Is the Brain a Sense Organ of Consciousness?


by Yukon Jack

Our sense organs detect different frequencies of energies or vibrations.  The ears detect sound.  The skin detects vibration.  The eyes detect light.  The nose detects chemicals.  Does the brain detect consciousness?  That would be logical since ALL the other senses evolved to detect what was already there.  Is the brain a sense organ like all the senses?  This is a logical deduction and would explain much of the observed phenomenon of consciousness.

The mind is the localized field of Consciousness, the interface with the brain. The brain detects the field and interacts with it, you, the "I", are the intersection of the two.
Could the mind be the interface with the brain. The brain detects the field and interacts with it, you, the “I”, are the intersection of the two peering out into reality.

The brain as a sense organ for consciousness is a very radical idea because science believes the brain creates consciousness.  All the other senses detect vibrations or frequencies but because consciousness can not be detected the idea of the brain as a sense organ is resisted.
Proving this theory might seem an impossible task, but all we have is myth, and we can never know the ultimate reality as observers in a hologram.  I am going to weave a new tale that the brain is sensing consciousness in this essay, the brain isn’t just a computer, it is a sense organ that taps a greater realm via the subconcious.

Philosophers since Aristotle have wrestled with the concept of consciousness, what is it, where is it, is it real?  Modern science is having a go at it and no one can pin it down.  This debate has been going on for thousands of years with little progress.  Hard science has followed in the footsteps of the great minds of history, now scientists have to listen to philosophers on this topic, that drives them batty, ‘What do philosophers know?’ they smirk.
But what if the brain that animates the mind is actually tapping the larger energy field, and the individual mind actually an integrated part of the larger field.   Think of it this way, the brain isn’t animating the mind, but the mind animating the brain.  This reverse order of what seems logical is nothing new, the ancient Vedic scriptures informed us long ago this model.  The Universe is Consciousness experiencing itself through us, thus it is consciousness invading the folds of our brain, and our mind is the result of the interaction.
Yogis practiced the art of direct knowing. They meditated and tapped the Universe for information and downloaded much wisdom.  Western science has yet to formalize this process.  Those ideas should be studied for clues and cues.  Let’s review what they taught us with their form of knowing.

The Mind vs. Brain Debate (What is Consciousness?)

In yogic science, the mind is considered to be pure vibrating energy. It is an element (non-physical by nature) which conducts “thought” faster than the speed of light and retains all experience whether consciously addressed by the thinker or not. It can create substance from nothing. It contains the aura, or energy body and can project to other minds, and receive from them also. It communicates in the language of feeling.

Were they right or hallucinating?  Consciousness dogs scientists, they can hook up electrodes and see all the neurons firing and make detectors and maps of the brain but you can’t quantify the mind.  The mind is the fuzzy part of the brain, you can’t even find its edge.  Why?  Perhaps the mind isn’t there to detect, maybe it exists in another realm.  Perhaps your body is 3D world and your mind in the 4th dimension.  Or maybe the body in 3D, consciousness in 5D, and the mind in between in the 4D.  Is your mind the interface between the physical world and the background Conscious Field or is our entire experience in our head?
girl-laptop-mind-controlaIf the brain is a sense organ for consciousness then it follows that the sixth sense is the brain sensing consciousness.  The brain is sensing the background conscious field. The sixth sense is the unprocessed information that is available but not yet conscious.  Those that can tune in and bring information upstairs are called psychics and many seem like they should be riding the short bus.
The brain, like other sense organs, evolved to detect an existing field.  This field is the source, it is the storage medium of everything that has happened, it is apparently also the projector of the hologram that we exist within.  Information is holographically patterned on everything everywhere.
Synchronicities as Second Order Effects of Thoughts
To prove consciousness seems difficult because there is no consciousness detector.  Like a fish, we can’t detect the water of consciousness which pervades everything everywhere.  But there is a way to get around the limitation of dimensions.  You can use deductive logic then prove it by the resultant second order effects.  You are the consciousness detector and your experience is result of interacting with the machine.
The proof is in the results of thoughts, the second order effects of thoughts are the manifestations of thought energy. It is you creating your own reality and own play, it is you that is the cause and effect in your life.
12323Imagine you have never seen water and are flying over a water planet and see waves.  You could deduce that the waves were produced by an unseen force. You can’t see the wind but can deduce it’s existence.  Same for gravity, we have precise equations that we rely on to launch spaceships but no one has ever measured gravity directly.  Newton measured an apple accelerating in a fall, he measured a second order effect.  So far no one has ever detected a gravity wave.
Likewise I can deduce that the brain is a sense organ because we create synchronicities with our thoughts, I can’t see the field but I can see thought energy  manifest.  If we can produce synchronicities with our minds then that proves that consciousness exists outside of self, and that are not just in the brain.  The problem is the experience is subjective and beholden of the experiencer.  You are your own puppet.  You are your own puppet being animated by your own thought creations.  How does that work?

