Pentagon Held Secret Meeting With Nuclear Industry 2003


By Sherwood Ross


U.S. corporations that reap billions from making nuclear weapons have “a direct voice” as to “their use and deployment,” a distinguished political scientist warns.

On August 6, 2003, a secret meeting was held at U.S. Strategic Command headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Neb., that brought together more than 150 “senior executives from the nuclear industry and military-industrial complex,” writes Michel Chossudovsky, Professor Emeritus at the University of Ottawa and Founder of the Centre for Research on Globalization, of Montreal.

According to a leaked draft of the agenda, the secret session included discussions on “mini-nukes” and “bunker-buster” bombs with nuclear warheads “for possible use against rogue states,” Chossudovsky writes in his new E-book, “Towards a World War III Scenario,”(Global Research.)

The meeting was intended to set the stage for creation of a new generation of “smaller,” “safer,” and “more usable” nukes for use in “in-theater nuclear wars” of the 21st Century, Chossudovsky writes. No members of Congress representing the public were in attendance.

Barely a week prior to this meeting, the National Nuclear Security Administration(NNSA) disbanded the advisory committee that had “independent oversight” over the U.S. nuclear arsenal, including the testing and/or use of new nuclear devices.

The nuclear industry—which makes both nuclear devices and their missile delivery systems—Chossudovsky writes, is controlled by a handful of defense contractors, led by Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Boeing.

Meanwhile, “the Pentagon has unleashed a major propaganda and public relations campaign with a view to upholding the use of nuclear weapons for the ‘defense of the American homeland,” Chossudovsky writes. He points out:

“In an utterly twisted logic, nuclear weapons were presented as a means to building peace and preventing ‘collateral damage.’ The Pentagon had intimated..that the ‘mini-nukes’ with a yield of less than 5,000 tons are harmless to civilians because the explosions ‘take place under ground.’ Each of these ‘mini-nukes,’ nonetheless, constitutes—in terms of explosion and potential radioactive fallout—between one-third and six times the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.”

Based on the twisted notion that the “mini-nukes” are “not dangerous for civilians,” the U.S. Congress in 2003 gave the Pentagon and MIC the “green light” to use tactical nuclear weapons in “conventional war theaters” (such as the Middle East and Central Asia) alongside conventional weapons, Chossudovsky writes.

This new nuclear doctrine, he goes on to say, turns reality upside down not only by denying the horrific impact of nuclear weapons but by asserting “in no uncertain terms that nuclear weapons are ‘safe’ and their use in the battlefield will ensure ‘minimal collateral damage and reduce the probability of escalation.” Chossudovsky notes, “The issue of radioactive fallout is not even acknowledged with regard to tactical nuclear weapons; neither is the issue of ‘Nuclear Winter.’”

To justify pre-emptive military actions, U.S. National Security Doctrine(NSD) requires the fabrication of a terrorist, or “outside enemy,” threat, the author writes. As well, the doctrine needs to tie said terrorist threats to “state sponsorship” by so-called rogue states. Here, the Global War on Terror(GWOT) directed against Al Qaeda fits right in as essential building blocks in the Pentagon’s GWOT campaign.

Under the latest nuclear doctrine, the Pentagon discards the policy of fighting in “self-defense” in favor of “anticipatory action.” This war would allow the use of nuclear weapons against a “rogue enemy” who is alleged to plan to develop WMD at some undefined future date, Chossudovsky writes.

“Nukes would serve to prevent a non-existent WMD program (e.g Iran) prior to its development,” the author explains. “This twisted formulation goes far beyond the premises of the 2001 Nuclear Posture Review and NPSD 17, which state that the U.S. can retaliate with nuclear weapons if attacked with WMD.”

And by integrating nuclear with conventional armaments on the battlefield, “there is the risk that tactical nuclear weapons could be used without requesting…presidential approval,” Chossudovsky writes. He asserts, “combat commanders would be in charge of Theater Nuclear Operations(TNO), with a mandate not only to implement but also to formulate command decisions pertaining to nuclear weapons.”

Moreover, because these “smaller” tactical nuclear weapons have been reclassified by the Pentagon as “safe for the surrounding civilian population,” thereby allegedly “minimizing the risk of collateral damage,” there are no overriding, built-in restrictions to prevent their use, Chossudovsky writes. Stockpiled tactical nuclear weapons, he concludes, are now considered to be an integral part of the battlefield arsenal, “part of the tool box,” so to speak, used in conventional war theaters.

