Was Ronald Reagan the Last Duly Elected President?


NA.0210.Reagan37by Preston James and Lee Wanta*

Did the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic, Cease to Exist on January 20, 1989 when a foreign-based criminal syndicate seized power illegitimately?
The answer appears to be bifurcated with a Yes, followed by a No.
Yes, a foreign-based crime syndicate was able to seize power illegitimately by placing their man in the Presidency which in effect neutralized the ability of the United States of America to operate as a Constitutional Republic.
And also No, even though an illegitimate criminal Cabal seized power after President Reagan left office and has appropriated huge resources to suppress the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as the Rule of Law, the U.S. Constitution still remains the “Law of the Land” and there is a growing mass effort among “We the People” to empower its enforcement and the Rule of Law once again.
This Criminal Cadre that seized control of American Power is alleged to be functioning as a huge worldwide illegal RICO narcotics and weapons trafficking Crime Syndicate linked to American Intel, and represents the City of London Central Banksters and their American Central Bank Franchisee which provide it with vast capital to finance numerous political acquisitions and Black Ops designed to enhance its power.

And there are allegations that this large RICO Crime Syndicate that seized the controls of America on January 20, 1989 also defrauded the normal Presidential election process and forced the inappropriate and mistaken use of the US Supreme Court to do so. And actually, the U.S. Supreme Court as it sits now is not the highest court in America (It is the U. S. District Court of the District of Colombia, an actual Circuit Court and the highest or Supreme Circuit Court provided by the U. S. Constitution to “ride the Circuit” and adjudicate cases in the Thirteen Colonies/States within the existing Rule of Law, whereas the current “U.S. Supreme Court” is actually an illegal political construct often used to deceive the public and make law). There is actually no legal, Constitutional right for the US Supreme Court as it sits now to even exist and it was created unConstitutionally as a political tool to actually subvert the U. S. Constitution and make law. Congress cannot make a law to break a law or violate or rewrite the U. S. Constitution by subversion, political corruption, political influence, inter alia. When Congress creates a new law due to unlawful pressure, monetary and/or personal gain, political influence, this procedure is unlawful and in many cases constitutes influence peddling, bribery, blackmail, human compromise and often RICO.

Former US vice president Al Gore gestureThe Courts must not attempt to make a law to break another law and that is what is done so often nowadays, and it was done concerning Presidential Candidate Albert Gore.
Many believed that Albert Gore was actually the duly elected President. As many remember, there was a substantial vote count dispute in Florida which was wrongly petitioned to the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled in George W. Bush 43’s favor, while many political opponents believed that Albert Gore was actually the duly elected President.
However, some informed sources have also gone on the record stating their view that if Al Gore had been given the Presidency by the US Supreme Court, it would have still been illegitimate anyhow since the Supreme Court did not have proper jurisdiction.

There have also been some very interesting allegations that George H. W. Bush 41 could not have occupied the office legitimately because of claims that his father Prescott Bush was actually from a family line of foreigners and changed his name from George H. Scherf to Prescott Bush and assumed a created, false identity and background (called a “Walk-In” by intel insiders, which is the assuming of a fake identity used to serve as intel cover).
Use of the “Walk-In” technique is not the only means of identity concealment used by the ruling super-elite cabal families. The Rothschilds (AKA Bauers, the world’s top Central Banksters) and other top “bloodline” families have been known for years to transmit their blood lines covertly by use of “planned illegitimate male offspring” to be later promoted to high positions of government and informed along the way when they can handle it that they are one of lucifer’s chosen or one of the “anointed ones”. Can you guess which of the last three Presidents was so “anointed”? The world’s foremost expert on the use of this technique inside merry old England is top world muckraker Greg Hallett who has traced such occurrences in the “Royal Family”.

