Startling Psychic 9/11 Interview


by James and Sandy Duncan for VT

“Victim” Identifies this as Real 9/11 Terrorist

I’ve been an enthusiastic student of 9/11 Truth for several years now.

The evidence that no Boeing airliners crashed at any of the four sites is very compelling. One of the big questions that arises when you suggest this idea to someone is “What happened to the passengers?”
The facts suggest that there were far fewer passengers than even the surprisingly short and unrealistic passenger manifests presented. Flights are not usually carried out with such low load factors.
Many of the names don’t seem to correspond to positively identifiable people. Additionally, at least seven of the alleged hijackers were seen alive after 9/11. Sadly, we may not ever know exactly who was on the planes.
Two “passengers” that we know for sure were real people and did die on 9/11 were David Angell along with his wife Lynn. David Angell was a writer for the sitcom Cheers and the co-creator of the hit shows Frasier and Wings. All three happen to be favorites of mine, especially Wings (coincidentally named, tragically). I watch Wings nightly on Netflix and as I viewed David Angell’s name on the credits, an idea came to me.
If I could speak to him and ask how he died, it would let me know what really happened to the few actual 9/11 “passengers”. This may not be as impossible as it sounds. As it turns out, my wife Sandy is an extremely talented psychic medium. She talks to spirit on the other side everyday.
Historically, I was never one to believe in the powers of any psychic, in ghosts, the afterlife or even the idea of an everlasting soul. I grew up in a conservative, scientific environment, and was influenced greatly by my consummate-engineer father. Shortly after getting married and moving to Canada, Sandy shared some of her extraordinary gifts with me. Real life came to resemble a different television sitcom — the 1960’s show Bewitched. I felt like an unsuspecting Darrin Stephens on his wedding night as Samantha shared her big secret with him. I was not a believer at first.
However after some extremely powerful and detailed experiences, a new reality became undeniable to me. People’s souls live on in some form and are able to communicate with us. This is a topic that goes way beyond the discussion of this article, but I have another short example of communication written up here at Canada Lightworkers.
I suggested my idea to Sandy and she was very agreeable to try to help. After meditating for a while, she called me into the dining room, where she often does this kind of work. We sat quietly and she told me that David Angell was standing next to me. This was much easier and more comfortable than I had imagined.
“What do you want to know?”Sandy asked.
“How did you die? Did you die in a plane?” I replied.
Sandy listened for a moment and then shared his words:
“Why do you want to know?” Mr. Angell asked. I told him that I was interested in 9/11 and wanted to know what happened. Sandy told me that he can see that I’m sincere and have good intentions, but he does not want 9/11 to be his legacy. “Is 9/11 going to be your main focus?”
“No, it is not going to be my main focus.” I replied honestly, although with reluctance.
Sandy continued “Okay, he will tell you what you want to know.” Sandy started to get very serious and solemn. “He died at the airport.” She said. “He did not get on a plane. Everything was normal, he says. He was waiting for his plane with a few other people. He was told there would be a delay and was called into a lounge. There were two men and two women. They could look out and see the runway. At one point, someone noticed that there was no activity. They tried the door, which was locked. They then began banging on the door. People then burst in wearing all black outfits and carrying guns. They wore gas masks over their face. They were not dark skinned.”
I thought the gas mask comment was odd, but that’s what Sandy relayed “goggles with gas masks.”
Sandy was very solemn and disturbed to relay this account as if she could feel what David Angell had experienced. She was on the verge of tears. “They put hoods over our heads and herded us to another room. They were bound, “Sandy said, sometimes relaying his actual words and sometimes interpreting for me. “I wanted to take my briefcase, but they wouldn’t let me. They took us to a nearby room,” Sandy stated again. “It was near the runway. I could smell jet fuel. I was worried they were going to set us on fire. I tried to feel for a window to try to break it, but could not find one.
I was strangled from behind with a wire. Then he slit my throat.” Sandy gasped. She noted that he had a slightly strained way of talking, which she first thought was an accent, but then realized that his spirit was communicating this way because his voicebox had been slashed.
Sandy continued on with more details before the murder: “They had been told to sit quietly. He couldn’t tell how long he was there — it could have been ten minutes, it could have been hours. He didn’t have a sense of time.”
“He didn’t hear anyone else cry out, so he thought he was the first person murdered. They had taken the women into another room,” Sandy continued. “It was very hard for any of them to believe. They thought they must be different people.” [I wasn’t sure if this meant that they couldn’t believe it was happening to them or that they thought that they were different people. Perhaps it’s the same thing.]
Sandys aid that David does not want to be a poster child for 9/11. He regrets that 9/11 is a big part of his legacy, rather than just his work. “He hasn’t left,”Sandy continued. He didn’t go into the light, he’s still here doing the same thing he did everyday when he was alive. He spends time with the same writers and his loved ones. He tries to help the writers he left behind. He had a lot of help in his career and feels that he was very lucky. He wants to help people and share his creative flavor of doing things.
“He and the other Logan passengers were joined by many other souls. It seems his dad was there to greet him. Some people were burned, some had their arms falling off. A stockbroker walked toward him carrying his briefcase. The case and papers blew apart and he stood with just the handle.”Sandy was shown an image of other murdered people. “These were the people from New York. David wasn’t in New York.”Sandy continued. [Sandy is unfamiliar with the details of 9/11. David Angell was allegedly on American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston’s Logan airport.]
“Brainwashing.” Sandy mimics his words and then says she has an image of David holding a handful of soil in his outstretched hand and letting it all slip through his fingers until his hand is empty. “American soil,” he says as he lets the soil drop through his fingers.
“David says that this is one tiny part of all that happened.” His story and what happened on 9/11 is a small part of the whole picture. 9/11 was not in the name of Islam.
David requested that I not post this for 3 days. Let it sit and ask more questions if necessary. “Post it on Tuesday.”
I thanked David and thanked Sandy. He would be willing to talk to us some more, Sandy explained. I felt very privileged to have been able to communicate with him, specially since I was a big fan. The fact that he shared what happened to him on 9/11 is simply extraordinary.
David’s account of what happened is consistent with what I imagined took place. Sandy had no preconceptions about that. She knows that I do not believe the official account and that I don’t believe the flights happened. The account was very disturbing to Sandy and even made her cry when we talked about it a couple nights later. Sandy is not one who would have such graphic details in her mind as she does not watch violent movies of any kind.