If you are told you have no power and that god is in charge then you think the synchronicity is from a deity.  But that is false.  The synchronicity is from you because it was you that had the thought and sent it out, you were causal.  Theists believe in manifestation, but they don’t use that word, New Agers do.  Theists believe in prayer and that god answers their prayers.  Can I make a simple observation?  If you have to pray to get something then you are the one doing it.  Scientists scoff at New Agers and theists, without ability to measure the thought energy they remain skeptical.
If I claim that I manifest my thoughts, materialist will claim that it was only your brain is seeking and matching  patterns.  But this observation is incorrect as many coincidences are with real people and things.  So the key to prove consciousness is to prove manifestation, and to prove that all I have to prove that synchronicities are a real phenomenon.
yourfuture3Imagine you are on the Star Trek Holodeck, a room on the ship that projects any hologram setting, including characters.  You are in that right now, you are in a living conscious hologram.  Your brain evolved as part of this “machine”.  Your thoughts interact with the machine, whatever you think is a command to the machine.
Your thoughts are continuously organizing the events around you, that’s why you experience synchronicities.  A synchronicity is an event that you notice outside of the self that matches your thoughts.  Most of the time you do not notice.  So when you do notice a synchronicity, that can seem astounding.
Noticing your synchronicities takes practice and you have to learn it like a language.  Imagine you go to India and everyone speaks Hindi but not you.  You have no idea what the hell they are saying.  Every once in a while you hear a word your mind recognizes, like “yogi”  and then your ears perk up.  That is exactly what happens when you finally notice a synchronicity, you heard one word.
This is why you see few synchros, but they are manifesting continuously but you can’t read the language.  If you don’t believe then you definitely won’t notice.  Depending on the myth you subscribe to, the synchronicities are visible or not.  The more reductionist the mind, the less chance you have of recognizing a synchronicity because you are blocking them from your mind because of your materialistic paradigm.  So only the really big ones get through and then you’ll just rationalize them away anyways, denying what you just saw.  We humans are real good at that.
They are there all of the time, if you aren’t seeing them its because you are blind as a bat.  So if you want to see lots of synchronicities then start looking for them and all of a sudden you will see what you’ve been missing.
Mechanics of Manifestation
Manifestation is real, everyone is doing it but the idea is resisted because of the god meme, most people do not own their thoughts and creative power so they credit god, not themselves.  This is silly egoism, do you think some god cares what you do?
The farcical nature of this idea is cleverly illustrated in the movie  “Bruce Almighty”, Jim Carrey complains to God so God makes him God and he is tasked to answer everyone’s prayers.  There are millions and millions of prayers so he decides to put them on those little yellow Post Its, which result in him being covered, so then he turns to the computer and puts in the command, all prayers answered yes.  The results are hilarious, everyone wins the lottery.
What egoists can not imagine is that no god is listening to your prayers, you are sending the request to your subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind, that nice little psychological term of that unknown realm in the brain, is a meme that describes something.   The word subconscious brings to mind a deep dark hole where thoughts go and are buried.  But if the subconscious is where it’s happening, then it is tapping source, the field.  The subconscious is therefore the portal to that other dimension where the field lies.  The subconscious is not the brain, so what is it?
All of us share this field of consciousness because we can synchronize off each other, we can manifest, and when we manifest something it often has to do with an interaction of another.  Psychoanalysts have cataloged the collective archetypes of the subconscious, this, some say, is proof of the collective subconscious.  Subconscious, unconscious, superconscious, are just words trying to describe that elephant of the six blind men.
So what the heck is going on and why are psychologists so damn confusing?  Let an engineer explain.  Obviously we are confusing ourselves with different parts of the elephant.  We are dealing with one thing.  What you need is a model of the mind, brain, and consciousness.

Does the subconscious mind tap the greater consciousness like roots of a tree?
Does the subconscious mind tap the greater consciousness like roots of a tree?

