Inside Beltway IV: Left Behind, Treason Beyond Measure


By Preston James

betrayal-showOne of the USG’s greatest betrayals and a true blight upon America is the USG’s stubborn refusal to “come clean officially” and tell the truth about leaving thousands of US Soldiers behind in Russia at the end of WW2, in North Korea at the end of the Korean war, and in North Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam war.
The amount of lying, deceit and murder required to keep this BIG LIE and treason secret is astounding and beyond the imagination of most normal Americans.
Highly connected Intel sources have provided the answer which seems incredulous to most.  It goes something like this: “This just happens to be official US policy and once a policy like this is set, it is written in stone. No matter how hard folks try to change it, these people at the top of the Shadow Government will not budge and if you persist you will be stopped, one way or another.”
Various Congressmen and prominent civilians who have tried to expose this big lie have been stopped cold, one way or another by some very powerful people at the top.
But that is no longer going to stay true because, thanks to the worldwide Internet and a rising populism that cannot be stopped, the truth about abandoned POWs is coming out, and many major secrets are now being leaked as never before, and the Secret Shadow Government’s days of tyrannical power are now limited.
And yes, despite how bad it seems and the The SSG’s intrinsic viciousness, it is actually entering its last death throes.  And besides there is a new worldwide mass awakening, a new populism that in time will erode all the seemingly bulletproof strength of the SSG and another more populist form of government will arise. The SSG has gone way too far and harmed far too many people to continue to get away with these crimes against humanity and “we the people”  forever, since their exposure is now a blatant fact of life and once Pandora’s box has been opened, it is too late.

It is not hard to figure out who is the key person or persons involved here have been.  Just ask yourself who ran policy for President Nixon and you will have your answer. Or ask yourself who ran policy for President Eisenhower, who he was indebted to. But Ike, at the end of his presidency, did come clean on what he called the “Defense Industrial Complex”.  He was going to call it the Defense, Congressional, Industrial Complex but took out Congressional at the last minute due after his aides protested this suggesting it would seriously harm the Republican Party.

Today most experts refer to this as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). (1)  What is important to note about the SSG is that it is the real USG, not the visible one which is purely ceremonial, and it’s power has been maintained  by use of lethal force, serious harassment, human compromise (aka humint), it is now largely privatized and has been able to buy and hijack the ceremonial USG to do its bidding, and is a complex interface with a worldwide network on occult groups which are extremely evil and live  by the “end justifies the means” or “do whatever you have the power to get away with that aides your goals”.
This issue of left behind POWS and USG lies, deceit and treason related to it serves as a core problem of the American republic and one when fully understood provides a glimpse into the deepest secret chambers of the SSG and how it truly operates to control America and “we the people”. Until this core problem of pre-planned Bankster wars for massive profits and all the bodyguard of lies surrounding that fact is fully exposed, we will be stuck will criminal, unConstitutional organizations like the neo-Bolshevik DHS that is arming up to fight a 20 year war against the American people if necessary. The SSG has declared war on “we the people” inside America and the root problem can be understood by examining this monstrous betrayal and treason surrounding the left-behind POWs.
The same group responsible for the treason and coverup regarding the POWs from three wars is also responsible for the 911 inside job Gladio false-flag attacks on 9-11-01, the setting up of DHS and its special sniper squads in every major city inside America as well as all the illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared wars, the massive drug trafficking into America, the political assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, John Tower, Governor Carnahan, Senator paul Wellstone and many, many more. 
The Ruling Cabal that runs the SSG is truly the “head of the snake”.
[youtube UaTNN09ocgM&feature=player_detailpage]
The reason for the blatant continuation of this huge lie and monstrous betrayal of these American Soldier POWs and their families comes down to basic facts:
Fact 1: Up until now with the advent of the worldwide Internet, the bad guys inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) never go away on their own, they just die of old age and continue harming America and “we the people” right up until their end.  They use their power to maintain power over different administrations are are in the final analysis ruthless murderers and soulless abusers. Those who run the Defense Establishment which is largely now privatized operate under the Color of Law and authority provided under so-called “national security” which is the use of secrecy and force to preserve their security and power, that is, the continuance of their national security state. And it is pretty obvious to anyone who examines the available evidence that this massive betrayal of American POWS was part of a policy of TREASON to aid and abet a foreign enemy.
And of course with the recent disclosure about HSBC, the alleged replacement for BCCI, both sides of all conflicts are always funded one way or another by those entities controlled by the central Banksters. And as Tosh Plumley, a senior very experienced pilot with many former intel connections and now a whistle-blower, has recently disclosed, the Benghazi arms fiasco and deaths were related to the “Blue Lantern” weapons registration program. Of course when SSG drug entities are caught such as HSBC, they are given what is actually a minor “hand-slapping” fine which they accept as a normal cost of doing business.
Some have suggested this was done to make sure that the cold war would continue and the SSG would always have a viable enemy.  This would insure that they could stay in power since only they would be able to provide a counter balancing solution to the massive enemy the Central Banksters that own them had created.