But the important question remains, how much do we really know about the backgrounds of recent alleged American Presidents since Ronald Reagan?170px-Bush_43_10-19-04_Stpete
220px-Ronald_Reagan_with_cowboy_hat_12-0071M_editSelection of key top level American Policy-Makers including Presidents, has been critically important in a high level, foreign based covert criminal conspiracy against America the Republic in order to criminally occupy, infiltrate, hijack, asset strip and use it for sinister purposes.
But astute researchers have begun to notice that the American Populace, as well as the political opponents of recent Presidents since Ronald Reagan have exercised little if any scrutiny of what their true origins are, what their actual family backgrounds, where they actually came from and what covert power they truly represent.
This itself is a great American mystery, a very important continuing question that when answered, will provide a very deep, dark secret about the second Revolutionary War now being waged within America by a “Foreign Enemy Within”.

And some intel insiders expect any such deep inquiry will reveal the long term plan of this foreign enemy within the gates to disassemble and destroy America, A Constitutional Republic, while using America to wage large scale wars for massive profits in order to build up a new worldwide Globalist New World Order (NWO) System of “Super-Fascism”.

The background and identity of Barack Obama is now being seriously questioned.
US-POLITICS-OBAMA-ARRIVALThe process and practice by which top Policy-Makers are groomed and propelled to these top positions, so that they can do the bidding of the secret power behind them, is something that has not been previously addressed effectively. Recently the current American President, Barack H. Obama has found himself in a remarkably polarized political situation over his “Affordable Healthcare Act”.
Some political opponents have suggested he is a CIA sheep-dipped foreigner who used aliases and false social security numbers to receive aid and comfort and has been propelled up into the Presidency by a hidden cadre of powerful handlers hidden in the political background.
Many experts now consider President Obama to be impeachment-proof even though his political opponents believe he has blatantly violated numerous campaign promises which would normally get most American presidents impeached.

And some political opponents have claimed that President Obama has been engaged in the same illegal spying activities that President Richard Nixon was impeached for, only far more extensive (massive NSA warrant-less spying on innocent Americans with no probable cause, and massive spying on so-called foreign allies which are furious now that they have found out about it), as well as the numerous innocent civilian deaths and assassinations from remote controlled drones, fired air to ground missiles.
But because President Obama is believed to be the minority people’s hero, many believe that the major urban centers would be destroyed during urban rioting expected to occur spontaneously were he to be impeached. And besides, there appears to be little opposition to his illegal spying and war activities by Congress either despite some muted public rhetoric.

Apparently the fear of this backlash from the minorities and the poor by politicians has now become prominent, and is intense enough to prevent any serious talk of lawful impeachment. However, it is important to keep in mind that any person sitting as President cannot be duly impeached unless they were actually eligible to be duly elected to Constitutional Office of the President of the United States of America, inter alia in the first place. If a sitting President who was not duly elected according to Constitutional requirements, the solution would be to obtain an order for their removal from office by a valid court order of the the United States District Court of the District of Colombia, an actual Circuit Court that provided by the US Constitution to “travel the circuit of the Thirteen Colonies”, the true highest “Supreme” Constitutional court in the land, and replacement with a validly elected president or Constitutionally approved successor until such election could be held and decided. More on this later.

U.S. Military Law may be applicable to adjudicate the claims of the President’s political opponents.
President Obama has claimed like other American Presidents to be the “Commander in Chief” of the American military. Technically this should place him under authority of a military Court of Justice which operates under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Thus if the charges his political opponents establish “probable cause”, it would be the responsibility of the U.S. Judge Advocate General to have the Provost Marshall General arrest the President for “Impersonating a U.S. Military Officer” and/or other offenses such as drone related war crimes or crimes against humanity that they deemed relevant, and prosecute such charges in a U.S. Court Martial. Note the U.S. Provost Marshall General position was reinstated in 2003 after having been shelved/abolished for 29 years. Could it be that the Military has decided to strengthen its enforcement of the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice?
And it should be pointed out that numerous serious state crimes and international crimes were committed under the Presidencies of Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2 with no effective Congressional efforts to impeach.
Bill Clinton got a free pass too for illegal foreign acts of war.