Sherwood Ross formerly worked as a columnist for wire services and as a reporter for major dailies. He currently operates a public relations firm “for good causes.” One of them is the book, “Towards A World War III Scenario.” Reach Ross at [email protected].


  1. By the way, it was on LBJ and Mcnamara’s watch that the USS LIBERTY was deliberately attacked by the Rogue-murderous State of Israel, in broad daylight and sailing in International Waters 15 miles out at sea…

  2. Sorry Sherwood, I was not enough explicit on point 8). It should have read: (LBJ), “The Zion Talmudic Mafia Controlled CIA’s Choice for the White House as POTUS, after murdering JFK”.

    In matters of burden of proof in a court of law, “what is public and notorious does not need to be proven”.

    1) I never said that JFK or any of the Kennedy was a tool for the Zion Talmudic Mafia. My firm belief is that JFK and his brother Robert, on the contrary, wanted to put an end to the influence-interference of the ZTM-Armament Industry in American Affairs-policy shaping-procurement choices and decisions. The Kennedy Bros. aimed to prevent the Rogue State of Israel from acquiring nukes, and wanted to get rid of the Privately owned unconstitutional Federal Reserve, transferring all or parts of its functions to the DoT, i.e. “his signing of the executive order 011110 (06-24-1963) and demanding that Israel’s Installations in Dimona be opened up for inspection”, ut supra.

    2) JFK’s assassination, (later also Robert Kennedy murder), was a Coup d’État, in which the INTERESTS of 2 parties converged: Israel and CIA/CFR. From 1950 to 1990, the CIA was the Military Arm of the CFR, the later run by the Rockefeller and Nelson Rockefeller’s special counsel Dr Henry Kissinger.

    When JFK was slain in Dallas-Texas, John J. McCloy was head of the CIA, (chairman of the CFR 1953-1970). He was a Rockefeller man, former head of Chase Manhattan bank, (Money-Politics-Wars overt and covert Ops did mix then and they still do today, being the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons, the ones who shape and implement the policies, and what they can’t get from the White House, they go to Congress and/or Senate and get it (Public and Notorious).

    3) JFK wanted to break the CIA into pieces. Quote from *****,

    “In brief, on June 28, 1961, President Kennedy himself signed National Security Action Memorandum #55. This important order was directed solely to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff who at that time was General Lyman Lemnitzer. Its subject, clearly stated, was “Relations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the President in Cold War Operations.” In layman’s terminology

    “Cold War Operations” meant “Clandestine Operations.”

    Kennedy opened that directive with memorable words:

    “I wish to inform the Joint Chiefs of Staff as follows with regard to my views of their relations to me in Cold War Operations:

    a) I regard the Joint Chiefs of Staff as my principal military advisor responsible both for initiating advice to me and for responding to requests for advice. I expect their advice to come to me direct and unfiltered.

    b) The Joint Chiefs of Staff have a responsibility for the defense of the notion in the Cold War similar to that which they have in conventional hostilities…” UNQUOTE.

    4) LBJ was about to be ousted from the Democratic ticket of 1964 by JFK and Robert Kennedy, who considered him corrupt (Boby Baker’s scandal). Thus, out of desperation or honey trapped with his Jewish mistress, maybe blackmailed too, LBJ was the right choice for the White House by The Zion Talmudic Mafia and the Armament Industry. JFK wanted to get out of Vietnam by 1964, they didn’t.

    Right now a cleanup is being done within the DoD-Pentagon. That’s why the Zion Talmudic Mafia is panicked by the sole idea of Hagel taking over as head the DoD after Leon F. Panetta.

  3. There are always those who will seek advantage and seek to profit from whatever is happening at the time, with no real attachment to the principles involved. Being without real education, with no spark of insight and fully programmed to follow the well-worn path, they are easily manipulated by others more clever who dispense money, titles, status and positions in the hierarchy. They will produce weapons or power plants… wars or great development projects… whatever, as long as it pleases their master and yields the maximum seen possible.

    Underlying all this, or defining what is outside the boundary of the current well worn path, is the war between two forces or epistemological outlooks.

