India Building War Hysteria


A fence through which even a bird cannot pass


By Raja Mujtaba

For the past few days, Indian media and the parliament are going full blast to build a war hype against Pakistan for five of their soldiers got killed. Who killed them is yet to be established, there is a division in Indian official thinking also but the opposition, the media and other hawks are working round the clock on the Indian government to attack Pakistan.
There is nothing new to this; its Indian routine every few years or so to indulge in war mongering. If one analysis the design, it becomes abundantly clear why?
India does not want to discuss the core subjects; Indians avoid talking about Kashmir, Siachen and water issues. To avoid that, before the resumption of talks, there is some terrorist activity staged within India so that either talks are suspended or if held then instead of going to the old basic outstanding issues, the entire talk is wasted out in discussing the staged events to fix the responsibility on Pakistan.
Indians have alleged that Pakistani soldiers crossed into the Indian Occupied Kashmir and killed 5 of their men five KMs deep inside Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. This is quite strange when Indians have fully fenced the LOC, courtesy Gen Musharraf with so much of illumination that even a moving lizard can be seen. How come those Pakistani soldiers not only cut through into the other side of the fence but after having shot down five of their soldiers could manage to extricate without creating any scene. Was the Indian army sleeping or were they party to the game?
Being a party to the game, Indians did not have to invite the Pakistani soldiers to perform the killing for them. Like 2002 parliament attack, Samjhota Express attack or even 2008 Mumbai attack, India was well within the means to enact this false flag operation also. Pakistan would not send terrorists in Pak Army uniform to make it obvious but for the Indian HC it was very convenient to procure some uniforms from the market and ship them through diplomatic bag to India to stage a drama that Pakistan army did it.
On this issue, DG MO Maj Gen Ashfaq Nadeem spoke to his Indian counterpart on the hotline and completely rejected the Indian claim as false and baseless. Likewise, the foreign office summoned the Indian HC and warned him for this false flag and accusing Pakistan without any foundation and justification.
There seems to be some hidden agenda behind this plot. There are different opinions of it.
One is that Indian Army, BJP and RSS have come to the same page to beat out Congress coalition from power in the coming elections for they do not hold hawkish policy towards Pakistan.
Other probability and stronger one is that India is playing the Ganga game of 1971. This was a Fokker of the Indian Airlines that was brought to Lahore as a hijacked aircraft and then blown off at the tarmac at Lahore. Making an excuse, the Indian government banned all over flights between East and West Pakistan, this was the first step of Indian aggression in East Pakistan.
Later they induced and forced the Bengali population to flee to India from whom they inducted to form Mukhti Bahini that was also reinforced by the Indian regulars. Now since long, India has tried to create war hysteria for some nefarious designs that would sure be hard to achieve. Now one can smell rat in this also.
Right from day one, the Indian mindset has not accepted Pakistan; they still sing the songs Akhand or Maha Bharat. This is being injected into the Indian youth through schools and colleges. Chanakya Kotalia 370–283 BCE is the father of Indian political and economic philosophy who wrote his book Arthashastar which is taken as the Bible of the Indian Political doctrine. 
Chanakya says, that end justifies the means. From here one can assess that to achieve the objectives; India would adopt whatever means that would help her to achieve it. In their thinking it’s not the truth that matters but the objective that matters. In dealing with the Indians, it’s been important to understand this philosophy because their entire diplomacy, political maneuvering and propaganda all are based on the Chanakian philosophy of the end justifies the means.
Their propaganda machinery is highly oiled to blow horns, but then the truth finds its way out causing major embarrassments to the Indians who never show any hang of any such embarrassment, thanks to Chanakya Kotalia.
False Indian propaganda and atrocities against its own people and neighbours is not new. Some consciences Indian people like Arunduta Roy, former Maharashtra IG police S M Mushrif and late Karkaray etc have all been raising their voices along with human rights and other organizations to that effect. Today Sikhs, Christian, Muslims and Dalits (the untouchable humans) are victim victims of state policies and inequality in India. Kashmiris are the ones who are facing the major brunt. Disgruntled people from these communities easily get charged to hit the Indian interests from within but India always tries to shift the focus on Pakistan.
If 65 million Dalits get organized that is more than 50% of Indian population and supported by other communities from within, India can break up. India is too heavy for its frame to support the entire weight.
The United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) September 2009 decision to declare discrimination based on the caste system a “human-rights abuse” has stirred up with harsh opposition from India. The UN’s decision came about despite strong disagreement from the Indian government and its aggressive lobbying to get the council to delete the word “caste” from the draft.
