Operation Decepticon—North Korea


by Preston James

So far the conflict between the USG and North Korean is a virtual false-flag only. A major Psyops designed to deflect attention away from a seriously failing US Administration which is pulling out all the stops to pass gun-control laws which are designed to eventually lead to complete confiscation.
This current conflict with North Korea has been engineered and portrayed as a real state of conflict when it is virtual only. In practical terms, North Korea and America are now only involved in a state of virtual war which is unlikely to be followed with an actual real shooting war.

Virtual war is an imaginary war fought only in the major mass media, and the enemy is the news consumer or the public which is psychologically managed. Virtual war  is a newer type of warfare which is a major Psychological operation, (aka a Psyop), that is, an act of Mindwar against the people.
As the infamous Iron Mountain study group which was comprised of the some of the top secular scientists inside America concluded, a state of war is needed by societies to solidify them, strengthen them and consolidate central governmental power necessary for the survival of the existing power structure.

It was their conclusion that the state’s exercise of its war-making power provided the glue which held a nation together and maintained their power over that society.

Operation Decepticon—North Korea
Putting on a show for the media
A Decepticon is a two part operation where the first part, a major international deception is communicated in the mass media after being engineered by various USG officials and military working with counterparts in other nations.
The second part of the operation is comprised of using that major deception to manufacture false confidence (the Con) of the people in their government where none is indicated or deserved.
The current USG conflict with North Korea is a backchannel, virtual war being fought in the major mass media for the purpose of distracting the American public and creating the illusion that the current administration has prevented WW3, thus strengthening its viability.
There is something for everyone when a Decepticon is successfully deployed.  The USG gets what it wants, a bolstered image on successful avoidance of WW3 and an appearance of major nuclear war power that established predominance in the world.
The Korean people get bamboozled and feel that they really showed the South Koreans and the Americans and Japanese they can’t be pushed around.  And maybe a deal has already been negotiated for backchannel food or fuel shipments to North Korea as part of the pre-arranged virtual war?
The economy at home in America is failing, the common man has about had it with the current administration and a long line of presidents that have NOT served the people.
Certainly the cover stories that have been spun would shock the tooth fairy!  Like the tall tale that Chinese leaders are getting angry with the naughty little Kim Jong Un. or that North Korea has viable nukes and working ICBMs that can go all the way to Hawaii and Austin Texas.
If folks believe these stories I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn you can buy at a reasonable price.

The American People are the main target of this virtual false-flag attack on their psyche, belief system and group mind.

Arranged photo op of nuclear missile targets
The target of this major backchannel psyop is the American people which need to be managed and re-directed in manner only possible by creation of a state of actual or virtual warfare.
The same effects desired can be produced in the populace by use of virtual war as with any shooting war or any major act of false flag terror such as Murrah, the 911 attack, or Aurora, Sikh Temple or Sandy Hook if conducted effectively.
Experts have predicted that future conflicts will be mostly economic, monetary and cyber warfare, with no actual shooting wars required. This is true, however there is another option which is becoming very prominent and that is virtual war fought in the major mass media which if done properly can obtain the desired results without a real shooting war.
If necessary however, a partial or full scale shooting war can be resorted to as a default option according to various preset parameters if the Decepticon fails.  If desired it can usually be successfully managed to be a perpetual low intensity conflict without setting off WW3 as long as backchannel deals include all the major players at the top of each major nation states.
Or conceivably it could be a pre-negotiated major nuclear exchange using state of the art nukes with rapidly dissipating fallout, either neutron antipersonnel devices or high blast low radiation devices.
Everybody must get something to keep them satisfied with the pre-engineered war that is deployed and managed except those who do the actual fighting or who are wounded, are killed and asset stripped by it.

Any Virtual war can now be effectively conducted and managed through the controlled major media with pre-approved news releases to attain the current desired goals of a failing administration.

When these Virtual Wars are conducted effectively the leaders of all sides get something and major loss of life can be avoided. Some insiders have said that basically the USG cannot afford any more prolonged foreign wars.
It appears that Virtual Wars are the way of the future as the NWO Globalist secret Government is slowly solidified and shoved into place.  Virtual wars are what happen when a NWO Globalist secret Government already exists via backchannel political and military deals.

Backchannels probably constitute a secret world government not yet complete solidified, but one which functions a NWO Globalist world Government.

Most know that when G7 was set up all parties shared the use of American black operatives.  It has also been suspected that the same is true of the G20 nations where there are secret but common intel functions.
And some insiders believe that although this kind of information is highly compartmented as special access only based on strict need to know, secret backchannels already exist between almost all major governments including all NATO countries, Russia, China, north Korea, Iran, ect., almost all of them, despite the images publicly portrayed in the major mass media which is for consumption by the masses and for the political manipulation of the people.

Apparently the orders to start a major legislative process to grab the guns has come down from the top of the pyramid of control at the Old Black Nobility (OBN) which is located in Europe and maintains a very low non-public profile.

