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In yesterday’s article Tsarnaev Brothers: 9/11 Truthers – and Obviously Innocent, I argued that pro-9/11-truth Muslims are obviously not a “terrorist threat.” The 80% of the world’s Muslims who know that 9/11 was a fraud, and “al-Qaeda” a bunch of dupes, moles, and patsies, are hardly likely to carry out “al-Qaeda” type operations on behalf of the neocon enemies of Islam!
Unfortunately, a small minority of Muslims still accepts the official myth of 9/11. That neo-conned minority includes some who view “al-Qaeda” as the heroic freedom fighters they claim to be. And among that tiny handful of people, some might be tempted to participate in “al-Qaeda” plots – most of which are arranged by the FBI, Craft International, the Mossad, and related agencies.
So in the interest of fighting terrorism, and saving the next gullible Muslim teenager from being set up by the FBI, I’m republishing Elias Davidsson’s terrific article pointing out that “al-Qaeda” hardly ever targets the US, and never, ever targets Israel – the real dajjal, the ultimate enemy of Islam. Instead, “al-Qaeda” specializes in killing large numbers of Muslims, while giving Islam as much negative publicity as possible and legitimizing the mass murder of Muslims in imperial and Zionist wars.
So look out, Muslim kid – don’t follow al-Qaeda leaders, watch the parking meters.

Who are Al Qaeda’s enemies?

