The “Chumps ‘R Us” Club


by  Preston James


Are you one of those people that believes all those dispensed US Government (USG) narratives about anything and everything because  you think the USG is here to help you and would never lie?

If so, please stop reading this article right now and move along. Without realizing it you are a satisfied card-carrying member of the “Chumps R Us Club” and have a completely closed and cloned mind.

On the other hand however, if there is a little voice deep down inside telling you that everything the USG is involved in lately is a charade, like faked election results to put Bush 2 in power and a faked candidate who isn’t even a US citizen put into the presidency as a NWO Globalist puppet, and you feel like the two big Bailouts and ongoing monthly Quantitative Easings are stealing you and your kids’ future, keep reading, because there may still be time to “un-hive” your mind and help take back your Republic which has been hijacked by offshore foreign Banksters and their international crime syndicate.

If you are currently a member of the “Chumps ‘R Us” club, this means you were successfully cloned or “hived” by USG narratives which are all Big Lies.   These have been dispensed to you day in and day out by the controlled major mass media (CMMM) and have in essence bombarded reality right out of your mind and consciousness.

A bee hive is a very interesting thing, all the bees instinctively obey their imprinted blueprint for behavior.  Their overall goal is to construct the hive and protect the Queen Bee from all harm and sacrifice themselves and their family members to do so as needed. The Republic of America was not set up by the Founding Fathers to function as a big centralized Beehive and yet that is what it has been transformed into.

Hived Americans have the collective goal of instinctively protecting their Queen Bee USG system from all harm and to help build up a big hive or centrally controlled fascist state which is what those who run the USG want but runs contrary to the interests of “we the people”.

If you have been hived you are mindlessly serving to expand this USG Hive and quash any and all independent free non-hive thinking in yourself, your children and anyone else. This of course means like the bees, your own welfare and the welfare of your family and nation become secondary to the Queen Bee and you will unknowingly be required to sacrifice yourself, your family and your Republic for the sustenance of the Queen Bee and the Central Hive inside the beltway.

Here is how America was hived.

The classical American family was pretty much eroded and in many cases destroyed. This was done through a sophisticated 100 year plan run by various non-profit foundations linked to a worldwide network of interlinked esoteric death cults based on luciferianism run out of the City of London Financial District (a separate country with its own ambassadors like the Vatican—this is the home of the world moneychangers or Banksters).

The Globalist NWO family has been constructed to replace the classical American family and has been shoved into place.

If you are a member of the “Chumps ‘R Us Club”, here is what you get with your membership package:

1-     The US Government (USG) your new daddy, and its propaganda mouthpiece the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) functions as your new mommy. This means you believe everything the USG says about anything and everything and get mad and/or shut down when someone tries to tell you otherwise or show you any new evidence?  If this applies to you, you have been hived.

2-     The public school system your new church and main socializer of your children rather than you and your spouse?  If this applies to you, you have been hived.

How do you know if you have been hived successfully?  Consider these questions.

Instead of being the parent to your child are you simply a child of the NWO Globalist system which has hijacked America and all its major institutions? If so you have been hived.

If you have been successfully cloned into the USG Hive and you were raised in a nice middle class, normal, healthy family would probably be much easier to convince you of a Big Lie such as “your mommy is a whore and your daddy a criminal” than to convince you that almost everything the USG says is a Big Lie?

If you have been cloned and indoctrinated into the USG Central Hive, you have lost almost all your ability for independent thought. Except sometimes you will have those deep nagging fears and anxiety you feel when you hear all the news about the huge bank bailouts and Quantitative Easings, the mass murdering of innocent women and kids by US drone attacks in the Mideast against un-convicted suspects of terrorism, and more and more cases of unwarranted police violence against citizens.

If the first two bailouts were used for the American public (they were not but were given to foreign banks), they could have paid off every single home mortgage in America.  This is what Iceland did when it told their bankers to basically “shove-it”, and arrested and jailed some of them and cancelled all home mortgages like a Biblical Jubilee Year.  The result, Iceland is now back on track economically.

But you and your kids will have to pay back these horrendous Trillion Dollar bank bailouts back to the Banksters that loaned this money to the USG and all those large foreign central banks, and it will take the rest of your lives to do so, unless things change and you get un-hived soon. The Big Trick here is that bthis money was issued or printed as theirs when it is really yours in the first place.  This is theft by fraud and all the usury surrounding it is part of the Big Trick.

If you are a member of the “Chumps ‘R Us Club”, the sad reality that you are not aware of is that the  CMMM has already convinced you of hundreds of very Big USG Lies that would quickly be exposed as Big Lies were you ever to examine any of the basic evidence that is readily available on the worldwide Internet. But unless you “wake up” and come to your sense, you won’t.