We are still months away from a Sandy Hook report, despite their being no jury pool to taint with an earlier release of information.
Obviously the current Administration has been ordered by those higher ups that control it to begin a process similar to that which was previously successfully deployed in Canada and Australia to get the guns.
The American plan is a plan designed to start with staged mass shooting by USG mindkontrol (psyops) experts such as which occurred at Aurora, Sikh temple and Sandy Hook.
It has been claimed by one former top Intel and State department official that there were no dead kids at Sandy Hook, none at all making it a completely pre-engineered virtual mass shooting.
The next stage of the SSG’s American plan to grab guns is to submit highly excessive DHS and USG ammo orders to choke off supply, and grotesque efforts to pass federal and state gun registration laws which are clearly unConstitutional but required by the REAL rulers of America, folks inside the SSG which take their orders from their superiors leading all the way back to the top Kingpins in the Old Black Nobility of Europe, the secret control center for the New Roman Empire.
The next stage of the SSG’s plan to grab guns is to set up a National Registry which can be later used as a fulcrum to get the guns.
And the next stage after that is to use medical doctors and nurses and insurance companies as snitches to conjure up phony reasons to deny folks their second Amendment Constitutional Rights. You can be quite certain that maximum pressure to pass certain desired gun laws is now being applied to federal and State lawmakers and Governors.
Maximum pressure is now being applied to USG and State officials, Governors and Legislators to get desired gun laws changed despite the fact they are completely unConstitutional. And some fear that the fix is in at the highest court of the land with one closeted individual and two “twisted sisters” which can be quite easily “managed”.

Despite all the expert opinions of Psyop specialists, it now looks like the Top Kingpins and their Cutouts have underestimated the American Spirit which is now awakened and growing in Strength every day.

Has the good folks calvary really been unleashed?
Despite all the algorithmic calculations and hardheaded resolve at the OBN who are the top Kingpins and their Cutouts at the SSG, it now appears that America has been a sleeping giant that is now awakened over the attempted gun-grabbing, and the massive American Spirit is growing in stature and power everyday.
The top Kingpins and their Cutouts have seriously overestimated their power to deceive and mindkontrol Americans and now will find out the hard way that they have crossed a line in the sand that will eventually assure their demise.
When the Top Kingpins and their Cutouts run into a brick wall and are stopped cold, they often resort to instituting a major false flag attack or an actual shooting war. Sometimes the false flag attacks are real with dead bodies like at Murrah or the 911 attack.  But sometime they are virtual only like at Sandy Hook where top intel experts have claimed that there were no dead children at all, none.

When carefully examined the evidence strongly suggest that the whole North Korean Flap has been engineered as a fake, virtual false-flag on the America psyche, a very big psyop conducted by using the controlled major mass media which are all controlled by the SSG and long term victims of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird.

Folks can assume that every secret file is now being opened and every secret honey trap video is being pulled out of various intel vaults, and every favor called upon to push US Congress-critters, state legislators and governors to “do what they are being told” about getting the guns. And favors and special deals are being promised in return, very, very lucrative personal deals.
One can probably not easily imagine the great level of manipulation and even the possible lethal threats that can be waged against obstructionists.  Many remember the crack of the rifles in Dealey Plaza, the “staged accidents” of John Tower, Gov. Carnahan, and Senator Paul Wellstone.
The SSG follows its orders explicitly without question and pulls out all the stops.
When the big boys at the central command structure in Europe at the OBN mandate major USG legislation such as the proposed gun-grabbing laws, you can bet that the SSG will pull out all stops to apply maximum pressure to folks who have the authority to institute those desires laws.
Complete Caesarian power lies at the “top of the pyramid” but only exists as long as the people fall for its cons.
It is a tragic state of affairs when a few old men who occupy the top of the “pyramid of power”, that is, comprise the very top of the organizational hierarchy or world authority, can exercise near complete authority over the heads of state and whole nations, especially America which is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic.
Of course none of this offshore control would ever have been possible if the USG had not been hijacked by the City of London Banksters in 1913-14.

If the curtain is ever pulled back to expose the Wizard of Ounce, it’s over for the top SSG and their controllers as well as the City of London Banksters.

The folks at the top of the pyramid know that once the curtain is pulled back and the Wizard of Oz (as in Ounce) is fully exposed, the jig will be up for good.  That is why they know that control over the major mass media and major broadcast TV and Radio is essential.
The fly in the ointment for these top controllers however is the worldwide Internet which was sold as the greatest intel gathering tool ever, but has turned out to have become their biggest threat ever because the alternative media on the Internet is at a point where it is surpassing mainstream, broadcast TV and radio.
High level SSG consultations have been underway for some time now on how the Internet can either be shut down or managed but so far no clear cut easy solutions have been arrived at.  It is now becoming clear that the folks at Darpa who set it up pulled a fast one on the SSG and their superiors and now there is no easy way to get out of this major flytrap.

Maintaining a major distraction to solidify the American spirit of self-defense as a nation is the cover needed to allow the USG to do things most folks would not accept.

