"Woorich" Terrorist Attacks (4)


By Michael Shrimpton

Before anyone posts a silly comment I am aware that there are two ‘w’s’ in ‘Woolwich.’  I’m an Englishman.  I know how to spell ‘Woolwich.’  Somebody at VT didn’t however (it was me..g), and confused it with a sock.  At least I assume it was a sock. 
You can have cotton-rich socks, advertising speak for a sock with polyester fibers in it, so I assume that you can have wool-rich socks as well.  It was quite funny, the name has stuck and I have given in gracefully.
As I have said before, this appalling terrorist attack was a game-changer.  It really has opened people’s eyes to the Islamist threat, and the problems posed by having a large Muslim population in situ, in a way which 7/7 didn’t.  It should have done, but trust me, it didn’t.   As a nation we carried as though 7/7 never happened.
Nothing was done to get to grips with Islamic radicalization of our youth, indeed it was encouraged in prisons, with one weak Common Purpose ‘graduate’ after another appointed as governors, instead of sensible retired military officers.  GO2, which staged the 7/7 attacks, was permitted to continue operating, the death penalty was not brought back and uncontrolled mass immigration continued, with only cosmetic attempts to stop it.  Our Muslim population is now larger than it was in 2005.
The police, apart from West Midlands (if they’re reading this I really would like to hear from the Special Branch officer I briefed in on July 26th 2005 in Whitehall – come on guys, get your act together!), were allowed to get away with their nonsensical theory that the attacks were suicide attacks, when clearly the 7/7 terrorists were using backpack IEDs.  Just to show how nonsensical, those terrorists had return tickets, on a line with automatic ticket barriers, with minimal on-train inspection.
The 7/7 families were systematically lied to by the police and successive governments.  MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are well aware of GO2 and its involvement, but nothing was done to brief in Parliament, the public, the survivors or the bereaved families.  The UK was left wide open to another GO2-sponsored Islamic terrorist attack.
It was inevitable that something like Woolwich would happen and it did.   There is, however, some evidence that the Good Guys, a.k.a. MI5, were tracking the terrorists.  MI5 probably knew that they were on the GO2 payroll and may have turned one or more German penetration assets inside the service.  I am hearing that GO2 are in a bit of a panic.  It looks like someone picked up the driver.
Allow me to explain.  The GO2 plan was to have the Nigerian Muslim terrorists in question (I respectfully agree with Kenyan intelligence that they should be classed as Nigerians, regardless of their place of birth – each was a Federal Republic of Nigeria national as well as a British Citizen) ram Drummer Rigby, or another soldier, with their car.  It follows, a fortiori, that they needed a getaway vehicle.  They made no attempt to escape and it appears that they were waiting for their ride.  The ride however did not come.
GO2 are clearly targeting our soldiers.  We have to allow them to carry sidearms when off-duty, as well as wear uniform.  We should go back to the rules which applied during World War II.  We also need to breakup GO2, which will need a new government, i.e. one which is intelligence literate, led by somebody with a brain.  The search for a politician with a brain continues.
The Joint Intelligence Committee has to be freed up from control by the Cabinet Office.  It needs to be able to give independent advice, prepared by intelligence professionals.  At the moment its assessments are junk, largely prepared by civil servants working to an agenda.  We also need to bring back the death penalty, fast.  The idea that the murderers of poor Drummer Ribgy should be permitted to get away with their lives is just offensive nonsense.   Of course they should only be hanged in the nicest possible way.  Parliament has the power to impose the death penalty retrospectively and override the ECHR terrorists’ charter.
Sad news this week, about the passing of Squadron Leader Bert Houtheusen DFC, late of the RAF, one of the few jazz saxophonists to have been involved in dropping an atom bomb.  He flew components of the British A-Bomb to Australia for our first test, in a dear old Short Sunderland flying boat.  In the Korean War he landed a Sunderland on the open ocean to rescue a brave US Navy flier, Ensign Ed Hofstra, whose F4U Corsair had struck the ground (that’s what we call low flying) whilst strafing some commies.  Bert was recruited in World War II by air intelligence at a time when the RAF was seriously short of saxophonists and needed a good dance band.  The band later became the Squadronaires, the best jazz combo I have ever listened to.
On a lighter note, although it was sad for the dead Muslim and his family, the media carried reports this week of the inquest in Lancashire into the death of a Dr Ikram Malik.  He was attempting to cross the road in order to pray at the Markazi Jamia Ghousi Mosque when his trousers got caught up in a Vauxhall Astra, driven by a Caroline Schofield.  Very sadly she is probably now a pinup girl for the English Defence League, as despite the good doctor’s remonstrations (he banged on the window) he died, hence the inquest.
We no longer have free speech in my country, partly thanks to Lord Justice Leveson (no offense, My Lord), partly thanks to the police, who think that modern Britain is a police state, and partly thanks to the stifling dogma of political correctness.  This prevented the media from reporting what sort of trousers the good doctor was wearing.  We may reasonably infer that he was wearing Islamic dress, i.e. wide trousers, as generally speaking, with proper British trousers, it is not easy to get caught up in the door of a passing Vauxhall Astra.
Along with not having to pray five times a day (what a bummer) and only having to go to church twice a year, at Easter and Christmas, narrower trousers is one of the undoubted benefits of being an Anglican.   Naturally, being British, I extend my condolences to Dr Malik’s family, even though he was a Muslim and we are in a Global War on Terror, with the forces of Christendom (the Good Guys) ranged against Germany and Islam (the Bad Guys) in what your great President G.W. Bush rightly categorized as a Holy Crusade Against Evil.  King Richard the Lionheart, of immortal memory, England’s greatest King, would have approved of George W.


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