virtually every other cell in your body from this assault. No you don’t have to smoke the “Evil Weed” and get high to receive these benefits. It is best consumed raw where none of the euphoric effects are imparted. There are numerous Cannabinoid compounds in Cannabis that are only now being explored, including their effects on DNA. Only a handful are responsible for the high. These are the same compounds that are being re-discovered as the panacea that The Creator intended. It’s truly the “Forbidden Fruit”. And the War On Some Drugs, specifically Marijuana, is responsible for countless preventable deaths from illnesses of the mind and body.

    Damn! My implant is starting to tingle after writing this. Where the hell is the bong?

  40. have you heard/seen this from James Casbolt?
    “My contact has revealed to me that children who are now being kidnapped and taken to underground facilities such as the AL/499, are being murdered in horrific ways and their brainwaves are being recorded into computers at the time of death via a digital links through high-tech cranial implants installed into the children’s brains. As brain-waves and radio-waves are basically the same thing, this horrific energy recorded by super-computers is then being broadcast and sent out through televisions, radios, mobile phones and masts across the country and is affecting the whole population through increased levels of crime, sexual and child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and a general lowering of people’s morals as very human has kind of telepathic receiver which is the pineal gland in the brain. I personally witnessed children being murdered during my time in the AL/499 facility and in recent times children’s throats are being cut and the digital broadcast sent out from the recorded brainwaves at the time of death which is stopping people in this country talking to each and sharing on a intimate level. Children’s hands are being cut off at some of these underground facilities and the frequencies being sent out are stopping people performing day to day tasks as effectively and maintaining discipline in their lives. You may what to recoil from this and deny it is happening but this is a fact and it is time to wake up.”

  41. Or…a translation…he has to dumb it down. Which is what the writers do. I doubt he hardly ever says an uscripted word. You can tell the way they shoot it, they try to make it look like live conversations, but they are really doing a play…again…keeping the script tight and not lose the viewer in this ‘unusual’ material…which is very easy to do.

    A lot of complicated material is passed over for TV because if the viewers can’t follow it…they ‘don’t like you’ any more…which last longer that the show does and considered a big no no. Script writers get paid a lot of money to make sure this does not happen, and get fired if it does.

  42. Movies are now at 24 fps, and each frame is projected twice in succession, giving an effective projected frame rate of 48 fps. This is done to reduce “flicker,” the perception of a succession of individual frames.

    Under the current method, a one-frame subliminal message will be projected twice at 48 fps, meaning that it will last for 1/24 of a second. If the actual frame rate were raised to 48 fps, then the message would persist for only 1/48 of a second. (Likewise, for 1/60 of a second at 60 fps.)

  43. Why can’t Ventura produce shows without all the hyped up production values? Why can’t he play it straight? It’s annoying to listen to and completely undercuts his messages.

  44. The most sophisticated technology for control of the human mind and our d.n.a code is the geometry formed by the streets and monuments in Washington D.C. Also the computational geometry formed in D.C. makes the TITAN computer look like ‘JUNK’. I buy my Mars bar at Market Square. YOU know what that means GRIGORI!

  45. Or how about this discussion about strange sounds in television programs which I copied a portion from (but my set of ears is too old to hear the sounds mentioned), could the VT-laboratory examine this?

    So far this thread has shown that it’s not only live TV but pre-recorded programs that have the sound. People are also hearing it during movies airing on television despite the sound being absent in the original. Some people can hear it, others can’t. According to the sound experts that have posted, this is not a result of digital compression//sonic artifacts or watermarking because it’s a repeating digital rhythm and it’s heard on various channels during different broadcasts. Despite these theories continually being debunked people still post those explanations. People have reported hearing it on the following channels: FOX, AMC, NBC, TNT, TBS, Golf Channel, ESPN, FX, PBS, CBS, NBC and “Channel 9”. The source isn’t a particular cable provider, television manufacturer or sound system. The sound is being heard on TV all over the country. It’s present regardless of the method of viewing; cable, sat, air, or DVR recording.

    The sound people reported hearing on the Emmy’s has been reported on and the explanation was cell phone interference- I didn’t watch the Emmy’s so I’m assuming the sound was different from the one discussed in this thread. If anyone has a clip please share. Cell phone interference is distinct and wouldn’t occur on series television show.

    So I have a few questions: Has anyone heard this sound on television outside of the States? Is the television flat screen or console? Have you heard the sound on both? What are your audio settings? Are you listening through a sound system? When did you first notice it? Are you hearing the sounds more frequently now? Are you now able to pick up the sound even if it’s extremely faint? How many people in your household can hear it and what are their ages/sex? (hearing changes with age but this sound seems to be audible people of various ages, but only a minority of people can hear it)

    Maybe if we compile information we can figure out the problem. Or perhaps point us in the right direction.

    I started hearing the sounds maybe a year ago. I initially heard it during Breaking Bad. I notice it more frequently, on more channels and during different broadcasts. Starting two weeks ago I’ve began hearing it in commercials. I can now recognize it when it’s extremely faint. I’m using a console TV (heard it on another console TV before receiving the one I’m currently using). Sound is currently set to stereo from the television speakers (I will change the settings next time I hear it to see if it makes a difference). I’m 30, female. I had my brother, 29, listen to the youtube clips from Fringe and AMC- he can hear the AMC sample but not the Fringe sample. I can hear both, maybe because I’ve been sensitized to it. I have DirectTV.

    During this post I’ve had Breaking Bad playing in another tab via NetFlix instant watch, the sound isn’t there.


  46. How about the frame rate change in movies (48 fps like in The Hobbit, maybe 60 fps in the future with Avatar 2)? I could imagine that this better “frequency” includes better manipulation techniques — but I was not able to find a discussion about this topic.

  47. Agreed. The information in that video was for entertainment purposes and subtly meant from scaring off whistleblowers. The amount of resources they would have to waste to pursue that many non-integral targets outweighs the benefits.

    Also telling was how quickly they cut through the mystery like a hot knife through butter. One lead to the next, and then, a nonsensical riddle that Ventura’s son magically had a blue overlay sheet to for his map of GWEN antennas.

    To transmit microwaves most effectively while dually keeping the target located, these people wouldn’t be using the GWEN antennas, they would use satellites. That would correlate more with their theory about massive Iraqi surrender.

    Data mining operations would also be an enormous waste of time and capacity. The existence of Google and Facebook are more indication of an inability to control the populace than one speaking to absolute control — they necessitate stalking. Although, they might just be diversifying the portfolio as well.

    The brainwashing occurs by acceptance of ideas through entertainment. Here, a “conspiracy theory” show with a former wrestler.

    However, it does not mean that everything that was mentioned was bogus. See my explanation below.

    Merry Christmas to you, Green!

  48. It was almost grinch-like to post this on xmas eve, Gordon. This is pretty mind-boggling and depressing stuff. I wonder how individuals are specifically targeted though. I mean do they get a DNA sample somehow and dial them in through that?…or do they track them somehow via GPS coordinates?

    There was a closely related article on Jim Stone’s website: ****

    An excerpt:
    “There is something fishy with the cell towers. Beyond a doubt, the cell towers in America are NOT what we have been told they are. A reader sent me this: . . . . .“Jim, Years ago I owned a telecommunication and underground utilities construction company, and many of the contracts involved bringing electricity, fiber optics, etc to underground bases in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Texas.

    I had to go through a lot of background investigations and sign documents saying I would not divulge where I “my company” was bringing these utilities to. My company also erected many cell towers, and I always wondered why they had us bring so much electrical power to these cell towers…”

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