As long as the nation is distracted by the threat of a serious nuclear WW3 with China and perhaps Russia starting on the Korean peninsula, the American people will remain almost completely distracted while the USG continues to steal them blind with increased taxes, continuing bank bailouts (Qualitative Easings) and completes their gun grabbing plans.
In short, most Americans are being bamboozled by this fake, staged virtual false flag attack on their well being and confidence while the USG continues to steal them blind and institute a NWO Globalist Agenda.
Defending the Beach?
Virtual conflicts are engineered in the secret backchannels that exist between all governments at all times but usually hidden from any public disclosure at least during the initial phases.
The use of virtual conflicts engineered in backchannel backroom meetings of senior diplomatic officials, military and intel, conflicts which are presented through major media image building to appear quite real and true threats to any nations existence, but are actually virtual false flags only.
Should these joint operations fail to attain the desired purposes for all parties as designed, fall back procedures to take these conflicts live in limited warfare even with nuclear exchanges and massive death are always a real possibility.
International conflicts can be created virtually in backroom dealings and reported in the press which are a complete fraud and  just another big lie but attain desired goals for those nations involved. If this virtual conflict is taken live, that can only happen with a backchannel agreement between the USG and China and perhaps even input from senior Russian officials.
Now for the most difficult part of this subject. Should North Korea be considered an outpost or a colony of America’s Secret Shadow Government (SSG)?

Some highly connected experts have expressed the concept that in reality North Korea should be considered an outpost or perhaps even colony of American Intel, or more accurately the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) due to the number of secret back channel deals that have been made over the years to make sure that the USG has a future viable enemy with which to battle with later.

It’s hard work creating the staging for future wars and it takes a lot of political backchannel deals over a long period of time to engineer all future conflicts and wars, even the new virtual types now. Why would these folks come to such a conclusion which seems absurd at face value, completely counter-intuitive?
Answer, because private SSG linked corporations have in the past sold arms to North Korea. Let’s look at some of the reports which have been published in the past.
Donald Rumsfeld
Rumsfeld is reported to have arranged the sale of nuclear reactors to North Korea in 2000.
In 2000, Rumsfeld was director of a corporation that won a 200 million USD contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea. In 2002 Rumsfeld declared North Korea a terrorist state, part of the axis of evil and a target for regime change (1).
An article in the Utne Reader that according to Pentagon hard-liners, this deal to sell these light water nuclear reactors to North Korea by U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who served on the board of a Swiss company that sold these reactors to the government of North Korea, could be used to produce nuclear weapons (2).
And despite all the political cross talk and cover games the SSG and US Administration were 100% on board and approved even more of these kind of deals with the their devil.

Somehow American manufactured helicopters which can easily be adapted to gunships were acquired by North Korea. The MD 500D is a civilian helicopter which North Korea imported in 1985 by circumventing United States export controls.

Ironically, the airframe of the 500D was manufactured in South Korea, was assembled in the United States, and was purchased through a German export firm. The 500D has no attack capabilities, but it can be easily modified to assume the role of a gunship. I wonder which American intel proprietary made some big bucks from this deal?
The MQM-107 was originally developed by Beech Aircraft for the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command’s 1972 Variable Speed Training Target (VSTT) requirement. It was announced as the winner 1975, and the Army took delivery of the original model (the MQM-107A) until 1979. North Korea was able to acquire these from Syria in another “back-door” secret intel deal.

For anyone that wants to check, there have been numerous reports of US military weapons being sold to China through various backdoor deals. These items can be assumed to be the “tip of the iceberg” in typical back channel military sales by proprietary intel assets on behalf of the SSG.

Like father like son?
When all is considered it certainly seems obvious that this so-called serious international conflict between America and North Korea is a pre-engineered Virtual Conflict, a Decepticon that will provide all leaders with some important gain, thus a win/win situation.
And if something just happens to go wrong which is unlikely even with all the warmongering and threats of a serious nuclear exchange, the parameters for that too have probably already been pre-set through the same backchannels which actually comprise a secret NWO Globalist Government that has not yet been fully and completely implemented but is certainly on the horizon.
And some experts believe that Kim Jong Un, North korea’s imperial leader is a mindkontrolled puppet that can be remotely activated by electrostim and other very advanced psychotronic means whenever belligerent and provocative statements need to be made.  Of course it is believed that he has two very experienced handlers who make sure all military actions are controlled to stay within certain pre-arranged parameters.
And the fact that all news releases are completely vetted first by the USG, we have no way of knowing what is actually being said by Mr. Un or not or any other of the parties involved unless they are shown in live video.  And much of the time they hedge facts, parse things and project falsities and lies one way or another according to prearranged talking points.

And there is always the danger that SSG could decide to take things live and stage a real false flag rather than a virtual one and blame it on the North Koreans.  If they did this would of course have to have been secretly pre-negotiated as a possible allowable default solution.

(1)    The Two faces of Rumsfeld, http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2003/may/09/nuclear.northkorea
(2)    http://www.utne.com/2003-05-01/RumsfeldCompanySoldNuclearWeaponEquipmenttoNorthKorea.aspx




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