The mind is the interface, and the thought isn’t just being stored in the brain memory, the thought is entering another realm.  Your subconscious mind is the bridge to this other realm, like roots of a tree your subconscious mind taps the greater mind.
Using the rule of fractal metaphors, the subconscious neural network taps the greater network just like neurons in the brain, yours are patterned specifically to you.  The programming of your subconscious is how you are wired to the mainframe.
Each person is wired to the greater consciousness differently just as each person has unique neural patterns in the brain.  As a result, everyone has a unique life experience. The individual subconscious mind is part of the Conscious mainframe, so when you think a thought it isn’t just in your brain or the brain circuit, it is also in the field.
If you wrap a person’s head in sensors you won’t be able to measure the thought exiting for hyperspace, because it is already in hyperspace when you think it.  You (the “I”) are a point of consciousness in a field of consciousness.  This consciousness isn’t out there external from you, you are being projected from it, you a 3D holographic image of the field.  What we need is a multi-dimensional model of the brain mind interface.  A thought exists in several dimensions at the same time.
Think of a computer video game with animated characters, they look real, they act real, but they are projections of a program on a screen.  A higher dimension projected the animated scene.  In the case of real life, you are like the projected character on the video screen, except you are a living breathing being with your own brain and free will and you are also the nerd at the keyboard playing destroy the world because of your end times apocalyptic beliefs.
Our brains are the computers connecting in to the field because the brain evolved to sense this field.  The brain is the physical computer, the mind is the connecting circuit to the mainframe Consciousness source.  When you think a thought, the thought isn’t projected outwards toward infinity like a radio signal, the thought signal is in the fabric of consciousness, the sea of multidimensional consciousness in which you exist.
You are not just in one dimension, parts of you – your thoughts, are in another.  The brain evolved to sense this field and give you greater awareness, the folds of the brain are conforming to the fields frequencies of Consciousness.  Like all other sense organs the brain evolved in a field and is optimized to exploit that realm.  Whatever you think is a programming code down through your mind to the roots of your subconscious neural network that is tapping the greater realm creating a unique experience of your life.
You are creating your reality, all of your prayers get answered, everything you think, say, and do is part of the Universal field of consciousness.  Prayer is focused thought, if you can feel your wish then it is real and that feeling is the pull on the Universe.  There’s no god listening, an atheist can manifest just as well as a Krishna devotee, Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim.  We all connect to the mainframe regardless of belief system.
What is Random in a Universe Full of Energy and Intention?
But what is random in a Universe made of energy?  Everything is from a cause.  Did you meet your spouse by complete chance?   There are fields and energies and thoughts and intentions that manifest.  Let us propose that the mind is interface between the organic brain computer and the holographic surface that is also called pure consciousness.
The entire hologram is informational, and for information to be information it has to flow.  You have to be wired in or you wouldn’t exist in the first place.  Think about it and your mind will be blown.  DNA is information stored chemically, you are an expression of DNA, and DNA is an expression of what?  The hologram.
Where did DNA come from?  It’s hard to imagine that Nature invented a self replicating molecule by chance.  Something is missing from the Darwinian model, and I’m not saying a designer, I am saying some sort of intelligence, some sort of consciousness is interacting with matter.  Scientists hate the intelligent designer idea, something the creationists came up with to save their failed god theory.
What if you got a hold of an alien and did a biopsy and found out it had DNA also.  That would be a shocker, DNA is elsewhere, maybe everywhere.  How did DNA get everywhere?  How about the Universe creates DNA, light carries information, and this information is the template for DNA.
But you forget that there is no matter and most of what you are is empty space and standing energy vibrations.  You forgot that you are in a living holographic projection, you forgot that your DNA machine is sharing information with the rest of the machine.  What you failed to realize is that your brain isn’t isolated, it is sensing consciousness through the mind.  You forgot that your thoughts are ordering things on the quantum level.  So this idea of random was never real, random was a philosophical idea to describe complex systems.
You can’t see thoughts, but you can see the result of that thought, that which manifests from thought energy.  That proves the thought isn’t only in your brain.  But can you see what you are creating?  Can you see the waves on the water’s surface?  To see synchronicities you must be trained in a new language, that of communicating with the greater mind.  As we evolve we shall learn to notice what we are doing and develop the memes to describe the phenomenon.  Soon you will learn that the more you juice the circuit with emotion that faster and greater the manifestations.  When you really, really feel something then you start to command this holographic projection in real time.
Everyone is doing the same thing as you, we are all creating the play, so whenever two or more thoughts coincide they create a coincidence with the thought senders.  This is why you are always meeting the right person at the right time.  Thought patterns that match are joined.  Another cultural saying, “The teacher will appear when the student is ready.”  Coincidences between the informational flow are no accident, the thoughts are joined and manifest in the correct time sequence.  Much of our language already describes the process, our language always has clues as to what is really going on.
We Are in The Machine and Myth is All We Can Do to Relate