    1. Those who espouse a wary, even paranoid, protectiveness over whatever they can get away with claiming to be their right or their property or inheritance. Physical force rules the world; some men are born lions, some sheep. That is the way it is and always shall be. The universe is a dangerous, creepy place. Do unto others before they do unto you.

    2. Those who espouse “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Man has an inherent creative ability to overcome challenges, to develop new means and new levels of civilization, to know that it is not unrealistic to expect that I can exit this world at the end of a given lifetime leaving it some better not only for my kids, but for your kids and for all kids. The universe is a loving place. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  4. Ken, thanks for your lengthy and interesting reply; there is not much in it with which I agree. Take your point No. 8, in which you describe LBJ as “The Zion Talmudic Mafia” choice for the White House. Are you saying that JFK didn’t pick LBJ as his running mate because he needed Texas to win the White House? Are you saying JFK was a tool of the ZTM? As for your point No. 9, I agree entirely the Liberty attack was no accident but deliberately made by Israel but that doesn’t mean the U.S. is “owned lock, stock and barrel by the ZTM.” In point No. 8, you assert the ZTM was behind the Viet Nam war to profit its network of banks. That is a sweeping generality you make without offering real evidence. Which banks? What connections to Israel? Where’s the proof? — Sherwood

  5. Thank you for this post Sherwood Ross. It is indeed a very interesting issue; you bring up here through this post. It does deserve serious attention and in-depth analysis, being the fundamental question: HOW did we get to the situation, you describe in your article?

    Let us go to the ROOTS, in order to understand WHO controls the Pentagon, Congress, Senate and the White House and to the BENEFIT of WHOM, let us have a look at the Power Structure in the USA, in relation to how policies are pushed through and how crucial decision (be it National Security/Defense, Financial/monetary Policy or Foreign Policy) are shaped, implemented, WHO stays behind them and whether it is done with the aim of serving the interests of the AMERICAN PEOPLE or (I dare say) EXCLUSIVELY THOSE of the ROGUE STATE of ISRAEL and the ZION TALMUDIC MAFIA that has hijacked America, included the PENTAGON.

    First, I would like to point at one tragic date: Dec 23rd 1913, which has had dire consequences on shaping America’s future as a Nation and in particular the WAR MONGERING role the Pentagon has undertaken on behalf of Israel since the Day the Federal Reserve was permitted to FINANCE war and indebt the Law abiding-hard working American People.

    1) I will even go further back in time: The American Civil war was engineered by the Rothschild Banksters, to prevent the USA from having its own independent National Bank, issuing DEBT FREE MONEY,

    2) The Crash of 1929 was done by the Zion Talmudic Mafia, in order to prepare WW II, bring about the necessary CHAOS to create the Rogue State of Israel and reap huge benefit out of the DESTRUCTION of GERMANY and the rest of Europe. Japan did not escape being targeted for destruction, on behalf of GB-ROTHSCHILD, to eliminate it from being a competitor-purveyor of goods and services in Asia, which was viewed as detrimental to the coffers of The Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons. The reason is that the CULTURE of the Japanese (Bushido and Honor) was an absolute deterrent for the establishment of Zion Talmudist Profiteers on Japanese soil or infiltration/control over the Japanese banks. The Zio Mafia knew too well that infiltration-manipulation-usury is ‘KINJURU’ and what a Katana can do to those who think that they are “Chosen” to be above the Law and allowed to create their own MYTHS and RULES, with total disregard to those who do not belong to the Mafioso Outfit …

    3) We have been pushed into WW I & WW II by Zion Talmudic Conspirators acting as ‘Consiglieres’ for presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt States side, working in cahoots with the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons based in London-Moscow,

    4) Gen Patton was disposed of by the same Zion Talmudic Mafia, because he refused to do their bidding in Germany. We kept quite: No investigation, nobody convicted…

    5) We have been pushed into the Korean war, because of the GREED and AGENDA of the Zion Talmudic Mafia, controlling America’s foreign policy, financial/monetary policy, lobbying for more wars, i.e. more debt and more profit for the Armament Industry, stock trading in Wall Street,

    6) Two years later (1956) the same Zion Talmudic Mafia turned its attention to GB-Fr and wanted to take over Egypt, which then was attacked by GB-F-IL. We had the courage then, to say STOP.

