Former Army Spymaster Cites “Bifurcated” Government in False Flag


Former Army Spymaster Cites “Bifurcated” US Government in False Flag Terrorism


by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Yesterday, during a radio talk show hosted by Mike Harris with Dr. James Fetzer and me as guests, Colonel James Hanke, a longtime friend and senior US Army intelligence officer (retired) phoned in. 
Hanke is the highest ranking intelligence official every to admit to false flag terrorism and to speak of it openly.

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Hanke, former chief intelligence officer of NATO’s largest command, 3rd Army, former Military Attache to Israel and a recognized leader of the “mainstream” special operations community is still active within the intelligence community.

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The interview below is a unique opportunity to view the “sea change” in awareness among senior intelligence personnel as to the breakdown in America’s government and security structure, enough of a “breakdown” to allow organizations to stage attacks, even assassinations, inside the United States.


Interview, Col.  James B. Hanke USA Special Forces (ret), April 22, 2013.

Duff:  Hold on Peter, I have my other buddy, Jimmie, at the hangar, working on his Russian plane.
Hanke:  I have an American plane, welded together in Lithuania with a Russian engine.
Harris:  Gordon, why don’t you give our listeners a little background on Hanke so our listeners and know the value.
Duff:  Jim is a senior American Intelligence officer and former Attache to Israel, a senior American diplomat.
Hanke:  I was also G2 of Third Army
Duff:  He is also my Chief of Staff and longtime friend.  We are both Vietnam veterans, he is a Special Forces Colonel (full).  Now, Jim, tell us who you think is responsible for the Boston bombings.

Hanke:  Let me tell you Boston is only one of about five of these incidents in the States.  I am neither stupid nor a “sheeple” and obviously the people that are doing it think that’s what the Americans are and they can get away with this kind of thing.
These things are definitely false flag operations and I think it’s a hell of a lot more serious than you guys do. 

You can go around saying that; “Maybe the Israelis did this, maybe the Saudis did this,”

Bull, there is some bifurcation within the US structure here and I’m talking political structure as well as governmental structure. 

Somebody is handling this stuff and their handling is such that people who are normally involved in incidents of this kind think their doing their job, but they are “half doing their job.”
The covert deception on it, and the first thing you learn in this environment is that you don’t do anything without ‘cover and deception.’  If you do something without cover and deception, its doomed.

If you use this structure of planning, the way that these incidents have gone, I think it’s a structure within our government.

To specify that, there was the individual in Texas who gave that interview (Lt. Col. Potter) not really on TV, on the internet.  He says the FBI is dirty.  I don’t think so.  I have dealt with the FBI hundreds of times.
If it is, the FBI that is “dirty” is a small portion.  If you talk to Gordon, he has a very low opinion of his previous organization, and I don’t.
I think that organization(unnamed) is definitely bifurcated and that the high security of that organization is highly skilled and not a bunch of “clumsies” running UAVs around and taking out guys that get “squealed on.”
That’s not what I am talking about.  I am talking HUMINT with very excellent TECHINT , if you want to call it that, that is organized to the 9th degree and very well done.

It takes people like Gordon and those who are on here to expose it as a false flag organization.

Duff:  Colonel Hanke…
Hanke:  We’ve  done it at least three times now, maybe more, and what happened, “nothing.” 
Duff:  How do we operate?  You’re in contact, between the two of us, we’re broadly in contact with the US special operations community.  I, certainly, between the CIA, the Special Forces, all of the special operations commands, you and I know everybody.
This is where we come from, this is what we do.
We know everyone.  What is the chatter, the ‘atmospherics’ in the special operations community?  How many people are “brain dead” and not seeing it and how many are coming alive right now and are they all going to sit on their asses and take this.
At least you’re certainly not taking it quietly!
Hanke:  Yes, when you’re in a structure, a command structure, I’m retired now, when you’re in a command structure you basically assume the values and everything of the structure or you are not promoted or things also get screwed up.
In SF (Special Forces), we’ve undergoing a change right now, in structure, where we’re taking counter-insurgency and psychological operations and HUMINT (human intelligence), I’m going to say it two or three times, HUMINT, and we’re taking the “door kickers,” (combat assault role) out of that organization.
It’s going into, it’s still called Special Forces, but amount of “traffic,” ground traffic, even “Ft. Bragg club traffic” is being cut.

If one of those, Delta, the SEALS, any of the Air Force special operations commands,  is involved with this (false flag terror), Gordon’s more sure about JSOC, (Joint Special Operations Command) and if they are involved in something like that, and there are rumors to that effect…

Duff:  This started two year ago or longer, frankly, it started longer ago than that, it started in the latter half of the Bush (41) administration that the Joint Special Operations Command had been hijacked into a personal bailiwick by Dick Cheney  and there are rumors that there are military command officers  who are still beholding to Cheney and Rumsfeld …
Hanke:  Yes
Duff:  and are still taking commands from him (Cheney) after he left public office and that Cheney is, frankly as to his command capability, he was ‘unsound.’ (end)



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