Israel attacks America through our own Congress



Israel’s  Congressional  and  GOP  Intel  assets  exposed


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor      … with  New Eastern Outlook, Tehran

[ Note: Dear readers. Now is the time to call these Congressmen for Israel and put the word on them. We have the incredible irony here of the grass roots folks rising up against an American attack on Syria, but so far, they have been asleep at the wheel on Israel’s attack on America. There is some mumbling about it, but no real counter attack has every been cranked up, knitting together enough organizational power for it to succeed. ]


The same political espionage tactics used over and over
The same political espionage tactics used over and over

This is a sad and embarrassing column to have to write, about Israeli espionage penetration into our highest levels of government, our security forces knowing that it has happened but then can’t, or refuse to do anything about it.

National security interests must trump embarrassment, with me anyway. But unfortunately that is not the case with those charged with protecting us, who interpret their oaths of office with a great deal of latitude.
I selected today’s topic ahead of others I had been working on after reading the Press TV report of Israeli shill Senator Robert Menendez announcing that he was going to push for new tougher sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, pushing them down to 500,000 barrels a day. I don’t say this lightly, but I consider this a treasonous act, being done in close coordination with foreign government…Israel.
Over on the GOP Republican side, Mr. Casino Clown Sheldon Adelson, was put in play with his bizarre public exhortation that a demonstration nuking of Iran should be done out in the desert before laying one on Tehran.
This was a hint to all those wavering Republicans to remember who gave the $100 million in campaign donations. Does that mean this method could also be used on Israel if they will not give up their WMD?

As the public relations political noose begins to tighten around Israel, and I can assure you it is, the Iraelis are smart enough to know that protecting deep cover agents until they no longer around politically, would just be wasting them. I am seeing them putting all their cards on the table now as it is do or die time. 

Iran's Bushefr Plant has not produced one nuke - as stated by US joint Intel report
Iran’s Bushehr Plant has not produced one nuke – as stated by the US joint Intel report

The main motivation behind taking this gamble is that they know that once the Iranian nuclear issue is resolved along with Syria’s chemical weapons…the game has changed forever.
Israel’s bogeyman Iran threat which she has always used as a screen to do a lot of nasty things, supposedly out of defensive necessity, will go up in a puff of smoke.
We will be left with an Israel that is broke and subsidized in a variety of ways by Western supporters who all have budget deficits with their populations and militaries suffering major cutbacks.
But Israel will still be armed to the teeth with not only its huge conventional weapons capacity and its WMD stockpiles, but its multiple warhead ICBMs in development with India, which will be able to strike most of the world. They are an openly aggressive weapons platform yet there has been no international outcry. Why not?
What could possibly be the need for a small country like Israel to have such weaponry? Who would want to invade Israel? There is nothing there really of any strategic value.
Their major export has become weapons, compliment of the U.S. which shifted 100,000 white collar defense jobs to Israel as part of the continuing espionage campaign on Capitol Hill where Congresscritters will sell their mothers for the right price.

This allowed US defense companies loyal to no one but the elites who run them to partner with Israeli start ups. That gave them an open back door for getting around illegal technology transfer regulations.
The US companies, while working on joint projects with Israeli counterparts, just illegally gave them export banned technology, or did it the cute way…by letting them just steal it. The Izraelis could either use it or sell it to our adversaries as part of their ongoing double game of playing one side off the other.

Why would a US defense company do this? They turn over our weapons technology using methods like I have described above so that they can then claim that our potential enemies are making ‘great advances’ in weapons development.

Target Arm - Livermore Labs - Los Alamos, New Mexico
Target Arm – Livermore Labs – California

The American taxpayer has to then keep the weapons development cash conveyor belt going to our own defense contraction at full steam to keep ahead of the growing threat of our adversaries.
This is an old con game. Our military brass all know about it, and they get seduced because all the big money waiting for them post retirement (and I mean several million dollars a year) comes from landing nice juicy defense industry positions and say 5 to 10 board memberships.

This hustle has become a ‘deferred compensation’ program for military brass and Congresscritters looking out for their contractor friends. The bribes are not paid while they are in uniform, but after they leave. A $50,000 a year board membership (and maybe five to ten of these) has become one of the favorite methods pay paying for graft, and also compensation for treason.