Why label this club of USG True-Believers “Chumps ‘R Us”?

It’s really quite simple.  It is because the Powers That Be (PTB), the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that hijacked America are so crafty that they have been able to transform most police and high USG officials into serving as CHUMPS on their behalf only, and against their own personal and family interests, that is, transformed into enemies against their own Republic without realizing it. What this means in practical terms is that cloned worker bees for the USG (the federal Family and most top officials and corporate leaders) have been bought as mercenaries to serve as enemies of “swe the people” and themselves as well as their own Republic and Rule of Law.

The Powers That Be (PTB) have created a NWO system inside America that has made many folks so dependent on climbing the USG food-chain for a “special class” lifestyle of power and money, that they will sell their souls and their country out to do so and in most cases have no idea what they have done, thanks to the NWO system of mindkontrol used to Hive them.

The goal of the PTB and their Queen Bee system is to hive all Americans and turn them against their own Constitution, Bill of Rights and their own American way of life, to destroy their language, border and culture. Yes this cloning or hiving of America into a nation of USG True-Believers of Big USG Lies, a central fascist USG hive with its own Queen Bee is a very crafty trick and it has taken a very long time to do it.  Here is a quick summary of how this was accomplished.

Obviously one cannot underestimate the importance of television and Madison Avenue advertising to the  cloning of the American Mind and the hiving of America. Folks have practiced hours each day for years to “suspend normal disbelief” so they can pretend a show is true and temporarily escape from reality which is often pretty darn depressing.

TV is a drug that keeps on giving but the gift is for the Queen Bee and her central Hive inside the Beltway in DC.  they will tolerate nonsensical, perverted ads and allow themselves to be further mindkontrol for buying products just to be able to keep watching the show.  They have been willing to sell access to their minds in order for entertainment to keep themselves narcotized from reality, which is getting to be pretty sinister these days.

The USG was hijacked in 1913 by an international crime syndicate based in the City of London Financial District.

The US monetary production and distribution system was hijacked in 1913 after which a whole set of illegal Federal enforcement agencies were set up to enforce this unConstitutional takeover by world moneychangers or Banksters.  These included the IRS (the Banksters collection agency for unconstitutional taxes), the FBI and all the other alphabets were eventually added.

Now we have DHS which is an extension of a worldwide narcotics and weapons based crime syndicate run by these Banksters who are controlled out of the City of London Financial District. Their job is to keep America in a perpetual state of war to provide massive war profits for their large international defense related corporations. In order to do this it was necessary to hive or clone the American public into a group or hived mind.

This international crime syndicate is addicted to war, war profits and for some mysterious reason loves to murder humans by the millions.  They love to cause ongoing perpetual blood-shed, starvation and massive human suffering.  Yes, something is very seriously wrong with these creatures.  Note that I do not label them as human because that remains an open question.

Understanding operation Gladio, the left behind armies of NATO and their secret terror campaign which is still operational in many other countries is crucial to understanding how the USG is hiving America.

USG staged Gladio style false flag terror was craftily deployed to set the hook, drive the cause home, and clone or hive the American populace into submission to the NWO Globalist Agenda which has no place for a free, independent American Republic based on the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, Bill of Rights, or Rule of Law.

The actual hiving process was energized and moved to completion by the institution of numerous USG staged Gladio style false flag attacks such as Murrah, First World Trade center basement bombing, 911 attacks, the mass shootings at Aurora, Sikh Temple and Sandy Hook, and now the DHS staged bombing at the Boston Marathon.

This war on terror has all been staged by the USG and is just as phony as the War on Drugs. The psychological mechanism was to invoke massive broad-based, deep-seated subconscious or primal terror in the deep recesses of the American mind. As can be expected, most folks who are uninformed about these covert black ops designed to manipulate the masses, willingly give up liberty and their Constitutional Rights for false promises of protection from the Federal Hive and the Queen Bee.  This is like the fox selling life insurance to the chicken coup with the fox also making himself the beneficiary.

It can easily be shown and was even admitted by Frederick Hitz, the former CIA Inspector General that the CIA was involved massive illegal drug trafficking into America.  This is a fact most un-hived, truth-Seekers are well aware of but not a single USG hived, USG True-Believers knows unless they are part of it and super dirty themselves.

The reason all these NWO federalized police, DHS agents and DHS staff are all chumps is that all but their top officials, have been unknowingly tricked (cloned or hived) into working to destroy their own nation and their own futures, including the futures of their children. Yes, this is very, very crafty and quite a big trick and has led some astute researchers to include that much of this has been attained through the use of luciferian, occult black arts, you know, the dark side, the evil of this world that lurks in the shadows.