You can communicate with the hologram, you think something and it replies with a synchronicity.  You are astounded by the synchronicity, because your mind can’t understand how your thoughts are matching a coincidence.  You can’t see the mechanism of how that works and your culture hasn’t developed a language describing the phenomenon yet.  You don’t have those memes in your lexicon necessary to deal with it.
What you don’t understand that you are on the Holodeck and the machine is ordered to your thoughts, will, and intentions – those functions of mind, body and brain.  You are in command of the machine, empowerment is understanding your relation to the machine, your conscious mind interface allows you to create.
real life is a -hologramThe myth is carefully constructed to take your power and make you into a slave, a robot, a tax paying unthinking sheeple.  This is why you must escape myth and fight the matrix.  Existing myth, subverted to political agendas, is being used to control your mind.  If you free your mind from myth then you free your body from enslavement. Global Warming is one of the new myths being foisted on humanity, we are now being enslaved to carbon taxes.
This Universe is like a machine and you are in it.  It is pure consciousness, what you see is it’s expression.  Consciousness is the source of the projection that you are in.  You can never get to the machine but you can command the machine.  Your brain evolved to do this, when your brain became conscious that is when the command switch was flipped on.  You are now the director of your play.  Whatever you think becomes energy the machine organizes around.
This is the new mythos, and this new myth is the new relation to the machine.  That is all it ever can be.  This essay is therefore all fiction, if you sign on to any of these ideas, don’t tell anyone because they might think you are nuts or available for a remote viewing experiment with men who stare at military manuals.  Maybe we are all just animated character in someone’s computer or playthings of the gods or an alien hybrid experiment gone haywire.
Your Mind is the Interface Between the Machine (Consciousness) and Your Brain (Body)
Your body is swimming in a sea of pure consciousness.  As consciousness expresses itself through evolution, animals with brains emerge, eventually one specie (humans) develops a big enough brain processor to contact the conscious field.  Self awareness is the field becoming awake in physical plane.  The field is looking at itself through your eyes.  You are the field, the I AM, that unique holographic chard of the whole.
heads ocean subconsciousStudying the brain to find the mind is like studying the motherboard in your computer to find out what’s on the screen.  Good luck.  The mind isn’t stored in the brain, it’s not even the electrical field you measure with the sensors placed in or around the brain.  The mind is the interface between the folds of the brain and hologram itself.
‘Oh noooooo’, says Mr. Bill, are we only animated characters on the screen of life?  No!  We are also the puppet masters, we create whatever reality we wish.  Now you can understand why the television puppet masters want a monopoly, they are trying to create their vision (of hell).
Humans have a unique mind, they are very curious.  Why?  Why are we so preoccupied with finding out how things tick, how the universe came to be, how the stars form?  Monkeys don’t care.  The chimp isn’t building a telescope.  Humans are because they are this field gaining consciousness in the physical realm.  We might hypothesize this was the entire goal of evolution, for the field to get into the physical matrix, the dreamer gets a body through us.
Humans are going into space so that the field can explore itself.  The Universe has been dreaming for a long time, it awoke through us, now it wants to explore its own dream.  What did I dream of this time, it wonders.  Myth is the explanation when you first awake in the machine, you look around, confused and make things up.  As you gain greater awareness new myths and memes have to be formulated in order to relate.
I think that we will always be in a mythos because we are always in the dream.  We are not physical beings as much as we are energies in relation to other energies.  Mythos is the viewpoint, as science overtakes myth the scientist thinks he has escaped myth forever, not realizing that science is just a new myth.
The physicist says this equation is a “law” when it is only a mathematical description of what we observe.  The so-called Laws of Physics are equations that approximate what we measure.  What we measure is an illusion changed by our observation.  Science is therefore myth and you might get a better answer from a philosopher.  All we have is myth, because folks, we are in a holographic projection and seeing an illusion that our brain projects into the mind.  We have no idea what reality is or absolute truth.
Does your body or brain want to explore the Universe?  No, the material doesn’t care about some other material.  It is your mind that wants to explore?  Why?  Because your mind isn’t your brain or body, it is the Universe itself expressing itself in the material realm and it wants to know.   Those in primitive animal consciousness have no wish to explore, a monkey doesn’t want to explore the Universe, but enlightened man does.
