18. About 95% of all the illegal narcotics are trafficked into America authorized by the USG by the CIA or under their protection in joint efforts. The world’s largest crime syndicate, the Zios are also allowed to bring in massive amounts of these illegal drugs as long as the proper higher ups receive their cut which is currently 10% off the top.

The DEA is involved in these massive controlled deliveries which come into almost every major international airport in America and many small ones and are allowed supposedly in stings designed to catch the “Mr. Big drug dealers”, but alas they never succeed and these deliveries just keep a-coming.

19. Numerous experts now claim we live in a police state. No, that is not exactly correct, we live in a Gangster State which uses a massive internal security mechanism to crush dissenters.

Correctly stated, Washington DC should have a big sign upon entering DC:  “Gangsters ‘R Us”.

The USG is a big table of gangsters with plenty of room for any new gangster that ponies up the bucks for entry, and this includes the large drug cartels which are technically “joint ventures” with some small American Intel factions. Actually it’s like this: we have the WORST government the MOST money can buy or the biggest collection of gangsters who have the necessary money to buy a seat at the table of control. Any criminal group can buy a seat at the table of government inside America if they can pony up the necessary funds. So it is all about money and this is where the 70,000+ K Street Lobbyists come in.

They funnel the money to the politicians in terms of campaign contributions, lucrative speaking honorariums, revolving door job promises, lucrative consulting contracts for relatives and business partners, special mortgage rates, offshore account gifts, free use of lavish condos all expenses paid as guests, etc. Doubt this, then just examine the net worth statements of politicians after a few terms in office, especially those who are owned by AIPAC and serve Zio mouthpieces, folks like McCain and Graham. And a recent study of top-paid CEOs suggests rampant corruption. (3)

20. The CIA has run secret Mind-kontrol experiments and massive psychotronic harassment campaigns against dissenters and whistle-blowers along with certain groups in miltel and gotten away with it for many years. Except now folks on the inside are starting to talk and leak and it won’t be long until these operations are fully exposed and those responsible will be hounded, harassed and eventually dealt with. Almost every major psychotronic operation is being exposed now through high level and mid-level leaks. Yes, even the sensitive programs now being established in large urban public schools and retail chains with HD cameras and mikes directly connected in real-time to local fusion centers where complex face and voice recognition software is run along with the administration of pulsed beam microwaves to shape and modify subject’s behaviors are being leaked and disclosed.  And they are all highly illegal because they provide no informed consent which is required by federal and state law. By the way, the use of these devices by local Fusion centers are major felonies since they damage some children and can cause cancer and leukemia clusters.

21. Nationwide, the police have been mind-kontrolled by the deployment of high tech pulsed beam microwave, constant-on shoulder-held radio systems which are known to be able to entrain aggressive attitudes in many police officers and can cause parietal lobe or temporal lobe psychomotor seizures during arrests which can make the officers get temporarily enraged, some with transient psychotic “rage blackouts” at the time of their acting-out, when they go nuts and beat or murder victims unjustifiably and use excessive force, engaging in abject police brutality of the worst kind.

Cancer clusters are now starting to form and most police have no idea that after many years of use their brains are being changed and in many cases, their souls are being snatched. In time it will be shown that like the handheld radar guns police used to set between their legs between cars, these units are cancer-causing. This cancer from these shoulder-held radios as it starts to appear, of course, will be minimized and covered up.

22. Every American Intel agency has had its own execution squad.  At present, there are 37 American, DOD and/or privatized defense Contractor intel agencies and counting, many of these un-admitted due to being part of the black, special access or the beyond black “un-acknowledged programs ‘. Each of these agencies has had its own execution squad for terminations with extreme prejudice after a signed intelligence or executive finding is made and signed.

The Administration has had J-Soc (Joint Special operation Command, supposedly still takes some orders from chicanery, whose heart is fine and all that was an act to provide sympathy and an easy “faked death that is believable” in case folks attempt to prosecute him for war crimes). The US military has had SoLic Special Operations, Low-Intensity Conflict to do its dirty work when necessary.

The FBI has had Division 5. Most assassinations, especially those related to military contractor whistle-blowers have been routinely set up to be “arkensides”, these are the Dixi mob Arkansas style obvious murders diagnosed as suicide to create a strong and obvious message to other potential whistle-blowers that “we can do what we want and get away with it anytime we want, so you better not cross us”. If you like Chicken you will understand who and what the Dixie mob is which used to be known as the Enterprise. Of course, you can always ask John Cathey, he will be happy to clarify this for you.

23. Traditionally anyone disclosing real, documented Ufo secrets or secrets about underground bases or beyond black” space war projects, was quickly “terminated with extreme prejudice” (TWEPed). The last few years this has been almost completely stopped in regard to UFO disclosures, thanks to the Disclosure Project by Steven Greer, MD, and the efforts of many others on the inside, and a rumored deep split in MJ-12 between the younger members and the “old guard” who want no disclosure.

TWEPs are still used in those cases involving those who investigate and uncover current criminal operations which could form a direct threat to the continued office-holding of those in high political, military or intel officials.  Two examples of these USG “signed findings” murders are the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, or the Rolling Stone Reporter Michael Hastings who was onto a story so hot it would have likely brought down the current administration.

Senators Paul Wellstone, Gov. Carnahan, and John Tower were also murdered by the USG with “signed findings”, some refer to as “signed classified intelligence findings”, which are technically an authorization, an executive extra-judicial order to murder as authorized by Potus or a top intel Official.

24. Extensive mass mind-kontrol is now actively being used against the American people to dumb them down, entrain an accepting mood of underlying anxiety, false beliefs and an inability to get involved in changing the USG, that is, decreased political activism.

These measures include massive deployment of psychotronics as the pulsed beam microwaves of cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, new top-secret designed street lights, aircraft sprayed chemtrails which dispense smart-dust which is comprised of magnetized nanoparticles which are breathed in, and eventually cross the blood-brain barrier after which they can be flashed and activated to entrain desired brain patterns, and these aerosol compounds are highly toxic providing a secondary eugenics effect too (4).

Many vaccines now are alleged to contain nano-particles of hive-behavior-producing “smart-dust” which can be remotely activated it crosses the blood-brain barrier. It has been hypothesized but not yet proven that these particles can serve as a means to id individuals after they have been “set”, serving as an internal RFID nano-chip.

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  1. interesting article, not sure if i believe everything i have read but its definitely worthy of further research especially about the ruling cabal and with TRump coming into office more things have been coming out about globalism, the ruling elite and so on, there is something you said about the supreme court justices that caught my attention and that how they are involved in the world order and you mentioned 4 judges which is very interesting as Trump will be nominating 4 more later as these judges will be brought to justice and he will have to nominate 4 more look for that to happen during his first or second term, as well some senators and congress people that will be indicted and also watch for Clinton’s get caught up in the justice cycle as well, they will be indicted soon. Also look for the main stream news media to be brought down hard, which direction that will come from i can’t say but its coming

  2. I wonder what’s behind all US commitment to Israel , such support makes me feel US is exploiting Israel to make tensions in middle east to dominate the region.Israel is an excuse to run the policies US intend to do in this region.As a matter of fact Israel is played to do these things and they are simply believed to be so like a toy.sorry