Bibi Netanyahu walking on thin ice



“I’m a proud member of the rabble.” …Bibi Netanyahu


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … and  Press TV, Tehran

–  First  published  October 15,  2013  –


Lady Ashton - the Center of Attention
Lady Ashton – the Center of Attention

As I am typing the EU’s Catherine Ashton is having dinner with Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Zarif at the home of Mohsen Naziri, Iran’s Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Geneva.

Normally I would not open a commentary with what appears to be a mundane line, but it is not.

It is a diplomatic signal that the Geneva P5+1 meeting is going to be closely coordinated to make sure there are no screw ups.

Much has been invested in the huge shift in East-West relations and everyone wants to keep the train on the tracks…everyone but Netanyahu that is.

If Bibi had dinner he is taking something like Tums for an upset stomach now. All of his harem scarem tactics to try to stop or slow down the process are meeting a worldwide rejection unheard of in recent Israeli political history.

Am I the only one who is sensing some ‘pay back’ for Israel’s ignoring over 200 UN resolutions for their crimes against the Palestinian people? Has the world finally woken up? Is what we are watching here a peaceful attempt to reduce conflict and threats in the Mid East so that Israel can no longer play the premiere eternal victim?

If this happens then Israel would not need to be protected, right? And she would not need all of the WMD that is stockpiled there. That would change the whole imbalance of power we have always had for having a WMD free Mid East.

The Jewiish DNA tie to the Holy Land has been debunked.
The Jewish DNA tie to the Holy Land has been debunked, and by an Israeli geneticist, Dr. Eran Elhaik.

A refusal by Israel under this new paradigm could only be seen as wanting to maintain its aggressive military stature which has been the cause of so much misery.
I personally believe the world would be ready then for sanctions against Israel.
You can laugh all you want, but if ever there was a country that deserved to be sanctioned it is Israel.
I sense the world is long past tired of being manipulated by the crummy little country for Jews only and whose Holy Land DNA would fit in a thimble.
[Note: Dr. Elhaik’s work is an incredible breakthrough, and one that has made more than a few people unhappy, just the kind that we love to publish. If you missed it, you have my personal guarantee it is worth the read time… New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to PalestineSnordster’s dramatic reading of it is here.

What has really changed things is the domestic and international financial pressure all countries currently find themselves under. The days of Israel’s ‘cutting in line’ as the number one concern are over. The evidence is all around us.

Public trust in government continues to head down in most countries. I will go ahead and say it…there is a whiff of revolution in the air, sparked by peoples who feel they have been betrayed by their own political systems serving the special interests needs of the gander and left the goose to fend for itself.

The US government partial shutdown has boomeranged on the Republicans who felt they could hang it around Obama’s neck, but the public is not buying it. The Tea Party handlers pulled a slick move using the Vets going into Washington behind the smoke screen of the closed national memorials.

Sarah Palin plays biker for the Washington Mall day
Sarah Palin plays biker for the Washington Mall day

When the most clueless Vice Presidential candidate that ever lived showed up, Sarah Palin…we knew it was a bash Obama moment for political gain.
Yes folks, Dan Quayle has forgotten more than Sarah Palin ever knew.
Obama’s people bungled on some of their shut down moves when the polls showed the Republicans getting most of the blame.
Republican numbers were hitting historical lows. Obama’s went down, also, but will bounce back when they work out a deal, which will be soon. The whole world has lined up for a debt limit increase.
The America people enjoy a subsidized standard of living due to their having the world’s reserve currency. They don’t know what financial problems are if something triggered a stampede in other directions. All that has to happen is one week of bond holders not rolling them over, but cashing them in instead. The stampede would be on.
Those who actually still hold reserves like China do not want to take a big hit on them. So Americans will have to pony up to the table to keep the ship afloat while working toward a feasible solution to the debt problem.

One of the big issues being debated in the Intel community is the diversion of our financial resources into the foreign wars which more and more are resource acquisition than fighting world terrorism. We were fought by them where we were…simple because we were there.
Most all agree that the handling of our economy has been such a disaster that those in power have the dishonor of having been a major national security threat.

