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Putin’s Global Game Changer

The content of Putin’s New York speech takes a distant second to the psychological component of his message to the leaders of the world community and the global decision-makers in the West. Time will reveal the significance of that.

Mahmoud Abbas statements at the UN – farts not bombshells

Sami Jamil Jadallah - Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the UN and denounced Israel for its failings to honor the terms of Oslo Accord; and warned that the PA will no longer honor its obligations under Oslo. Wow what a bombshell!

Palestine flag raised at UN headquarters for first time

Jim W. Dean - Almost in the busy day of the UN Security Council dueling and the first Russian air strikes against ISIL, was the Palestinians having an historic day having their flag raised at the UN.

Iran among influential parties that can help end political deadlock in...

Jim W. Dean - Iran is responding quickly to the State Department cheap shot after signing the nuclear agreement that the US has to stand up to Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism

Gaza; Ending the Siege Now and Forever

Sami Jamil Jadallah - Let the people of Gaza open their port

Princes Fleeing Saudi Arabia after Yemen Scud Missile Attacks

After being pummeled by airstrikes for weeks, including nuclear weapons being used on them, the Yemenis are showing they can counterattack with missile strikes.

Saudi aggression to continue amid UN inaction: Analyst

Jim W. Dean..."We saw the fingerprints of a tactical nuclear weapon being used ...that might have been against a hardened command bunker, but no Scuds."

Wait, says Ross. No need for a UN resolution

Dennis Ross, writing in The New York Times, criticises Mahmoud Abbas for using international institutions to put pressure on Israel

World must Denuclearize Israeli Regime

-"There can never be peace in the Mideast when Israel has chemical, biological and nuclear devices."

Time for the UN to go?

- The civilised powers, including Israel, Russia, the UK and the US, should withdraw from the UN en masse.

Uri Avnery – Meeting in a Tunnel

- "the US is married to this concept of "anyone who can defend themselves is a security threat and we reserve the right to attack them when we choose"...

Any West moral claim shattered in war on Gaza: HD video

- "Press TV had Gordon and I on together for rolling coverage on Gaza. We got some good licks in not just on Israel but the pitiful weakness of the UN response."

Uri Avnery – The Atrocity

- "Those who have done nothing, when they could have, are in effect enablers of all that will happen. The Gazan blood will be on their hands, also."

NEO – Odessa: A Model of Warfare On the Cheap

- All that is required for a war is a target, a nation with something worth stealing and a will to steal it.

US Squandering Prestige for Denying Visa to Aboutalebi

- Americans with any sense of diplomacy are looking at all of this with utter astonishment to see the US squandering its prestige on minor issues.

Syrian opposition’s call on US, act of desperation

- These Syrian National Council (SNC) people all need to be prosecuted for war crimes, along with all those who helped them, including State actors

Israel’s New Ethnic Cleansing Laws

Israel's obsession with Jewish ethnic purity has led to the enactment of open ethnic cleansing by the current Netanyahu government.

Typical US Hypocrisy Over Russian Veto

The western media is roundly condemning Russia for vetoing a Security Council resolution condemning tomorrow’s referendum on Crimean self-determination as illegal under international law.

Israel to join UNHRC despite violations of Palestinians' rights

- "You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up." ... Jim W. Dean

Who’s responsible in the Syrian bloodshed?

- The Friends of Syria - Who Aren't

"We Didn't Know There Were Chemical Weapons"

Everyone, even Obama, knows Assad would have to be psychotic to launch a chemicals weapons attack with UN inspectors only miles a way.

“We Didn’t Know There Were Chemical Weapons”

Everyone, even Obama, knows Assad would have to be psychotic to launch a chemicals weapons attack with UN inspectors only miles a way.

How UN Schemers Screwed up Middle East Peace Prospects For All...

Why, after 65 years, is the Palestinian homeland still under foreign military occupation and total blockade when international law and the United Nations say it shouldn't be?

Letter to Another Dishonest “Peace” Broker

The whole world has heard about your brilliant breakthrough - persuading trigger-happy US-subsidised Israel and the strangulated, unarmed Palestinians to agree "in principle" to resume the one-sided negotiations abandoned three years ago.

UN Justice Champion Richard Falk Targeted (Again)

US ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council, Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, has branded Richard Falk as “unfit to serve in his role as a UN Special Rapporteur.”

The Personification of Self-Righteousness

In the song Mack the Knife there’s a line about a body on the sidewalk “oozing” life. Last night there was a body, a living one, oozing self-righteousness. It was not on the sidewalk.

US at UN – An Act of Infamy

One more time an American administration shamed America and shamed the American people (minus the Jewish leadership and community) and proved itself a client/vassal state of Israel, and that it is not sovereign state when it comes to the Middle East, occupied as Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

Abbas: Time to move forward – that is why we are...

The day before the United Nations vote on Palestine, UK foreign secretary William Hague was explaining his devious policy to Parliament.

Jewish Lobby Bullying Exposed in Australia

- Australia’s Jewish groups have demanded a meeting with the premier to express their anger over her decision - Israeli embassy in Canberra was also angry

Did Britain Try Blackmail to Cripple Palestinians’ UN Bid?

Promise not to prosecute Israeli war criminals, not to go for full UN membership, not to seek justice but submit to rigged talks, and we’ll support you.

Israel Threatens UN General Assembly Over Palestine Statehood

Though the New York Times reported the Israeli “threats” 14 November 2012, even characterizing them at one point as “threats”; their significance has been ignored.

Israel Tries to Assassinate Top US General, Then Invites Him for...

Netanyahu may be setting a new record for diplomatic chutzpah by inviting America's top military commander over for tea - less than two months after trying to assassinate him!

UN Urged to Create Global Fund for DOOMSDAY Disaster Prevention

The NGO Islamic Relief has urged the UN to establish a global contingency fund for disaster prevention as it is cheaper to help prepare for floods and drought than spend billions on emergencies.In a report on Monday.

Is NetanBombYou a ‘Toon?

Breaking news update! The Netanyahu 'Toon has returned to the UN to respond to all the mockery he has received.

America’s Singular Path, Life After Israel

- I would not trade the life of every general in the Pentagon for the life of a single child

Israel’s Netanyahu Pushes For War With Iran

Yesterday, September 27, 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave an impassioned speech that was full of half-truths and lies to the United Nations.

Friday September 28, 2012, What We are Not Told

- Frankly, more than a few members of America's congress are terrified their cut from the Afghan heroin trade would end if the killing stopped.

Africa: Adamus To Begin Skyship Survey of Wildlife/Climate Change

Mombasa (WNT) The Adamus Group announces an 18 month project in partnership with governments of Africa, the USAID and the International Wildlife Foundation to operate two Skyships on their first "peaceful" mission.

Assad Agrees to Go – Says Russian Ambassador

- Orlov...Assad has appointed its representative for negotiations with the opposition on this transition... he agrees to go, but from a civilized way,

Disclosure: Adamus Board Addition

Please excuse any cryptic aspects of this news release. Michael Harris has been added to the American sector of the Board of Directors of the Adamus Group. Other members are James B. Hanke, Frederick Coward and Gordon Duff.

Prisoners Filing Grievances Tossed In Solitary Confinement

There are nearly 25,000 inmates being held in solitary confinement in the U.S., some of them put there for filing grievances or lawsuits, “The Catholic Worker” reports.

Water Terrorism by India to Overawe Pakistan

The majestic and ravishing landscape of the Kashmir Valley is so enchanting that whosoever happens to visit it gets spell-bounded and overawed by its natural beauty and longs to revisit it.