President Bill Clinton-JWA-003357When Bill Clinton was President, he bombed Bosnia with Congressional support, an apparent war crime, but got a free pass for this misconduct.  And yet when he lied about his sexual activities with Monica Lewinsky, Congress impeached him, although he was not convicted and removed from office. The rumored reason for the Monica Lewinsky op against him many consider a typical intel honey trap, has been alleged to be due to his decision to change all tax deposits to direct US Treasury deposits, thereby cutting out the Federal Reserve from the chain of possession, a move which placed billions more in the US Treasury and greatly reduced the deficit which angered the Foreign controlled Central Banksters.
George H.W. Bush has been alleged to have represented an international drug and arms syndicate serving the Central Banksters run out of the City of London.
220px-George_H._W._Bush,_President_of_the_United_States,_1989_official_portraitIt has been alleged by highly placed intel sources that George H.W. Bush (41) was deeply in involved in the Iran/Contra guns for drugs affair, run out of South Florida and Mena, Arkansas and was able to avoid exposure and impeachment for these serious crimes which Clinton helped cover up, for which it has been alleged that Clinton was later rewarded with the American presidency.
Literally hundreds of American intel agents and assets used by this foreign based drugs and arms syndicate to carry out their assigned and narrowly compartmented tasks have been routinely set up on trumped up charges, wrongly convicted and imprisoned in places like Vacaville to discredit them from testifying in any real and appropriate Congressional investigations and Grand Juries, were there ever to be any. This is but one example of the complete treachery exercised by this very powerful foreign based drug and arms syndicate which has now hijacked America’s Government.
And what exactly is the overall apparent purpose of this very wealthy and powerful foreign based drug and arms syndicate which is run out of the City of London Financial District, aka the London Central Banksters, who have franchised the American Federal Reserve as their stateside agent?
The purpose of this drug and arms syndicate can be learned from studying the history of the British East India Company, the Opium Wars (Boxer Rebellion), the Russell Trust AKA Skull and Bones Fraternity and Secret Society from Yale University, the massive profits it made, and the massive power it acquired in the top positions of American politics.
In doing so one learns that illegal narcotics trafficking was instituted as a covert mode of war to take down a country and asset strip it. And it is still being used so inside America today by the same entity, the International Crime Syndicate that serves the interests of the City of London Central Banksters. Basically the British Banksters wanted to recover all their Silver and Gold spent in China importing spices and silk so these devised a very crafty and evil means to do so which was the trafficking in habit forming narcotics which can steal a person’s soul. The British Central Banksters have worked hard to develop and refine this and other crafty, covert techniques to divide and conquer. When they began to lose all their colonies around the world they devised a plan to set up or hijack central banks all over the world into a centralized world banking system in order to maintain a new and even more effective means of political control and asset stripping called fiat central banking with interest bearing debt notes issued and used as currency and no real money allowed.

The purpose of these disgusting, anti-human narcotics and weapons trafficking operations is to finance criminal covert operations necessary to engineer and stage wars in order to generate massive profits for the “Merchants of War” and the Central Banks which feed off of them.  These actions must be covert because if the American people ever found out about them in mass they would rise up against such abuses of government and banking.

b001167It has been alleged that Prescott Bush was a deep cover intelligence operative that was a “Walk-In”, thereby assuming a false identity and migrating to America from Germany to be folded in and propelled to high political office and initiate a family political Dynasty which would well serve the criminal interests of the British Central Banksters.
Once British Central Banking wealth and power was used to essentially buy off, blackmail, coerce or neutralize almost every single Congress-person, US Government official, High Military and Intel Command and Federal Judge, then the Bush Political Dynasty could be used to serve numerous criminal interests.  And they amassed the necessary power to select and propel such men as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to serve as their own personal Presidents.