The Israelis have their own program for this. They invite military brass and their spouses to Israel for their deluxe 5-star tours where they get the full schmooze treatment. Those attending have been pre-screened for having ‘flexible loyalties’ where either fame or cash could have an influence.
They have discussions about what their post active service plans might be and they share all the ways they can be helpful, especially for those who have shown an above average loyalty to Israel.

Senator Robert Menendez
Senator Robert Menendez – Whose side is he really on?

Senator Robert Menendez, and he is certainly not alone, is a good example of the political shills the Israelis use.
In the current situation their usual threats and bullying have not been working so they are having to dig deeper to torpedo the Iran talks.
John Kerry gave the Jewish lobby and Netanyahu the stiff arm on pushing forward with demands they knew Iran could never accept, and then clear the way for military action as a ‘last resort’.
AIPAC even brought Dick Cheney out of the closet to once again trumpet that military action should be the first resort as that is best for the defense contractor.
Israel, our disloyal AIPAC, and their treasonous espionage assets are now focusing on undermining Rouhani’s moderate and sensible proposals which have been accepted positively almost everywhere in the world. They know the Republican Guard hardliners are Rouhani’s main opposition.
If the those mobsters can wreck the talks by imposing tough new sanctions right during this key time of the trust building that is crucial to a positive resolution, then feel that might give the Guards fuel to set Rouhani’s settlement plans on fire.

Frankly, I feel the key people here involved in pushing this kill the Iran talks scenario are actively engaged in treason against the United Sates and its people, and really they should be prosecuted. But I am not holding my breath that our Democratic president is going to refer fellow democrat chairman Mr. Menendez to the Justice Department for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’.

And I don’t expect the Senate to begin impeachments proceedings. If they did that for Menendez they would have to do it for a lot more of them. But the loyal intelligence community is ready and waiting to go to work with a special prosecutor.
Who the traitors are has been common lunch room talk for a long time. The NSA has had the intercepts and data mining all along, enough to put them all in prison.

John McCain and Lyndsey Graham have long 'moonlighted' as senators for Israel
John McCain and Lyndsey Graham have long ‘moonlighted’ as senators for Israel

We have one famous Senator while on a tour to Afghanistan and the Mid East who used his diplomatic immunity to be a courier for several billion dollars in drug money bearer bonds which he dropped off in Switzerland on his way home.
The NSA has them all nailed on stuff like this, but they save it to play a game of chicken with Congress just in case they ever want to get too tough with them. Welcome to the real world inside the Washington beltway.
Our Congress is not the only penetrated area. The Pentagon is in terrible shape, much of it left over from the off the charts corruption during the Bush (43) and Cheney days. They left the Pentagon front door wide open, putting Israeli agents in top positions as political appointees.
When their handlers went over to see them, they were so brash they refused to ‘log in’ when they entered, or to have a the required military escort to the office where they were going. The Israelis just walked by them saying they had an appointment with so and so and knew where the office was. No one had ever done this before.
The Israelis were showing off that they had their hooks in that deep and that no one should dare mess with them.

At the White House they penetrated the National Security Council, a key slot because those folks can order any classified material that they want so their Israeli/AIPAC buddies can then just stop by for coffee the following week. Yes folks these people actually just put orders in for material they want.

Richard Clarke was also 'very close' to the Israelis while on the NSC
Richard Clarke was also ‘very close’ to the Israelis while on the NSC. And there are plenty more where he came from.

When Richard Clarke was under investigation over at the Pentagon, among all the spies over there, Bush (43) nixed the investigation by just having him moved to the White House where the FBI could no longer interview him without presidential permission.
All though the material gathered could never be used in court they had to have people in the White House wear wires so the FBI could at least keep track of what Clarke was giving away, and to whom.
VT editorial board member Gwenyth Todd wore one of the wires…and for a long time. If I told you who the other one was you would not believe it.
Americans have a huge treason cancer on our body politic, one where disclosure repercussions would be so devastating that it has been deemed a national security threat to publicly reveal.
That is hogwash of course. This defeatist attitude is allowing a systemic security threat to go on, and on, and on. And all those who are doing nothing about it are aiding and abetting the enemy.
This eventually is all going to be settled…one way or another. So far the public has been losing. The failures of our government since Bush came in are hard to even describe they are so voluminous. They include almost all of their core duties and responsibilities. The short list would be what didn’t they fail at.
We could hardly have been governed more cruelly and ruthlessly if we had lost a war with Israel and had their boot on our necks along with all their Quisling traitors. Gosh, now that I said that…I wonder…have I missed something?

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for “New Eastern Outlook”.



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