Who’s responsible in the Syrian bloodshed?

With friends like this, who need enemies?
With friends like this, who need enemies?

The Friends of Syria – Who Aren’t


… by  Vladimir Odintsov,  … and  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[Editors Note: The world will have a bizarre challenge to sort out as to who is going to be held responsible for the slaughter of the Syrian people by the many outside supporters of the insurgents. Assad has been no angel, but that does not give immunity to those in both the West and the Mid East, patently guilty for aiding and abetting terrorism there.
The UN can’t even put up a ‘most wanted’ list for the Syrian National Council.  And with all the video footage of executions we hear nothing from the ICC about attempting to identify those whose faces are clearly seen doing these deeds. They both have revealed themselves as being toothless when it comes to Syria.
When these well blooded Jihadis return to their own countries and begin slaughtering people there, will those who birthed them and gave them wings be held responsible for there future atrocities under the fruit of the tree legal principle. It is time that immunity for state sponsored terrorism be challenged in the public arena, and the ultimate penalty (on both sides) be brought to bear on the guilty. It’s the least we can do for the victims, and to protect ourselves… Jim W. Dean ]


All dressed up but where are they going
All dressed up but where are they going

The sponsors of the Syrian opposition – the so-called “friends of Syria” continue their sabre rattling at the meeting they held in London this October.
They sound groundless accusations of the chemical attacks carried out by the Syrian regime, voice the demands for a change of power in Syria, and they insist that from their point of view there’s no other legitimate representative of the Syrian people than the so-called “National coalition”.
All these foul play moves are aimed at the sole purpose – to continue weapon shipments to Syria and send even more mercenaries there since the Syrian people themselves have turned their backs on the “National coalition” that promotes terrorism across the country.

The people around the globe have seen the true face of these “friends”, that launch one media campaign full of false accusations after another. They’ve already accused the Bashar al-Assad regime of the usage of chemical weapons, the killings of innocent civilians and the monstrous human rights abuse.

Today it’s not only the politics around the globe that try to unmask the “friends of Syria”, but the prominent human rights organizations like “Human Rights Watch”. According to the researches carried out by this organization, the “friends of Syria” supported the rebels that are responsible for the bloody massacre that was carried out in Latakia on August 4-18.

During this “operation” more than 190 people were massacred and 200 were taken hostage. The terrorists executed civilians by whole families, killing women, children and the aged. Innocent people were decapitated in the broad daylight.

The Friends of Syria allies play rough
The Friends of Syria allies play rough

 A report, prepared by the “Human Rights Watch” provides  more than enough evidence against the people that were responsible for this horrendous crime.

The list goes on as more than 20 different organizations, presented by the “friends of Syria” as a secular opposition, are deemed responsible for the massacre.

Among those one may find “Ahrar ash-Sham”, Islamic groups “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”, “Jabhat al-Nusra” and “Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar” (the better part of which is lately represented by the North Caucasus extremists).

There’s a long list of “sponsors” that were paying for the killings of the innocent Syrian people. It’s starts with Sheikh Adnan al-Arour who was born in the Syrian city of Hama, but has been living  in Saudi Arabia recently, the Bunyan al-Marsous organization , a number of Kuwaiti authorities, different funds that are controlled by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In an interview that was taken during the presentation of this report, the representatives of “Human Rights Watch” said that the massacre in ten Alawite villages in August was a result of a well-planned operation.

The report also compromises the runaway general of the Free Syrian Army Salim Idris who was present at the site of the “fights” and was later boasting about the role his people played in this “operation” in front of numerous cameras.

John McCain and Salim Irdris
John McCain and Salim Irdis

It’s interesting to note that Salim Irdis was planing to visit the United States last September in order to discuss with the U.S. authorities the prospects of their future “cooperation” since Washington was planing to support him with arms, money and “right” media coverage. But on such a background the White House decided that this “wasn’t a right time” for his visit, so it was rescheduled.

It’s high time for the international community and the U.S. citizens to question the role CIA has played in supplying the Syrian rebels with arms.

One must evaluate the role Washington, the Persian Gulf monarchies, Turkey and Jordan (that allows the Syrian rebels to train reinforcements on its soil) in the escalation of violence in Syria, along with the damage these powers inflict on this country and its people. The guilty should be held responsible.

Vladimir Odintsov, political commentator, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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