25. Hollywoodism and much of the youth music culture is occult based and run by the Ruling Cabal as a means to compromise America’s youth and uses Luciferian/satanic symbolism to prepare the way for infection of the “cosmic parasite”.

26. The Ruling Cabal has engaged in massive efforts to destroy normal male and female sex roles in order to destroy marriage, create unisex and a whole new increasingly large population of homosexuals which will help lower the birthrate. This is being done through the administration of gender-bending chemicals to the masses, aka endocrine disruptors deployed in certain plastics, detergents, and foodstuffs.

In the 1950s the CIA and the US military experimented with the “gay bomb” concept, the idea of dropping biowarfare agents which were comprised of powerful gender-bending agents mixed with hallucinogens like BZ to render the enemy useless as defenders and tested this bio-weapon on unknowing subjects in numerous cities. The Cabal has deployed neo-Bolshevik methods such as multi-culturalism, diversity, political correctness, feminism, and teaching that perversion is normal and good, or even desirable to grade-schoolers as a first stage in compromising young Americans and making them more susceptible to the “cosmic parasite” later on.

The goal here of the cabal is to destroy the fabric of America by eliminating its borders, language, and culture. Obviously loose southern borders which are un-enforced allowing massive illegal aliens and massive immigration of legal aliens helps to destroy what America is, and make it easier to Globalize it and eventually “balkanize” it.

27. Almost all cell phones contain RFID chips so they can be pinged by satellite to give one’s near-exact location even if the cell phone is off and un-powered with no battery. Almost all cell phones can now be used to listen in and their cameras can be activated without the cell phone being turned on. Most cell phones can now be remotely turned on and off by fusion centers at will.

28. Electronic telephones and many Cable TV and Satellite boxes can be used for real-time spying by Intel agencies. How come no one is ever given informed consent about this when they discuss arrangements for service?

29. Some video games have embedded mind-kontrol programs that entrain violent mental images which can be later activated to help strip away the subjects’ very soul and make them more susceptible to the cosmic parasite. Many large public school and retail chains are “rumored” to now have “experimental” HD camera systems and mikes with facial recognition software hooked up to local fusion centers and interfaced with WI-fi or other proprietary top secret pulsed beam microwave mind-kontrol systems run by the NSA.

Don’t expect the NSA to soon confirm this publicly either. And don’t expect any informed consent either which is required since it is illegal to experiment on or deliver any medically active events to patients without informed consent.

30. It is alleged by insiders that many current vaccines contain DNA or RNA fragments and compounds which are either eugenic population controls or mind-kontrol, or dumbing-down mechanisms.

Many contain catalytic virus and bacteria which can be later activated by cross-pollination with designer cold viruses. Some of these can be activated to become lethal in the young, old or those with current health issues. Some contain nano-particles (smart-dust) which have psychotronic properties when properly flashed by pulsed beam microwaves. As with the early polio vaccines, many vaccines still carry certain cancer-causing viral fragments such as SV-40 monkey virus going all the way back to the original monkey cell lines. Some current vaccines are also based on cell lines obtained from aborted fetuses.

31. The wall street Banksters are making untold Billions off of the mortgage scam through a complex pattern of criminal fraud, MERS and illegal packaging and reselling of mortgage investments without properly transferring titles.

They are double and in some cases triple-dipping due to Govt mortgage insurance and various crafty tricks with repossessions. Expect to see this scam fully exposed in the future as but one other way banks scam money from vulnerable uniformed citizens and share the funds with the SSG for “deep black, off the book” covert operations, like another S & L scam or an another Enron.

32. The BP oil spill and Fukushima are both Cabal staged biological warfare “death star” attacks on humanity, designed to create massive depopulation in the years to follow. Massive aerosol “chemtrail” spraying by DOD contract aircraft out of a southern Arizona CIA and DOD contractor airline service and some other locations is loaded with various toxic chemicals designed to aid in mind-kontrolling and dumbing-down the masses and dulling their emotions as well as increasing the death rate and creating future droughts and famines.

