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By Michael Shrimpton

As Gordon knows I am a great believer in professional courtesy.  Spying is, or should be, a game for gentlemen.  When non-gentlemen like John Scarlett, or Iain Lobban at GCHQ, or Allen Dulles, get involved it becomes a pain in the arse for everybody.  I am not a spy of course, let alone a ‘warmongering Zionist spy’, pace, some of the more belligerent trolls who post on this site, but I am in the community and I do write about spies.
Therefore I was a little disappointed, with respect, by the tone of Jim Feltzer’s remarks in response to my article last week.  He suggested that no serious intelligence analyst shared my view that the Assad Arab fascist regime was behind the CW attack on East Damascus.  Well, the Joint Intelligence Committee in the UK has now come out and said what I was saying last week, and so has Secretary of State John Kerry, acting, presumably, on CIA advice.
It looks as though a fair number of serious intelligence analysts share my view.  I stand by it.  As presently advised the attack was by gas shells fired from tube artillery batteries of the 4th Armored Division, commanded by Bashar (should that be ‘Basher’?) al-Assad’s equally evil brother, Maher.  I do not for one moment believe that Bashar did not OK it in advance.
The Syrian Ambassador in London has been making protests about as convincing as the Klingon Ambassador’s in the opening scenes of Star Trek IV (if you’ve never seen the movie you should, and shed a tear for dear old Doc McCoy and Scottie, no longer with us).   The story doing the rounds that the Saudis supplied the gas to the rebels, who did not know how to handle the weapons, is no more convincing, indeed I am far from persuaded that the Saudis do CW.  Nukes yes, but not nerve gas.
I greatly respect my friend General Vallely, who has been to Syria and has done good work on this, supporting the Free Syrian Army, but I think his source has been fed misinformation over Assad fleeing to Iran.  My understanding is that he is still in Damascus, but in a command bunker, dug no doubt by German contractors.  If you want to hide in a hole ask the Krauts.  They love holes.
The House of Commons vote was shameful, but shows how important it was to challenge the left-wing/mainstream media narrative on Iraq, which had INTELCOM lying about WMDs, when the intelligence was broadly accurate.  It was the politicians who span it, turning tactical systems into strategic, and overlooking the intel that the WMDs had been shipped out between the fall of 2002 and the spring of 2003.  NSA were reporting that, ditto Mossad, months before the Iraq War.
The Lib Dems, Labour and the left-wing of the Tory Party have shown their Arab fascist sympathies.  All that is required for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing, not that I would ever describe the Lib Dems as ‘good’.   The opponents of action against Syria are suffering from a Munich mentality.  For once I find myself in respectful agreement with Lord Ashdown, who said this morning that he felt a deep sense of shame over last night’s vote.
Of course there are differences between Bashar al-Assad and Adolf Hitler, several in fact:  Hitler was mostly Ayran and an Austrian, whereas al-Assad is all-Arab and a Syrian; Hitler had a narrower moustache and according to reports from contacts who met both dictators Hitler was a much nicer man and a warmer human being.  He also had an aversion to gas warfare, which he saw at first hand on the Western Front in World War I.  Hitler never authorized a gas attack.
The answer to Jim’s point about the apparent recklessness of the timing is that Assad understood that the DVD controls the UN.  He had nothing to fear from that direction.  Russia and China were always going to veto a serious response.  The appeasers in Whitehall only want to refer the matter to the UN knowing that it is under German control and will not move against a German-backed dictator, any more than the League of Nations moved against Mussolini.
Assad had probably also cleared the attack in advance with both the Cabinet Office and the Obama Administration.  The meeting of the UK’s National Security Council was a PR stunt and a near-total farce, not least since the pro-Assad, pro-EU minister Ken Clarke was permitted to attend.  Allies of Clarke were instrumental in organizing Tory opposition to the government’s motion, watered-down as it was.   The contacts with London were probably run through the MI6 Head of Station in Damascus, who may report to GO2.  The Administration has a number of DVD/COREA Group assets in key positions, including on the National Security Council.  Any one of a dozen people in the Administration could have given Assad the green light to use nerve gas.  No more than a token, Clinton-style, response has ever been on the cards.  Assad will be told before any missiles go in.
