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Silenced and Smeared

Stories to Watch, If We Had a Free and Uncensored Press


by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


VT and her sister websites were hacked. 

We have been working several stories, including one involving a certain “closest ally America has” that we now know supplied North Korea with her new miniature thermonuclear (hydrogen) bomb. 

In honor of our beloved ally, we include this parody of the Senate hearings on the confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

We can only hope that when he gets confirmed that he understands there is another army out here, ready and willing to go to work against one of America’s biggest national security threats.


[youtube p3TtRT7eoSE]

Hagel is the choice of VT, all veterans organizations, all officer and NCO organizations and has over 90% approval with all active serving members of the US military.

The State of Israel and the Republican Party are aligned against Hagel, Israel’s involvement is clearly in violation of American sovereignty.  The GOP are simply a pack of malingering cowards, especially you, Mr. “Hanoi John McCain.”

[youtube iJkudHUWEPk]


Lyndsey Graham took public opinion of the Senate down another notch – and he was not alone

Senator Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina carries the unearned rank of Colonel in the South Carolina National Guard.  Members of that organization have contacted us over the years to express how sickened they are to be affiliated with Graham.

The breaking story that will be developing this week involves illegal attacks in Libya and throughout North Africa perpetrated by the “Joint Special Operations Command.”

We are still clarifying the role General Petraeus played in Benghazi but we strongly recommend the quality work done on Benghazi by the people at

What is clear is that there is a “bootleg command” operating within JSOC that still thinks Cheney and Rumsfeld are calling the shots.  US military involvement in Libya was far more extensive than admitted and there were definitely troops on the ground.

US involvement in Mali, “on the ground,” trying to “un-SNAFU” blunders that had led the Bush administration to build an army of militant Islamic extremists that now threaten half of Africa, have resulted in much of the current destabilization we are now seeing.

The UK Mail released this story today:

David Petraeus was betrayed by his own  bodyguards and vengeful high-ranking enemies in the CIA, who made sure his  affair with his biographer was exposed to the public, a new book  claims.

MailOnline can reveal a new angle on the  story that rocked Washington last fall. It comes from two retired special  operations commandos – a Navy SEAL and a Green Beret – who say they discovered a  plot against the former CIA director while doing research about the attacks on  the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Senior CIA officers targeted Petraeus because  they didn’t like the way he was running the agency – focusing more on  paramilitary operations than intelligence analysis. They used their political  clout and their connections to force an FBI investigation of his affair with  Paul Broadwell and make it public, according to ‘Benghazi: The Definitive  Report.’

‘It was high-level career officers on the CIA  who got the ball rolling on the investigation. It was basically a palace coupe  to get Petraeus out of there,’ Jack Murphy, one of the authors, told  MailOnline.

Initiate knowledge: A new book claims CIA Director David Petraeus was betrayed by his bodyguards, who leaked in affair with Paula Broadwell to his enemies in the agency

Intimate knowledge: A new book claims CIA Director David  Petraeus was betrayed by his bodyguards, who leaked in affair with Paula  Broadwell to his enemies in the agency

Betrayed: Petraeus worked hard to keep his affair with Broadwell secret, but his personal security officers knew the truth

Betrayed: Petraeus worked hard to keep his affair with  Broadwell secret, but his personal security officers knew the truth

Inside accounts: Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL,  right, and Jack Murphy, a former Green Beret and Army Ranger, say they used  their vast network of special operation contacts to tell the ‘real’  story

Murphy and co-author Brandon Webb also  revealed that the September 11 Benghazi terrorist attack that killed four  Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, was retaliation by Islamist  militants who had been targeted by covert U.S. military operations.

The book claims that neither Stevens nor even  Petraeus knew about the raids by American special operations troops, which had  ‘kicked a hornet’s nest’ among the heavily-armed fighters after the overthrow of  Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

John Brennan, President Barack Obama’s Deputy  National Security Adviser, had been authorizing ‘unilateral operations in North  Africa outside of the traditional command structure,’ according to the e-book.  Brennan is Obama’s pick to replace Petraeus as head of the CIA.


Who is really behind the North Koreans – and why?

This has been a busy week.  The world has never been as close to destruction as now, though few understand why.

Where did North Korea get the technology to build a mini-nuke, something they should have been decades away from.  Did they build it at all?

They bought it, in fact, anyone can.  Want one?

Let’s take a second to look at North Korea’s nuclear program.  In 2006, North Korea attempted to detonate what they called a “nuclear device.”