    7) President JFK was killed because he was aware of that the Zion Talmudic Mafia was set on getting total control of the USA, through INFILTRATION of the US Institutions and Politics, his signing of the executive order 011110 (06-24-1963) and demanding that Israel’s Installations in Dimona be opened up for inspection. We kept quiet and said nothing,

    8) 1964, full involvement in Vietnam under Lyndon Johnson, (the Zion Talmudic Mafia choice for the White House), the False Flag of the Gulf of Tonkin was carried out as a pretext to send troops in. Quickly the war, apart from bleeding America dry and killing and maiming for life AMERICANS and hundreds thousands innocent Vietnamese, got turned into a Drug and Money laundering business, through the Zion Talmudic Mafia Network of Banks: Total disregard of HUMAN LIFE, infrastructure destruction, ecocide, suffering of the affected people, Veterans marked by it for life, all of it motivated by GREED and PROFIT,

    9) The Lavon Affair, the COWARD attack on USS LIBERTY (8thofJune1967) by the Zion Talmudic Rogue State of Israel: 34 innocent Americans killed and 174 equally innocent Americans wounded. A crime which until today, the Rogue State of Israel did not pay for, the reason is, then and more now, the USA has been and is hijacked and owned lock, stock and barrel by the Zion Talmudic Mafia,

    10) October 23, 1983, the Marines barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, were bombed. 241 Americans lost their lives. The Rogue State of IsraHell was involved, had foreknowledge of the attack. It kept it for itself. We withdraw and left Lebanon open for Israel’s infiltration and incursions, until Hizbollah taught the Rogue State a lesson in July 2006, Israel is not about to forget,

    11) 9/11 was a FALSE FLAG Ops an Inside Job, asked for and needed by the PNAC GANG, as the catastrophe necessary to get the American People and EU into “Infinite Wars” against Muslims on behalf of IsraHell. We are still in it, looking for WMD in Iraq and for Al Qaeda in Bora-Bora, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, ten-thousands US-EU citizens lives lost and millions Muslims slain in Iraq-Afghanistan-Libya-Syria-Gaza… on behalf of the Rogue State of Israel, with $$$ trillion in debt, financial and economy crisis at home and abroad, restrictive laws of our liberties and the corrupt politicians giving 24 standing ovation to the Top Don of the Zion Talmudic Mafia, Netanyahu, a psychopath-compulsive liar-murderer of children and women.

    Now I want to know WHO runs and control the PENTAGON, Americans or the Zion Talmudic Mafia, embedded in Govt and ALL its Institutions?

  6. A meeting of this type and substance, without the presence of the representatives of the U.S. citizens, was/is completely illegal. How then was it held?

    “The meeting was intended to set the stage for creation of a new generation of “smaller,” “safer,” and “more usable” nukes for use in “in-theater nuclear wars” of the 21st Century, Chossudovsky writes. No members of Congress representing the public were in attendance.”

  7. This speech is referenced and quoted in the video I linked to above. It’s but a small part of the picture. Emphasis is mine for the purpose of this post.

    N.Y., AUGUST 14, 1960

    I am grateful to you, Mrs. Roosevelt, for allowing me to be here today. For I come to Hyde Park not to instruct but to learn.
    And I think that we can all agree that Eleanor Roosevelt is a true teacher. Her very life teaches a love of truth and duty and courage. The wide world is her neighborhood. All its people are her daily concern. She is frank; she is outspoken; she is forthright – and I know she always will be.

    A visit to Hyde Park is both a pilgrimage and a challenge. We journey here to pay tribute to one of America’s most honored leaders. And we find here a challenge to renew the march toward those high goals of peace, and freedom, and a decent life for all men, to which he dedicated his life.

    “I occasionally go back home to Hyde Park,” said Franklin Roosevelt, “so that I can have a chance to think quietly about the country as a whole.” Today, in the turmoil and conflict of our daily lives, we, too, can pause here a moment to think about the man whose home this was – and about the Nation which he led to greatness.

    Standing on this quiet lawn – this spacious and soothing scene – it is difficult to recall the furious battles which were fought by the man who lies here in honored glory – the conflicts which he waged; the victories which he won.

