The Woolrich Terrorist Attack (3)


The Woolrich Terrorist Attack (3)

Most Intelligent Member of Thames Valley Police (left)

By Michael Shrimpton

The shockwaves from this terrorist outrage continue to reverberate around Britain, if not the world.  Forget conspiracy theories about it being staged.  It was a murderous terrorist attack in broad daylight against an unarmed and defenseless soldier, with a combat tour in Afghanistan behind him.   It is now clear that he was run down first, but the cause of death has been given as multiple stab wounds.
Put shortly these Islamist cowards murdered an unarmed man, who was already badly injured, by trying to saw his head off with a meat cleaver.   Happily (nobody in my country feels much sympathy for them) one of them managed to get his fingers in the way, probably because poor Drummer Rigby was struggling as he tried to hang onto life.  Several of the terrorist’s fingers were cut off.
Not too surprisingly a number of mosques have been attacked.  One, in North London, was nearly burnt down this week by the English Defense League, a right-wing English nationalist group, hated by Germany’s GO2 and the Metropolitan Police.  I hold no brief for the EDL, who are a bit extreme, but there is no point the authorities banging on about them.  They need to tackle the problem, German-sponsored Islamic terrorism, at source.  With a vacuum at the top, a weak government caving in to the terrorist threat and Muslim leaders utterly unable to control their own people, people are bound to turn to breaking the law.  It was ever thus.  The good news is that no Muslim has died in retaliatory attacks, but we are heading for serious communal violence if no-one gets a grip.
No credible explanation has been forthcoming for the lengthy police delay in going to the aid of injured Drummer Rigby.  It looks more and more like the Metropolitan Police were facilitating the attack by holding back and allowing the terrorists time to complete their murderous task and make their getaway.
Our police, sadly, are rubbish.  We have had to get used to stories of police cowardice in Britain, with police officers standing around watching little children struggle and die in ponds.   Some years ago Thames Valley, arguably the worst police force in Britain, let a man murder a woman and two children, in Henley-on-Thames, whilst armed police cowered in fear outside the house, no offense intended.
These incidents are usually blamed on overzealous ‘health and safety’ rules but that is not the whole story.  The truth is that our police are badly lad and lack moral fiber.  The contrast with our Glorious Armed Forces could not be greater.  They are as much a source of national pride as the police are a source of national shame.  It is little wonder that one of the public nicknames for the police is ‘the filth’, although I take no pleasure in making that observation.  After Woolwich however the Metropolitan Police are more than just a source of shame – they are an international laughing stock.
It’s more than just simple lack of moral fiber and wanting to leave the job of tackling armed terrorist to unarmed women, the Angels of Woolwich, however.   It is impossible to explain Woolwich without understanding that the Met are penetrated by GO2, and that GO2 sponsor all major terrorist attacks in the UK.  Clearly the decision to let the terrorists murder Drummer Rigby was taken high up by the payroll by an officer reporting to GO2.
I am NOT saying that Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick is that officer, but she may know who stopped armed police going to the aid of Drummer Rigby.   She was lobbed a few gentle questions in Portcullis House (part of the House of Commons) this week, but with respect none of the committee understood terrorism.  Lacking an appreciation that it is state-sponsored the MPs were adrift on a sea of ignorance.  Cressida, who is not stupid (and actually quite nice), danced all round them, no doubt correctly concluding that she was dealing with ignoramuses, or should that be ignorami?  Sadly, our MPs are not very bright.
Cressida has been named, by my late friend Christopher Story, whose assassination was facilitated by GO2 assets inside Thames Valley Special Branch, as a graduate of the Common Purpose front organization.  The BBC have said the same thing, indeed it’s on her Wiki page.  Some in the Intelligence Community have linked Common Purpose to GO2, so Cressida is bound to be coming in for some counterintelligence scrutiny.  For me however the jury is out as to whether or not she reports to GO2.   The easiest way for her to deflect suspicion would be to have a real, arms-length inquiry into the Woolwich fiasco.  That would mean naming and arresting the GO2 asset who held up the armed response.  Nothing less will do.
Sensibly there have been calls for the restoration of the death penalty.  It is wholly unsatisfactory that neither of the terrorists involved in the actual murder of Drummer Rigby, facts which are not seriously in dispute, will pay with their lives.  The powers of punishment of the courts in cases of terrorism need to be increased, smartly.  I would have no objection to capital punishment being made retrospective for cases of terrorism.  It would be salutary to see Parliament flexing its muscles in this way, and thumbing its nose at that terrorists’ charter, the European Convention on Human Rights, which is a complete joke.
I can’t reply to the various posts on the last two articles because that technical glitch still hasn’t been resolved.  I will however try to deal with any serious points made, in my weekly articles.  It would be impolite of me not to acknowledge Stephen G’s comment that I speak “very very well” and come across as “an old-fashioned English gentleman. “  High praise indeed!  Thank you ‘Stephen.’  Readers will, I am sure, not expect me to recite the abuse!   If you want to read mindless abuse of me just look at the comments section, or buy a cup of tea in a Thames Valley Police canteen.
The one really serious point which has been made is that Drummer Rigby could not have shot back, as he was injured when he was run down.  Since the cause of death has been given as stab wounds it is not clear at this stage that he was unconscious after being rammed by the terrorists’ vehicle.  Even a wounded warrior can shoot back from a prone position.  Being hurt and in pain, and unable to escape from advancing, bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists with knives and meat cleavers in their hands, is not a good place to be without a gun.  The terrorists needed tearing apart with hot British steel, for which brave Drummer Rigby needed at least a sidearm.
What is more Drummer Rigby could lawfully have opened fire on a vehicle whose driver was intent on ramming him.  It was not hardened and with his excellent army training he would have had a good chance of a headshot against the driver.  It’s not easy driving a car with a bullet in your brain.  Of course I am aware that terrorists, like Thames Valley Police officers, no offense intended, tend to have small brains, but if he was conscious he should have been able to hit him.


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