The VELA system detected plutonium.  Seismic detectors registered what was guessed to be a blast in the 2-3 kiloton range.  The Hiroshima bomb was 13 kilotons.

Intelligence officials know the material used was purchased from a Zimbabwean coffee farmer and a former South African defense official.  The origin of the plutonium was an American W 79 warhead lost off Diego Garcia.  Careless disassembly of an aging US thermonuclear warhead yielded two “pits,” one uranium 235 and the other, plutonium.

Both were damaged in the process beyond use.

Vela – South African double flash signature

North Korea faked a nuclear blast by exploding a shipload of ammonium nitrate fertilizer with enough plutonium onboard to create a “signature.”

Things were different in 2009.  On May 25, 2009, North Korea exploded a “gun type” nuclear weapon.  The uranium signature indicate an origin in South Africa, the Pelandaba facility which was run by Israel for South Africa between 1975 and 1990.  Ten nuclear weapons were built, one exploded in 1979 at Prince Edward Island, south of Capetown (300 miles).

Six were taken to the United States to be dismantled prior to the end of the apartheid era in South Africa.

Three “went missing,” transferred by train to Durban, put on a ship in blue 20 foot containers labeled “Blatchford and Company.” In transit, they were “reallocated,” from “nuclear weapons” to “metal cylinders” and dropped in a low security storage area in Oman. 

Soon after they disappeared, except for a minor “hiccup” when one was exploded in North Korea.  Homeland Security believes one more is in America’s Midwest.

South African nuke casings

We have documentary confirmation on, not only the purchase of these three weapons, 55 million pounds, but full details of the transaction, the 17.8 million pound “kickback” paid to Britain’s Conservative Party.  We have access to the team that loaded the bombs onto specially built cradles and the security personnel who supervised.

All have come forward at great risk.  One, Dr. David Kelly, was murdered for his efforts.

Others have been threatened repeatedly, had their homes burgled, their computers and records seized by local “Constabulary,” as they are called in Britain.  All is known, every bit.

One intelligence officer, Gareth Williams,  working on this project was murdered and stuffed into large piece of soft luggage in 2010.  Another intelligence officer was arrested in Britain, also working on a nuclear terrorism issue tied to the Olympic games.

Local police were caught placing child pornography on his computer.  They failed to notice that the videos they were loading on the hard drive were made after they seized the computer.

Police are such jokers.

Current authorities in Britain claimed Iraq possessed these stolen nuclear weapons.  They are now claiming, in endless “backchannel chatter” that it was Iran. But is wasreally Israel. Peter Eyre has written extensively on this.

Was the recent “North Korean surprise” an Israeli purchase also?  A former Mossad agent and Australian citizen, recently “suicide” in an Israeli gulag believed so.  The infamous “Prisoner X,” Ben Alon (aka Zeiger or Allen) had gotten too close to the truth.

The new weapon has a much larger yield and can be delivered, rocket, suitcase or packaged as Christmas tree ornaments. He knew so much more than Mordechai Vanunu, the original Israeli gulag detainee and nuclear whistleblower. But, we are missing much if we stop here.

[youtube nqjQG-Tw9FY]

Israel would so love to be seen as the madman of the world, the “junkyard dog.”  It’s either this or crying out in terror that a band of carpet salesmen are planning to “push Israel into the sea.”  It’s all street theatre, no more.

Why Israel and North Korea?  Why is Israel arming North Korea with American nukes?  Is it Israel or are they the proverbial “grocery clerks,” out to “collect a bill?”

Israel and North Korea are both minor players in the great theatre that some call the New World Order.  Israel plays victim, then madman, keeping the Middle East aflame, flooding American political coffers with drug money.  It isn’t Israel, its just a job they were hired to do.

North Korea?

Behind the closed borders of North Korea, many strange things go on.  North Korea is a giant laboratory for those things that cannot be done elsewhere, things so evil, so threatening, so disgusting, so beyond imagination that maintaining the pretense is vital.

It is all an act.  All of the things that “nobody would ever do” are being done in North Korea, not by North Koreans but “others.”  North Korea is the exo-biology research center for Earth.  Eventually, there may be no one left in North Korea with human DNA. Do with this what you will.

Perhaps we should sink into the mundane.  Now that we have all forgotten Sandy Hook buried in a hundred conspiracy theories, most carefully crafted to distract and dissemble.  We could look to the Middle East, the Syrian bombing, the car bomb in Mosul, or closer to home, the rogue cop mystery in Los Angeles. If none of it fits, you are beginning to understand.

