Syria welcomes Putin's OK to put chemical weapons under international control



 But Israel and Rebel Terrorists get to keep all their WMD


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor 

[Updated 3:39 EST: From Huff Post-  Putin himself said Friday at a news conference marking the summit’s end that he and Obama discussed some new ideas regarding a peaceful settlement of the crisis and instructed Kerry and Lavrov to work out details.]

We have not heard a peep about the Western backed al-Nusra sarin gas terrorists since they were arrested
We have not heard a peep about the Western backed al-Nusra sarin gas terrorists since their arrest in Turkey and this court appearance.

Syria has welcomed Russia’s proposal to put its chemical weapons under international control in a bid to avert foreign military intervention in the Arab country.
Well, this sure happened quickly. We have a report (not confirmed) that three Syrian generals were arrested for involvement in the Damascus gas attack with one of them charge with being a CAI/Mossad asset.
Then we have the White house making a flank move on Kerry and McCain, that “No, we will not be releasing slam dunk proof that Assad ordered the attack as we don’t have it.” That was followed by a very novel introduction of the “common sense” test.
We are still studying if this is a conversion of the more traditional “best guess” Intel terminology that may have fallen out of favor with modern PRologists (yes, yes…I just invented this word)
Kerry, possibly after a White house spanking, appears to have been tasked with putting the deal on the table for the Syrians turning over their WMD to international supervision. Reports are coming in now that Putin has jumped aboard the plan within a few hours.
This is pure speculation on my part, at this point, but I sense that this deal was worked out over the weekend for a roll out today. Color me suspicious !!!

I will now publicly launch the Jim Dean plan, that Israel also be requested to put all of its WND under international control or face eminent destruction. I am not being a brute here,  just acknowledging that they usually require a nudge to do the right thing, that or weapons, or a lot of money, or a free pass on some other nasty thing they are doing.

The big surprise is the chemical weapons that the rebel terrorist have seem to have been excluded. Imagine that?? And that would included all of aiding and abetting them in that regard, which is the West and their Gulf State allies.
We don’t like to run with unconfirmed reports but things are moving too quickly. We have reports that some of the children and civilians had been kidnapped by the terrorist in Latakia and brought to the Damascus suburb as part of a staged event. The Syrian generals could still be tied into all this as a ruse to frame Assad.
Maybe we will learn much more…or all parties will sweep this under the rug. But this leaves the rebels with no bombing campaign, and was done maybe to get them to Geneva II or die a slow death under the Syrian Army continued advance.
Cross your fingers that maybe they are boxing the Syrian National Council in on attending Geneva where under some kind of deal they will get immunity, otherwise they can take their chances.  We will update this during the day but I wanted to get this up now as public pressure played a huge roll in ‘encouraging’ a non-military solution.


The State Dept. hedged on Kerry earlier statement. Were they playing games here, or was this all staged for dramatic effect? Said Jen Psaki at State:

“Secretary Kerry was making a rhetorical argument about the impossibility and unlikelihood of Assad turning over chemical weapons he has denied he used,”…His point was that this brutal dictator with a history of playing fast and loose with the facts cannot be trusted to turn over chemical weapons, otherwise he would have done so long ago. That’s why the world faces this moment.”

But based on the update at the top of the column this was in the works all weekend. As the Russians replied quickly:

“We don’t know whether Syria will agree with this, but if the establishment of international control over chemical weapons in the country will prevent attacks, then we will immediately begin work with Damascus,” Mr. Lavrov said at the Foreign Ministry. “And we call on the Syrian leadership to not only agree to setting the chemical weapons storage sites under international control, but also to their subsequent destruction.”



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