Isaiah 60:12 and US Middle East Foreign Policy


by Bob Johnson

Western philosophy is important. It helps us to hone our greatest innate gift from God other than life itself – reason. My favorite school of philosophy is Stoicism and one of my favorite books by a Stoic is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. One of the key points of Stoicism, and philosophy in general, is to always see things as they really are and not simply accept things on their appearance. This is critical in our individual lives as well as between peoples and nations.
Applying this principle to US foreign policy for the Middle East, it looks like the politicians in the US are using the US military and tax payers to carry out the Biblical threat to Gentiles found in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Isaiah 60:12. (The neocon war machine is based on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.)
Prior to verse 12 we read in verse 10, “And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee.” And verse 11 reads, “Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.”  (Some Bible translations read, “the wealth of the Gentiles” instead of “the forces of the Gentiles.”) This is allegedly God letting the Hebrews/Jews know that Israel will be served by all of the Gentile nations. The powerful Israel lobby is seeing to it that Gentile “kings shall minister unto” Israel!

Verse 12 is a baldfaced threat from Israel (disguised as though it is a threat from God) to all Gentile nations and people. It reads, “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” (This quote is a great example which proves the American founder and Deist Thomas Paine correct when Paine wrote in his enlightening landmark book on God, Deism and religion, The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition [for this important book in Kindle click here] “The Jews made no converts; they butchered all.”)
Although the Jewish state of Israel is loaded with a growing stockpile of real nuclear weapons of mass destruction along with a fleet of highly advanced German made submarines which can deliver their deadly payload virtually anywhere in the world, Israel uses the American military through the US political whores it owns from both parties to wage war for Israel’s benefit. As retired Israeli General Avraham Rotem said just prior to the US politicians starting the war against Iraq in 2003 for Israel’s benefit,  ‘A (US) war with Iraq serves Israel’s strategic interests because it wants Saddam gone. Someone says, ‘You sit back, we’ll take care of it’–what’s better than that?” (St. Petersburg Times, March 15, 2003, p. 5A). It’s a sad statement of fact that the last US president to seriously stand up to Israel in an effort to stop them from acquiring nuclear weapons and to their efforts to control US politicians was President John F. Kennedy.) Now Israel’s bought and paid for US politicians are getting us ready for a new war for Israel’s benefit. This one will be against Iran.
US politicians who are under the influence of the Israel lobby also are happy to give the “wealth of the Gentiles”/American tax payers to the Jewish state. They take from the American tax payer about $5 BILLION every year and hand it over to their political benefactors in Israel. This guarantees the politicians not only large Jewish and Zionist-Christian political donations but also, and more importantly, good press/media coverage.
Although some people do not believe the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament applies to Israel today, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made very clear that he and the Israeli government do. Netanyahu openly said in regards to Israel’s illegal occupation (it’s tragically funny how the official name of the Israeli military is the Israeli DEFENSE Force when in reality they are not defending but occupying!) of Jerusalem, “The Western Wall is not occupied territory, and I don’t care what the United Nations says. We are living in the Jewish State. The capital of the Jewish state, for 3,000 years, has been Jerusalem. I want to say it clearly.”
The Israeli terrorist forces are fulfilling the threat from Israel to all Gentiles found in Isaiah 60:12 against Palestine and the Palestinian people. The US politicians are misusing the American military to fulfill that same Hebrew Bible/Old Testament threat on behalf of Israel against other people and nations in the Middle East. An important way to break this deadly injustice is to undermine their reason for being which is the belief in the “revealed”/hearsay religion of Judaism and the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament which is loaded with teachings of Jewish superiority. The more people rely on their innate gift from God of reason, the less they will buy into the superstitious violence producing nonsense of the “revealed”/hearsay religions. (This is shown to be true by Albert Einstein’s God Letter in which he wrote regarding the Bible claim that God chose the Hebrews/Jews “above all people that are upon the face of the earth” [Deuteronomy 7:6] “I cannot see anything ‘chosen’ about them.”)  This can be made a reality by taking the advice of Thomas Paine which he gave to us in his powerful thought provoking book, The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition. In that book he called for a revolution in religion based on our gift from God of reason and on Deism. I think Thomas Paine was right!


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Bob Johnson is a freelance writer in the Tampa area of Florida. He was raised Roman Catholic, but after a stint in Marine Corps infantry and reading Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason he became a Deist. In 1993 he founded the World Union of Deists, and in 1996 he launched the first website devoted to Deism. He is the author of God Gave Us Reason, Not Religion, Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You and An Answer to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. He has also written the introduction to Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition and Principles of Nature by Elihu Palmer.