These chemtrails are dual-use and one use is a quantum mechanics related space-war use which are highly classified in one particular unacknowledged “beyond-black” program. The massive deployment of custom-engineered “eugenicized” GMO seeds is just another covert method of eugenics designed to drastically thin the herd while boosting Big Pharma and big medicine.

33. The Bankster engineered worldwide debt crisis is about to enter its final death spiral at home inside America. The master controller, the Third Force is about finished with its Bankster/Zio cutouts and is going to throw them under the bus, soon thereafter followed by the NWO system.

This will all be accomplished by the spontaneously emerging new worldwide populism thanks to the Internet’s worldwide penetration and formation of a new worldwide conscience-collective. As the Bankster/Zio system fails the Third Force will attempt to hijack this new worldwide populism and use it to set up his own world kingdom run out of Jerusalem.

Of course, the complete exposure of Israelis to be the fake Jews of Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 will be universals as they are thrown under the bus.

Zionism will be fully exposed to its crimes and will be eradicated as will their Bankster system. The US Petro Dollar system appears to now be failing and the BRICS nations trade agreements and others like them seem to mark the end of Big oils hegemony through the City of London Banksters using America as its enforcer.

34. With the advent of the new populism emerging worldwide and a whole new commitment to truth-telling by various USG, Military, Intel and alphabet agents as well as some fairly high ranking DHS folks, every single deep secret is now getting leaked and exposed. Often starting with rumors, and later followed up by actual docs.

And now with the advent of the new parallel Russian computer circuitry being jointly developed with China as well as the new inter-dimensional quantum computers, experts predict a complete end to cryptography and intel secrets, that is, the eventual complete end to government secrecy.

This, of course, is very alarming to the SSG and various high ranking USG and Intel officials who are dirty and infected with the cosmic parasite, and it is becoming quite clear to some insiders and top experts that the coming end of secrecy is like a runaway freight train that cannot be stopped.

35. The Ruling cabal’s greatest secret is that they are unable to infect and control those Americans who refuse to violate the Golden Rule (except in self-defense) know and keep a strong commitment to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and refuse to be compromised or accept the lies and evil of the Ruling Cabal or its representatives or agents. They know that if more 12% of the people fully wake up they are finished, and we are at 10% now pushing 11%. Yes, research suggests 12% is a major societal tipping point and once reached, it’s bye-bye time for the ruling cabal eventually, one way or another.


This recent flap over the big government lie that Assad used poison gas against the Syrian people is a great opportunity to see this newly emerging world populism work.

The CMMM has been broadcasting 24/7 that Assad did it. And yet most of the alternative media on the Internet has claimed just the opposite, that the US, Israeli & Saudi financed and supported Al Cia Duh has been responsible.

This is actually a titanic struggle between the CMMM and the Cabal (old guard) on the one hand, and the newly emerging worldwide populism fueled by Internet-based truth from the alternative news services of the Internet on the other hand (the new guard). This is an epic struggle and even if the old guard wins this battle, its win will be turned back on itself and will magnify the opposition against it from this newly emerging worldwide Internet-based populism, the new guard.

In England, the alternative media won this battle and Parliament voted against armed intervention in Syria because the majority of the British people believed that alternative media wholeheartedly. Obama has said he blames Assad for the gas attack but will attack Syria only if he obtains approval from Congress when it returns September 9, 2013. Aipac has traditionally owned almost all the US Senators but less of the Congress-persons.

You can bet AIPAC and all the Zios, as well as the top controllers in the FBI and NSA, will be engaged in an extensive “influence” campaign to manipulate Congress to approve this strike on Assad even through Israel, Saudi Arabia and the CIA are responsible for setting up this false flag intended to start another big Mideast war to take down Syria and Iran on Israel’s, the Banksters and Big oil’s behalf. (5) This means numerous pressured phone calls and perhaps even some middle of the night “not to worry” FBI visits, like those mention in G. Gordon Liddy’s book, Will.  these master controllers, blackmailers, and manipulators will be pulling in every mark they are owed by Congress-persons, bet on it.  And even then they may fail.