By Elias Davidsson, Muslims for 9/11 Truth
In a fatwa allegedly issued by Osama bin Laden in 1998, he called on Muslims to kill Americans and Jews in order to contribute to the liberation of the Muslim people from US and Zionist oppression. After that date, Osama bin Laden was designated by Western leaders and media as the leader of the ubiquitous Al Qaeda, and as the prime enemy of Western democracy.
Taking Osama bin Laden’s fatwa seriously, one would have expected Muslim volunteers to start a world-wide campaign of attacks specifically targeting Americans and Jews around the world. We discover, however, that this did not happen. On the contrary, hardly any Jews and Israelis were attacked by Al Qaeda. And only a few Americans died at the hand of Al Qaeda operatives. Here a brief overview:
Al Qaeda does not target Israelis, Jews and Americans
(a) Despite Al Qaeda rhetoric of solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people and the aforementioned fatwa attributed to Osama bin Laden, there are no recorded attacks by Al Qaeda aimed at Israeli territory, Israeli installations abroad or Israeli citizens.
(b) There are only two or three known attacks attributed to Al Qaeda that allegedly targeted Jewish synagogues (Djerba, Tunisia and Istanbul, Turkey). Yet in Djerba no Jew is known to have died (most victims were German tourists) and in Istanbul most victims were Muslims. These attacks were, incidentally, not properly investigated. There are no known Al Qaeda attacks directed against European or North-American Jews.
(c) A few attacks attributed to or claimed by Al Qaeda were, admittedly, aimed at American citizens or installations. A review of these attacks demonstrates, however, the complicity of the U.S. authorities in each of these attacks:
– The attack on the WTC in 1993 was facilitated by the FBI, as revealed in the trial of the suspects.
– The attack on the US embassies in East Africa in 1998 was facilitated by a US covert agent, Ali Mohamed, a declared operative of both the CIA and FBI. His participation was revealed in court.
– The massive and deadly operation on September 11, 2001, caused the deaths of 3,000 people, for the most part Americans. Yet, it is now well established that these attacks were most likely mounted by the US military, without even a nominal participation by Al Qaeda. At the very least, there is not a shred of forensic evidence that Al Qaeda members or sympathizers participated in the operation and the FBI admitted in June 2006 that it possessed no evidence of a connection between Osama bin Laden and the attacks.
(d) Despite the availability of thousands of vulnerable U.S. targets worldwide, including numerous U.S.-based corporations, American tourists and loosely defended U.S. military bases, Al Qaeda has refrained from attacking these targets.
Who are the actual victims of Al Qaeda?
1. Muslims
Most Al Qaeda victims are Muslims, particularly Shi’a Muslims and moderate, secularized Muslims.
In Iraq
The largest deadly campaign by Al Qaeda against Shi’a Muslims has taken place in Iraq. Thousands of Shi’a Muslims have been literally slaughtered by Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq since the demise of the Saddam regime. Hardly a week passes in which no terrorist attack against Iraqi Shi’a is mounted by Al Qaeda. Sometimes, such attacks are presented as emanating from former supporters of Saddam Hussein.
In Pakistan
Since 2001, over 1,000 terrorist attacks have been committed in Pakistan. The overwhelming majority of the fatalities are Pakistani Muslims. According to a detailed study by the present author of 110 major terrorist attacks committed in Pakistan between 2001 and 2009, most of these attacks were aimed at civilians and were not claimed by a bona fide organisation. It is likely that at least part of these attacks have been mounted by Al Qaeda or groups linked to Al Qaeda.
In Algeria
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has, since approximately 2006, supplanted the former GIA (Armed Islamic Group), as the terrorist organisation most active in Algeria and the Sahel region. The GIA and AQIM are known to have been heavily infiltrated by the Algerian secret services and actually directed by these services. The targets of AQIM are both ordinary Algerian citizens (Muslims) or foreign tourists. Since 1992, it is estimated that 200,000 Algerians had died in a covert war masterminded by the Algerian security services, with the help of GIA and AQIM.
In Libya
During the period of Col. Ghaddafi’s rule, Al Qaeda operatives were hired by the British MI5 to assassinate the Libyan leader. That operationi failed. In 2011, Al Qaeda participated in the uprising of Islamic forces in Libya to topple Ghaddafi’s regime, killing thousands of Libyan Muslims in the process. These activities were supported by NATO bombings.
In Jordan
Al Qaeda mounted a number of deadly operations in Jordan, killing dozens of Jordanian civilians, all of them Muslims. In one case, Israeli tourists were forewarned of the attacks and left the site before the bombing.
In Syria
Al Qaeda is currently participating in the civil war in that country, in an attempt to destabilize the Syrian regime and ensure the balkanization of the country, in conformity with long-term Israeli strategic aims formulated in the 1980s.
(2) Serbs
Al Qaeda fighters were transported to Bosnia and Kosovo with the assistance of the British and U.S. governments to fight against Serb forces. Al Qaeda helped dismember former Yugoslavia, a strategy pursued by Western powers and initiated by the IMF.
(3) Russians
Al Qaeda fighters participate in the fight of Chechnya separatists against the Russian authorities. Chechnya separatism is congruent with Western strategic interests to weaken the Russian army and dismember the Russian federation.
(4) Chinese
Al Qaeda is operating in the Uighur province of China, as part of a long-term strategy to destabilize and probably dismember China. These activities remain, for the time being, relatively small-scale.
(4) Hindus
Al Qaeda fighters have been recruited to mount operations in India, that are made to appear as if masterminded by Pakistan. The apparent aim of such operations is to stir tensions between Pakistan and India and prevent these nuclear powers to join forces against Western imperialism.
(5) Africans
Al Qaeda fighters have mounted various operations in African countries aimed at whipping up distrust and hatred against Muslims. The aim of such operations is to prevent Africans from uniting, a vision promoted by Col. Ghaddafi.
The role of Al Qaeda in the imperialist strategy
According to available information, Al Qaeda is most likely micro-managed and financed by Saudi Arabia and strategically steered by U.S. and British intelligence services. For all practical purposes, it is best to consider Al Qaeda as an Islamic militia of the CIA/MI5. Al Qaeda operations are an integral part of imperialist strategy. These operations have multiple purposes:
(a) To maintain within the Western world fear of a deadly enemy and thus justify the maintenance of a large military contingent and foreign expeditionary operations. Without the appearance of a deadly enemy, the populations in Western democracies are likely to demand a significant reduction in military expenditures and forcefully oppose foreign interventions, which are the lifeblood of imperialism.
(b) To stir up civil wars in Muslim countries, and justify thereby so-called humanitarian interventions.
(c) To stir up distrust and hatred between African Muslims and non-Muslims, in order to prevent African unity
(d) To keep the Muslim world intellectually and technologically backward by supporting religious fanaticism.
(e) To justify mass surveillance within the Western world, in the garb of preventing terrorism.
(f) To destabilize and balkanize the remaining pockets of potential resistance against imperialism, including the major federal states of Russia, China, India, Iran and Indonesia.
Elias Davidsson, born in Occupied Palestine to parents who escaped the Nazi holocaust, is a German-based musician and human rights activist. His research established years ago that there is no evidence that any Muslims were involved in hijacking any planes on September 11th, 2001, and that the 19 accused “9/11 hijackers” were innocent men defamed by the US government.


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