These criminal interests have also been alleged include manipulating the American Military and Intel to engineer and stage numerous Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attacks in order to falsely provoke illegal, unconstitutional, undeclared foreign wars which generate huge profits and massive increases of centralized military and political power for the War Merchants and Central Banksters. And certainly some believe that George W. Bush (43) allowed 9/11 to be facilitated as an inside-job, deep black, Gladio style false-flag done by a cadre inside the USAF, the JCS with the help of the Mossad and its Sayanim.

Some political opponents also consider Presidents Bush 41 and 43 to have been war criminals, having based both Iraqi wars and the war in Afghanistan on known lies, thus making them completely illegal because they were undeclared, unprovoked and clearly unconstitutional.

It has long been rumored inside top world INTEL circles that the CIA built up President Saddam Hussein to be its bad guy, a.k.a. PAWN, as a counter-balance against Iran and then used U.S. Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie to inform him that Kuwait was using Horizontal Drilling Methods to cross drill into Iraq’s main oil field and that if Hussein decided to do something about it, America would stay out of it and consider it an Inter-Arab regional problem only.  This suggests that the first Gulf War was staged by the CIA.

The CIA has a pattern of building up dictators for the military defense complex to take down later once they get out of CIA control.  Thus, a constant stream of bad guy enemies is manufactured, providing much needed global financial opportunities and massive war profits from these pre-staged and engineered illegal, unprovoked, undeclared, unConstitutional wars.
Appointment of top Policy-Makers is critically important to the take-down of any nation state by a foreign based power.

Yes, the selection and appointment of key top level Policy-Makers is centrally important in any high level covert criminal conspiracy to take over a nation-state from within in order to occupy, infiltrate, hijack, asset strip and use any such nation state for sinister purposes. And that is exactly what appears to have been done in 1913 with the manipulation of America to enter WW1, and again right before WW2, when certain Wall Street Banks were used to finance the buildup of Nazi Germany.

As many astute students of history know, ever since the City of London Central Banksters lost the Colonies in the Revolutionary War they have striven to retake them through various means which included the War of 1812, the staged Civil War, and finally a covert financial invasion in 1913 which was successful.
At first glance, the first instance in the run up to WW1 appears to have primarily served British central Bankster interests only, and in the second instance the Wall Street financed buildup of the Nazi war machine would seem to have served the interests of the German Nazi party only.
This however is a gross oversimplification because both occurrences are really based on a common thread, the serving of the secret interests of the World Money Changers AKA the OBN, of which the Central Banksters of the City of London are their main agents.  Some insiders have referred to this international criminal cadre of illegal narcotics and weapon traffickers as the front men, the action agents for the Fourth Reich, a covert survivor of the Nazi system under Operation Paperclip.  But this too is not completely accurate and does not provide the real global picture.
Super-Zionists AKA the NWO Super-Fascists.
Others have claimed that this group should be called the Illuminati or the “Super Zionists”, with many of them actually non-Judaics, and have also claimed that the Central Banksters are their Main Cut-Outs, shielding this group the Illuminati (a.k.a.-OBN). Some experts have linked this alleged group, the Super-Zionists” to the Middle Ages Crusades, the Teutonic Knights and the Hanseatic League, the common thread an obsession with taking and occupying Jerusalem to set up a new and final Roman Empire and the NWO Caesar of the Ages.
They are actually two sides of the same coin because they are cutouts for the same secret top controllers of the world, the City of London Central Banksters and their overlords the Old Black Nobility (OBN) who wish to remain in the background as relative unknowns to prevent themselves from attracting any attention and becoming easy targets.
One top insider once referred to them as two sides of the same coin, with Zionistic Judaism on one side and fourth Reich Nazism on the other side, but with the coin owned by the “World Money Changers” and their small center control group the Old Black Nobility (OBN) which is rumored to be an occult empowered nexus of evil and alien ET influence, some call the “Illuminati” or the “Olympiads”. If true, this would explain quite a few mysteries of how world politics actually functions.
A very deep dark secret explains some very strange political realities.
Now we are going to reveal a very deep, dark secret of the evil residing in the background of many “public policy decisions” made by only a few top Policy-Makers. One would expect that the supposed energetic, “highly motivated”, “committed” supporters and protectors of the Judaic people, the ADL, AIPAC and the like, would have immediately publicized the Nazi background of Wall  Street Banker/financier Prescott Bush and the Bush Dynasty and scream it from every rooftop, day in and day out since they claim to have the very best intel in the world.
However this has not happened and will never happen.  Here’s why and the answer to this and many similar oddities of the relationships between political groups that should be opposed to each other but in reality ARE NOT. The reason that the ADL, AIPAC and the like have not gone after the Bush Dynasty is that they work for the same top Policy-Makers, that is they are both sides of the same team (both sides of the same coin) working for the Central Banksters of the City of London. This was true before, during and after WW2, yes and still continues to this day, just like the Republicans and Democrats fighting over their pieces of pie, but still working for the same top Policy-Makers, the Central Banksters and all their financial Cutouts and bagmen/lobbyists.
This bifurcation of power into apparent opposing groups create excellent cover and deception and prevents almost all of the public from ever figuring out who the Wizard of Oz/banking officials are behind the curtain. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said,  “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.” This is a very crafty methodology that is used as a cookie cutter formula for so many seemingly strange societal phenomena. Want a war, then set up, train, finance terrorists to attack your nation and harm innocents. Always work both sides of any issue to guide it in the direction you want. And the direction is ALWAYS directed by the very few top Policy-Makers who sit at the top of the hierarchy of control or this international crime syndicate run out of the City of London Financial District. Want bigger central government, then use government to covertly create a huge problem that only a bigger government can supposedly resolve.