Patton looking skyward for his orders?

Then it happened, the Pope “resigned.”

You can’t understand Joseph Ratzinger unless you have read George Patton’s journals.  Patton served as governor of Germany after the capitulation in May 1945.  He learned to love and respect the German people.  He watched the slaughter, at Eisenhower’s orders, of a million German POWs.

He saw the ethnic cleansing, what would eventually account for over 8 million Germans, murdered or sent to die in the Bolshevik gulags.  Patton saw a very different “holocaust” than we see on TV today.

Find Patton’s real post war journals.  Read them.  Also remember, this was America’s greatest wartime general, probably the greatest military leader since Hannibal.  Doing everything possible to “cartoonize” him, to destroy his legacy has been a cottage industry for the media.

The German pope, Benedict XVI, is the first pope in over 600 years to be forced to resign, “Nixonized.”

For the past few days, for the next few weeks, the rats will be eating at his legacy, conspiracy theories, rumors, bizarre and senseless tales of financial crimes and sex abuse cover-ups.

Those who spread these stories, all without any verifiable origin, all wild conjecture, are “tasked” with finishing Ratzinger off. The task begun when the first picture, the “Sith Lord Pope,” was published.

Why does Julian Assange always look like Mussolini when photographed?  Do you think all photographers lay on the ground when taking pictures of accused rapists?

The moves against the pope began with his investiture as they did with John Paul II, meant to die at the hands of a Bolshevik assassin.

You have to understand this about the Vatican, it has run the most powerful intelligence organization in the world and has done so for centuries.  The Vatican archives contain so much more than some quite terrifying secrets, and there are enough of those.

Some know, perhaps a few, that since the Papacy of John Paul II, the church has been assailed from within by Satanists within the College of Cardinals.

From an interview with Fr. Malachi Martin:

[youtube stMgtPH8S-A]

If you have skipped the four minute Martin interview, I suggest you bookmark this article and return to this later.  If you are a Christian, I suggest you spend time looking into my good friend Father Martin, his interviews and books.

Father Ratzinger’s issues, those that led to his downfall, were very much related to the issue of Satanism and the Vatican, that and a historical context, a mosaic as it were, that many miss.

Review what you feel you know about the post-war years.

Ratzinger was a German soldier during World War II.  He saw, first hand, what Patton saw, the systematic destruction of the German people.  Germany was subjected to the most brutal ethnic cleansing and holocaust of any nation save Carthage.

A German mother and her two daughters – get the treatment

Millions murdered, millions raped, millions starved, a nation consigned to shame and damnation at the hands of what we now so very clearly recognize as something substantively worse than Hitler could ever be accused of.

What we have of the war, and I am very much of the generation of Americans born after the war, those steeped in the mythology of Nazi evil, of American triumph, raised to question nothing, to lap up propaganda, and give only thanks.

Ratzinger began to become a serious threat as the Church dealt with the trial of Bishop Williamson, tried for “holocaust denial” in Germany.

Williamson had appeared on a radio show in Sweden and had questioned the legally sanctioned “German revisionist holocaust mythology.”

He was free to do so in Sweden but NOT in Germany.

Though Williamson was not in Germany, his broadcast was played in Germany and he was extradited and prosecuted for committing the crime of “illegal speech” that, though it wasn’t perpetrated in Germany, it was “heard” there.


Where did Williamson’s ideas come from?  Williamson, a “prince of the church,” had access to the Vatican archives.  They contain the most extensive archives on World War II in the world today, including materials capable of bringing down the oligarchical power that so many today serve, the very real Kingdom of Satan on earth today.

When you hear America called “the great Satan,” it isn’t the joke some might think.

Ratzinger saw the Williamson humiliation as the “last straw.”  He was going to open the Vatican Archives. In the process, the version of the holocaust that is taught would have come to an end.

We are going to end this piece with a short video.  You can clearly hear police ordering the murder of Christopher Dorner, a supposed “rogue cop’ responsible for several killings.  We don’t believe a word of it, just another “Sandy Hook.”

[youtube cNk-bV40XMc]

These same police gunned down two women delivering newspapers on a day or so ago.  It seems that murdering Dorner was a priority no matter how much collateral damage was incurred in the process. Police are such jokers.

Editing: Jim W. Dean



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