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Anti-Israel protesters storm Rep. Crowley’s office in Queens

- "I salute these fine people for setting the example for the rest of us. It is time for us to thank them by following suit, and set the example of our own children."

Jonathan Pollard still Serving Israeli Espionage

- The demand for Pollard's release is a rallying cry for AIPAC to once again show how many of our Congresscritter puppets they have on their string.

Israel attacks America through our own Congress

- Israel once again puts on display how valuable their political espionage helpers in Congress can be.

Panetta threatens Iran with military force

- US has “no friend, no better ally in the world than Israel.”... Ex-CIA chief Leon Panetta at the ADL

Bloomberg Caught in "Psyop" Treason

The purpose of the story by Bloomberg News, now exposed as a hoax, was to hamstring and humiliate President Obama in his meetings with Putin and show American weakness and indecision on Syria...

Morris Dees, Advisor to Army Intelligence, FBI and Homeland Security

In recent weeks, it has come to light that the US Army, DHS and FBI are compiling lists of organizations listed as "terrorist."

Iran Foils New Sedition Ploy Hatched by BBC

A massive network of domestic and foreign-based journalists, reporters and unofficial newsmakers working mainly for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has recently been discovered and annihilated by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

US, Israel wage war against Press TV

The American military has been praying for a DOD Secretary like Hagel for many years, almost too many to count.

Anti-Semitism: What it IS and is NOT

An anti-Semite used to be a person who disliked Jews. Now it is a person who Jews dislike.

White House Terror Czar Richard Clark and Admiral Cosgiff Named

Two weeks ago, former National Security Advisor to Presidents Clinton and Bush (43) Gwyneth Todd was featured in the Washington Post.

VT Was Right – Again

Kucinich chief of staff Vic Edgerton would not confirm or deny that Kucinich did in fact have a conversation with a Qaddafi official

Murdoch’s Hackers National Security Threat

VT EXCLUSIVE: Massive espionage operation uncovered using the world's largest news organization as cover. News Corp operates against every free government in the world.

Stealing Success Tel Aviv Style

By act of Congress, Israeli businesses can even bid on most American Federal and State government contracts just as if they were US companies....

Phil Giraldi Spills Beans on Israeli Espionage in America

Phil Giraldi stepped out today to do his country a great service and save some honor for the American counter intelligence community

Julian Assange: The man who exposed the world

Julian Assange, with his pale Warholian looks, is now a world hyper-celebrity or international super-villain, out of hiding and in custody, but still defiant....


"WIKI" STYLE ESPIONAGE LANDS $300 BILLION DOLLAR SUPER-PLANE PLANS By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor "Another spy disaster like Pollard, shoved under the rug too long...


Faked Israeli Flotilla videos provide opening to expose Israeli Espionage here By Jim W. Dean for VT Dear Friends, The Zionists shot themselves in both feet...