Obama vs. Netanyahu: Middle East War Lights on Iran Fire

Both men despise each other

Israeli Leader Screams as the world closes in on their Ruse, Obama and Kerry Talk with Iran against the will of AIPAC paid for U.S. Congress as UNESCO drops Israel and USA as Members

As U.S. Secretary Kerry meets with Iran to use diplomacy to thwart more war, the Israeli Prime Minister and his paid-off U.S. Congress, are battling the forces of diplomacy as Netanyahu screams “The international community got a bad deal!”.

Of course, the American people are sick and tired of conflict in the Middle East, and funding the Israeli terror state keeps thwarting peace on every level while using U.S. taxpayer money to occupy, torture, and bulldoze the culture of the indigenous peoples within Israel and the land they occupy.

Just now, Mark Regev, an Israeli government spokesman said “No Deal is better than a deal” as he spoke about Iran. He’s currently making the U.S. media rounds screaming trying to sell his government’s position in hopes of keeping the rouse of their real agenda moving forward; damage control if you will!

As Iran aims to join the global community using diplomacy and NOT violence, Israel and its ally, paid for by AIPAC U.S. Congress and the most anti-Iran country Sunni Saudi Arabia, are fighting Obama and Kerry desperately in a last-ditch effort to prevent Iran from becoming a member of the global community.

UNESCO drops U.S.A. and Israel as Members

Israel and USA have been dropped by UNESCO. At its core, UNESCO fights extremism around the world. I guess USA and Israel don’t agree with that mission and use the pre-text of admitting Palestine as a reason not to pay their dues and get dropped by the global group.

All these non-cents as the truth comes out that the late father of modern Palestine Yasir Arafat was assassinated.

On TV just now, Yigal Palmor, Israeli government minister says “Israel had nothing to do with the death of Yasir Arafat” yet the Palestinian Authority points fingers at the only entity that would be benefited from his death; namely Israel.

Rumors at VT have current Palestinian leader Abbas involved in the crime. We are currently doing our due diligence to bring you more on this before we actually make a definitive comment on who actually killed Arafat

In fact, at this time, there is NO evidence pointing to who actually poisoned Arafat with Polonium and so lobbing accusations without evidence to a specific country or group is subject to skepticism. But clearly, any good investigator must look for motive first and then start digging up the dirt to see what comes up. So start digging folks!

Oh, the current digger known as Al-Jazeera is now reporting that Russia’s poorly run inconclusive report on the assassination at the request of the Palestine Authority a few years back was suspect.

In the fact, they sent their investigative reporter to Russia to get classified materials from insiders. They report that insiders say that the Russian Foreign Ministry ordered the lab techs to only view 4 of the 20 samples and only report as they direct. The insider says that Russia wanted to show that they were doing as the Palestinian Authority wanted but not to rock the boat in Israel and their assigns in the USA. You can watch the full report on Al-Jazeera America this Sunday (Check your local listings)

So where is this all going?

Well, something really stinks right now! The hate for Obama by Netanyahu and his gang is so hard and deep that you can cut it with a knife. Make no mistake this is a major war between power brokers….everyone is watching because the future of the global Zionist agenda is on the line.


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