And actually some experts who have studied the failing American political process in great depth have discovered that the hidden Cabal that runs everything uses very crafty formulas to fool the public while they institute change in ways quite hard to decipher.

Yes, these hidden occult masters have been rumored to have set up two major parties, the Republicans and Democrats who battle it out over taxpayer funds, access to hug corporate payments from lobbyists, revolving door private jobs and consulting positions, but all the while work for the same power system at the top of the control grid or “Pyramid of Power”, the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). (1)
This provides great cover for those at the top who have overall control because they control the system. Thus the Ruling Cabal always seems to provide its own set of opposing groups to control the way that all political matters develop and keep the arguments limited to a desired parameters that they control.
It is this same strategy of playing both sides that is very craftily deployed to engineer wars for massive war profits for the True “Merchants of War”, the Central Banksters and their military Industrial complex. Thus you find terror groups being secretly created, trained and financed by these Banksters using cutouts so they can use these “owned terrorists” to stage Gladio style, false-flag attacks in order to serve as the false but believable premises which can used to bring and otherwise uncooperative nation into illegal, unconstitutional wars for profit.
Linkeage to certain historical bloodlines alleged to go back all the way to ancient Babylon.
It has been alleged that these groups which comprise the worldwide illegal narcotics and arms trafficking syndicate are linked to certain known bloodlines that go all the way back to ancient Babylonia and the Black Arts such as Babylonian Money-Magic System which is based on pernicious usury, deceit and fraud as well as numerous other dark practices of deception and darkness. It is believed by numerous researchers who have studied the “Illuminati” aka “the Olympiads” that secrecy provides necessary cover for their power.  If they are fully exposed for their evil practices, crimes against humanity and deceptions, they will eventually be stopped from functioning.
This international crime syndicate must have darkness and secrecy to enact their abject evil effectively without significant blow-back and significant corrective reactions.