This is a perfect test of the will of the new emerging populism created by the worldwide Internet. It will be very interesting to see how this whole matter turns out because if Congress backs down from all these Zio manipulations and blackmail, it means that Zionism is actually in its final death throes and will take down the NWO with it.

It also means that these neoCons and Zio madmen may institute another major 911 false-flag type terror attack inside America, this time a major nuclear false flag inside a large American city, perhaps Chicago.

In Chitwan, it would be easy for them to institute martial law and manage DHS and FEMA to their specifications in order to reprime the “War on Terror”. Every day more and more Americans are finally starting to understand that the “war on terror” is a phony concoction used to justify all these perpetual, illegal unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared foreign wars of acquisition of behalf of Big oil, the city of London Banksters, Israel and Zionism.

This phony “war on terror” is being used to justify a huge internal police state buildup by DHS which is now accusing almost any good American Patriot and American-firster of being a domestic terrorist, especially Vets, returning Vets, Catholics and Evangelical Christians, folks who could never be terrorists.

And even the US Army and Fema have been teaching their staff that the Founding fathers were domestic terrorists and would not be allowed in the services today. This is truly disgusting and must be immediately exposed and stopped.

And it is becoming exceedingly clear that not only has the average American has come to strongly distrust the USG on any matter related to the Mideast conflicts but is now questioning the mainstream major mass media as never before.

Soon mainstream Americans will understand that 911 was an inside job, a false-flag staged Gladio style terrorist act by the NeoCons and Zios and by elements within the Top USAF command, and American and Israeli administrations.

The jig is darned near up for these 911 perps and it won’t be too long and they will be chased down to the ends of the earth and made accountable to a people’s court of some sort. Many top military officers now understand who did 911 and that it was an inside job and are hopping mad at the treason and Israeli espionage committed by zionist infil-Traitors, and treason and sedition committed by traitors in the Executive and high military command at the time.

For the USG to claim that any use of gas in Syria is an outrage and somebody must be bombed with cruise missiles is one of the greatest acts of hypocrisy imaginable. The USG has deployed biological warfare agents in Vietnam (agent orange) and such massive amounts of depleted uranium (DU) in the Mideast that at least 50% of American soldiers deployed are seriously poisoned, and millions of Mid-easterners are also poisoned, with massive increases in serious birth defects due to genetic damage.

High USG and SSG officials bear complete responsibility for this and in years to come those still alive will be held accountable one way or another as the world demands eventually justice. And of course, the USG and the UN have deployed covert eugenics agents in vaccines in Africa for years and also deployed their custom gene-spliced HIV virus made at Fort Detrick in their first hepatitis B vaccines in New York, Miami, and San Francisco and then Africa.

Right now it looks like there is a fair chance Americans will wake up and begin to take their country back from the Cabal who hijacked it in 1913 over this latest Syrian flap. But actually, it’s only a matter of time. And when it happens it will be due to the energizing influence and massive daily barrage of “truth nuggets” provided by the alternative news and the hundreds of Internet truth-tellers.

The alternative media is providing truth to the masses worldwide and creating a growing tide of spontaneously emerging world populism that cannot be stopped, a grassroots populism that is now demanding an end to the secrecy and massive corruption in government and large corporations accompanied by truth, justice, and peace for all.


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(5) TomatoBubble.com


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  1. interesting article, not sure if i believe everything i have read but its definitely worthy of further research especially about the ruling cabal and with TRump coming into office more things have been coming out about globalism, the ruling elite and so on, there is something you said about the supreme court justices that caught my attention and that how they are involved in the world order and you mentioned 4 judges which is very interesting as Trump will be nominating 4 more later as these judges will be brought to justice and he will have to nominate 4 more look for that to happen during his first or second term, as well some senators and congress people that will be indicted and also watch for Clinton’s get caught up in the justice cycle as well, they will be indicted soon. Also look for the main stream news media to be brought down hard, which direction that will come from i can’t say but its coming

  2. I wonder what’s behind all US commitment to Israel , such support makes me feel US is exploiting Israel to make tensions in middle east to dominate the region.Israel is an excuse to run the policies US intend to do in this region.As a matter of fact Israel is played to do these things and they are simply believed to be so like a toy.sorry