    [Note; FDR was Commander in Chief when Jack Kennedy was serving on his PT boat in WW2]

    Yet we who lived while he governed can, here at Hyde Park, still hear the echoes of those heroic struggles; the struggle to rescue America from poverty and economic collapse, the struggle to build a new America where all could live in dignity, the struggle to secure freedom against the ominous armed advance of tyranny and oppression, and, the last, the most arduous, the unending struggle, the struggle which his wife still steadfastly carries on, the struggle to build a world of free and peaceful nations.

    If these battles were nobly fought, if the America of Franklin Roosevelt had a rendezvous with destiny, it met that rendezvous only because it was guided to its destination by a great leader of men.

    Today we commemorate one of those battles – the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935 – the most important single piece of social welfare legislation in the history of this country. It was 25 years ago this very day that Franklin Roosevelt could say, after a long and arduous struggle: “Today a hope of many years’ standing is in large part fulfilled”; and with that he signed his name and social security became law.

    For millions of Americans, with that one stroke of the pen, their insecurity and fear were transformed into hope – their poverty and hunger were transformed into a decent life – their economic degradation was transformed into a chance to live out their days in the dignity and peace they had so richly earned.

    But the job which Franklin Roosevelt set out to do in 1935 is not yet done. That opening battle was won – but the war against poverty and degradation is not yet over. And no one realized this more than Franklin Roosevelt himself. “This law,” he said, 25 years ago today as he signed it, “represents a cornerstone in a structure which is being built, but which is by no means complete.” We are here at Hyde Park today – not merely to commemorate the cornerstone but to help complete the edifice.

    It is fitting that we celebrate this anniversary. It is essential, from time to time, that we pay tribute to past greatness and historic achievement. But we would betray the very cause we honor if we did not now look to the future as well. We would be unfaithful to the man we honor if we did not look beyond his work to the new challenges – the new problems – the new work which lies ahead. For the last public message he ever wrote, on the morning of his death, closed with these words to the American people: “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.”

    This is not 1935 – or 1945. This is 1960 – and today there are 16 million Americans past the age of 65; 3 out of every 5 of these – more than 9 1/2 million people must struggle to survive on an income of less than $1,000 a year; 3 million more receive less than $2,000 from all sources combined; and those who draw social security receive an average check of $72 a month which – in 1960 dollars – does not begin to do the job.

    With the cost of living continually spiraling upward, with the cost of basic items continually rising – $72 a month or $1,000 a year cannot pay for even the most basic rudiments of a decent and dignified old age. And, even worse, the substandard incomes – the poverty and neglect – dissipate and destroy the morale, the self-respect, the personal pride of our older citizens.

    These are shocking and shameful figures. They unmistakably reveal the dismal poverty, the hardship and the lonely want which millions of Americans must face as they near retirement – they describe the meager and humiliating reward which this, the richest country on earth, gives to those who have contributed to our country’s strength.

    This poverty and hardship becomes heartbreak and despair when illness threatens No costs have increased more rapidly in the last decade than the cost of medical care. And no group of Americans has felt the impact of these skyrocketing costs more than our older citizens. Almost 20 percent of all those on social security must use one-quarter to one-half of their meager annual incomes for medical expenses alone. Those over 65 suffer from chronic diseases at almost twice the rate of our younger population – they spend more than twice as many days restricted to bed – and they must visit a doctor twice as often. And even these impressive figures do not tell us of the uncounted thousands who suffer from lack of needed medical care – from lack of vital drugs – and of hospitalization simply because they cannot afford to pay the bills.

    Of course, some of those who are now uncared for can get free health care. But such public assistance is often painstakingly slow, the tests for giving it are often rigid and unrealistic. The care itself is often impersonal and inadequate.

    And even more important – thousands of our older citizens would rather endure pain and suffering than rely on public charity. And they should not have to ask for charity.

    This story is a living story, not merely statistics. It is deeply burned into every city and town, every hospital and clinic, every neighborhood and rest home in America’, whenever our older citizens live out their lives in want and despair under the shadow of illness.

    You have seen it in your States – I have seen it in my travels across all 50 States. It is a sight engraved upon our minds and hearts, but it is a sight which, together, we can wipe from the face of this great rich land forever.

