Global War Against Extremism Hits Snag at Fox News


Judge Pirro Jumps off Extremist Bridge

by Johnny Punish

Today, Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News gave an effective rant against the mother of the Boston Marathon bombers essentially calling for her to be taken to Gitmo and tried as a terrorist for raising Jihadi children and making comments that were clearly anti-American.

In listening to Judge Pirro, she had many salient and clear-headed thoughts that this pro-humanity writer actually agrees with, however, her conclusion is that we should suspend the American justice system to deal with such people that anger her.

Now, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show has dealt with this same issue. But he did so in a much different way. Last week he outlined how Fox News was advocating the complete destruction of our civil liberties, our Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution. He did so in such a funny way it had this writer on the floor laughing his ass off (LHAO).

Both were effective speakers for their audience.

But their arguments highlight the divide not only within the USA but internationally in that many people don’t really know who we are at war with and what to do about it.

Are we at war with Islam? Christianity? Judaism? Iran? Chechneya? Oklahoma? Newtown? North Korea? Some crazy mother? Who are we at war with?

As it turns out, many countries, not only the USA, have an extremist challenge at home and have to deal with domestic terrorism. Surprise! It is worse in many other countries! And you thought the USA was all alone?

So while it feels like Americans are unique in experiencing terror, the real truth is that it’s a worldwide challenge. What is truly needed is a global examination of this challenge but that is not on the table right now…

Instead, we have Judge Pirro and her fans cheering and yelling at the top of their lungs to suspend rights in America when they feel it warrants it. They don’t seem to understand that the whole world has this challenge and that suspending rights won’t resolve a darn thing except hurt everyone else who is normally law-abiding creating even more anger.

Moreover, the hawks certainly do not aim to acknowledge that the USA itself is engaged in global terrorism both directly and indirectly causing deaths daily around the world as it seeks to achieve its global hegemony. This aggression is NOT a good way to win friends and influence people.

I mean, yes, the USA uses drone strikes to kill thousands of innocents pursuing so-called terrorists violating all country boundaries and sovereignty with impunity! The hawks claim America does not engage in such things but it does and the evidence is documented so sorry guys, you’re an extremist when you look the other way and pretend reality does not count.

Worse, this week some US war hawk politicians have tried to say that Syria is using chemical weapons on its own people justifying an invasion of Syria which is comical since the USA itself made White Phosphorus chemical weapons and gave them to their eternal friend Israel to use on the Gazan peoples back in 2008-09 horrifically burning men, women and children by the thousands violating all the UN and Geneva conventions with impunity. The ultimate insult to the global people is that not one word of condemnation by the leadership within the USA was heard thus re-affirming and demoting itself to a war opportunist country instead of a true global leader of people.

Did you forget about U.S.-made taxpayer-funded White Phosphorus dropped on kids in Gaza? Or maybe you did not even know?

Check this video out…and then do a net search on “white phosphorus Gaza” and then get ready to vomit. It’s horrific! All paid for by U.S. Taxpayers.

Look, let us get real.

According to U.S. globalists posing as politicians, it is necessary political hypocrisy to support chemical weapons when convenient and to condemn their use when not!

In Gaza, no problem!

In Syria? Well, global Zionists want what they want and who is a feeble paid for whorish politician to side against Zionism right?

So let’s invade Syria and take Mister Chemical Weapons Assad out!

In other words, those that use them who don’t fit the underlying global U.S. agenda must go….and dam if real people get in the way!

Profits before people are the global reality!

But I digress..back to the issue of global extremism.

Within the USA, the extremists are everywhere being egged on by their media at Fox and others. In other countries, they have varying reasons why they bomb innocent people.

So what can normal people do about this rising global extremism?

Well, according to extremist Judge Pirro at Fox News, she wants us to kill civil liberties in the guise of safety. While her anger is noted, her reaction is a disgrace to the founding values of what once made America the apple of the world’s eye. We cannot allow one person’s actions to trash everything our U.S. Veterans have fought for… way!

Instead, Miss Pirro prefers Taliban justice and that is not good for the USA or the world.

The USA has been a valuable idea; a treasure. Those values must be preserved, protected, and defended from all extremists….not just Muslims, but Christian, Jew, Pagan, and any other creed that seeks to destroy the idea of freedom, justice, and liberty. These extremists are the real enemy.

That means that the Boston Marathon bombers are enemies. Their mother? Based on her extreme comments, an enemy! Judge Pirro? yes, she hates our freedom too because she wants to kill it to satisfy her desire for revenge! She’s a very well-dressed extremist!

Finally, a word about leadership…

To me, what is truly sad is that in an age where genuine global leadership is needed we, the global people, are stuck in a system where the needs of people are ignored in favor of the needs of the elite to dominate, control, and inflict their will on whatever their agenda calls for.

When their collective agenda aligns with humanity, we applaud cause it feels good. However, when it aligns against us, we go numb or default to the Judge Pirros of the world because they dress well, look great, and sell us corporate fascism mixed in with some globalist greedy sticky Mono-Sodium-Glutamate type stuff. It’s just bad for us! Urgh!

I encourage intelligent discourse and comment below…


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