There is a small but extremely powerful and unimaginably vicious/inhuman ruling cabal inside the SSG which (although they are cutout for the Kingpins, the Central Banksters run out of the City of London Financial District), wield tremendous and unequaled power in mandating US policy and its enforcement. Most of these men are old and when they die, there will be a major shift in how things in the visible USG works.

The Ruling Cabal at the center of the SSG believes that if they come clean on the POW issue, citizens will realize that everything they say publicly and all their policies are based on huge lies, deception and have been enforced with serious harassment and even extra-judicial murders. And this would mean the whole SSG would be exposed for what it is, a secret, illegal extra-constitutional government that really rules, while the US Congress, Administration and Judiciary is merely a ceremonial “for show” government which takes orders and follows policy set by the SSG.
The Ruling Cabal sees any such major disclosure or admittance of the truth about either UFO’s, aliens or POWs as an event that would start a domino effect causing the SSG to collapse like a house of cards.  And they are correct, but this is going to happen anyway thanks to the alternative news now available on the worldwide Internet. However there are some younger members of the SSG who do not share the same policy views but they cannot do anything until major disclosures occur which are on the way now.

Now with the various NSA disclosures from Russell Tice, Mark Novitsky, Thomas Drake, Edward Snowden and and all the rest (and there are many more as well as new ones on the way), we know that the NSA has been essentially privatized and hijacked by City of London Rothschild operatives.  It is also now known that during the Vietnam war the NSA station covering SE Asia tracked almost all POWs during the Vietnam war by high resolution aerial intel photography and other secret means and had numerous photographs of ground signs made in the dirt by POWS. (2)
Fact 2: Lying and claiming that there are no real POWS left behind from these wars is actual official USG Policy and has been forced on subordinates and rammed in place under threat of lethal sanctions (extra-judicial executive action terminations with extreme prejudice).

“We will never leave a man behind.”   General Douglas MacArthur
“All of our Pows are on their way home.”    Richard Nixon
“There is no evidence POWs were knowingly abandoned.”    Senator John Kerry
“We left some behind.”   James Schlesinger, Secretary of Defense, CIA Director, as testified to at the Senate Select Committee 9-21-92