Dalits are often the victims of rape and enforced prostitution, through their cast based militants throughout India. The Dalits are virtual slaves and hardly in a position to seek respect and status in the society. But Pakistan should be well prepared to take this blame also.
Going back to 1971, Indian track record suggests that whenever they want to launch any offensive against Pakistan be it military, diplomatic or political, they stage activities at home and throw the blame on Pakistan. The recent admissions by the Indian pastors and others down the ladder be it the Mukti Bahini Drama, or burning of Samjhota express or still more like an attack on the Indian Parliament and Mumbai attacks have all been engineered and executed by the Indian agencies and Armed Forces.
Whenever truth has tried to surface, the person working on it has either been silenced or eliminated. Col Prohit killed Hamish Karkray who had established Indian hand in Samjhota Express running between Lahore and New Delhi.
Times of India’s in its report dated July 15, mentioned a member of a Special Investigating Team (SIT) of India’s Central Bureau of Investigation has clearly held incumbent Indian governments of the time “orchestrating” the terror attacks on Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001 and the 2008 on Mumbai hotel on 26 November 2008.
All along, India had been harping upon the false flag that the parliament building and Mumbai attacks were carried out by the disparate militant groups of Pakistan including the Ajmal Kasab group respectively, that were sponsored by Pakistan’s intelligence outfits. The Ajmal Kasab story was stretched beyond imagination that he traveled in a small boat from Karachi and landed off Mumbai coast fully loaded with arms, ammunition etc.
Ajmal Kasab, a Marathi Hindu as commonly believed was picked from Nepal and transported to India, held in captivity under some false charges and later launched to attack Mumbai Hotel. This was the main reason behind the story that he was not allowed proper legal assistance and after his execution, he was interred within the jail.
This was not for the first time that India had blamed Pakistan based Islamic organizations for Mumbai calamity. Earlier, the Kashmiri freedom fighters were held responsible for storming the Parliament building in New Delhi in December 2001 for which Afzal Guru was hanged without a fair trial.
Under the cover of false flag operations, India comes out with demands that are beyond any sanity. India behaves like Big Daddy throwing its weight around. India is demanding the option from the UNO of carrying out punitive air strikes on the chosen targets in Pakistan sounded ridiculous. For a neighbor that is both irresponsible and adventurous are like handing over a matchbox to a monkey that could cauterize it.
India does not miss any chance to mount pressure to get Pakistan declared as a terrorist state by the UN to get legitimacy to freely hold and crush the freedom movement in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir would have further extended it to attack Pakistan in the same cover.
Now what is happening in Pakistan, where MQM, ANP, TTP, BLA and few other factions like Sipha Sahaba and Lashkare Jhangvi etc  are outright helping the Indians either by design or default for their acts of terrorism and party rivalries. The government has to take cognizance of these issues and settle the issues with a steady paw.
India feels that there couldn’t have been a better time to achieve its agenda as it is now when Pakistan army is completely deployed in fighting terrorism. Being a professional army contingency plans are always there; India must not persist   in any doubt on that score.
But Pakistan has to remain very vigilant to its southern flank as that is likely to see witness a major operation in any future war. Pakistan Navy needs to be bolstered and equipped for any threat from the sea.
Since 1971, Pakistan has been on a path of reconciliation and appeasement with India that has been taken as Pakistan’s weakness. Nawaz Sharif has shown immaturity by overly extending the hand of friendship towards India. Friendship is good but the move must be cautious and calculated so that talks are driven on along a desired track.
President Pervez Musharraf during his rule of 9 years made every effort to woo India. He is on record of mellowing down and drastically departing from Pakistan’s traditional stand on Kashmir with regard to a plebiscite. This further confirmed the Indian thinking that Pakistan is weak.
If India gets intoxicated with her desire and dream to dismantle Pakistan, it would be a do or die situation for Pakistan. In that case Pakistan would be at liberty to practice whatever it has in the arsenal. Nawaz Sharif has yet to produce an affirmation of strength. Friendship with India cannot be at the cost of national honour. Political leaders must recognize that. Pakistan has to fight an unrelenting war on all fronts to the last drop of blood with nothing to spare.
Now India being a strategic partner of the United States is apparently standing in bigger shoes than her size. This is further compelling India to take on Pakistan for which not only full blast media campaign in India has started but India is escalating the tension along the Pakistan-India border in Sialkot sector. Indians are threatening to attack and breakup (break up) Pakistan in less than 2 weeks. Let India embark on this mad adventurism, this can escalate into a nuclear war. If that happens, against Pakistan’s 200 million, India would risk over a billion people, can any sane mind afford it; only India can answer that.


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