President Obama Why Have You Become a Warmonger?


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Stop the Madness. Attacking Syria Harms U.S. Interests, But Pleases Israel


By Mohamed Khodr


President Obama attacking Syria will create many Wailing Walls. Stand up JUST ONCE to Israel and say NO MORE WARS FOR YOU at America’s expense in treasure and blood.

President Obama, you’re not attacking Syria because of an alleged and unproven Chemical attack, You’re doing so because ISRAEL demands it of you, and once you destroy Syria, Israel will want more blood, next it will be Iran.
If humanitarian anger at the use of weapons of mass destruction is enough to launch wars, then there are countless nations around the world that should be invaded, beginning with the U.S., Israel, Europe, Russia, Saddam Hussein’s gassing of Iranians with CIA help, and so much more.
I recall you had “no comment” when Israel was bombing and dropping White Phosphorous bombs on Gaza. Unless of course Palestinian children are insignificant and unworthy human beings.
How many wars must the American people pay and die for to appease Israel’s demands? Were Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen enough to satisfy the greed and profit of the Neocons and the military industrial complex?

Once again the world is holding its breath and gasping for air as a possibility for another war in the Middle East is being rolled out in rapid succession to attack Syria, a nation already mired in a bloody civil war, with so many foreign hands playing both sides against each other.
Events are deliberately moving rapidly so as to avoid the demonstrations and opposition that occurred in the run up to the Iraq War.
When it comes to launching wars the western mind must consist of teflon, not brain cells. Memory is a fleeting phenomena in the West, how fast have they forgotten the lies of the Iraq war, the cost in dollars and lives to the U.S., and the over one million Iraqis who lost their lives for a LIE.
In the final analysis the U.S. after its done its dirty destructive deed will pull up and leave leaving a nation as bombed, as devasted, and as annihilated as America’s export of democracy to Iraq. The U.S. has a long history of bombing then leaving devastated nations behind. In Afghanistan one can foresee that the Taliban will either return to power or will be the major political player in the country.

So what did America achieve besides genocidal deaths, mass graves, depleted uranium filling the soil and water supplies, destroyed schools, roads, electrical and water plants, hospitals, mosques and churches, and gained the eternal animosity of Arabs and Muslims who till now are still discovering their way to independence but when they do with the overthrow of America’s puppet regimes in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf oil states, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, among others, one can expect a different response to the ease with which the U.S., U.K., France, and Israel enjoy to bomb, bomb, bomb away of non compliant regimes such as in Syria and Iran.

Who would ever have thought that the King of Saudi Arabia, the Custodian of Islam’s two holiest mosques will join forces with Zionist Israel to kill fellow Muslims? To Muslims this must seem apocalyptic.

Given that America is broke funding for this war will come from the Muslim wealth of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, much like they did for Bush Sr’s “Operation Desert Storm”

By attacking Syria the U.S. ensures that Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, Al Qaeda, and Iraq will enter the fray thus widening the war regardless of Israel’s expected indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians, an issue that never moves the West to intervene to save lives. You see Arabs and Muslim lives are expendable garbage or what the civilized people call “collateral damage”. After 2000 years of the West’s ethnic cleansing, genocides, discrimination, abuse of human rights, and a Holocaust the Christian world feels guilty and is making it up to the Jews by giving them Palestine, allowing them to kill the innocent at will, and killing Muslims for their sake as a small compensation.

Secretary John Kerry’s supreme confident claim that Syria “undeniably” fired the chemical weapons that killed hundreds even prior to the U.N. Chemical Weapons inspectors arriving on the site is highly reminiscent of the Bush Administration’s bold confident claims that Saddam Hussein “no doubt” has weapons of mass destruction and according to Pentagon Chief Donald Rumsfeld they know where they are, they are in Tikrit. Odd how U.N. inspectors who combed Iraq for years didn’t find them nor did the U.S. bother to inform them where they are.

As with Iraq there can only be one source for this claim and that is false intelligence from Israel that for days has definitively blamed Assad for the attack.

One is reminded that in the run up to the illegal, immoral devastation of Iraq based on deliberately manufactured lies that even preceded Bush’s assumption of the Presidency, Bush’s Under Secretary of State, John Bolton, during his visit to Israel informed Sharon and Netanyahu that after Iraq “we’ll deal with Syria and Iran” (Haaretz Feb. 17, 2003.

How tragic that Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winner, the man who opposed the Iraq War and promised an end to more conflicts is, like Bush, surrendering to the same Neocon – Israeli partnerships to attack more Muslim states that Israel submits are an “existential” threat to her despite being the only nation with hundreds of nuclear weapons.

The U.N. will not sanction this war thus it’ll be left to the U.S. and the
MidEast former European colonial powers that occupied Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Iran to once again re-invade these victimized nations, victims of the Sykes Picot Agreement and the British Balfour Declaration.

The majority of the American people are against this war but will the political, economic, and military reward to Israel, the U.S., and the military industrial complex prove a stronger incentive for wealthy powerful nations to launch another war that will only kill more of the already impoverished Syrians with millions living as refugees in and out of Syria and further annihilate a nation that will surely follow Iraq in another civil war.

America and Israel will easily win such battles given their enormous military power but the power of faith and spirit amongst Arabs and Muslims will in the long run defeat such murderous nations.

As customary when there is blowback the American people will once again wonder why do they hate us being ignorant of the manipulation and machination of Israel, AIPAC, the NeoCons, the cheering media, and the military industrial complex.

Out of all possible policies once expected Obama to undertake another unnecessary illegal and bloody war in the Middle East was not among them.

There seems to be an insatiable appetite for wars by the United States. With such a large and powerful military stretched among 172 nations with over 1000 military bases along with the largest military budget in the world, the temptation for glory and a proud legacy of being a winning Commander in Chief is just too tempting to U.S. Presidents. Such men grew up in a culture that values “kick butt” as an iconic policy both individually, collectively, or as a nation.

Attacking Syria will have disastrous consequences for the U.S, Saudi Arabia and its mini Gulf States, as well as for Israel, the UK, and France.

Mr. President innocent Syrian families want to live and enjoy life as much as you and your beautiful family do. PLEASE DON’T MASSACRE THESE INNOCENT FAMILIES. NO War on Syria.

President Obama show some spine, stand up for America’s interests and for the innocent lives still breathing and walking today in Syria. Tell Israel “NO MORE WARS FOR YOU. AMERICAN BLOOD IS TOO PRECIOUS TO SPILL IT FOR YOUR INTERESTS”

President Obama, take a deep breath, and think if this is what you want to be remembered for, a genocidal killer of another Muslim nation. Look into the eyes of your wife and two daughters and try to imagine that they are Syrians awaiting for your decision whether they live or die.

For God’s sake, President Obama, STOP THIS MADNESS.



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