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David Duke Strikes Back

Harry S. Truman: "Jesus Christ couldn’t please them when he was here on earth, so could everyone expect that I would have my luck"

VT Nuclear Education: Mossad/N. Korea Links, MOX

The materials below were selected from a huge archive I have been given, some public, some less so, to publish. In general, minimally, it exposes the US government as dangerous, incompetent and deceitful in its handling of both nuclear materials and our national defense.

North Korea Working on ICBM ‘for Nukes’ with Iran intelligence agencies...

WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – IRAN – Iran, N. Korea Working on ICBM ‘for Nukes’Iranian collaboration with North Korea on a new rocket booster for long-range missiles undermines the recent deal with Tehran on its nuclear program, key Senate and House Republicans said on Tuesday, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Perpetual Wars and the Dreadful Few (Part I)

George Madison: “The testimony of all the ages forces us to admit that war is among the most dangerous of all enemies of liberty.”

Israel, Who Loves Ya Baby?

In the EU countries surveyed, views of Israeli influence have hardened in Spain (74% negative ratings, up eight points) and in France (65%, up nine points) — while positive ratings remain low and steady. Negative ratings from the Germans and the British remain very high and stable (69% and 68%, respectively). In other Anglo-Saxon countries, views have worsened in Australia (65% negative ratings, up seven points) and in Canada (59%, up seven points).

MHN: Intell Breach by Congressman, US Paying Big Overseas

The United States is paying more to keep military bases in foreign lands than in the past.

Operation Decepticon—North Korea

- The Iron Mountaind study group conclude that the state’s war-making power provided the glue which held a nation together.

NGOs Claim Israeli Agent Barkan In North Korea

Zev Barkan the suspected Israeli Mossad agent on the run from New Zealand Police has been sighted in North Korea, according to an Asian-based NGO closely linked to New Zealand intelligence networks.

Five Good Reasons Not to Nuke Washington, DC

Kim Jong-un for President!

$42M of Shady VA Contracts, U.S. Girds for Cyber Attack

Despite celebrated budget cuts, the Pentagon is spending big on cyber operations.

What’s Going on With North Korea is Not What it Seems

- The ongoing power struggle is...a financial crisis brewing in South Korea, North Korea and Japan.

An Open Letter to NeoCon Hoodlum Max Boot

Moreover, you have the ministry of propaganda—Hollywood —that produces films such as, Argo (2012), Olympus Has Fallen (2013), G. I. Joe Retaliation (2013), which demonize other nations such as Iran and North Korea and create psychological terrorism and fear in the minds of precious Americans in the name of entertainment.

China Bends to US Pressure and Changes Course in Support of...

Intelligence sources indicated today that China might have bended under US pressure and reconsiders its support in north Korea. Although it is unclear to what extend this might be its certain the China will not favor North Korea in any war against the USA.

Military Headline News: Gulf War Syndrome Exposed

Possibly 250,000 Americans returned from that war complaining of sudden aches, fatigue and cognitive problems. For years it was believed to all be in their heads.

North Korea Defeats US in Comedy Video

Jim Dean says; "You just can't make stuff like this up." He was wrong as the video below proves. I thought the Bush administration was a pack of jokers.

VA to Defy State Gun Law, NK No Longer Recognizing Armistice,...

North Korea has stopped answering the military hotline. Experts read this a dangerous sign the estranged country no longer recognizes the armistice that ended the Korean War in 1953.

Dateline North Korea: Dennis Rodman Bad for U.S. Defense Business

NBA great Dennis Rodman pisses off the Military Industrial Complex calling North Korea leader a good guy! Ouch!

Intel Dump, Wednesday February 13, 2012 – Updated

In honor of our beloved ally, we include this parody of the Senate hearings on the confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

North Korean EMP Attack Could Destroy U.S.A.

North Korea now has an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of delivering a nuclear weapon to the United States, as demonstrated by their successful launch and orbiting of a satellite on Dec. 12.

US Politicians Show More Concern For Israel Than For America

North Korea's recent successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile has exposed a glaring lack of concern for America by US politicians.

Gilad Atzmon: The Penny Has Dropped

Ynet reported yesterday , that in a BBC global poll gauging attitudes towards various countries worldwide, Israel came pretty much at the bottom -- There were just three countries less popular than the Jewish State – Pakistan, North Korea and Iran.

PAKISTAN: Fissile Material Quandary

Proposing a Fissile Material Treaty... By Air Commodire Khalid Iqbal for VT and Opinion Maker Pakistan’s nuclear capability has been security driven and not status motivated....


The job Mr. Lieberman wants most of all is Netanyahu’s. The way things are in Israel and look like going, it’s not impossible that he will get it. If he does become prime minister, I imagine that would signal a move from rhetoric to action as in the chants of his supporters - “Death to the Arabs!”


Former President George W. Bush planned to invade Iran in 2007, even though America's military was exhausted and overstretched by two unsuccessful wars. His own popularity, at a real 8%, was the reason, that and the economic collapse that he was trying to push back until he left office. He believed a war would have saved his presidency, buried the $3 trillion dollars stolen by his friends and given him a legacy to be proud of, even if every family in America suffered.

Boston Brakes, No Skidmarks in the Sky

I had never heard of "Boston Brakes" until two days ago. I had been on the Kevin Barrett radio show yesterday, discussing, among other things, the endless ways to gain control of an aircraft and plow it into a building, something I had been briefed on by my Air Force buddies.

The Cardboard Lotharios

ANALYZING STAGED WORLD CONFLICT   By Gordon Duff    "If those papers have to be produced over the nukes that later got lost in Oman, and on the...

Gordon Duff: Israel Scams U.S. “Gaza Convoy Carrying Stolen Nukes”


U.S.Money: End-User North Korean Nuke Production

Interesting post by Paul Joseph Watson in PrisonPlanet on nuclear proliferation, North Korea and AQ Khan. Clinton, Rumsfeld and Bush played key role in arming Stalinist state,...


BADA BOOM! BADA BING! RIGHTS?   YOU GOT NO STINKING RIGHTS! By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Kim Jong-il, "Supreme Leader" of North Korea can now...