US hated for kowtowing to genocidal Zionists: Kevin Barrett (Press TV debate vs. Zionist Lee Kaplan)


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An analyst says the whole world is coming to hate the United States of America as Washington’s complete obedience to genocidal Zionists has turned the country into an ‘international pariah.’

US President Barack Obama has reaffirmed Washington’s support for the Tel Aviv regime, saying the United States will never let Israel alone. “As long as there is a United States of America, you are not alone,” Obama told Israeli students in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Press TV has conducted an interview with the founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, Dr. Kevin Barrett, to further discuss the issue. The video also offers the opinions of investigative journalist Lee Kaplan in Berkley. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: I’d like to first start with you Kevin Barrett, Obama has visited Israel and the Occupied Territories will anything change?

Barrett: Well, I don’t think anything is going to change very quickly but I think it’s interesting to look at the subtext of what’s actually going on here.

We just heard Obama saying in Hebrew as long as there is the United States of America you are not alone, speaking to the Israelis. Well the implication is that without the support of the United States of America every single other country in the world is against Israel and actually we’re getting close to that point. Obama did make a very strong point when he said that Israel is on the road to isolation and that it’s losing its friends all over the world.

So I think that on the surface Obama was basically appeasing the Israelis; going through the motions; doing what he has to do to retain a modicum of support among the Zionists who dominate political discourse here in the United States; who give roughly half of all money that’s given to all federal political candidates who completely dominate the media and who own Hollywood outright.

The Zionist lobby is very very powerful here in the US and so it’s very unusual for presidents to break completely from it. That hasn’t happened. Well there hasn’t been a president publicly breaking with Israeli power since [34th President of the United States from 1953 until 1961] Dwight Eisenhower called off the invasion of the Sinai [Peninsula].

And when John F. Kennedy tried to shut down Israel’s nuclear program he was assassinated. We’ve seen since then a pattern of democratic presidents trying to force the Israelis to make peace with their neighbors and with the Palestinians in their second terms.

And let’s look at– Well, Johnson was the exception but with Jimmy Carter he was turned into a one term president in part due to the power of the hard-line Zionist lobby in America.

And then Bill Clinton was basically emasculated in terms of his ability to get anything done in the Middle East and force the Israelis to withdraw to their 1967 borders by the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Monica Lewinsky was sent to Clinton’s White House by his biggest billionaire Zionist campaign contributor.

So Obama is facing a situation in which the last two democratic presidents have wanted to force the Israelis to make peace by withdrawing from the occupied territories with possibly a few minor concessions but that’s the basic peace deal that the whole world has been supporting.

And the last two, Carter and Clinton, weren’t able to do it. Obama is not giving any signs that he is going to come out publicly to try to force the Israelis to withdraw but I think he is sending the message to Netanyahu his arch political enemy that we are going to let you dig your own grave.

We’re going to let you continue to massacre Palestinians and alienate the world until you don’t have any friends left except us and then at some point we are not going to be your friend anymore either.

[Lee Kaplan: blah blah blah]

Press TV: Kevin Barrett why don’t you defend yourself. You want to I believe defend yourself that you are not attacking Jews as our guest their Lee Kaplan has said?

Barrett: He should know about propaganda and lies. I’m sorry you are interrupting me.

The actual motto of the Israeli Mossad is by way of deception thou shalt do war. So their motto is let’s lie in order to kill. That’s what it means: by way of deception thou shalt do war. That’s the official motto of the Israeli Mossad and the Mossad helpers here in the US. They are professional liars and propagandists.

He (the other guest Lee Kaplan) complains about being interrupted and he is, listen to him, he is blabbing for ten minutes saying this insane outrageous nonsense that nobody in the world except for his tiny little minority – and it’s a minority even in the American Jewish community – now that believes this crap.

The vast majority of young American Jews today are fed up with the genocidal fascist state of Israel. Mr. Kaplan talks about fascism but the biggest genocide that is happening in the world today is the genocide of occupied Palestine. The Israeli defense forces target children for murder by sniper fire.

Chris Hedges, one of our best journalists described watching Israeli snipers luring Palestinian children within range of their guns and shooting them for sport and you can read that by Googling Gaza Diary and the author is Chris Hedges. This was backed up by a study by British Medical Journal which showed more than six hundred Palestinian children in the time frame they looked at had been murdered by sniper fire.

[Kevin Barrett in response to Lee Kaplan]… Get out of my face… I am so tired of these extremist Zionists… two sets of rules, one set of rule that applies to them and one set of rule that applies to everyone else and Mr. Kaplan is a perfect example of that. He asked me not to interrupt with two words while he is talking and yet he won’t stop talking while I’m talking. This is typical Zionist behavior.