A Second Conversation

We accepted David Angell’s offer to talk with him again. I wanted to confirm the basic story and ask about his comment “American soil.” I wasn’t sure what that meant and even disturbingly considered that it might mean that there would be no American soil, after the perpetrators were done with their plan. We sat quietly at our dining room table and Mr. Angell showed up again for us. Again,Sandy was horrified as she experienced what David Angell was showing her. Sandy’s throat got tight and she pulled at her beads.
She put her hand to the back of her head and says that he had a head injury as well. Having Sandy confirm the same basic story gave me even more confidence that this is what really happened. Once again Sandy confirmed the detail of the murderers wearing gas masks.
“What did your comment about American soil mean?” I asked.
Sandy listened and interpreted. “It was about America, organized by Americans.” This relatively simple response was a relief, and thankfully anticlimactic. Sandy said he is angry at his country. This is a theme that kept occurring during this session. It was very clear that he blamed his country and still had a lot of anger about it. He wants to heal this. We finished the session and I regretted not having thought of more questions to ask him. Perhaps I can do that in the near future.


Assuming that this is all for real and everything he told us was accurate, it gives us confirmation that American Airlines Flight 11 did not take off on 9/11/01. Passengers did not even board the plane, but were murdered right at Logan airport. The detail of the gas masks seems odd and like a mistake to me. It is not out of the question, however. Perhaps these soldiers wore this as not only a disguise, but as misdirection — to make people believe that there may have been a hazardous gas danger, in case anyone saw these men and were inclined to stay put to observe them.
In my experience listening to Sandy communicate with passed souls, many times, they will state a very strange and unlikely detail, which turns out to be accurate, which I feel may be presented intentionally in order to give confirmation. This has been the case numerous times when Sandy has communicated with my father and brother. She has given me details that nobody knew about but me.
I Googled Mr. Angell’s name after our first session and learned that he had worked in the military. I can see how he would be especially angry at his country, given that fact. I also learned that he and his wife were building a new house on Cape Cod. I thought about their ended lives and their broken dreams, realizing that he is just one of nearly 3000 American stories, which itself is a very small number compared to the horrifyingly large total number of lives lost in the consequent wars.

James Duncan earned a degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1985. Sandy Duncan is a multi-talented lightworker. They live in the Canada with their four pets.



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