A non-controlled major mass media is a strong disinfectant and would result in their full exposure and derailment, but we have not had that in America for the last 50 years, ever since this international crime syndicate hijacked America through the Federal Reserve British central bank Franchise.
However it should be pointed out that the days of a Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) in America appear to be limited because the alternative, independent, non-controlled mass media provided by the worldwide Internet is becoming increasingly popular and is clearly now displacing and will soon completely surpass and erode the CMMM. It is expected that this will be coffin nails to this international crime syndicate and they know it so do not be surprised if they try to complete their goal of destroying the United States of America through desperate measures such as starting a nuclear WW3 or completely collapsing the American economy. As many know this goal has been to destroy the United States of America the Republic ever since the City of London Banksters lost the Revolutionary War when the Colonies gained independence.
Some insiders have alleged that the International crime syndicate run out of the City of London is based on a common thread of luciferianism, secret worship of ancient gods and identity theft AKA using “walk-Ins”.
It is now known by top INTEL experts that this group increased their global power and reach during the middle ages by, in many cases operating as some of the first identity thieves.  This occurred when some of these families who were Babylonian Luciferians, operating as professional highwaymen, robbing then killing their prey after which they in some cases stole their identities by dressing like them and “walking into” their personal lives. Over time some of these families became very wealthy and worked their way up the food chain in several European societies and were integrated into the highest levels.
These individuals were very crafty, had absolutely no concern for the welfare of others and there is reason to believe that they had lost their souls at some point in time.  They had a deep inner obsession to take over the entire world and actually devised plans to create Secret Societies that could be used to generate a hidden worldwide control grid which would gather, control and pass out society’s wealth and power to serve their special needs. Some believe these folks claim to secretly be either anointed by Lucifer or even “super-mensch” or part god as was believed during Greek and Roman times to be a trait of top leadership. Others suspect that these family lines are alien ET/human hybrids, perhaps what is identified in the Book of Enoch or the KJB.
For those that are the operational leaders of these bloodlines at any single time, it has been alleged that these leaders have no known conscience or provable human soul.

Whatever they are, it does seem obvious that they do not have normal human consciences and traits, seem to be driven by greed, lust for power and fame and just cannot understand or feel reciprocally for others. They appear to have lost their very souls, what many believe defines one as human-less and reports suggest that they engage in systematic ritual blood sacrifices to Lucifer or other gods of Roman and Greek mythology in conspiracy with other leaders in their secret group settings.  It is alleged that they do this in order to gain more power, which is provided to them as a reward for working together with other world leaders to create as much human suffering, misery and death as possible without exposing themselves.
This requires extremely crafty maneuverings and long terms plans which encompass many generations. Their goal: to create a one-world Global NWO “Super-Fascist” system that will succeed where the Roman Empire failed. These folks call themselves the “Olympiads” to each other and desire to “manipulate” all world governments, that is merge their mechanism of “Statism” within the international corporations, while neutralizing their national sovereignty and capturing them in a worldwide system of immoral debt and total financial collapse.
Super-Fascism, the merger of the State and the international corporation, with the corporation in the driver’s seat.
John Buchanan on Bush/Nazi connection:
[youtube G4-TL5AGHFY]
In Nazi Germany the State and the Corporation merged, but the state remained supreme.  However in the new super-fascism which is not emerging and engulfing the world, the state and the International Corporations merge with the corporations having been able to gain near complete control over the nation-state, able to use it at their bidding to start and fight wars of aggression for immoral profit and for secondary occult reasons.
Numerous experts have warned about the tendency for America to be drifting into hard core totalitarianism under Presidents Bush 41 and 43, President Clinton, and Obama, related to their illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared foreign wars and police actions. There have been reports that at present America is fighting in sixteen different African and Mideast nations with “special operators” and mercenary forces in undeclared, illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked secret wars which are wasting billions of US Dollars each month.
The Bush Family Political Dynasty.