Press TV: Kevin Barrett explain to us. You know Palestinians are very mad including the PA chief Mahmoud Abbas he came out in this Press Conference and he said to Obama these settlements are illegal. So we are looking at his main message can’t return to talks while Israel expands settlements.

Meanwhile Netanyahu is saying we’re willing to return to talks with no preconditions. What are we looking at? Are we looking at a stalemate here? Are we looking at a stalling tactic by Israel, Kevin Barrett?

Barrett: Israel has been using nothing but stalling tactics ever since it invaded the West Bank and Gaza and stole that territory in a war of aggression in 1967 which everyone now admits was an Israeli war of aggression designed precisely to steal that territory.

There is a very simple principle of international law which is no one can take any territory and keep it by a war. They have to give it all back and the whole world agrees with that and yet we have Israel acting in incredibly bad faith after the Oslo accords by building all of these settlements. They now have more than half a million of these vicious settlers who go around shooting Palestinian children and who are never going to go home.

These are the facts on the ground that these extremist Zionists are trying to establish so that they can keep the land that they stole in their criminal war of aggression in 1967. And of course everybody agreed when the Oslo accords were made that this was a step towards the Israelis withdrawing from every inch of territory that they stole in the war of aggression in 1967.

It was just a matter of assurance that they would be secure in those pre-1967 borders. Everyone from American presidents to the United Nations to the rest of the world is on the same page with that and yet the Israelis have repeatedly used these stalling tactics to try to people all of these stolen lands with all of these settlements run typically by extremist fascist individuals and they are doing that so that they won’t have to give back the land that they stole as the entire world says they have to, and that’s why President Obama says that Israel is not going to have any more friends in the world except for the US…

Press TV: “Obama was in Israel to discuss Syria, how arms will reach the opposition, trying to revive the talks was only a soccer up as he still maintains the same stance towards Palestine viewing them as obstacle to peace talks not Israel.” Kevin Barrett do you agree with our viewer comment?

Barrett: Well, certainly on the surface that’s true. President Obama has jumped through all of the hoops that these extremist genocidal Israeli leaders have put him through. They take him to their little holocaust museum so he can bless this new religion that is replacing all traditional religion; the holocaust religion that everyone has to bow and scrape to and that’s of course the whole justification for allowing this Jewish settler colony in Palestine.

He basically does everything that they tell him to do and yet you get the feeling that beneath the surface Obama is still the enemy of Netanyahu, who tried to get him thrown out of the White House by putting all of his money and all of the organized crime money of Sheldon Adelson the whole hard-line extremists Likudnik Israeli mafia that has so much power here in the US, they put all that power behind Romney and they lost. Apparently because the majority of Americans Jews are not hard-line lunatic Zionists like Kenneth anymore.

(Note: I was confusing Lee with his equally nutty ultra-Zionist cousin, Kenneth “you need to be taken off the air entirely, from every show, everywhere in the world” Katzman.)

So I think that yes on the surface Obama is just dancing to the hardcore Zionist tune but beneath the surface other things may be going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some changes in the future.

Barrett: [In response to Lee Kaplan] Jonathan Pollard was responsible for the murder of more than 100 US intelligence agents Sir. You should talk to some of my colleges at VT about Jonathan Pollard who was responsible for the murder of hundreds of their friends.

You are a traitor to your country. You are living in the United States of America and you are loyal to Israel. Why don’t you get the hell out of my country you traitor you don’t belong here? Why don’t you go to the country that you care about? It’s not the United States of America. What are you doing in Berkley California?

I’m not accusing you of dual loyalties. You only have one loyalty and it’s to Israel. It’s not to the United States. are defending Jonathan Pollard who had over a hundred people killed.

You should talk to some of my colleges at VT, the biggest Veterans publication in the United States of America about their colleagues who were murdered because of the treason of Jonathan Pollard, the man that you and your Israeli friends not Americans, you are not an American, you and your Israeli friends are trying to get this murderous traitor released from prison.

You should be in jail right now; you should be sharing a cell with Jonathon Pollard. If I were next to you right now I’d make a citizen’s arrest. It’s just unbelievable…

Press TV: Kevin Barrett, Israel, a strategic asset to the US or a liability?

Barrett: The biggest liability this country has ever had. The whole world is coming to hate the United States because it is doing everything that these genocidal Zionists tell it to. As Obama said we’re the only friend that Israel has left because the whole world hates Israel and now they hate the US too.

The 9/11 wars which are wars for Israel to destroy all of Israel’s enemies in the Middle East have turned the US into international pariah and the only way to get our respect back ultimately will be to dump Israel and let them face the results of their own actions.


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