If you are a member of the “Chumps ‘R Us Club” you will not examine any basic evidence of USG staged Gladio style false flag attacks or even discuss it because you have been “hived” that is, you have been mindkontrolled, programmed and cloned by the USG and the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) to instantly recoil and to automatically invoke the label “conspiracy theorist” upon anyone that tries to expose some of these Big Government Lies to you. And you will feel anger or rage at them for even speaking up.  You may even feel an impulse to call DHS and “say something” as Janet Napolitano has suggested.

As long as you remain a part of the NWO Globalist family you will be a child of the NWO system, and cannot function cognitively in an independent adult manner. Your mind will remain closed to any new input which threatens the main story-lines/narratives of the Hive and you will constantly accept all USG Big Lies as true with no critical evaluation.

So when the USG states that 911 was done by 19 Muslim hijackers with box cutters run by Osama Bin Laden from a cave in Afghanistan by his cell phone, who was so crafty he was able to inactivate all automatic ground to air missile interceptor systems in DC and NYC, the most heavily defended cities in the world, you just believe it because the CMMM says so.  But almost anything the CMMM broadcasts are pre-approved USG talking points and little more than propaganda used to mindkontrol you and keep you “hived”.

When the USG and the Warren Commission reported that the JFK was a closed and shut case and Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman despite a mountain of clearly convincing evidence that the USG’s top officials knowingly lied and covered up the crime of the 20th century, almost everyone believed it. At the time it was just to incredulous to believe that the USG would stop as low to murder their own president. Now thanks to aggressive and astute researchers like Professor James Fetzer and the Internet, everyone who dares to learn the truth can because it is available if you do some basic searches such as “assassination science + James Fetzer”.

Impending doom without a change in direction?

It seems as if America and the world is set on a course for destruction and has been for a very long time. For the first time since Socrates and Plato, thanks to the worldwide Internet, folks are serious seeking reasons for this and the solutions.

[youtube qfZVu0alU0I]

There are Litmus tests for truth that you can take yourself and administer to others to assess membership on the “Chumps R Us” Club.

Now almost 50 years later surveys show over 80% believe that at a minimum the USG participated in a cover-up. And of this 80%, a fair proportion now believe that not only did the USG cover it up but actually ran the assassination of JFK. These folks have passed the first big Litmus test for truth and are Truth-Seekers.

Everyone else has been “chumped” to one degree or another and believes these USG Big Lies which are dispensed on the nightly news and other CMMM, bombarding people with so many lies that they can no longer discern real truth.  Members of the Chumps R Us Club are USG True-Believers and are so deeply entranced, mindkontrolled, cloned and hived that they unable to allow themselves to even consider any real evidence which would quickly expose these USG Big Lies.

And sadly almost every Truth-Teller who has woken up to the Big USG Lies dispensed by the controlled major mass media that I have spoken to (and including myself) have all admitted to at one time being chumped to one degree or another by these staged USG  false flags. I know its embarrassing to admit but we’ve all been chumped to one degree or another in the past by the criminals inside the beltway that hijacked our Federal Government. But we all make mistakes and can be misled. But now with all the evidence available on the Internet, folks no longer have an excuse for closing their minds and not doing their own investigating of current events. All it takes if for one hived person to discover a Big USG Lie and the spell holding them in the hive is forever broken.  But the mindkontrol that has been performed on them is strong and that is why folks are usually so terribly resistant to any new input which varies from the USG Central Hive narrative. That is why most wake ups must come from basic facts shared from an already awake friend or family member to one which is still asleep. And of course as many have heard the saying, it’s hard to wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep.  And that is why it is an uphill battle trying to reach members of the federal Family and the Central USG Hive.

Hived folks tend to feel good and secure when they hear the CMMM news reports, it is like a vitamin shot to them, or food for their hungry souls. They readily accept everything the USG says and whatever the CMMM says in its news reports and feel truly connected to the big system, bridging any alienation.

It makes these hived folks feel crazy when others try and share facts about what really happened in many numerous recent USG staged Gladio style false flag attacks like 911, the mass shooting at Aurora, Sikh Temple and Sandy Hook, and the recent USG DHS bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Believing Big USG Lies is often the most comfortable option and most take it to avoid massive cognitive dissonance.

So naturally since folks want to feel good and not feel crazy, they usually take the path of least resistance and immediately shut down when offered the truth about any of these events USG stage Gladio style false flag terror events and react with a Pavlovian style conditioned response such as “oh you are one of those conspiracy theorists” which is a nice way of accusing you of being a complete conspiracy crackpot nutcase.

And once folks start to wake up and become un-cloned from the hive, they often experience rejection if they talk about it to others who they cannot trust or do not know well. Many suffer lost friends, lost relationships and some are shunned socially if they speak out or become politically active. Often those who wake up from the USG Hive induced slumber do suffer loss, but they also gain a clarity of mind that is refreshing and energizing.  They may also gain a new motivation to wake up others and do everything reasonable to save America and the Constitution without throwing themselves on a sword.