Our now decade old wars were the perfect backdrop for rigging the energy markets through layers of manipulations, not one of which by itself would have tumbled the system.
There is a consensus now that that inflated energy prices during the recession were a huge damper on recovery efforts everywhere, and there was no real need for it.

Western sanction backfired - They united Iran in its huge infrastructure drive and defensive military expansion
Western sanctions backfired – They united Iran in its huge infrastructure drive and defensive military expansion

Take Iran for example. Their isolation was all partly due to preventing the development of their petrochemical resources being brought onto the market and pushing prices down. Oil insiders wanted to keep prices up to pay for their own exploration and discovery of more reserves while making it harder for others to do. It’s an old game.
The discovery that Africa is floating on an ocean of oil triggered a number of major intelligence agencies, Western ones, into creating terror wars in Africa to hold back the development of their interior through constant instability.

The Israelis are all over Africa, rigging elections and causing mayhem. Their main scam is cranking up a terror campaign and then having Team B go in to guarantee they can stop it if paid x number of millions of dollars. It’s an advanced version of the ‘good cop, bad cop’ ploy. Why the Africans just don’t kill these people is beyond me.

But someone turned on the light for the Western dummies. An idiot can see that the austerity measures are not going to work long term because the reduction in domestic investment and spending dooms growth unless there is some outside stimulus. But when everyone else is broke…guess what? They aren’t spending.
Countries all over Europe are under multiple debt and cost strains. All of them seem to be figuring out that working to create a significant reduction in overall energy costs through increased supply allows the huge savings to go into the economic and job expansion that everyone needs so badly.

Iran is at the crossroads here. What she has done on infrastructure expansion, especially in the energy fields while under sanctions, will be studied at top business schools all over the world. On top of this they had to greatly expand their defensive military capability under the threat of American and Israeli pre-emptive attacks over the bogus nuclear threat that no one believes, other than Israel.

My adopted Rabbi, David Weiss, feels the atheist Jews claiming God gave them the land is an abomination
My adopted Rabbi, David Weiss, feels the atheist Jews claiming God gave them the land is an abomination

The dummies in Zioland recently polled about 65% willing to go along with an Iran strike if their government ‘felt’ it was necessary. This is absolute proof that Israelis are not smart, so let’s kill that rumor here and now.
Press TV published some US polls of rabbis (90%) and Jews (45 to 50%) showing strong disapproval of Israel’s handling of the Palestinian problem, especially through continued settlement building.
But I spotted a repeated statement today by Iran’s negotiation team, a warm up for the talks this week. They referenced the ‘step-by-step’ process that was agreed upon at their UN meeting. That is a strong hint to me that they (Iran and the P5+1) already have the outline for a deal.
But the Western countries need to keep opposition (Jewish Lobbies) under control back home, so they need a carefully staged process to assure their publics that they are not being snookered by the Iranians.
The traditional way to do this is making one move at a time that is not too scary for the public to accept, and which prepares them for the next one.
These steps will of course have to include the beginning of sanction removals. Iran’s code language for this has been their repeated use of the term ‘building trust’, as they have their own domestic skeptics to keep comfortable. The easing of sanctions would help them maintain domestic support for the process which is as critical for them as the West.

The Israeli leaders see this all happening, hence you have had Bibi out beating the Iran ‘zero nuclear activity’ drum, and then keeping all the sanctions in place. Bibi knows these would kill the success that everyone else needs and wants now…and the sooner the better.

If you look back at all the moves, all the countries publicly stating their desire to improve relations with Iran, literally within a two week period…the Israeli Lobby people ran into a brick wall trying to stop it. The Syrian chemical weapons disposal got cranked up almost at lightening speed, with diplomatic standing ovations by everyone involved. The second disposal team is there now.
Bibi has taken Israel out onto the thin ice while the world was warming up to a transitioning Iran.
It’s hard to believe really, but I think what we are seeing here is a recognition from the West to reverse their failed policy and bring Iran back into the international trading community to the benefit of themselves. They need it now, and they are not about to let Israel screw it up.

Lady Ashton is standing tall, and in command at Geneva. Our prayers are with her.
Lady Ashton is standing tall, and in command at Geneva. Our prayers are with her.



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