The Strange Death of Hugo Chavez


The Strange Death of Hugo Chavez

Chavez Banner in Cuba

By Michael Shrimpton


As I may have observed in a posted comment, before an IT snafu made uploading comments problematic, Hugo Chavez was already dead.  Precisely when he did snuff it is a matter for informed speculation within INTELCOM.

I incline to the view that he shuffled off the mortal coil before Christmas.  There is no confirmation of his being alive at any time after early December.  When the Cubans sent him back to Venezuela they were sending back a body.  Admittedly it was a warm body, not a cold body, but it was a body nonetheless.  With artificial respiration you can go on pretending that a dead ‘polly’ is still alive months after he has become an ex-politician and fallen off his perch.

Usually it’s a question of being able to hang onto a signature for offshore accounts, or use existing account codes.  It can be easier to shift money before the death is confirmed.  That may have been a factor, as Chavez was into MTN trading, but I suspect in this case the delay was prompted by the need to line up a successor and maintain German control of Venezuela.  DVD again, of course.  Chavez was one of their biggest assets south of the border.

Forget the cheerful hospital bed photos with his family.  I gather he wasn’t that cheerful anyway.  Those piccies were probably taken months ago, indeed they probably had a whole bunch more taken.  It was a bit like bin Laden videotapes.  Al Qaeda probably still have a few of those in their dodgy video library.

The claim that the CIA gave him the cancer is just plain silly.  The CIA are nice people.  They just don’t go around poisoning people, at least not without a very good reason.  The DVD (it stands for Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst by the way) have developed a method of coating cancerous cells with certain types of virus.  This allows them to assassinate people by giving them cancer, the last known case being poor old Christopher Story FRSA, a friend, in 2010.  Induced cancers tend to be quite aggressive by the way, not by accident.

Certain people in Caracas know this, hence the anxieties over a possible assassination.  The illness seems to have taken a natural form however.  The CIA simply don’t have that level of access to DVD-developed biological weapons.  They require tests on human subjects by the way, not something the CIA would be into.

Chavez’s death makes a war between Britain and Venezuela less likely.  Chavez had been making noises about entering the next Falklands War on the side of the Bad Guys, a.k.a. Argentina.   There will be another war in the South Atlantic, but it looks now like it will be a straight fight between Argentina and the UK.

The referendum result has not been announced at the time of writing, but I predict a vote in favour of staying British, with the numbers approaching those Obama might get in a dodgy ward in Chicago.  It won’t quite be Obama numbers (i.e. it will be less than 110%), but it won’t be far short.  We should then reinforce the islands and ramp up development expenditure.  We could take it from the useless overseas aid programs, which usually do more harm than good anyway.

The First Falklands War was a classic example of the price of failing to adhere to the principles of that great Roman general Vegetius.  Si vis pacem para bellum.  I am all in favor of a loving, peaceful world.  The problem is that the Bad Guys aren’t.  They have to be deterred.  The motto was well expressed by that nice man Curtis LeMay and his boys in SAC – “Peace is our Profession.”   It sure was, and they kept it.

Cameron is a weak leader and is cutting defense.  He is repeating the same mistakes the Thatcher Government made in the run up to the first war, when they slashed the Royal Navy and withdrew HMS Endurance.

Since I cannot upload comments at the moment, only articles, I will reply if I may to any sensible questions.  I shall not rise to the abuse from Steve and the other trolls!  I have never had anything to do with DISA, but I have of course heard of the Defense Systems Information Agency.  They do good work, but not at the level where they could be expected to know of the DVD.  The NSA are aware, but the intel tends to be confined to senior people.  DSIA are more a technical support agency than an intelligence agency.  Of course they are in the front line of the cyber war, and I do not devalue the work that they do, but they are not the folk to go to if you want the big picture.

Talking of big pictures I can warmly recommend A Good Day to Die Hard, if you want to give your brain a rest.  There are other ways of resting your brain of course, like listening to Democrats, or reading the Washington Post.  It’s good fun and the helo scenes are great.  Some of the technical comments are correct.  Hanging a military truck off the end of your helicopter will affect your CG.  I like Bruce Willis.  I think he’s a good actor.  The Die Hard movies are great entertainment.  That’s what it’s all about.

As I predicted Cameron’s leadership is coming under question.  Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has been setting out her stall.  Frankly she has as much chance of winning the leadership of the Conservative Party as Mother Theresa had of making Pope.

Michael Shrimpton


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