If those who are Truth-Seekers want to readily identify who are the True-Believers who have been hived by the CMMM dispensed USG Big Lies, just pick any recent USG staged Gladio style false flag event and ask them what they think about it.  If they start parroting the CMMM dispensed USG talking points on any of these events which can be quickly shown to be obvious lies with any even cursory research, you know they are hived True-Believers or USG dupes and members of the Chumps ‘R Us Club.

Very Big cracks have been appearing in the USG Central Hive lately.

The good news in all this is that there have been major cracks appearing in the hive lately, as the USG has gone too far too fast and started breaking down its own cover stories and Big Lies. And the excellent firsthand research with photos and videos (sometime HD) available on the Internet are poisoning the USG Central Hive too. The major effort to grab guns was and effort to regain control, but it has been a big mistake and has created many questions.  It is also doomed to failure because Americans will fight before they will give up their guns, today, tomorrow and forever.  So the Queen Bee and Central Hive command needs to get that into their noggins and process it. The recent efforts to buy up all manufacture ammo by DHS as a fall back means of gun control has aroused too many questions and will create more push-back.

And Finally the deep penetration of the alternative truth oriented media on the worldwide Internet has been chipping away at and eroding the Big Lies of the USG and is exposing the fact that the CMMM is nothing but an extension of the ruling federal regime, the Big USG fascist bee hive inside the beltway.

So there is a battle royal between the USG central Federal Hive and the Truth-Seekers who are hip to the USG Big Lies and use the alternative media on the Internet on a regular basis, which is now the trade mark of most Truth-Seekers. When the USG senses the tide is turning and they are losing the battle, they bombard the American Group Mind with another staged Gladio style false-flag attack to bring the hive back into solidarity.  And the alternative media researchers quickly dissect these operations and expose them for the staged false flags they actually are on the Internet.

This of course greatly disturbs USG officials and their only options are to take some kind of draconian action like more attempts to gun-grab or disrupt ammo sales to the public or enact additional, diverse staged Gladio style false-flag attacks.  Thanks to the numerous and growing number of astute researchers and the alternative media available on the Internet, this cycle is shortening in duration and the ante is being raised significantly.

Something major has to give pretty soon: a complete financial collapse of the banking system, civil war, a major coup de etat, impeachment, or real corrective action inside the beltway. Either way it’s likely to be a very, very interesting and decisive year in 2013.

If the average member of the Chumps ‘R Us Club was told by any top professor or news talking head in the proper forum about the truth of these “litmus test” stages USG Gladio style false flag terror attacks and show some basic evidence, they would start the process of un-hiving themselves, which is actually quite painful and somewhat like drug or alcohol withdrawal. Or if they would listen to a family member or good friend who has already “woken up” from their hive-induced stupor, the process would begin for them too.

Folks who say this Hive and Queen Bee analogy really so far haven’t provided a better alternative that explains the mysterious cloning of the American group Mind which has progressively enticed “we the people” to adopt behaviors that are destructive to the long term welfare of their families, themselves, their communities and the Republic.

Diffusion of truth is eroding the Big USG Lies and now poses a direct threat to the criminal Hive inside the beltway (they realize it too and are quite nervous about it). 

Many folks are sick and tired of the USG Bee Hive, the Queen Bee and all the USG/DHS worker be bullies and wanna be Nazi/Stasi types, and want some real change, and so they are un-hiving themselves in mass. They don’t want to be cloned anymore like the mindkontrolled dupes of the big USG Bee Hive. They don’t want to be like them at all anymore.

Thanks to the worldwide Internet and researchers from all walks of life including senior retired military and intel who are more competent than the USG Bee Hive operators and worker bees, such folks who are now contributing to the growing truth movement and the rescue of the American Republic and Constitution.  The alternative media is now exposing so much of these Big USG lies that the whole USG Central Hive is approaching collapse.

And actually, this is how the truth is actually now diffusing across a broad base of American society.  Friends share great websites like VT,, with friends and this erodes the hive.  The Queen Bee and the Senior Hive Officers in charge at the USG central hive know that their time of control is now limited unless they severely restrict and censor the Internet and grab all the guns or ammo.

And that is why they are trying so hard to clamp down with hundreds of new draconian measures to rob freedom and trash the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Should they fail to stay on top of this and keep things in critical balance or their staged economic collapse gets out of control, the hive will go down the tubes and they know its “game over” for them.

Now for a performance by perhaps the best saxophone player in the world to help folks get their heads screwed back-on right after dealing with some difficult issues.

[youtube U15HQJwqsIo]




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