Larry "pull it" Silverstein builds ANOTHER tower!


by Kevin Barrett

Larry Silverstein – the rumored organized crime figure who struck it rich on September 11th, 2001 – used his  9/11 insurance windfall to seize control of Chicago’s Sears Tower, and to rebuild the condemned-for-asbestos World Trade Center with its Orwellian “Freedom Tower.” He also rebuilt World Trade Center 7 – the building that he himself admittedly demolished.
Silverstein’s confession to demolishing WTC-7 did not stop him from grabbing a $700-million-dollar insurance payout for the “tragic loss” of that building due to an alleged “terrorist attack” that made the 47-story WTC-7 fall straight down in 6.5 seconds from a few tiny office fires. By grabbing three-quarters-of-a-billion-dollars insurance money on the building he confessed to demolishing himself, Larry Silverstein defined the word “chutzpah” once and for all time.
And now, “Lucky Larry” wants more skyscrapers.
According to Business Week, Silverstein has announced plans to build an 82-story hotel and condominium tower one block north of the World Trade Center. Construction is scheduled to start later this year.
The Business Week article notes: “(Silverstein) leased the twin towers for 99 years six weeks before they were destroyed in the 2001 terrorist attacks.” (Emphasis mine.) But the article fails to mention the relevant background:
*The high-vacancy, antiquated-infrastructure Twin Towers were a huge money-loser for the City of New York, which was under court order to do asbestos abatement. The price tag could have reached the double-digit billions – far more than the Towers were worth.
*Lewis Eiseinberg, Chair of the New York Port Authority in 2001, engineered a sweetheart deal to give his fellow alleged mobster Larry Silverstein a 99-year lease on the Trade Center – the deal that was consummated just six weeks before 9/11.  Eisenberg, Chair of the Republican Party National Finance Committee, was the top Republican money-man behind the stolen-presidential-election coup d’état of 2000, and Silverstein was a leading Republican money-man from New York.
*Silverstein immediately doubled the insurance on the World Trade Center and hard-balled his insurers into changing the policy to “cash payout.” Six weeks later, this would look…prescient.
*Silverstein and certain family members, who ate every morning at Windows to the World Restaurant at the top of the North Tower, suddenly remembered various improbable “appointments” on the morning of September 11th, and didn’t show up for breakfast. Everyone who did eat at Windows to the World that morning was pulverized in the demolition that turned the North Tower to sub-100-micron dust in ten seconds.
*Silverstein quickly collected the 4.5 billion dollar insurance payout on the buildings he had only “owned” for six weeks, then went back to court looking for another 13 billion dollars from other insurers. Larry’s personal investment in the World Trade Center was less than $20 million dollars, while his partners had thrown in just over $100 million…a tiny fraction of the cash payout bonanza reaped by the 9/11 demolitions.
*Bottom line: Silverstein – a radical Zionist and close friend of Benjamin “9/11 is very good” Netanyahu – bought a worthless, condemned property, doubled the insurance, conspired to blow up his own buildings six weeks later, and walked away with billions of dollars in cash, plus the valuable right to rebuild at the World Trade Center site.
And on top of that, the US declared eternal war on Israel’s enemies. Talk about win-win.
Now Silverstein wants to put up yet another skyscraper.
Is there any way to get this guy’s skyscraper-ownership license revoked?


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