Some have suggested that since the JFK Assassination the Bush Family Dynasty has risen to total power and has been in control ever since George H.W. Bush 41 was allegedly elected outside U.S. Constitutional Requirements, using Clinton, George W. Bush 43 and now Obama as the Bush Family Dynasty’s designated appointees. But if this is true, what power does this truly represent, the Bush family alone or some mysterious Power Center behind them?
Some highly placed intel contacts believe that the so-called Bush dynasty is merely a Cut-Out for the British Central Zionist Banksters operating out of the City of London Financial District, a separate country with its own ambassadors like the Vatican. That is, that the Bushes represent the Central (Private) Banksters who serve the real hidden masters and do their bidding.
Who are the real hidden masters behind the Bush Family Political Dynasty?

Who are these hidden masters and do what they want?  Well, it seems quite clear that these hidden masters want war as a continuing profit generating enterprise and thus numerous experts have referred to them as the “Merchants of War”. The profits from hijacking nations and engineering a war can be overwhelming and beyond the capacity of the average citizen to comprehend. Those that finance own and control these massive war industries have access to large quantities of funds far beyond what anything else could provide. Others have emphasized the worldwide occult network the true controllers at the nexus of this international crimes syndicate control and use as a means to hide many of their secret activities all over the world, thus referring to them as the “Occult Masters”.
During Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency in 1934, a group of right wing American corporate leaders tried to employ U.S. General Smedley Butler to stage a coup d’État using dissatisfied Army veterans. He refused and went public with this fascist plot, but it is rarely covered in the American history books or discussed in history class or the Controlled major Mass Media for what it really was.
The 1933 Business plot, a fascist attempt to take over America by the British Central Banksters and their stateside cutouts:
[youtube 7BZCfbrXKs4]
There are some very interesting unanswered questions about the background of the Bush Family and its origins.
If one traces the Bush Family Dynasty back a ways, one certainly finds some very interesting questions that do not appear to have legitimate answers and solvable mysteries of its origin and development in Our Great Nation America.
In two very interesting articles, Don Nicoloff has made some rather wild claims that New York Financier Prescott Bush was actually a German INTEL operative named George Scherf, Sr. brought over to work his way into Nicolay Tesla’s life and to be promoted up the industrial food chain where he could feed the Nazi war machine. In the first article author Nicoloff details the complex Scherf family background and the detailed evidence and gaps suggesting that Prescot Bush was actually a Scherf “Walk-In”. (2)
In the second article, author Nicoloff details the attempts by the Bush Dynasty to silence Lee Wanta who had served as President Ronald Reagan’s Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), National Security Decision – Directive Number 166, dated March 27, 1985, inter alia] and prevent him from completing his U.S. Presidential Mandated assignments. (3)
President Franklin Roosevelt seized the assets of Union Bank during WW2 in 1942 for trading with the enemy (Nazi Germany). (4)
And recently more evidence has been emerging of a Prescott Bush/Nazi financial connection. (5)
Intel insiders claim that Prescott Bush and other Bank Officers or Shareholders were arrested for treason but that a top secret immunity agreement was worked out to protect the FDR administration from a loss of confidence during a critical period during the war and because of the Money and central Bankster power behind Prescott Bush. This agreement allegedly provided that no-one would be prosecuted if Prescott Bush agreed to stay out of politics and never hold any US Government office and if all his family descendants also stayed out of such too.
But this agreement also stipulated that the deep black family secret that Prescott Bush was actually a Scherf “Walk-In’” and an intel operative of the Reich would be kept as a state secret under lock and file as long as the Bushes aka the Scherfs stayed out of political office in America. It has also been alleged that after the war the seized assets of Union Bank were returned by the US Government to the Officers and Shareholders of Union Bank which included the Prescott Bush as a part of this secret immunity agreement.
The strange case of theft of national security documents by former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger from the National Archives.
As some may remember, the National Security Adviser under President Clinton at the end of Clinton’s term, was caught stealing some highly sensitive top secret documents from the secret reading room of the National Archives after which he destroyed some. Normally if someone did this they would be facing serious felony charges and many years in a Federal Prison. However Sandy Berger got off with a mere hand slap figuratively, receiving probation, a fine of 50,000 USD and court costs of 6,905 USD. (6)
Exactly what top secret documents did Sandy Berger steal, and which did he destroy?
It has been speculated by informed intel sources that what Sandy Berger stole and destroyed was the original immunity agreement between the US Administration and Prescott Bush which contained information of the Scherf to Bush “Walk-In” identity transformation, allowing a trained German intel officer to penetrate American Banking and political scene and aid the buildup of Nazi Germany on behalf of the British Central Banksters.
And theft of important documents relating to Presidential matters is currently also an issue too.