Professor French of Lincoln University and others have been pushing the line that only the UN can authorize the use of force other than in self-defense.  That is completely wrong with respect.  Switzerland is not a member of the UN and is not bound by the UN Charter, but that does not mean that she can invade Austria.  All the UN Charter did, like the equally fatuous Kellogg-Briand Pact before it, was to restate the customary international legal prohibition on the waging of aggressive war.  It never outlawed just war.  World War II was not illegal because the League of Nations did not sanction it.
These arguments, whilst wrong, are dangerous.  They emphasize the importance of breaking up the UN, so that the West can be freed to stand up to the dictators.   Many thousands more innocents are doomed to die because of the UN.
The United Kingdom and the United States should declare war on the Syrian Arab Republic, destroy the Syrian Air Force and commit ground troops in support of the Free Syrian Army, just as we worked alongside the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.  We should always fight shoulder to shoulder with the Good Guys.  Turkey should be invited to attack from the north and Israel across the Golan Front.  Russia should be asked to stand aside and offered a free hand in Chechnya to crush the Islamic terrorist insurgency there.  Pressure on Israel to participate in the ‘peace process’ should cease.  Dealing with the Palestinians is entirely a matter for the proper Israeli civilian and military authorities.  It is not a matter which need concern the Foreign Office nor the State Department, just as Chechnya is an internal matter for Russia.
It should be possible to crush all Syrian resistance within 90 days of D-Day.  Assad should be given a fair trial before an Allied military tribunal and shot, nicely of course.
Operating under wartime conditions it should be possible to execute anyone in London and Washington who green-lighted the murderous attack on Ghouta.   Each of our countries needs to clear out our respective DVD assets, which can most easily be done in wartime.  They are all traitors.  You execute the principals and obtain the intelligence yield from the terrified small-fry.
Of course this would require regime change in both London, Washington and possibly Ankara, along the lines of that in England in May 1940, when the German asset Neville Chamberlain was forced out in favour of the patriotic and courageous Churchill.  There is enough in the files on Obama to allow him to be impeached, nicely of course.
Rolf Harris
Speaking of DVD assets they are working hard to hide those Cabinet Office officials still living who helped protect the Savile Pedophile Ring, which supplied boys to Edward Heath and the then Cabinet Secretary, John Hunt.   As part of GO2’s distraction strategy, authorized by a senior GO2 penetration asset in the Met, the very nice entertainer Rolf Harris (we have met, briefly), scandalously, has been vexed this week with a bogus prosecution.  He is said to have been involved in consensual sex with girls aged 14 or 15, but of course those ages are borderline with the age of consent.  Under R v. Tolson (1889) he has a defence if he reasonably believed the girls to be above the age of consent.
The only way to stop nonsense charges of this sort is to have a statute of limitations on sex offenses, of say 6 years, with 3 years from the attaining the age of majority for minors.  Six years ought to be long for a man or woman to work out whether they have been indecently assaulted or not.
Hélie de Saint Marc
This week has seen the sad passing of French war hero Hélie de Saint Marc.  That’s right –they do have war heroes, albeit not many.  He did great work in the French Resistance, in French Indo-China and Algeria.  He played a key role in the 1961 coup, which had it been successful would usefully have seen de Gaulle shot, and French withdrawal from the EEC.  He was one of the Good Guys and definitely a man to have on your side.  Compared to Hélie, de Gaulle was a weanie.  Saint Marc was appalled when de Gaulle’s man General Massu ordered his boys to torture FLN suspects in order to undermine the French position in Algeria.  De Gaulle could be damned unmilitary at times.


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