Daniel Pipes Promotes Syria's Destruction


Zionism Needs A Balkanized Syria


by Joshua Blakeney

Many Zionist propagandists seem to be losing their knack for deceptiveness (but clearly not their chutzpah).
Whereas Oded Yinon’s nefarious plot to balkanize the Middle East was hitherto implemented under the guise of advancing “American oil interests” and “democracy”, increasingly Israel’s pre-planned genocide and bantustanization of the Middle East, which jeopardizes oil-interests, is being called for more overtly in neocon circles. One such instance seemingly arises in this newly posted video in which Zionist-neocon Daniel Pipes calls for “us” (i.e. Israel’s satellite states like the US , Britain, France) to back Syria’s president-elect Bashar al Assad against Western backed mercenaries so as to “keep them fighting each other”. “I think we are best off strategically when they are focused on each other” Pipes stated on a right-wing talk show. He continued: “Here we have in Syria today; the Sunni Islamists fighting the Shiite Islamists. The Turkish-backed Islamists fighting the Iranian-backed Islamists. Well, let them go at it and let us help them to continue to fight it”.
Is this not an incitement to genocide? Imagine if someone had called openly for arming the Hutus in Rwanda against the Tutsis, or vice-versa, to “keep them fighting each other”? This shows the genocidal impulse in Zionist circles to destroy yet another modern Arab country regardless of the humanitarian cost. But this should not be surprising coming from someone who openly promotes the possibility of deploying “tactical nukes” against Iran. The neocon thinker claims such policies are in “our strategic interests”. By “our” he can only mean “Israel” as US and Israeli interests are patently divergent with Israel needing a destabilized, sectarian Middle East while the US, if it was a rational actor, would want stability to enhance trade between Middle Easterners and North Americans.

[youtube gVFLZ_jV-fs]

Or maybe I am being too hasty in taking a neocon’s words at face value? The rule of thumb when analyzing the comments of the likes of Daniel Pipes is “whatever they say, the opposite is true”. But accepting Pipes’ exoteric message might be justified on this occasion if we keep in mind that Israel is provably siding with the al-Qaeda style adversaries of the Syrian government. Daniel Pipes’ call for backing Assad thus ought to be viewed in the context of the violent-opposition concurrently being armed and/or funded by Israel and its satellite states (US, Britain, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc). Pipes wants neither Assad nor the armed gangs to emerge victorious at this stage. He wants the weakening of one of the few countries that poses a challenge to Israeli hegemony in the region, a country which is allied with Iran and Russia, two nations which oppose Israeli supremacism. This is true regardless of how we view his call for backing Assad.
So what is my reading of the esoteric meaning of this obviously attention-grabbing performance by Pipes? Well, a key assumption in his argument is that Syria’s government needs to be “saved” from its impending ouster. As Pipes opines “I advocate supporting the Assad regime because it’s losing and I think if things go on now that it will be gone”. Pipes is of course parroting the stale line which has been peddled by opponents of Syrian sovereignty for more than two years now, namely that the fall of the Syrian government is happening tomorrow and if not tomorrow definitely the next day. In spite of reassurances by the Western media that Assad’s demise looms large, the Syrian government appears as entrenched and indefatigable as ever.
In short, the “Assad is about to fall” thesis appears to be hogwash. This is partially because much of the Syrian population supports President Assad (and nearly all sane human beings in Syria at least oppose the Western backed armed gangs that are destroying the historic country). But more importantly, Assad has not fallen because, unlike with Libya, China and especially Russia have refused to retract their support for Syrian sovereignty.
Israel’s puppet regimes in London, Washington and Paris especially are trying their best to justify expanding their support for the armed gangs because the Syrian Arab Army is claiming such devastating victories over Zionism’s al-Qaeda-style agents of destabilization.
Hence, the exoteric, outer message, of Pipes’ remarks must be viewed in the context of the Israeli empire builders already backing the opposition. In other words, if taken at face value Pipes is suggesting that the West’s policy towards Syria should be one of perpetuating civil war and bloodshed until Syria destroys itself helping to increase Zionist hegemony in the region.
However, an esoteric reading ought not to be overlooked. The real intention of this performance may have been merely to give some more legs to the “Assad is about to fall” myth which has proven to be so misguided over the past two years. Clearly, Israel’s ardent supporters are trying to drum up continued support for the overthrow of Syria’s elected officials at a time when the West’s death squads are being trounced by a Syrian Arab Army that clearly has the support of the vast majority of Syrians.

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Syrian Girl on Israel’s Support for the Anti-Syrian Government Gangs  

[youtube dLQAlVG1rK8]

Israel’s National Interest vs. US National Interests

[youtube 0nR7-Cmszpo]

Sheik Imran Hosein Predicts Israel’s Plot for Countries Like Syria in 2003 


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