Those in higher consciousness want to explore space.  A spaceship is a container of higher minds leaving the home planet and exploring the Universe Brane.  So what is it about our brain that makes us do this?  Just matter?  There is something else that is going on, we have minds that want to explore and seek.  You have a trillion cells in your body, one hundred billion are brain neuron cells.  Did the brain evolve to tap consciousness with an available template, the Universe, the conscious Universe.  Is the brain is a metaphor for a larger Brane?
If this is true, it is more than revolutionary, things are evolving in a sea of consciousness and the DNA is metastasizing templates from the background field.  Are human bodies a standard template, formed by DNA, that is coded information of the hologram?  Are there other humanoids in the Universe so similar that they are practically indistinguishable?  Are they so similar that we can interbreed with them?  Are they amongst us and we don’t even know because they are just like us?  This is possible with this thesis.
You Can Never Know the Absolute Truth But You Can Seek it and Approach It
Because you are in the machine, a fractal holographic projection, you can never know the ultimate reality.  But you can seek it and approach it.  With each step humans must change the myth to higher order of awareness.  Myth is how you frame reality at each evolutionary step of your evolving nervous system.
When the new day dawns we write a new myth, the new myth is an expanded awareness of the old myth.  That is why we adopt it.  But the new myth is never the one end all myth, it is only a step in the fractal.  Fractals go on and on, never ending.  So must our quest for truth.  We are driven to know and seek.  This proves that we aren’t just meat machines.  Into space we shall go.
So what to do about our situation?  Simple.  Accept your situation and write a new myth.  I am writing one now, if people like it they will repeat it in whole or parts, I don’t care.  If a myth meme is repeated enough then it becomes the new reality.  What is the new myth?  The brain is a sense organ for consciousness, that synchronicities are created with our minds, that we create our reality.
The new myth must encompass and swallow the old myth, the model described here explains all of the old and new information in a new paradigm, one that is empowering and of higher vibration.  We create everything because we are conscious in the dream.  Awake and aware we can create a new world that overcomes the limitations and superstitions of the older myths.
The Mind is On the Folds of the Brain
What is on your mind?  When we see a person contemplating we ask what they are thinking. So that cultural saying of “what is on mind” begs an even better question, is what is on your brain?  Your mind!   The contorted human brain, with all its folds, nooks and crannies is a receiver of consciousness!
Your consciousness is overlaid on the brain template.  Sorta like the electricity in the circuit board.  The ghost in the machine is your mind, your consciousness, come to earth and having an experience in your body.  The brain is an organic computer.  I’ll tell you what is on your brain.  An energy field, a conscious energy field.  This is totally shocking information, that means you (the “I”) isn’t the body.  The real you is something else, some part of the greater consciousness projected into the physical body.  The real you is the aura, the mind energy slowing as it matches the bodies frequencies.
The brain has a certain shape, if the brain is a sense organ it’s form is the result of a frequency of consciousness.  If Consciousness is a frequency then the brain takes it shape in that field and optimizes that frequency for its function.  Just as the ear naturally evolved to have the shape it does, the brain did the same thing.  If the brain is a sense organ then it is formed and conforms to that frequency.  That only makes sense.
There is an experiment that illustrates this principle.  A table with sand vibrating to sound.  As you change the frequency of the sound waves, the pattern changes.  Did the brain folds pattern after the field of consciousness?  Maybe so, simpler brains don’t have our complicated folds, many lower species have smooth brain surfaces.
click on image for enhanced sharper view
sand-bird brain
It seems to me that if the human being is the most complex organism to arise in the evolving Universe, and the human brain the most complex organ, an information processor, then it would be in communication with the rest of the Universe, an informational system.  So is the brain a sense organ of consciousness?  I think that is logical.
Disclaimers:  Nothing in the essay is true and it should be consider fiction but it is exactly how it is, about 42% of the time.  The other 58 is fate.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, this is obviously the work of hallucinogens and the author has clearly jumped off the Shirley MacLaine limb into the abyss of the Church of the Subgenius.  So I hope you enjoyed the cruise into the next mythos and don’t get caught in a whirlpool vortex of the upcoming singularity.  Keep on truckin’ and myth on.


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