Yes, it is going to be the complete end of Secrecy and the POW secret is one of the worst, most treasonous ever kept.  For those that want the truth about American POWS from three wars, anyone who is interested in finding out the truth can watch the award winning very revealing video entitled Missing, Presumed dead:  The Search For America’s POWs by Bill Dumas (3).
[youtube xBiti-ZbeO0&feature=player_detailpage]
USG secrets are now being revealed as never before.  And actually it is becoming a new social trend worldwide thanks to the Internet for ALL secrets, even the deepest darkest secrets of the SSG and the ruling cabal that run the world to be revealed for all that want to know. In fact, in years to come there will be a complete end to all cryptography as well as any real government secrecy.  So the criminal and traitors who seized power Inside the Beltway need to realize this process has begun and if they do not want to be thrown under the bus they better start coming clean or at least retire, take their stash and get out of America.
Fact 3: Approximately 9,000 US Soldiers were abandoned by the US Army high command at the end of WW2.  These were soldiers captured by the invading Soviet army which over-ran German prison camps for American soldiers who had been captured. These soldiers were taken deep inside the Soviet Union where they were used for grotesque medical experiments and some sent to Russian Gulags.  One escaped and told his story on late night talk radio programs but got no official traction. It is now known the Ike knew all about this and for some reason, apparently a twisted policy decision which remains in place today, did nothing to get our boys back.  It is rumored that General Patton knew about this and would have gone right to war with the Russians over this because he had no respect for the Bolshevik soldiers and their unmitigated raping of numerous German women during their invasion of Germany.
Fact 4: Approximately 8,000 American soldiers were left behind in North Korea when hostilities stopped in July, August 1953, according to testimony in a Congressional Hearing in 1992 by Colonel Philip Corso,  This is the same great American hero that went public later on and disclosed his part in back engineering alien technology recovered from the now well documented Roswell Alien Anti-gravity craft crash. (4) Some of these prisoners were used for mind-kontrol experiments in North Korea and some were allegedly sent to China and Russia for grotesque medical experiments. Those who have studied the history of the formation of Communist China know that Mao was a Bankster puppet placed in power by the defense establishment which later became the SSG, and our allies Chiang Kai-Shek and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) were abandoned.  Even before the end of WW2, the continuing build up of the Communist Bloc was planned in order to provide a necessary cold war and occasional perpetual UN police state action such as Korea or Vietnam in order to keep the defense contractors working and Banksters fat with war profits.
Fact 5: There is good evidence that hundreds of American soldiers were abandoned in North Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War and this was a conscious policy decision by traitors running the USG. In 1999, there were credible estimates that there were 299 POW/MIAs still  left behind alive. (5) Now for the really disgusting part of this story that is pure treason and for which no one was punished. As the Vietnam War neared its end, extraordinary and most extreme measures were taken to murder as many American POWs as possible for several reasons:  The first was to continue the iron-fisted official USG policy lie that no soldiers are ever left behind; the second reason was to make sure that Operation Whitestar, the secret massive Opium trafficking by the CIA would never be exposed; and thirdly to continue the coverup of the secret wars in Cambodia and Laos.
Fact 6: The USN and US Army took extraordinary and extreme measures of complete treason and treachery to murder and cover up the missing POWs in Vietnam.
The extraordinary and extreme measure taken were this:  Admiral Moorer admitted on 60 Minutes that the USN sent in airctaft and sprayed VX gas on POW camps to eliminate Americans POWs.  The cover story was that these men were defectors and traitors, but that was a big lie. In addition special clean teams of SOGs were also sent in to snipe POWS. (on paper called “special observation groups”, but these men were really special operation groups). And there were rumors after the war that a special US Intel unit made back channel offers to the North Vietnamese to “eliminate” any surviving American POWs.

It is still believed that as on the early 1990’s many American POWs were still in North Vietnam due to so many sightings by Vietnamese that later reported such. Of course anyone who understand the resolution of the NSA’s satellites for ground observation and photography knows that the NSA is 100% aware of where these American POWS have been, and exactly what happened to them. And on top of that if the US Army ever stormed the NSA and opened up all their secret files (like what was done to the Stasi when the Iron Curtain fell, you can imagine what secrets would be exposed).
Of course it would quickly be found out that the NSA is fully aware that the NeoCons with the help of the Mossad did the 911 attacks, also Murrah as well as the first NYC Twin Towers basement bombing using high explosive enhanced with a drum of cyanide stolen by the CIA from Champon Natural Cherry Flavoring Company in Boca Raton Florida.(/strong>

For those that have time and have not already seen this remarkable, ground breaking and award winning video by Bill Dumas, Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs, this video is included below. It is an hour long, but for those that can find the time is well worth it.  You will forever be changed by what you learn. This video is for sale as a DVD also for those who want a hard copy for educational purposes. (6)

Fact 7:  The Truth about American POWS from WW2, The Korean War and Vietnam is now coming out thanks to all the American hero truth-tellers and whistle-blowers and to the mass dissemination of video and disclosures worldwide by the Internet. This is a freight train of truth that cannot be stopped and will eventually crush anyone who tries to stop it.
This article is dedicated to all the thousands of USG abandoned, but not forgotten or unloved, American POWs, and the hundreds of true American Patriots that have fought so long and so hard against a select few of the world’s biggest liars, psychopaths, criminals and murderers to get the truth out to everyone.  It never would have been possible to do do this via the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM).  But now with the advent and worldwide penetration of the Internet this is possible for the first time. Now, watch the “dominoes fall” as the “house of lies falls down”.
Note: A big thank you to the Editors and managers of VT for allowing an article like this to be published. Freedom of speech exists at VT as well as a strong commitment to getting the truth out.
(1) Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Secret Shadow Government,
(2) Bill Dumas, Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs,
(3) Col. Philip J. Corso, The Day After Roswell
(5) Monica Jensen-Stevensen and William Stevenson, Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed its Own POWS in Vietnam


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