    First, we must enact immediately an adequate, comprehensive plan to enable our older citizens to meet their pressing medical needs. Such a plan, a soundly financed program without a destructive, degrading means test – based on the tried and tested operation of the social security system, is now before the Congress; and it can – and should – and must be enacted this year.

    But I also say to you that this bill will be – like the original social security law – only a single stone in an unfinished structure. It is an important start toward meeting the health problems of our older citizens – but it is only a start. And the coming years will require even more of us.

    Second, we must broaden and extend the current scale of social security benefits, which have barely kept pace with the rising cost of living. We must devise machinery that will enable us to keep ahead of rising prices – so that human welfare will not be cruelly dissipated by inflation.

    Third, we must raise the amount which retired persons can earn and still be eligible for social security benefits – so that our older people can supplement their meager benefits with meaningful outside employment.

    Fourth, we must provide more than benefits. Our older people must receive not only their earned reward for their contributions to America’s past – they must be allowed to share in the great task of building America’s future. Today too many of our older people who can work – who want to work – cannot find work. Their abilities and skills – their experience and wisdom and knowledge – are wastefully ignored, by a country which desperately needs their services.

    We must embark on a great program to use the skills of older Americans – through changes in Government hiring policies – through expanded employment services – and through an intensive education of our Nation’s employers to the immense value of this great reservoir of unused talents.

    And, since new work for our older citizens will often require new training, we must expand vocational training facilities to ease their change to new job opportunities.

    Fifth, we must provide adequate housing for the aged – housing which will be an integral part of the community in which they live. For this we may need a new program of loans, and new incentives to builders to construct homes which meet their special requirements.

    Sixth, if we adopt these programs of housing and employment, and construct a system of adequate benefit – then we can move to reduce the number of those who must depend on public assistance, thus increasing the benefits to those who still need assistance.

    Seventh, we must expand our basic research into the causes and prevention of those chronic illnesses and diseases which are associated with advancing age.

    Eighth, we must do more for the widows and children who survive. Today, the widow whose savings are gone – who is forced to live on an income even less than her husband’s retirement benefits – is truly the “forgotten woman” of social security.

    We must remedy this shameful defect in our law.

    And social security is just one of the many, vital battles for human welfare which are now being waged. I come to you from a Congress where we are fighting to secure a decent, minimum wage for millions of Americans. This, too, is an important and arduous struggle. And many other such struggles lie ahead.

    To meet these urgent responsibilities will take determination, and dedication, and hard work. But I believe that America is ready to move from self-indulgence to self-denial. It will take will and effort. But I believe that America is ready to work. It will take vision and boldness. But I believe that America is still bold.

    The writers of the Declaration of Independence did not promise us happiness – they promised only the “pursuit of happiness – and by this they meant fulfillment as a Nation and as human beings.

    It is this pursuit – this endless questing – which we must now resume. There are new problems, new dangers, new horizons – and we have rested long enough. The world is changing – the perils are deepening – the irresistible march of history moves forward. We must now take the leadership in that great march – or be forever left behind.

    And this is why we have gathered here at the home of enduring greatness – not merely to pay tribute – but to refreshen our spirits and stir our hearts for the tasks which lie ahead. We celebrate the past to awaken the future.

    This was said for all time almost 100 years ago, by a great American standing at another graveside, at another memorial service. “It is,” he said, “for us the living to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us, that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion * * * that this Nation, under God, may have a new birth of freedom.”

    Today, in that spirit, we pay our humble tribute.

  8. Pentagon morons think they can survive and win a nuclear war. Talk of tactical nuclear weapons and theater limited nuclear wars is conditioning and cover for developing a Strategic First Strike acceptance within the population.

  9. Duay: Thanks for your comments. On the mark! Sherwood P.S. The terrible aspect of this is that they are not lunatics but psychopaths who are calmly, deliberately, exterminating foreigners like so many insects.

  10. Who We Were…

    Who were the American people, when they believed in man’s progress?

    Some older people today still remember a very different nation; they remember an optimistic, productive people.

    We were going to help develop Africa, Indonesia and other countries. We helped Vietnam develop nuclear energy for electricity generation and medicine and agriculture under the Atoms for Peace Program. That assistance ended because of the Vietnam (undeclared) war.

    If President Kennedy had not been assassinated, we would be living in a much better world now.


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