“Recently the investigator assigned by the U.S. Department of State was murdered after beginning an investigation into missing passport documents related to President Obama.  Lt. Harris told federal Investigators before he was  murdered that he received passport information from a co-conspiractor who works for the U.S. Department of State.” (7)

Now if you think this narrative about FDR, the Trading with the Enemies arrest of Prescott Bush and the seizure of the Union Bank assets could not include a special Top Secret immunity agreement with Prescott Bush, that such would be completely improbable, remember that there is recent good documentation that suggests otherwise. It is now known that Hitler actually survived WW2, leaving a dead double or “doppelganger” in his bunker, and was actually a British agent mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute in London in 1921 who allowed the escape of a large number of French and British soldiers and Dunkirk during the early days of WW2. (8)
Conclusions about these serious unanswered questions:
The best available evidence suggests that there are many unanswered but very important questions about the actual origins and power-base of Presidents since Ronald Wilson Reagan. Certainly many astute students of contemporary history see what is now happening inside the US Government, the American Military and American Intel as a replay of what happened inside Nazi Germany during the 1930’s or inside Stasi East Germany under the evils of Communism.

Are the same central Banksters from the City of London attempting to do this on a worldwide scale, while at the same time finally deconstructing America the Republic as revenge for losing the Colonies, a great source of wealth stripped off the backs of the Colonists through onerous taxation? Now as the alternative media on the worldwide internet takes it increasing daily toll on these evil, hidden occult masters and their secret games of political influence peddling, bribery, and neutralizations and murder, their secrets are being exposed to the light of day and their power is finding serious limitations as the sleeping masses awake.

Without the ability to continue their secret evil machinations, their exposure and end of evil power would seem to wane imminent.
In this article the authors have raised some interesting and important unanswered questions and provided some possible answers.  But ultimately it is up to each interested reader to do his or her own research and come to their own conclusions about these questions.
But it certainly appears that since January 20, 1989, based on all the findings of fact and conclusions demarcated by the above arguments, all treaties negotiated and signed including NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and WTO as well as all Federal Election Laws too, and all related matters are null and void and cannot be exercised under the US Constitution.

This article is dedicated to all active US American Military Service men and women, and Veterans of the US Military who deserve to know the truth about how the US Government has been hijacked by a foreign based enemy within. Despite all attempts to debase, degrade and ruin the American Military, the protector of America Liberty and Freedom, it still remains staffed by some of the best Americans one could ever imagine who are becoming more and more informed every day of the Central Bankers plot to asset strip Our Great Nation America, make huge profits for the “Merchants of War”, and destroy America.


* Lee Wanta was a former Presidential Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), National Security Decision – Directive Number 166, dated March 27, 1985, inter alia] under U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan, whom some experts consider to be our last legally and duly elected President. Ambassador Wanta served – under Presidential Mandate – as a close personal consultant to President Reagan and was credited with having a major role engineering an end to the Soviet Union Cold War and the “tearing down of the Iron Curtain”. His remarkable story is now revealed in detail for the first time in a book authored by his biographer, Marilyn MaGruder Barnewell, titled, Wanta! Black Swan. White Hat. (9)

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