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Duff Takes Kerry to the Woodshed

The United States seeks to “cripple” Syria in the middle of the ongoing conflict that has gripped the Arab country for nearly four years, says an analyst.

Kerry’s remarks on China are ‘outrageous’: Jim W. Dean

- "China is not threatening energy supply lines and trade routes to the US, it is the US doing that to China."

Who Politically Punched John Kerry in the Jimmy Carter Face?

This week we bore witness to another smack down of a major U.S. leader by the global force that is "it"

US Senate sinks to a new low – Holding Veterans hostage

- We have a blatant ploy by the Republicans to attach new Iran sanctions legislation to a Veteran health care funding bill

US stonewalled Syrian peace talks to threaten military option

- Syria bathed in blood by West for two years: Commentator

US threats of sanctions against France ‘ridiculous’

- John Kerry incredibly wants to fight for a tool that has made the US reviled over much of the world, and for no gain whatsoever.

Kerry’s Middle East Peace Running Into 20th Century Wall

As Sec. Kerry tries to move the parties, he faces the same old challenges. We are dealing with men who hold on to 20th century dogma that is NO longer relevant for a new 21st century Middle East. So while they give it the ole good effort, the reality is that no one at these meetings has a real plan for all of us.

Washington and Tokyo ramp up military preparations against China

- Who has ever stopped to think that any country who can put up satellites has a delivery option for a nukes? Surprised? You should be.

Syria welcomes Putin’s OK to put chemical weapons under international control

- But Israel and Rebel Terrorists get to keep all their WMD

Syria welcomes Putin's OK to put chemical weapons under international control

- But Israel and Rebel Terrorists get to keep all their WMD

SYRIA: U.S. Secretary of State Kerry Makes Colin Powell-like Case to...

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry makes case to attack Syria. No evidence! Just believe us because we said so!

Bloomberg Caught in "Psyop" Treason

The purpose of the story by Bloomberg News, now exposed as a hoax, was to hamstring and humiliate President Obama in his meetings with Putin and show American weakness and indecision on Syria...

Russian Caucasus in Focus of US (Terror Fighters)

As the first agitation caused by Boston marathon event is coming down, the question of what really happened is coming to the fore. Internet users were attentive enough to pay attention to the fact that some pictures were clearly a part of staged show.

Vietnam Ain’t Over

I remember real combat. First times out, paralyzing fear. After that, you just don't care anymore. After that, you are dead inside, a "dead" that never goes away. Real combat vets call the look that comes with that "the thousand yard stare." I can kill someone as easy as looking at them. We all can but we work to convince people otherwise. We all became actors.


LISTEN?  ANYONE SAYING "NOT A PERFECT FORM OF GOVERNMENT BUT..." By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor In 2000, the United States Supreme Court, by a 5/4...